It wasn’t everyday that a Wayne boy turned 21. In fact, only one had so far. They were the princes of Gotham, and their metaphorical crowning was always something that one was aware of. 

All except the lost son’s. 

The day Jason would have turned 21 was a day of silence. Some spoke of how it was the young boy’s own fault. That he shouldn’t have run away, shouldn’t have strayed from his father’s side. 

Bruce Wayne and his clan were missing from all around the town. Reporters waited outside of Wanye Inc for hours, waiting to swoop in like vultures to tear at gaping wounds. Not one Wayne came in. Reports said that Dick Grayson returned a few days earlier to the mansion, but had not been sighted since. Neither Tim nor Damian Wayne were seen entering their schools. Cassandra, as usual, was also not caught on film. 

For the Waynes, August 16th was not a day to be out and about. 

Any questions directed at the Waynes or any of Waynes workers were all ignored. No statements were made about the significance of the day. 

It had been 6 years since the second son’s death, and yet none of Waynes seemed to be healing. There were no shot glasses clinked together, toasting to a memory. There was no birthday cake, or extravagant coming of age ball. There was only sadness and silence.

For two days a year (for who could forget April 12th) the royal family of Gotham was in mourning. Another birthday would not change that. 

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Jenna being a pro and the reactions that "Finally" and "it was about time" and "she's worked so hard, she deserves this"? Who else is a pro who used to be in the troupe? I remember Lindsay was and then made pro with Victor but then back to troupe and then pro again with Alek and Wanye. I think Sharna, Peta, Sasha, and Artem were also troupe?

I really have never cared for Jenna. I didn’t really like what I saw of her during her season of SYTYCD. As a result, I never paid attention to her while she was in the troupe. So she’s not really on my radar. But congrats to her, I guess. Lindsay was actually a pro before they demoted her to the troupe. Her season with Victor was terrible. But that time she spent in the troupe worked wonders. Witney was in the troupe when she was brought in also. Peta was a pro first and was never in the troupe. Keo is being put in the troupe this season (I’m not pleased). And I think that’s it. I might be missing someone but I can’t remember right now.