war between brothers

It’s Not A Onesie

Dating Tom Holland Would Include:

  • Accompanying him to interviews and screenings.
  • Him teaching you the dos and dont’s of preparing a perfect cup of tea.
  • Taking Tessa on walks.
  • Traveling with him to England when his filming schedule lightens up.
  • Being best mates with Harrison.
  • Getting involved in prank wars between Tom and his brothers.
  • Meeting cast members and getting a behind-the-scenes look.
  • Him wanting to impress you by showing off his acrobatic skills and dance moves.
  • His fans on social media absolutely loving you.
  • Him flaunting you to the press during red carpets and social events.
  • Laying with him in bed until noon, playing with his little curls.
  • Sneaking off in the middle of award shows to talk and kiss.
  • Marathoning every superhero movie with him while he gathers his Spider-Man merchandise and yells angrily at the TV screen.
  • You having to calm him down before any special appearances or speeches.
  • Nursing him back to health whenever he hurts himself doing stunts.
  • Using him as a headrest on long flights.
  • Him commenting on every one of your Instagram photos.
  • Playful and flirtatious banter over Twitter, plus profuse cursing.
  • Lazy, sloppy kisses at three in the morning.
  • Staying in on rainy days, huddled beside a fireplace. 
  • Surprise visits.
  • Cuddling after late night shoots in his trailer.
  • Smuggling craft service.
  • You both being complete dorks and laughing at the stupidest things.
  • Him stealing your phone to spam your camera roll with ugly selfies.
  • You falling victim to his boyish charm and irresistible accent.
  • Live streaming with the cast of Homecoming.
  • His friends and family being the biggest supporters of your relationship.
  • “Tom, I haven’t showered in weeks! I look disgusting.”
  • “Guess that makes two of us.”
  • You sitting on his lap, and him holding you soundly in his arms.
  • Being labeled as ‘Hollywood’s Cutest Couple’.

There’s no meaning.

Whether you’re victorious or your defeated, no matter what you protect or what you lose, there’s no meaning in war. No matter how you tidy it up, it’s a pointless act that ends you up with nothing but corpses and sins. There’s really…nothing worth going that far to protect. (part I)

-Sakata Gintoki


Band Of Brothers 15th Anniversary

Episode 3. CARENTAN
[16 Sep. 2001]


Warning: Mention of character death, swearing and extremely cold weather.


“Look Dean this isn’t the damn godfather you don’t need your fuc- MIND YOUR TONGUE YOUNGLING” You were about to swear until Sam interrupted dramatically by putting on a terrible English accent.

“FREAKING…  you don’t need your freaking guns” You pointed to the laid out weapons on the what Dean likes to call the battle table. It what he and Charlie used to help organise her LARPing army and it was easier since there was a large map actually there.

“Look it’s just precaution, in case he turns out to be a shifter, or a witch, or a magician.” Dean smiled innocently while Sam gaped in offense.

‘And what would be so bad if he was a magician, Dean?” you felt a war between both the brothers about to rise so you jumped in between them.

“You think I didn’t do the test? The other day I swapped his bottle with holy water, I passed him the salt which he used and silver knife and forks.” You finished your sentence seeing a smile plastered on Sam’s face.

“Good job” He kissed the top of your head and walked away to order some Chinese food. You saw Dean fold his arms while his eyes squinted in suspicion.

“Why did you need salt?” He asked with a dead set face. You slightly panicked knowing he would realise you had dinner with Mike’s parents not too long ago and you lied to your brothers about it.

“Oh ah. At the school cafeteria” You replied with what you seemed was confidence.

“oh yeah? Since when do schools give out silver knife and forks. Either you lied about the test or you’re lying about dinner. Either way I’m disappointed in you kiddo” He walked away while you gasped slightly.

“You’re disappointed? WELL I DIDN’T TELL YOU CAUSE I KNOW YOU’D FREAK OUT! SAM KNEW” You blurted the one thing you were suppose to keep secret and your hands flew to your mouth hoping that somehow the words would travel back in. Dean slowly turned around and you thought his brows would be hunched with his tense jaw accommodating his deadly eyes. Instead you saw he looked hurt.

“Did Sam know about Mike before me?” He accused which was partially right.

“He knew I was seeing a boy, that’s all. Dean I’m 16, i’m not stupid. I know this guy and he checks out, I don’t want to marry him, god no. I just really like him.” You pleaded with your slightly eased brother, he sighed and picked up the guns from the table and shoved it back into his duffel.

“Fine but if either of us say Lemon Cakes then he’s out the door.” You giggled at the memory of your code word. When you were 8, your dad, Sam and Dean would go out for hunts and leave you with uncle Bobby. Hunts usually lasted 4-5 days and they were out often while you trained with Bobby. Whenever they’d come home from exhausting trips you and Dean would make lemon cakes for the entire family and the whole house smelt crisp and content. Sometimes the both of you would overdose on the delicious treats and Bobby would shove carrot’s down your throats.

“Okay agreed, lemon cakes.”You kissed Dean’s cheek, appreciative that he’s giving Mike a chance. You saw Dean about to ask a question but then your phone decided to vibrate in your pocket. You fished it out seeing Mike’s caller ID flashing against the screen.

“Hello?” You squeezed Dean’s shoulder and he rolled his eyes, beginning to walk away to Sam.

“Hey beautiful. I’m where you told me to be but all I see is this massive chimney like thing and a bunch of knocked up cars.” You heard Mike’s confused tone and you giggled at his undeniable charm.

“Stay there, I’ll be right out. Kay bye” You heard him reply with a bye and you slipped on your shoes and coat realising it was cold as fuck outside.

“GUYS HE’S OUTSIDE, I’M BRINGING HIM IN. NO GUNS” You called out before you jogged up the stairs of the bunker. Opening the door you were hit with a storm of snow and you felt your face freeze instantly. You held your arms by your side and walked up the dangerously icy steps of concrete.

 You saw Mike facing his back to you, standing 2 feet away and you whistled him over. He couldn’t hear you from the ear piercing whistles of the wind so you walked over, your boots crunching the fresh snow beneath you. Half way through Mike turned around and saw your cold body.

“Oh my god, Y/N. YOU HAVE BARELY ANYTHING ON” Mike shrugged off his leather jacket and wrapped you in it. He pulled off his beanie and shoved it onto your head and held your hands in his.

“I’m o-okay. L-lets g-g-g-o in?” You stuttered unaware of how effective the cold was. Mike kept your hands still with his while you lead the way. You walked down the stairs and you lost your footing as you fell though Mike caught you almost instantly.

“Be careful baby girl” He whispered and you felt your cheeks warm up on your cold face. You cleared your throat and brought him inside to the bunker and the warmth embraced your shivering body. Mike slammed the door shut and he noticed you were still shaking.

“Shit, you’re still cold” He tried warming you up by stroking your arms with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Hey I’m all good. See, no stuttering” You chuckled and he sighed thankfully. He closed the gap within the two of you and held your lower back steadily.

“Where were we? Right, hello beautiful” You giggled at his flirtatious behaviour and he smiled widely showing his beautiful pearly white teeth. He dipped his head in an attempt to kiss you as your eyes closed but then you heard two, loud, obnoxious coughs. 

Your head snapped to where your brothers were standing with their hands crossed with their poker faces. You cleared your throat and pulled away from Mike. You took off his jacket and handed it back to Mike who shrugged it back on. You grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs. On the way down you noticed neither Sam or Dean broke eye contact with the both of you which honestly made you shit your pants.

“Uh Sam, Dean. This is Mike, my boyfriend” Mike extended his hand with a smile on his face but neither of your brothers shook it.

“Tell us Mike. What do you see in our sister?” Your eyes rolled and Sam threw you a quick look that said just let Dean speak.

“Where do I begin, sir? Well for one she was the only girl in P.E that didn’t complain when her nails broke” Sam chuckled breaking his protective stance for a split second. Dean glanced at him and Sam coughed, crossing his arms again. Sam noticed how Mike kept his back straight while one hand was holding you. He noticed how he kept glancing back at you with every chance he got and he noticed something in Mike’s eyes. Something familiar, something he missed.

“So you love her?” Sam blurted and you widened your eyes in shock.

“SAM” Both you and Dean asked in surprise while he watched Mike chuckle.

“Yes, sir. I do, with all my heart” You couldn’t believe your ears, you knew you felt something for him but you couldn’t quite explain it. You hated it when you couldn’t talk for ages, you hated not being around him… was that love?.

“I understand where you two are coming from, I have a little sister myself and I barely let her leave the house alone but know I will shoot myself in the knee before I hurt Y/N.” Sam smiled and he extended his hand towards Mike.

“Sam Winchester” Mike shook it thankfully and you appreciated Sam’s first move while Dean was unresponsive.

“Mike Collins, nice to meet you.” He looked towards Dean who turned his back around and walked away.

“You hurt my baby sister you won’t even have knees” Dean walked towards the kitchen while Sam followed, you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair. Mike saw your tense aura and he kissed your temple.

“Hey don’t worry babe. They’re your brothers. It will take a while” You sighed and leaned in, resting your head on his chest.

“This is going to be a long as night” Mike chuckled and quickly kissed you making sure Sam and Dean weren’t around. You whined at the quick kiss but he kissed your forehead.

“Hey I may love you but your brothers scare the fuck out of me” You giggled.

“You love me” You taunted him and poked his chest while he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Shut up” You took his hand and walked to the kitchen where Sam and Dean were sitting and drinking a beer. You heard Sam’s phone go off telling him that the delivery guy was right outside.

“Y/N, let the delivery guy in? Thanks” Dean said while his focus remained on Mike’s fidgeting body.

“Sam can get it, why c- Go Now” Dean interrupted you.

“Babe take my jacket, it’s freezing” Mike peeled off his jacket and placed it gently on your shoulders. You pecked his cheek and walked away knowing your brothers will interrogate him.

“So Mike, do you want a beer?” Dean pointed his almost empty bottle towards Mike and he rejected respectfully.

“I don’t drink, thanks.” Dean nodded and observed Mike feeling a certain familiarity in him. He saw the almost worn out leather jacket that was a bit too big assuming it was a hand down. He saw the bootleg jeans similar to his. Dean saw a triangle type tattoo pointing out from Mike’s black V-Neck and he became curious.

“You got some ink there?” Mike looked down at his chest and pulled his shirt slightly down showing an anti-possession tattoo.

“It’s a uhm family emblem” Sam shifted in his seat while Dean groaned, realising who Mike was.

“Our baby sister is dating a damn hunter” Dean whispered and Mike stammered, covering his tattoo.

“Wh-what? I don’t hunt sir. I uhm I d- Cut the crap. So here’s the thing, we don’t trust other hunters, got it?” You walked into the bunker with plastics in his hand. You walked into the kitchen and saw Mike’s nervous posture and he was slightly sweating.

“Baby? You okay?” You set the plastics back onto the table and he nodded while his face stayed neutral.

“He was just leaving, right Mike?” Dean stated as he threw his empty bottle in the trash, Sam kept quiet while you were screaming internally.

“Yeah okay” Mike agreed which surprised you, usually he was the chilled, charming daredevil type and he never took orders, he actually reminded you of Dean sort of.

“What? No stay… Dean what happened?” Mike shrugged it off and he gently stroked your hand.

“It’s getting late, I’ll see you, yeh? Love you” He kissed your forehead and took his jacket and beanie from you. The three of you kept quiet and the tension rose while Mike walked across the hall. The pin drop silence was so loud that the closing of the bunker door echoed throughout the halls.

“What. Was. That?” You asked in a monotone voice tired of Dean’s usual overprotective crap.

“He was a hunter, Y/N” Sam whispered like it was some deal breaker. You furrowed your eyebrows and shrugged at them.

“SO ARE WE?” You stated and Dean slammed his hand on the table.

“We don’t trust other hunters, Y/N. Whoever we let in all end up dead, Bobby, Charlie hell even Kevin” You saw Sam shift in his seat at the mention of Kevins name.

“Dean has a point, Y/N. Just him being around us shortens his lifespan” Sam gulped the remains of his beer and threw it in the bin while Dean continued to stand, facing you.

“Plus he’s exactly like me, and we all know how healthy that is” You felt the anger rise within you and you couldn’t keep the lid on your bottle of emotions anymore.

“You assholes.” You saw Sam and Dean’s shocked and horrified expression.


You felt your face go red while you slowly ran out of breath, you saw Sam and Dean sit their with a stammered and uncomfortable look. They’ve never seen the furious side of you. You always avoided getting into heated conversations as they resulted in you throwing dishes and threatening to take someone’s life.

“And Dean, so what if Mike reminds you of yourself? Wanna know why I love him? Because he’s sweet, loyal, kind, protective, smart, and so much more, just like you” You walked up to Dean and placed your hands on each side of his face.

“Dean Winchester, you are a genius. You and Sam are the two people i look up to and you are the reason why I am alive. So if you see yourself in Mike, then you know I am in excellent hands” Dean lowered his head and sighed against your palms. You moved them away and wiped away a few fallen tears. You began to walk away until you heard a quick mumble coming from behind you.

“What?” You asked.

“I said he can come over for dinner, tomorrow” Dean defeatingly said as he sat down next to Sam with a brand new beer in his hands. You squealed and ran over to kiss him on the cheek and you also kissed Sam.

“THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU” You jumped up and down and ran out the kitchen.

“Yeah, yeah whatever” He called out after you yet you ran so quickly he could’ve sworn he saw your dusty outline still there, like a cartoon. Dean took another swig of his beer and looked to Sam who chuckled.

“That was big of you” He mentioned.

“Yeah well, she wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t” Sam nodded agreeing with your stubborn traits.

“One thing that bothers me” Sam hummed, making Dean continue. “Why did you know about this Mike kid before me?” The younger Winchester smiled and got up from his seat.

“I guess I’m the cooler brother” He stated and walked out the kitchen to catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Dean sat there feeling somewhat offended, he thought he was the cool brother with the rad car and the give em hell attitude, not Sam.

“PSH YEAH RIGHT, DICK MEASURER” Dean yelled and you groaned in disgust.

“SHUT UP DEAN, THAT WAS ONE TIME” Meanwhile you texted Mike, hoping he still wasn’t too afraid in having dinner with your adorably scary elder brothers.





“Civil war? What does that mean? Is there any foreign war? Isn’t every war fought between men, between brothers?”
- Victor Hugo

If monsters are metaphors in the best horror traditions, then what do the monsters on Supernatural represent? In one third season episode, Ruby, a somewhat repentant demon, informed Dean that all demons were once human. What Hell does, she helpfully related, is burn away all traces of humanity from a person (“Malleus Maleficarum,” 3-9). The demon is what’s left. Thus, in the world as imagined by Supernatural, the demons are metaphors of the human potential for evil. In fact, they represent the fulfillment of that potential. Whereas the first two seasons of Supernatural had Sam and Dean fighting battles against a variety of supernatural foes, the third season shifted gears into an all-out war between the Winchester brothers and the demonic forces. What made this so engaging to watch was the nagging sense that the battle depicted on the screen was just as much about the battle raging within ourselves-the constant tug-of-war between good and evil.
—  Stevenson, Gregory. “Horror, Humanity, and the Demon in the Mirror.” In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural. Eds. Supernatural.tv and Leah Wilson. Dallas: BenBella/Smart Pop, 2009: 43-44.