wapy art

My redraw a screenshot is done! Jesus dear I spent so many hours on this, I almost thought I’d have to spend yet a third day on it, geeez, IT’S DONE

Had a lot of fun blending a lot of colors
Had a lot of fun drawing Echo’s permanently-concerned face. Look at him. Look. Oh boy.

Fives is ready to murder your dreams tho

clonetrooperecho has a medical condition that can only be treated with pictures of Jesse and Kixs telling Echo how rad Fives was while he was away

And hoh boy was he rad. He piloted things and solved mysteries, there was no downtime around Fives

In the moon lives a 20.000 yeard old brokenhearted robotic grandmother who’s slowly knitting humanity’s future and his young adoptee, a solarian child that can conduct electricity with their brain.

Fallom softly whispers “so beautiful

When you put it that way, nobody would believe this is actually the canon.