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listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

My WASR 10 is finally fully dressed up, Russian Paratrooper influenced me to change out the stock. 
Aftermarket parts added: Krebs safety, Bonesteel Arms Galil Style side-folding stock, Damage Industries Blemished railed hand guard, Damage Industries Tactical Muzzle brake, Magpul pistol Grip, Echo 93 Sling plate adapter, US Palm Magazines, and an AK retaining plate.


And a couple more pictures just for the heck of it. Hubby’s going to give me a photoshoot at some point but I don’t know when that will be so I went ahead and took a few close-ups/detail shots. I am way proud of that belt. First time working with leather or metal and it was an absolute PAIN but I think it looks pretty awesome. Pro tip: JB weld and aluminum are not friends. They do not work together. I found this out last night when the buckles fell apart (fortunately we were able to work out a fix), and today after I got to the con when the little knob holding the back of my holster in place popped off (fortunately I had brought duct tape in fear of just such an occurrence). Modifications will definitely be forthcoming.

Heer machine gunner (I believe assistant gunner) taking a drink of something. Eastern Front, Winter ‘43 or '44.

Note the weird mishmash of gear he has. Tropical (late-war) Y-straps with a leather (early war) belt, plus what’s either an M35 or M40 helmet. As the supply situation got desperate for the Wehrmacht they started issuing everything they had left, so seeing early and late war gear mixed together is actually pretty common.

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More Sith Family, please? Maybe Obi-Wan interacting with Maul and Savage during the peace talks, and the Jedi/ the Senators having to ignore how weird that seems to them?

The child was climbing the large yellow Zabrak as if he was a tree.

Obi-Wan Kenobi in his child version was climbing the large Zabrak as if he was a tree while the smaller one watched with something akin to amusement and resignation. “…Obi-Wan, what are you doing brat?”

“Savage’s head looked empty.” Obi-Wan offered cheerfully, finally having gotten to the others shoulders where he clung on.

“Empty…he has horns.” Maul raised his brows as Savage gave his brother a long suffering look.

“Yeha, and so do you but your heads look empty. But he’s more exposed to weather pressure.” Obi-Wan offered primly from his position.

“…Did you just make the most ancient of height jokes?” Maul blinked steadily, a slow smirk curling his lips.

“I’m just alerting you to the fact that Savage reaches the weather pressure quicker then we do. That is all.” Obi-Wan hummed, reaching into his belt and pulling a slip of fabric from it. He then firmly pulled it onto Savage’s head, the tip of the Zabrak’s horns poking through.

“…Obi-Wan, what IS that?” Savage finally questioned, his voice deep and rumbling.

“Its a beanie! Nice and warm and good to protect the head. Yours is yellow.” Obi-Wan beamed before eyeing the distance from Savage to Maul.

The older man only had a few seconds warning. “Obi-Wan, n-”

“Catch!” With that the child threw himself at Maul, the Sith quickly reaching out and catching him with a yelp. Serenus would MURDER him if he let the child drop. And then revive his corpse for unspeakable things!

The scarred child beamed happily at that, comfortably tucked up in Maul’s arms as he slipped another piece of fabric of his belt.

“Obi-Wan no, I don’t want a be-”

With that Obi-Wan pulled a red beanie down on Maul’s head, the sith giving a long suffering sigh as he stared at the other with an unimpressed look in his eyes. “…Really?” He questioned. Obi-Wan beamed.

“…It looks good on you brother.” Savage offered in his most serene of tones, getting a glare in return.

“Yes, very good!” Obi-Wan beamed. “I say this calls for celebratory treats. Of the cold variety. And by that I mean icecream. I’d really like icecream Maul…please?” He asked hopefully. Maul and Savage exchanged long looks over the child’s head before Savage shrugged.

Maul rolled his eyes but shifted Obi-Wan onto his hip and called up Ventress. “Oi, witch, Obi-Wan wants icecream. I’m giving you the door guard duty since I’m taking Savage with me.”

“Hey! I didn’t agree to that.”

“Oh please Auntie V! I really want icecream!”

“…Ugh, fine. I’m on my way.” She grumbled through the comm.

“Thank you!” Obi-Wan was beaming before yelping when Savage lifted him up and onto his shoulders. “Oh! Tall!”

“Yes yes imp, lets go.” Maul sighed, tucking his hands behind his back as Obi-Wan rested his arms on Savage’s beanie covered head and his chin on his arms, Savage holding the skinny legs to make sure the other didn’t fall of.

Plo and Kit slowly exchanged looks.

“…No one is going to believe us.” Kit finally settled on, twitching a bit.

“If we take a picture they will.” Plo offered back, tucking his hands into his belt.