don’t come anywhere near my fucking vicinity with the word “thot”. like do you niggas really understand how fucking uneducated and ignorant you sound when you use that word?

let’s break it down:

the word “thot” means “that hoe over there”

a common example in which the word “thot” is used;

that hoe a thot” which really means “that hoe a that hoe over there

here’s another example if that one wasn’t good enough for you;

whose grimy ass thot is this?” which really means “whose grimy ass that hoe over there is this?”

if you think that, even just in the slightest bit, that either of the given examples make sense, you are just as dumb and ignorant as the “thots” you name to be.

like foreal, come the fuck on tumblr, i thought there were supposed to be a lot of intelligent individuals on this site, yet everyday i come to be more disappointed than the day before when i see those who i looked to to being intelligent using such word comparable to the vocabulary of a fucking caveman.