Well clearly I need to make a zine with all the comics I am drawing about TV. TV ZINE. I start gathering. 

This is a really good example of how art for me is just drawing lots and lots of things and only being able to make the connections between the things looking back. “Gee, look at this stack of drawings I’ve done about the teevee I watch. Huh." 

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you get 1 page/day, black and white. You hafta have a Google account. Whatever you send will print here, in my office, right next to me. The printer will be very noisy, and warm up for 120 seconds before performing its job. When your job is done, I will turn to the printer, lift the page from the paper tray, and think thoughts about what you have sent me and why. 

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Handstands have been the topic 70% of my conversations this month, but this morning I did some MONSTER-strong handstands. I feel pretty rad about my arms today. High five, arms! Handstands are great!

If I take even a couple days off of drawing I feel a brain block when I come back. Then I draw things I’ve been excited about lately. Hence, handstands. 

Not drawing-related: I need an app for my iMac to catalogue and create color palettes. If you have one you like, I want to hear about it! 

dieromantikundweltschmerz  asked:

How did you start your zine?

The short answer: just started! 

The long answer: I drew comics on post it notes for a few years, and eventually started learning how to make booklets for them at home. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a book out of a single sheet of paper — it’s my favorite way to make them.

I just recently started offering my zines for sale, and have been putting out several each month. I find it very personally empowering to create an object in a real world that can tell a story. It’s easy to reproduce and cheap to share with as many people as I want. 

I’ve had as much fun teach people about zines as I have had making them, too. People just come alive when you give them a piece of paper and tell them to say something in 8 frames. 

What is in space

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I try to imagine the far reaches of the universe. 

I think of other atoms my atoms might have brushed past, billions of years ago. 

And how, at one point, the atoms of everyone I know were condensed in a singularity along with the rest of humanity and all the dogs and cats and coffee beans and rain drops and Mars and the Milky Way and everything else in this unfathomably huge existence.

It is one of my favorite things to think about…when I can’t sleep.