war belt

listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

My WASR 10 is finally fully dressed up, Russian Paratrooper influenced me to change out the stock. 
Aftermarket parts added: Krebs safety, Bonesteel Arms Galil Style side-folding stock, Damage Industries Blemished railed hand guard, Damage Industries Tactical Muzzle brake, Magpul pistol Grip, Echo 93 Sling plate adapter, US Palm Magazines, and an AK retaining plate.

Guess who’s back!! I’m Barriss Offee for sydnova this Friday, when they’re attempting to break the world record for number of people dressed as Star Wars characters! pls let me know if you’re going and who you’re cosplaying pls 

He had been turned in the turn of the 1800’s.

A handsome man had taken him by the arm, lead him on a magical evening of dancing, dining and wining. Then on the stroke of midnight leaned down for a kiss on the neck and had gone for a bit instead. However, the creature had not realized that he was a soldier and part time dancer and he beat the life out of the creature. The bite, infected with the curse of the living undead, changed him and he found himself among the ranks of the undead soon after.

For some time, he adjusted to the best that he could. He learned, he made mistakes, he picked himself up and he ran like hell from hunters when they found him. Through the years he got good at hunting, carefully pacing himself so he would not end up like those that drowned themselves in the stuff and practically begged to be slaughtered like squealing pigs.

When he found himself comfortable with how he was operating he found himself bored. Sure he could become a brilliant business man who could charm his way into fabulous and ludicrous wealth, he could live out his days as the nightmare of humanity, he could work to the fulfillment of humanity and perhaps learn the skills of doctors and cure ailments that could kill.

Then the War of 1812 happened.

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justatrydontworry  asked:

I just had a dream where Lexa and Clarke had a child and Lexa summoded her people and said this child is the most precious thing i'll ever have, and she asks, who'll protect this child until their last breath, who ll be her jubrota, and all her people volunteered. I got so emotional when I woke up

Awh! Omg, that sounds too precious. This little boop that means the world to her, and finding out she means so much to her people too. Omg. 

Here, this is for you. <3

You think about your heart at the oddest of times.

How it must limp inside your chest like a wounded animal, leaving behind it a trail of blood—not bright and red like what should spill from your skin when it is kissed by the edge of a blade. No, this blood is your truest life. And yours must be black with sin—thick and viscous, sluggishly coughing through your veins, barely nourishing your body. Living deep in the empty cavern that is your chest—tracing black circles around the graves in your soul. Pressing pitch colored handprints to desperately missed names etches into the crumbling tombstones.

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