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Harrison Ford’s Very Convincing Blaster Imitation, est. 1976

AU in which “aging out” and “assigned to the Agricorps” were cover for “being selected for elite undercover training.” So that when Obi-Wan gets reassigned to the Agricorps, he shows up, upset and hurt but determined to make the best of it, and finds out that he’s going to be trained as an undercover field agent.

“What?” he gapes.

“You won’t be a Knight,” the Grand Master of the Reassignment Council warns. “And to the rest of the Republic, you’ll be a member of the Agricultural Corps. But if you’re agreeable to staying in it, you’ll receive training in covert ops and you’ll be completing undercover assignments whenever you’re dispatched to provide aide.”


“Since the Ruusan Reformation, the Order has been part of the Judicial Department, which is itself part of of the Office of the Chancellor,” the Master says patiently. “That means that we are at times called upon to assist with investigations, particularly those that are high risk or must be carried out with the utmost of secrecy. But the Knights are very distinctive and noticeable; they’re the public face of the Order. There are places they can’t go into because their presence will be remarked upon. We need beings who can move around less noticeably, beings whose presences won’t make others clam up and refuse to cooperate.

The Agricorps are often sent out to areas with tenuous stability, places hit by natural disasters, places where civil war has broken out, any number of environments that are potential breeding grounds for criminal activity that could pose a danger to the Republic. So while you are there for humanitarian aide - and that is the primary mission of the Agricorps - you will also do the work of the Republic Judicial department.”

“So - spying.”

The Master inclines his head. “This won’t be easy work, Kenobi. And if you do your job correctly, no one will know you’ve done it. You won’t get any recognition for it, no public thanks or gratitude.”

“And if I don’t want to?” Obi-Wan asks, biting his lip.

“You can remain as a regular member of the Agricorps. There have been others who have declined the additional duties but wished to remain to serve the Republic.”

“I’ll do it.”

Basically: a secret agent Kenobi AU.


They (Han and Leia) had this kid who was born equal parts good and evil. He is someone who is broken….But it’s more than just having a bad seed as a kid. Snoke had targeted this kid, knew that this kid was gonna be incredibly powerful in the force and wanted him as an ally. So this mother and father had a target for a son. Someone was watching their boy. And these parents aren’t there enough to guide him.~JJ Abrams, The Secrets of The Force Awakens.

  • Saeran, to Saeyoung: You handcuffed me to MC?!
  • Saeyoung: You put a dead fish in my car!
  • Saeran: MC's way worse than a dead fish!
  • MC: My mom thinks I'm awesome!