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Toronto ice storm fun became pretty serious for some as it knocked out power for over 250,000 people.

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My second year at Miami Beach Art Basel. This weekend long festival is tiring but very inspirational. Great way to meet artists and make connections. Next year I’m definitely saving up for the VIP access will surely be worth every penny. These are some of the shots I took for inspiration from the Scope Art fair. 

More to come!
or view some here

An end to a relaxing long weekend, I will miss my pool :(

T - minus 16 days!

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Enjoyin’ some time off from work and school, looking to update some of my work, website and portfolio, which reminds me I need to renew my domain :(

In this i’m just playing around with my logo in photoshop. It’s my first time creating a GIF with PS CS6, Are they any other cool apps you guys are using? 

Starting to work on my personal brand these days, Here’s a mood board after some brainstorming to see what i’m all about, what I like and and what i’m inspired from. Some of the work is mine but most of it is what i’m inspired from. I’m giving myself a month to work on this personal project of mine.

C A F F I N E  -  F I X A T E D  

Practicing my handwriting skills these days.

Photo by Marc De Waal

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My daily run by this beautiful lake trail stretching across the skyline of Chicago city. I’ll miss biking this scenic route, T-minus 4 days! 


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