war advisor

So I think my favorite war table example of Advisors Being Extra so far has to be the Mourning Halla operation where the Dalish are like “hey so since you found out some of the events precipitating the Exalted March on the Dales were part of a big Romeo and Juliet misunderstanding, we would like to gift this human village our ancestors attacked an Apology Deer but we’re worried they won’t accept it” 

and your options are like 

Cullen: March it into the village with troops, RED CROSSING WILL TAKE THIS APOLOGY DEER AND THEY’LL FUCKING LIKE IT 

Leliana: I can convince them it’s actually a trophy of their victory over the Dalish, it will work JUST FINE as long as the humans never find out the truth and the Dalish never find out what we told them 

and I’m like Andraste’s tits you two, Josie please tell me you have some sensible diplomatic solution like you know the mayor of Red Crossing so you can personally explain the situation to him or–

“I can twist the noble who controls red crossing into accepting this, but it will end two marriages and lead to at least one duel.”


Lesser Known Gods of Hell

Part 1

•Agaliarept- Rank: Assistant Grand General of war. He reveals secrets and unveils mysteries. Said to be one of two Demons directly under Lucifer, Satanachia being the other. He governs matters concerned with the element of water. He is proficient at stirring up enmity and distrust among people. Agaliarept’s appearance or stare alone can stop another in their tracks and render them paralyzed with fear. He is reckoned as one of the most mysterious Demons in Hell, being that he barely says a word nor even makes a sound when struck in battle. This is said to make it difficult for his opponents to discern exactly what he is thinking, thus giving him the upper hand. He is capable of speech through telepathy or speaking through another.
Enn: On ca Agaliarept agna

•Fleurety- Rank: Lieutenant General/Commander. He has the power to perform any labor during the night and can make hail fall wherever he chooses. He is an expert in the uses of herbs (particularly those of poisonous and hallucinatory qualities). He can bestow lust and war among people.

•Sargatanas- Rank: Brigadier. He is directly under Astaroth’s command. He can open all locks and transport one anywhere through astral projection. He bestows skills at sex and invisibility, and can peer into one’s mind, change their thoughts at will, or even wipe their memory all together.

•Satanachia- Rank: Commander in Chief. He is a Grand General of war. One of two Demons directly under Lucifer, alongside Agaliarept. He has profound knowledge of the planets and holds power over all women and girls. He also provides good animal familiars.
Enn- Furca na alle laris Satanachia

•Abaddon- Rank: Prince of War. He is an advisor. He is the Greek equivalent of Apollyon, who’s name translates to the Destroyer. He is revered as the Destroying Angel of Hell and a Chief of Demons.
Enn- Es na ayer Abaddon avage

•Adramelech- Rank: Grand Chancellor. He is the president of Satan’s General Council. He also is an Arch Demon of Hell, and a Prince of fire. He is a sun God, who’s counterpart is Anamelech, the moon Goddess.

•Alastor- Rank: Executor of Decrees handed down by Satan’s Court. He was labeled and maliciously portrayed as a cruel executioner Demon. He may be seen as a vengeful diety who exacts revenge on wrongdoers. He is also known as an Infernal Judge and Hell’s commissioner of public works.

•Behemoth- Rank: Night Watchman. Behemoth presides over all feasts and celebrations in Hell, and is a spirit of indulgence. As a Demon of Hell, he is a soldier of Satan, and it is said that he has enjoyed a certain renown for his voice and is regarded as a wonderful singer. Behemoth’s name has come to be used metaphorically for any large and powerful entity. Behemoth is commonly regarded as a bestial figure of the land and earthly chaos, possessing enormous strength. Its strength reaches its peak on the summer solstice of each year, and it is said that its roar makes the animals of earth tremble with fear and thus make them less ferocious. Leviathan is its counterpart.

•Belphagor- A Demon of invention, ingenious discoveries, and wealth; bestowing riches upon those he likes. He is also know as “the disputer”, and a master of weaponry and gain.
Enn- Lyan ramec catya ganan Belphegore

•Charon- He ferries spirits of the newly deceased across the rivers Archeron and Styx into Hell. A coin to pay him for his services was often placed into the mouths of bodies in ancient Greece. His name is a euphemism for death.

•Lilith- Satan’s favorite of wives, said to be the Queen of Hell. She is sometimes seen as Adam’s first wife, but refused to submit and ran off into the desert, becoming the first succubus spirit and thus the “mother” of incubi/succubi spirits. She is seen as a Demonic maternal figure, representing sexual liberty, sex for pleasure, and freedom. She has become a symbol for women’s rights over time and an exaltation of feminine power. She was also said to have consorted with Samael after refusing to return to the Garden of Eden. She is regarded as a Demoness of the night, and symbolized by owls.
Enn- Renich viasa avage Lilith lirach

•Samael- The Archangel of Death. He is supposedly “good” and “evil”, being a servant of Jehova and yet associated with Hell. His name translates to “Venom/Blindness of god”. He is portrayed as an accuser, seducer, and destroyer, and commonly pictured as the grim reaper. He remains one of Jehova’s servants, ruling as a chief angel of the fifth heaven, yet condoning the “sins” of man, carrying out grim and destructive duties, and also seen as among the fallen angels and therefore also a powerful Demon. He consorted with Lilith as well as several angels of sacred prostitution. He is known as a Prince of Air.

•Mammon- Rank: Treasurer of Hell. He is a Prince of temptation, avarice, greed, and wealth. His name represents money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth and is associated with greedy pursuits and profit. He was known as a God of riches, merchants, and theives.
Enn- Tasa Mammon on ca lirach


Varian ships Chelle and Varric together, and seeing as Chelle’s story DIDN’T end with a wedding, he is doing what any other shipping fan would do: Making it happen. By any means necessary.

Thank you @coffeependulum for the monster you have created from this.

P.S. Drawing like a child means drawing with my left hand.

Characters I’d like to see return in Dragon Age 4

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve made a list of characters I’d like to see make a return in a future Dragon Age title. These choices below are not made due to popularity per say, but by how much logical sense it would make given the idea of significant parts of the game taking place in Tevinter, The Grey Warden Fortress, and in the Crossroads (or some place involving the Dread Wolf). There’s also the tricky conundrum of mortality in question for some of these characters, as some could possibly be dead in previous games.


Dorian Pavus - Let’s start with the obvious one and say “The Good Tevinter” is a must have. Being from Tevinter himself, Dorian has the opportunity to be the Cassandra Pentaghast of the new game. And let’s be honest, we all need a little more Dorian in our lives.

Scout Harding - Now, this one is a little bit of me contradicting myself when I said “I chose for logical reasons”, but at the same time it’s not completely illogical to have Scout Lace Harding as a companion. She is, after all, Leliana’s head scout. Plus I SUPER want a full romance option with Harding.

Krem - Another character who hails from Tevinter, it’d be interesting to see Krem go back to his homeland and face his past. This one might be a little bit tricky to include since it’s technically possible for him to die in Inquisition.

Fenris - Do I even need to explain? He’s another beloved character with a strong connection to Tevinter, but unlike Dorian and Krem, Fenris has experienced the slavery side of the land. It’d be interesting to see him going back for revenge, and it would even be a fantastic character quest for him.

Tallis - Another elf with a tragic past in Tevinter, Tallis was sold into slavery by her own parents before being rescued by the Qunari and converted to the Qun. Tallis had such a brief appearance in Dragon Age II’s Mark of the Assassin, it’d be great to see her back in action. Plus since it’s pretty heavily implied that Tevinter and the Qunari are at war, it’d make sense that Tallis would find a way right into the middle of the mess.


The Inquisitor - Since it looks like we’ll still be following the Inquisition, and since the Inquisitor was (SPOILER ALERT) bereft of their left forearm, it’d make sense to have them act as a war advisor, same way Leliana, Cullen, and Josephine did in the last game. She’s determined to get the help she needs to take down the Dread Wolf.

The Hero of Ferelden/ The Warden Commander - While it’s tricky to include characters like Fenris and Krem, both of whom could possibly be dead, including The Warden from the first game would be extremely complicated. That’s why I throw in the option of the Warden Commander you could create in Dragon Age: Awakening as an alternative if your Warden made the final sacrifice in Origins. But let’s be honest, Hawke came back in Inquisition but all we get in Inquisition from the Hero are a couple of people who talk about them and a letter. The epilogue of Inquisition also heavily hints at something happening to the Wardens of Weisaupt, so it’d be cool to see the Hero back to save the day. 


Leliana - She’s been in every Dragon Age game so far and I’d hate to break her streak.

The Champion of Kirkwall - Because Hawke. There are two reasons I’d like to see Hawke back in Dragon Age 4, one of which I’ll explain below with the next character, but the other reason is this: There’s something going on with the Wardens and after their involvement in Dragon Age Inquisition (and with the option their sibling could be a Warden), Hawke could be an advocate for solving the Warden’s problem, maybe even be the one who contacts the Hero of Fereldan for help.


Merrill - What with the whole Dread Wolf situation going on and Merrill’s obsession with restoring elven culture, it would make perfect sense to have Merrill to become involved. I think it’d be extremely interesting if she actually joins Solas and becomes a misguided villain, and one of the gut-wrenching choices you have to make in the third act of the game determines whether or not you (and Hawke) can save Merrill. (PLUS YOU DO REALIZE MERRILL’S ELUVIAN CAN ACTUALLY BE SEEN IN THE CROSSROADS WHEN MORRIGAN TAKES THE INQUISITOR THERE SO SHE ACTUALLY DOES GET IT WORKING)

Feynriel - The elf child you save in Dragon Age II from slavery would also make a great character to bring back. When you rescue him from the fade, you have the option to let him live, and he will then seek help in Tevinter. It’d be nice to catch up with him again.

Grey Warden Bethany/Caver Hawke - However the Wardens are involved, there’s an opportunity for the Warden sibling to come back. Maybe the Warden’s problem could be the climax of act II, and here it could foreshadow the choice you have to make to save Merrill by having Hawke and the new protagonist trying to save Bethany/Carver.

Grey Warden Oghren - He’s been out of the picture since Awakening when he became a Warden. I always thought maybe Ogrhen stayed with the Hero of Ferelden as they adventured to find a cure for the calling.

Solas - Yeah no explanation needed. He’ll be in the next game.

I guess this is what they call a rare pairing ? I have no idea to be honest. @akachankami requested some becho and I just love Echo so much I said yes. Blink and you will miss the ship but it this is Echo centered. =) Let me know what you think! [FF] or [AO3]

Eko Kom Nou Kru

The sky is nothing like Echo imagined.

Three weeks and she is still as lost and bereft as she has been when she first put foot on what the others call ‘the ring’. Raunon. She still cannot wrap her head around it after a month of living on it. She saw it with her own eyes, she knows they are on an actual ring shaped construction but it does not feel round. She can walk for hours and come back to where she started and she will not have met any proof of curve.

Raven tried to explain the phenomenon to her and she understood it had to do with machineries and science but to her, somehow, it still feels a little like magic. Or sorcery.

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March bulletin board is up and running!! Because off-duty Stormtroopers need to find a better way to cope with their overbearing boss.

Okay friends, so I’ve entered this board in a social media contest her at OSU for Alcohol Awareness Month, and the board with the most favorites and retweets on Twitter or like on Instagram will win a prize for their staff. So it would be AMAZING if you guys could head on over to my Twitter (staticsandstuff or slhuckabay) and my Instagram (staticsandstionery or capn_samerica) and help me out.

“Quick-drawing” art challenge / #01 Holding Hands

Here’s the first one! ;)
1 hour sketch (yes, that’s quick for me), I used some refences for the hands and Lavellan’s body.

You can check the rest of the art challenge here :3

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot! This is dedicated to cerulione who’s been super sweet with me and told me not to give up on the challenge :3

(warden advisor au/war table banter)

Mordred: We can send troops to escort yer mini Nevarran princess to Skyhold.

Josephine: Isn’t that a little over-the-top?

Mordred: Fashion Guards™. They’ll look amazing, an’ their bling’ll blind every shifty pairs o’ eyes from here to Tevinter. Isn’t it always you who say we gotta look good?

Josephine: Oh, you mean honor guards! Yes, indeed, that can be quite the idea. An elite selection of our men can communicate sincerity and our commitment to her care to the duke.

Mordred: Yay!

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Civil War Mercenaries in Egypt, 1870’s

In 1869 a representative of the Khedive of Egypt met with Gen. William T. Sherman for advice in hiring three experienced American officers to serve in the Egyptian Army.  The Khedive of Egypt was Isma'il Pasha, son of the Ottoman Emperor and a man who was on a quest to modernize the Egyptian military.  Sherman recommended to Pasha three names, all of whom were experienced Civil War officers; Maj. Gen. William Loring (Confederate, pictured top left), Brig. Gen. Charles Pommeroy Stone (Union, bottom left), and Brigadier Gen. Henry Hopkins Sibley (Confederate, top right).  The three men in turn recruited another 50 officers and NCO’s, all of whom served either the Union or Confederacy during the Civil War.  Once in Egypt they were met by another American, a former Union Colonel named Thaddeus P. Mott (pictured bottom right).  An adventurer, globetrotter, and soldier of fortune who was a veteran of wars in Italy and Mexico, Mott had been recruited by Pasha earlier in the year.

The purpose of hiring these men was very clear.  In the 19th century the mighty Ottoman Empire had declined significantly.  Isma'il Pasha believed that in order to survive the empire and Khedive of Egypt had to modernize its military, which was decades behind the West in terms of doctrine, tactics, and technology.  Pasha believed that outside help was needed.  He chose Americans because after the American Civil War, there were many unemployed veterans who were experienced in modern warfare.  Furthermore, the United States had little interest in the empire, and thus were a neutral party.  It was Pasha’s intention as Khedive (viceroy) to use these men to modernize the military forces under his command in Egypt.

Once in Egypt the American mercenaries set to work supervising the reformation of the Egyptian military.  This included the construction of new coastal fortifications, training of the army, and the founding of an officers school headed by American officers.  During the years the American advisers made great strides in reforming the Egyptian military, however progress was often shaky at best.  Many Egyptian officers and soldiers were offended by the American’s arrogant and/or racist attitudes towards them.  Many of the Americans refused to learn Arabic, creating a linguistic barrier between themselves and the men they commanded.  Finally Union and Confederate rivalries also flared up resulting in fist fights, brawls, and even duels among the mercenaries.

By 1874 Isma'il Pasha began to have dreams of conquest and glory with his new army.  In 1875 he annexed Darfur, then he turned his attention towards the conquest of Ethiopia.  The Americans expected Pasha to give command of the expedition to William Loring, who held the rank of fareek pasha (Major General).  However command was given to Ratib Pasha, an ex-slave who served the former Khedive of Egypt.  The was an incredibly foolish move as Ratib had little military qualifications.  The Ethiopians, however, were fully prepared for war and had raised a massive army.  After purchasing modern weapons and receiving military training from British military advisers, the Ethiopians were ready to do battle.   At the Battle of Gurwa the poor leadership of Ratib Pasha caused the outnumbered Egyptian Army to be slaughtered.  Many Egyptians pointed the blame at the Americans despite the inept leadership of Ratib.  Eventually the disillusioned Americans returned home.  Those who remained were eventually dismissed due to budget cuts.  Only Thaddeus P. Mott remained.  He moved to Turkey and served in the Ottoman Army, fighting against the Serbians and distinguishing himself at the Battle of Shipka Pass during the Russo Turkish War.

Imagine Edmund always smiling whenever you make a sarcastic remark

Peter: I know what I’m doing. This plan will work, trust me.

(y/n): *scoffs* I already said no to your stupid plan, what makes you think I would trust you?

Peter: I’m the High King.

(y/n): That justifies everything you do, doesn’t it Peter. *mocking him* Oh! I’m High King Peter, and everything I do is right. That includes not listening to my war strategy advisor. I really overestimated the amount of brain cells you carry.

Edmund: *gif*

(not my gif)