Dear the one that got away,

She was my everything. I loved everything about her with such a deep fiery passion; from her eyes, to her dimples when she smiles, to her rosy checks that blush up when she’s nervous or cold. I don’t know what it was about her but i looked past every imperfection as if it was never even there. I called her my sunshine because like the giant star, she may be one in a trillion or even more but she burned the brightest in my world! She was the sun, but not just any sun, she was my sun and I was the moon, but i was her moon. How she felt shone and reflected off of me. Im not quite sure how it happened but every feeling she felt came and tingled up my spine and sent shivers through my bones. Her happiness would show through me; but also, so would her sadness. I could tell she meant a lot to me because of when I wasn’t with her.. that is when i could really feel it. That emptiness inside that no other individual can provide to fulfill that special spot she has reserved in my heart.