BatFam/Batbros - “Malk” [animatic]



“Each of you brings something different to the table. Strength. Speed. Stealth. And many more. But, we’re all equal in at least one way: Each of us is willing to make the sacrifices a hero needs to make.”


Hi! Sorry for taking such a while to get to this request! I just didn’t like how this ended up, no matter how many times I rewrite it, I still feel a little bit meh about it so I definitely have to apologize for how this turned out! Thank you for sending in your request, sweets!

“This is outrageous!” Damian all but huffs. “We should be out there helping not stuck in here, babysitting!” Damian glares at you and crosses his arms, annoyed at his father’s decision in not letting any of them to join the mission. Jason rolls his eyes, somewhat used to Bruce’s abrupt decisions – he has learned to let it go for the moment.

Tim is currently trying to get you to talk to him but so far, you have been very quiet. Only pointing to this and that whenever you want something. “Y/N, can you say T-i-m?” You blink owlishly at him before going back to your toy piano, mashing some random keys on the piano.

Dick is trying his hardest to calm Damian down. Even with his level of clearance, he could not even access the files for what sort of missions the League are going for. Bruce simply told them it was dangerous and that they should man the fort and look after you. He glances at you – you are now whining about something but Tim is the only one that seems to be able to understand what you want; he supposes it’s because of Tim’s empathy.

Being the daughter of Hawkgirl and Green lantern and the younger sister of Warhawk, you take after your father more than you do with your mum and your brother dotes on you all the time. They are the only three people that have ever heard you speak. The thing is you are selectively mute – you simply choose to not speak most of the time. So you communicate with other people by cooing or whining – to show affection though it seems as if they are somewhat having troubles trying to talk with you.

You hand your toy piano to Tim, pointing at it. Tim blinks a couple of times. “Do you want me to play?” He asks you and you nod your head.

“Hey, how about we make this in to competition?” Jason finally speaks up, tired of Damian’s brooding. Damian lifts one of his eyebrows. Jason shrugs his shoulders when all eyes – sans yours – are on him. “Y/N doesn’t speak right?”

Dick shakes his head. “Selectively mute, Jason.” Dick informs. “Y/N just chooses not to talk to anyone of us. Perhaps she isn’t quite comfortable with us just yet?” He looks at you, who is staring at him with wide eyes now – it’s a little bit adorable whenever you blink a couple of times, as if nodding your head.

“Semantics, Grayson.” Jason moves out of his chair and pads over to you. You look up at Jason before shying away from him. Tim swats at his leg, telling him to kneel beside him. Jason rolls his eyes before he sits on the floor, crossed legs. “Y/N, you understand us right?” He asks, staring at you and you nod your head shyly. “Are you shy? Is that why you don’t want to speak with any of us?” He questions gently and you let out a whine.

Tim chuckles before lightly pushing you forward to sit beside him. You let out another whine, shaking your head. All of these attention on you are starting to make you feel extremely shy. You cross your arms and pout.

Damian shakes his head, sighing inwardly at the thought of not doing anything better so he approaches the tiny circle and sits beside Tim. “Come, Grayson. Let us all play games with Y/N and hopefully father will be back soon.” Dick nods his head, knowing very well that once his siblings decided on something, they stick to it until the very end.

The rest of the time is spent trying to get you to feel comfortable enough to start talking to them and what initially started as something fun became very competitive between them. They started trying to get you to talk to them, making jokes that are funny or even doing some skits to try and make you laugh. So far, the only person that you have actually talked to is Jason which caused him to be very smug. Damian keeps trying to tell them that you whispering does not count as talking but Jason keeps denying him.

The boys stare at you wide eyes when you start laughing cutely over their brotherly banters. That had been the start of everything: you begin to chatter endlessly, telling them about how you are currently taking piano lessons but since your piano is too big and your mum forbade you from using your super-strength too much, you couldn’t bring your actual piano with you. The next few hours is spent with the boys teaching you a thing or two about properly throwing punches and gave you advice about how to use your strength wisely. 

The Justice League members came back to the tower in a huge mess of colours and paints and Hawkgirl finds you sleeping soundly in the Red Hood’s lap, a content smile on your face.

Coffee Break

Words: 695
Bruce Wayne X Reader (Male or Female)
Prompt:  “
We work really late together and you’ve memorized how I take my coffee AU” Prompt Credit goes to @dances-with-snowflakes & @dailyau

[Is it just me or is does Batfleck look totally confused in every screencap from Batman V Superman?? Don’t get me wrong he is one of my favorite Batmen.]

You cracked your neck to the left and then to the right. You stifled a yawn and stretched your hands high above your head. You rolled your shoulders. It felt like every part of your body had gone stiff. Not that you blamed your muscles and joints. You’d been sitting in your office chair for hours. It was well past ten o’clock at night and you still had a lot of work to do.

You looked around the empty conference room. Almost everyone else had gone home when the office officially closed. Only you and your boss, Bruce Wayne, had stayed to finish the project. You rubbed your eyes which had grown sore from staring at your computer screen for so long. You blinked a few times and waited for your eyes to adjust.

“Coffee?” You looked up to see your boss holding a mug out to you. “I have a machine in my office. French Vanilla with a dash of cream, right?”

“Uh yeah.” You reached out and accepted the mug. “How did you know?”

“You get stuck working late with me three times a week minimum. I was bound to learn something about you, [Y/N].” He smirked at you as he placed his own mug down on the conference table. You watched him slide into the seat next to you from over the brim of your mug. He moved smoothly, everything he did was done deliberately and with no mistake.  

“Thank you, Mr. Wayne. It’s delicious.” You held the warm mug in one hand and turned your attention back to your work.

“You know, you’re the only the only person around here who calls me Mr. Wayne. Why is that?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “You’re my boss. It doesn’t seem right going around calling you Br-ews.” It felt awkward and uncomfortable saying his first name out loud. Instead of mocking you, he just smirked.

“But I call you, [Y/N]. Would you prefer I use, [Ms./Mr.] [Y/L/N]?” He waited for your answer.

“No. My first name is fine. Uh, better even.” You blinked, taken back by his sudden interest in you. Most of the time your conversations strictly pertained to work. The offers of fresh coffee and socializing were new territory.

“Then I insist you call me Bruce. It’s only fair.” He offered you a smile before checking his phone. “I didn’t realize it was so late. You must have somewhere else you else you need to be, home to a boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps?” He scratched the back of his neck not-so-subtlety.

“Mr. Wayne…”

“Bruce,” he corrected.

“Bruce,” You rolled your eyes. “I appreciated the effort you’re making, really I do. You don’t have to. I didn’t get a job at Wayne Enterprises because it’s employees are well known for their social graces. I wanted a job here because the people who work here are the best at what they do. You don’t get to be the best by worrying if you’re home in time for your boyfriend.”

“That’s a valid point. My apologies, I was not trying to insult you or in any way insinuate that you needed a relationship. You know, the more I talk, the further I jam my foot in my mouth. Let me start over. [Y/N], you are a valued employee here at Wayne Enterprises and I would be honored if these two of us could work together on a first name basis.” He smiled and offered you his hand. You smirked.

“It would be my pleasure, Bruce.” You gave his hand a brief shake, before looking down at your watch. “It’s getting pretty late. What do you say we call it a night and try and find a fast food place that’s still open?” Bruce leaned back in his chair and looked at you with uncertainty. He was clearly trying to keep the moment from turning awkward again.

“I’d ask you out to a real dinner, but I doubt anywhere respectable is open this late at night.” You clarified.

“If things go well, we could always have a respectable breakfast to look forward to.” He winked at you and closed his laptop with a flirtatious smile.