wapping pier head

Paul McCartney starts stripping down at the Wapping Pier Head location for the Mad Day Out photo session, in East London, July 28, 1968 Photographer: Don McCullin

‘We went down to the river at Limehouse, near those beautiful Georgian sea captains’ houses. Lennon started stripping off, so did Paul McCartney. I suppose that meant they were relaxed.’ - Don McCullin, 'A Day In The Life Of The Beatles’

 The ‘Mad Day Out’ photography session

On July 28, 1968, The Beatles went out for a photo shoot with a couple of photographers -  Stephen Goldblatt  and Don McCullin to take a break from recording the White Album. It became known as the “Mad Day Out”. They went to several places in London, including Thompson House, Wapping Pier Head, St. Pancras, and Old Street Station.


July 28,1968 The Mad Day Out Photo Session which had 7 locations and multiple photographers, the main photographer being Don McCullin who was asked by Paul to do the session. The location for these images was Wapping Pier Head near the edge of the quay. The location was in East London & the 6th location used that day.

Photographer: Don McCullin