war and peace in the global village

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What are some interesting aspects of t'challa's personality?

Tried to keep this short and failed horribly. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

You know that moment right before a big cat pounces? When it’s hunched down in the high grass, staring at its prey, slowly and deliberately inching forward? With a face that looks calm but eyes that say “you should start running”. That’s T’Challa. 

He’s constantly observing and assessing whatever’s going on in the world around him. Always planning and preparing for every possible threat. With a Ph.d in Physics and a mastery of tactics/strategy, he’s “one of the smartest, most capable people on Earth.” (says Nick Fury)

He has taken down both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers just as a test of their abilities (and his own.) He’s known for his cunning intelligence and a hell of a poker face, often leaving even his allies wondering if they’re just chess pieces to him.

But the truth is, if he trusts you, you can’t have a more loyal and capable ally. He’s like brothers with Captain America and Mr. Fantastic now, both of whom have chosen him to stand in for them in their respective teams at some point.

As a King, he’s not reluctant to rule but he isn’t power-hungry either. He’s a compassionate, spiritual man of peace (until peace is no longer an option). His relationship with his country is more like that of a US Marine than your average monarch. He simply wishes to protect his people and all that they have achieved. If they go to war, he’s at the front of the line.

For these reasons, he doesn’t consider himself a superhero. He’s just a man trying to use his resources to keep his people safe. His experiences abroad taught him to “embrace the global village” and apply his protective nature to all of Earth’s people. This upsets some Wakandans but it’s one of his most noble qualities. He’s constantly planning because he needs to know how to save everyone, even if it means hurting himself. He walks alone, knowing he has to make the tough decisions and can’t be influenced by his personal desires. He’s a warrior king with great power and a strong sense of responsibility. His crown is heavy but he wouldn’t dream of putting that weight on anyone else.

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-We Are Wakanda