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Five years ago, before he was a candidate for president, Donald Trump was pretty sure he knew what to do about Afghanistan. It was a losing proposition, “a complete waste” in terms of “blood and treasure.”

“Why are we continuing to train these Afghanis who then shoot our soldiers in the back?” he asked on Twitter in 2012. “Afghanistan is a complete waste. Time to come home!”

More recently, candidate Trump was less certain about exactly when the U.S. should exit the struggle he railed against continuing.

And by Monday night, addressing the nation as commander-in-chief, President Trump had a different view. His first instinct had been to pull out, he said. But now, he understood how different things looked when you “sit behind that big desk in the Oval Office.”

Combating His Instinct, Trump Commits U.S. To Another Tour Of Duty In Afghanistan

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images


Cannot stand it when people manipulate horrors like the holocaust, or 9/11, in order to draw attention and shock others into noticing their agenda item.. US government is the worlds biggest terror group, ask the natives of America, ask the neighboring countries, take a look at a few communities in the US, mostly take a look around the world. Which country has the most military presence on foreign soil? And yet, most of the violence in America is by White Supremacists who admire the Nazis and harbor the same kind of Nationalism that led Germany to create the the Third Reich.