quick rant don't mind me

Okay seriously wtf is wrong with make up? Like what is it with people that like to judge people who wear tons of make up? Who fucking cares!? It’s not your skin, it ain’t your goddamn face. If anyone wants to wear a lot of make up to the point where they might actually look like a different person..WHO CARES!? If it makes someone happy or feel beautiful who cares. I guarantee that 99% of people who wear make up don’t do it to look attractive for other people but because they feel confident with it on. They do it because they like how they look. I hate hearing ‘oh she looks completely different’ ‘it’s not right to wear so much make up that it makes you look different’ Ughhhjfdaklsjfksahi LET PEOPLE DO WHATEVER THEY WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!