Never forget that, on the 11th of July 1995, one of Europe’s greatest crimes against humanity-the Bosnian genocide-reached its peak with the brutal massacre of over 8,000 Muslim Bosnian men & young boys of all ages, and the the expulsion of 25,000-30,000 Muslim Bosnians that followed the very same day.

Never forget that this bloody extermination was strategically made with the intention of “cleansing” Europe of its ethnic Muslims, and is an act that modern day xenophobia & islamophobia still echoes.

Never forget that this genocide was part of a greater atrocious and vicious ethnic cleansing campaign that lasted, largely ignored & unrestricted, from 1992-1995. It included unlawful confinement, murder, rape, sexual assault, torture, beating, robbery, and inhumane treatment of civilians. It not only targeted political leaders but also intellectuals & professionals. There were unlawful deportations, unchecked shelling of civilians, unlawful appropriation of real and personal property by the government, the destruction of homes and businesses, and the destruction of places of worship.

Never forget.
May they rest in power.



Cassian chasing down the commander <3 

I wanted to spend some more time on the background but I literally have no time left as I have lots of other work to do - may come back to it at a later date …

I have two monitors that I work on - my laptop screen and then a much bigger screen to the side which is where I do all of my painting and both seem to be calibrated differently! I think my big screen is correct but apologies if you are looking at this on a phone or a laptop and the contrast seems a little off. 

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Character copyright of Sarah J Maas

Illyrian fighting leathers inspired by Charlie Bowater’s design.