How do you tell Icarus

To stay away from the sun

When it is the heat

He craves, when he wants

To burn, when he needs

To fall and taste the ocean

On his tongue? How

Can you quell disastrous

Desires, pull him down

From his flight, away

From all-consuming light?

How do I tear myself

Away from you?

- Grace Babcock © 2017

blackforestwaltz  asked:

Hello! First off, loooooove your stuff! I never realized how much I wanted to be friends with the entirety of Overwatch until I found your blog. That, and how much I low key crush on all of them ahahahaha Ahem anyway, could you write some headcanons for first dates with Genji, D.Va, McCree, and/or Reaper? I forgot to check your rules on character limit so if that's too many, then whichever ones you want is good <3 Thanks!

Hello! I don’t have a character limit at the moment and if I did, it’d probably be closer to eight or ten. Four characters is fine, hon’!

By the way, so glad I could help you realize your true nature in need of Overwatch friendships and/or relationships.  X3



  • He really digs deep into his playboy roots for this
  • Also he asks for Jesse’s help because the dude’s good at this stuff, so why not?
  • He goes a little overboard
  • Like he bought out an entire section of a five-star restaurant
  • He rented one of the chefs to only cook for you and him the entire night
  • Don’t blame him; he hasn’t been on a date in a while and he wants to make you feel special
  • Needless to say that you do
  • You tell him that he doesn’t have to go through all that trouble next time and that you’re chill with an at-home dinner and movies
  • Maybe you should plan the next few days until he gets the fact that he doesn’t have to waste literal thousands of dollars for every date


  • She plans an arcade date
  • Just an evening of arcade-hopping, if you’re into it
  • Then if the night’s still going strong afterwards, she’ll take you to a movie
  • Or you’ll rent several movies and have a marathon and either your place or hers
  • While arcade-ing, she’ll buy a couple pizzas to share and whatever you want to drink
  • She refuses to let you pay
  • She came up with the date, everything’s on her tonight
  • She even buys your game tokens
  • If you’re short tickets for a prize, she’ll give you some of hers
  • Even if it means she can’t get the prize she wants
  • To say thanks for the date. you might buy the prize and give to her on the walk home
  • Either way, it’s just a fun, happy, casual date of sorts


  • A first date with him, if he’s into you (which, let’s face it, sometimes isn’t the case), is really sweet and simple and Southern
  • (If he’s really not that into you, he’ll skip the simple and sweet stuff and go straight to the sultry, romantic stuff to try and spark something; if nothing sparks, that’s probably the only date you’re getting from him <D)
  • First, he takes you out to lunch, possibly a picnic
  • He’s paying and he even gets you dessert
  • He might specifically only buy you dessert so you offer to share with him
  • Afterwards, he’ll take you to a petting zoo to hang out with cute critters for the afternoon
  • He likes the calves and pigs in particular
  • He probably ends up laying with a pig and a calve while holding a bunny or a duckling
  • Tbh, he’s the cutest man-child ever in petting zoos
  • During the evening he’ll take you to some stables he found out about a few days earlier and he’ll rent a couple horses for you both to ride around on until it gets dark
  • If you don’t know how to ride, he’ll teach you to the best of his ability
  • He’s not an amazingly skilled rider himself but he knows the basics
  • Then he’ll take you home and leave you with a kiss on the cheek and possibly a small bouquet of flowers he bought on the way


  • He takes you to dancing and dinner
  • Where you go dancing isn’t super fancy but it’s still a bit extravagant for a first date
  • It means he’s really trying though, which is sweet
  • There’s some pretty skilled dancing going on around you but he doesn’t push you to do that type of thing, unless you really want to
  • Instead you guys just kind of sway around and chat, and he might teach you a few moves here and there
  • Eventually you get a whole waltz down
  • Once you get tired (he’ll notice it before you tell him), he’ll take you to dinner at a fancy restaurant where the chatting will continue
  • He tells you to get whatever you want, no matter how expensive
  • After you’re finished, depending on if you’re up for it again, you guys might go back to dancing for a while longer
  • Then he’ll take you home
  • Offers his jacket if you’re cold
  • Leaves you with a long, sweet hug (he’s still a bit nervous to kiss you) and a quiet “I had a fun night tonight.”
  • He messages you when he gets home to see if you’d like to do something again soon, and to see if you enjoyed the dancing
Portrait of Fryderyk in Shifting Light by Richard Siken

There is something terribly wrong with his face–
empty, restless, one side older than the other.
What is a thing? Sediment. A slow river clogged with
silt. I sussed the gesso into foam and white roses,
stalling. I troubled the shadows and silvered his edges.
What can you know about a person? They shift
in the light. You can’t light up all sides at once. Add
a second light and you get a second darkness, it’s only
fair. He is looking at the wall and I am looking at his
looking. Difficult thing, to be scrutinized so long.
I find parts that overlap with mine and light them
up in clays and creams, yellow music singing pink,
the flicker of his mouth a purple rust. His face
congeals as he settles in. His hair is bronze in here,
not gold: walnut, bark, and cinnamon, chipped brick
tipped in ink. My shadow falls across his face, blue milk
and pistachio, his eyes shine like wedding rings. My
shadow falls across him and it doesn’t go away. Some
hours later the light has shifted, the floorboards
creak. You can’t paint the inside of anything, so why
would you try? Painting the inside of anything is
dangerous. I imagined my wrists broken just enough
to keep the feeling from crawling up my arm.
Dangerous thing: an open arm, an open channel.
All these things, rungs of the ladder. Lovers
do the looking while strangers look away. It isn’t
fair, the depths of my looking, the threat of my
looking. It’s rude to shake a man visible and claim
the results. This side of his face, now this side of his
face. His profile up against the tulips. I put down
the brush and walked around the room. Even when
I look away I am still looking. He is inside his body
and I am inside my body and it matters less and less.
Shared face, shared looking. A collaboration.
He didn’t expect to be handed over, to be delivered. To be
tricked into his own face. Anyone can paint
a mask. It’s boring. And everyone secretly wants
to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer
version of the self. How much can you change
and get away with it, before you turn into someone
else, before it’s some kind of murder? Difficult,
to be confronted with the fact of yourself. Opaque
in the sense of finally solid, in the sense of
see me, not through me. The selves, glaze on glaze,
accumulating their moods and minutes. We tremble
and I paint the trembling. I enlarged his mouth
and everything went blurry, a forgery. It might
as well be. And all my fingers turned to twigs. Inside
himself he jumped a little. Why build a room you
can live in? Why build a shed for your fears?
The life of the body is a nightmare. This is my hand
over his face, which isn’t his face anymore, revising.
I made a shape of the shape he made, subtracted
what he shared with anyone else. There wasn’t
much left but it felt like him, wild and scared.
It was too much to bear. I put down the brush and
looked at my hands. I turned off the headlights of
my looking and let the animal get away.

“what do you want to be when you grow up?” his father asks him.
icarus looks up at the sky,
the sun shining down on his face
kissing his cheeks in warmth and gold.
“i want to fly.”

he loves the summer,
the way the doves fly through the air
trying to follow the sun and the
carriage that pulls it through the sky.
he wants to fly like they do.

his name is Apollo: the ruler of the sun
who brings sunshine to Icarus’s skin.
brings warmth that
makes him want to fly.

he melts candles into his wings
and does not think about how
the heat burns his hands.
he wants
to fly.

“do not fly too close to the sun,” his father warns him.
but when the Apollo kisses his cheeks in warmth and gold
he falls even more.

he is falling.
the wax melts onto his skin
burning the surface as he
mimicks the birds and flies
straight into the sun.
he does not remember the sun
burning, hurting this much
turning his skin red and
blinding his eyes. he cannot find him.
he cannot find Apollo,
who promised him warmth and sun kisses

Icarus is falling.
he only ever wanted to fly

is it a love story when all you ever did was fall? | c.a.

let’s take a minute to think back

  • to charles first telling jake that the only reason he teases amy is because deep down he likes her
  • to jake being sad that amy was interviewing for a job at major crimes but ultimately coming to terms with it because it’s what she wants
  • to jake almost asking out amy until he realizes that shes about to go on a date with teddy
  • to jake telling amy he wishes something could’ve happened between them romantic stylez
  • to jake letting amy win the jimmy jabs because he’s not over her
  • to amy admitting that she liked jake
  • to amy saying she doesn’t want to date cops anymore
  • to amy doing the double tuck for jake
  • to jake kissing amy in the evidence lock-up

and right now, jake and amy are canonically in love

just let that sink in

[LYRICS] Zico - Veni Vidi Vici (feat. DJ Wegun)

Guess who?
No more talking baby
Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici

U can see me at AX-Hall1
and on radio stations
Like ‘wassup’
I became a famous greeting
Things I flippantly tweet
All become headlines
And they all desperately focus on searching for a flaw in me
And tie me in to noisy confrontations
I have no interest in rank
Think about it
Why would a wolf intermingle with a pack of dogs
You gotta give up slumber to rise above the surface2
If you just think about playing
And fall into that then you’re just wasting time
Increasing every 3-place numbers with commas3
Account for only how much you earn
Confess your sins to the bank
I bought a new Moncler for my mom
I got rid of my Maserati
And instead I drive a Porche
Imma get on this TV mama
The kid who said that
Got called over from Seo Taiji at MAMA4
Youngest judge
Show me the money 4
King of the 3rd generation I’m 24

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

A bachelor from the year of the monkey
Who was just a VJ back in the day
Is now dominating Korean hip hop
Where did the hungry mindset go
While everyone else finds blame in shares
I shut up5
Just doing it now
I don’t visit drinking parties, instead I drink hard liquor by myself6
I outsmart you and steal your rice bowls
I’m the Achilles’ heel to lazy-asses
Your top priority is a retirement plan
and preparing for old age
That’s good method
People interested look at my reputation
There are a lot of idiots who sign contracts for just 300
So they can wear Blue Dial Submariner watches
Fuck off, I’m with Domain
and Buckwilds
A&R team whose ideas have fallen flat
If you come at me with ambitions of making my things into a motif, you’ll get beat
If you read it backwards
It’s pronounced amateur, Ya dic7

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

When I say I’ll do something, I’m the bastard who goes all the way to the end
I proved that my big talk is real
While everyone else is wasting their time
I wisely treasured my talents and threw away practicality
I’ve got no plans for acting
I’m not an actor
Audience, put down your phones, the day to raise your hands has come
Looking at my active state
Must taste so bitter
So I hope at least some hate comments are left
It’s attention, here you go
My dreams are predictive, in the end they are actualized
Labelled as the best
While establishing myself in two areas
I joke around in the waiting room
With that hyung who wants
To do a track with me, ha
In the future even when I get older
I won’t forgive those who carelessly come at me
If your intention is to snipe me then put up your gun
Yes I’m back on the microphone uh

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

1 AX-Hall is a theater in Seoul

2 Slumber and surface are pronounced the same (soomyun)

3 Like 1,000 to 100,000 to 100,000,000 (etc)

4  Seo Taiji is a musical artist who is considered the establisher of K-pop. Zico performed with him in 2014 MAMA (https://www.youtube….h?v=5X1IfyUQzRk)

5 Because he gets royalties, Zico doesn’t worry about share distribution

6 The word for “hard liquor” can also have a different meaning of “doing his own thing”

7 “Get beaten up” backwards sounds like “amateur” backwards

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl

Please take out with full credit.

“What does the universe taste like? I’ve wondered for so long
Gaze watching the stars wistfully, wide-eyed. Look at them, I say,
How they glimmer in the distance, how they change places with the seasons.
How they turn and taunt, how they fall and disappear.
I would dust my fingers with their shine.
Copper astrolabes and tattered charts.
Aurora lights in my hair, nebulas in my head,
Galaxies threatening to rip my skin apart.
I have stars on the tip of my tongue and my arms
outstretched to the universe. Constellations scream
My name, Hypatia. My gaze transfixed, unwavering. A need
scratches hungrily at the corners of my mind – bleed, it says,
bleed for knowledge –  to escape it wants
to destroy all mysteries unsolved.
Tell me of the secrets behind your trails of light and
does stardust feel as fine as sand? When will I strip you naked of your obscurity
and feast my thoughts on celestial truth?

Please, heaven wanderers,
Burden me with the knowledge of stars.”

― Andreea Mitsakis, ASTRIFEROUS

Okay, I know it’s a couple days late and all but Merry Christmas!  I was actually suppose to be here days ago but my flight was delayed quite a bit. As beautiful as New York is during the winter, the snow only causes tons of flight delays. Kind of disappointing, actually. Not to mention blizzards in a city really suck. Makes just about doing anything really complicated. Really ruins the magic of Christmas sometimes. Either way, though, the house looks absolutely beautiful. Sorry to say that all i’ve got as of gifts is a box of candy canes from the airport and the last Morgan puzzle piece. How was your holiday?

after a lot of wearing down and the situation just getting really bad in general a friend has convinced me to put a donate button on my page if you donate and message me about it id gladly doodle you something in thanks

for those who are unaware of my situation or dont know me ill give a few details, skip to the last part (will be bolded) for the immediate situation:

tl;dr: im disabled my mom is horrible to me and threatening me

my names ares im a mixed race poc, getting used to the fact im trans, and the most important thing about all this: im disabled i have a thing called stills disease because of it i have arthritis not just in my joints but in some of my internal organs and eyes and someones cold can land me in the hospital if i catch it

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anonymous asked:

There's nothing dishonorable about love...

(warning: abuse triggers/don’t read)

Oh sure, there are plenty of things that can be dishonorable about love.  I take it you’re referring to the current, on-going argument about the B*th/D*ryl epic romance that never happened?

Let’s see, for a start, pedophilia and ephebophilia are examples of dishonorable lust, which certain perverts try to pass off as love.  It’s also dishonorable and disgusting for people to romanticize this type of relationship for their own personal fantasies without caring for the well-being of the child in question.

Age gap relationships, for me, aren’t the issue; Dale/Andrea, Abe/Rosita - all fine.  It’s the still-developing-and-growing-adolescent to adult relationship that I find perverted, inexcusable and dishonorable in every way.

There are plenty of abusive relationships that should also be considered dishonorable.  For example, a grown man mocking a teenager’s attempted suicide is emotionally and verbally abusive (D*ryl to B*th in Still).  A grown man screaming at a teenager and belittling her upbringing should be considered verbally abusive and dishonorable (D*ryl to B*th in Still).  There is nothing honorable about physical abuse - even if the abuser is drunk (D*ryl to B*th in Still), when he grabbed her around the neck and dragged her in a choke hold.

Little did you know that your quippy little anon would open such a can of worms.  Abuse is not a subject I take lightly and I find discussing it exhausting.  Feel free to discuss, although I may not participate heavily.  Even for fictional characters, even for drunken fictional characters, the subject is painful and cumbersome.

External image

When D*ryl grabbed the Treatment for Child Abuse book in Consumed, I believe he picked that book up for a number of reasons.  He has grown so much in the ZA, but he’s going to need help moving forward if he hopes to ever have healthy relationships in the future. AND he doesn’t want to be the kind of person to repeat that pattern of behavior.  I think D*ryl wants to be healed of his past, but he doesn’t exactly know how to accomplish this in the world he lives in.

When he was drunk and physically assaulting B*th in Still, I believe this was a wake up call for him.  Child abuse victims often (not always, of course) repeat patterns of abuse.  I don’t think Daryl liked who he was in Still, and he’s wise enough to recognize that he may have issues and that he wants help.  I think B*th talking him down and trying to help him leave his past behind was a start for this journey of healing.  Burning the shack down was a pretty stupid move in their particular environment, but overall was symbolic of him trying to be the man he wants to be and leaving his past behind.

D*ryl wants to be a man of honor.  TPTB have shown us D*ryl striving for this throughout the series.  Picking up that book was an indication that he was a victim of child abuse (we already assumed this) and that he has the (unwanted) potential for repeating the abuse (whether or not you want to recognize those actions of abuse we DID see a snippet of drunk D*ryl manhandling a child).

I haven’t read the comics, but I’ve heard that the issue of child abuse factors into ASZ, so if spoilers are an accurate indication, then I believe D*ryl (and likely C*rol) will have a hand in that particular arc, and D*ryl’s personal story will be revisited.

Personally, I’ve been very pleased with season 5 Daryl - he’s initiating communication with people in his group (C*rol, Rick), he’s initiating physical contact and gentle touches, and he’s initiating a desire to want to heal by picking up that book. 

I do think D*ryl cared about B*th on a number of levels - she was a member of his family, she was a child in his care, she was a hopeful person who helped him see that there are still positive things to live for in this world.  I don’t think under any circumstances, that D*ryl loved or lusted after B*th in any romantic or sexual way.  That would make him an ephebophile and that is dishonorable. TPTB have made every effort to make us see him as a struggling man with a good heart, and  D*ryl himself strives to be honorable, not dishonorable, so it’s interesting, dear anon, that you chose that particular word to describe love.

Who Knows Why It’s Gotta Be This Way



“Do you want some coffee, honey?”

Taylor is laying on a chair on her mom’s pool deck in shorts and a t-shirt. It wasn’t a particularly hot day, but she was soaking up some Nashville sunshine nonetheless. Eyes closed and hidden under her favorite pair of classic Ray-Bans, she thanks her mom but declines the coffee.

“Are you alright?”

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Vincent waited in his living room as the clock slowly ticked by. He just hoped maybe the kid that accepted his offer wasn’t a joker. This was serious for him and he didn’t want him to get scared away like the last one. He finally moved hearing a knock at the door. He went to open it and sighed. “You’re the one who called then?”