i’ve got so many personas, but the only thing about me that doesn’t change is how i feel about you every day ; 2/14 valentine’s countdown for baekhny my love~

the bae 44/


Reasons We Need Stella’s Backstory - #895: Clearly this video of Rose taken by Paul Spector would shake anyone.Well, anyone with a heart and soul, anyway. I can’t help but wonder, though - what does Stella see here? What’s running through her mind? Maybe it’s just a tough thing to watch. Maybe the viewer is just supposed to experience this along with Stella. But the over-analyzer in me wonders if her reaction is supposed to tell us something, ever so subtly?

leorio is the designated pancake maker of the ot4 . if they wake up to the smell of pancakes, its Always leorio in the kitchen wearing a humorously pink and frilly apron. hes totally good at shaping pancakes too and will always do his best to amke killua + gons cute or smth. sometimes when hes Really feelin’ it, he’ll make ones in the shape of hearts for kurapika, who always has a super lovestruck smile on his face while eating these pancakes. killua ofc always pretends to be barfing @ this w gon bc theyre children