A vessel of want mistaken for need

I am taking a vow to place my wants into a jar and set them ablaze. To rid myself of want, is what needs to be. For a person free of want knows exactly what they need. It is only appropriate that at this stage in life, I separate myself from this disease. After all, I do not NEED that new bag, nor do I NEED the bike to replace the one that someone stole from me. No instead I let it all go, for I have two arms and legs that can get me to Point A and B. It is now more than ever that I must accomplish this. To learn how to properly save and not to hastily spend every penny that I receive. So, here I go on this journey of separating my wants from my needs.

Okay so I just woke up from a nap, and there was this tumblr post from Disney bein’ all like “Hey guys! You should all totally draw Star in a new outfit and submit that pic to us”
And I was like wow yes I will I will do that right NOW????

Clearly it's blurry road of fear

To see clearly this harsh world is a grasping thought.
I try hard to see the dark shadows of obscurity.
But the light bends away from me, clouding true vision
Blurred life traps are hidden so well
But when tripped, hindsight makes them obvious.

Stumbling has become my natural gate
Knees and hand scrapped from crawling once again
I scream no more at each broken stubbed toe
Instead accepting the pain as natural law
I fear more now when my foot finds no mine
For then far worst for sure awaits me.

So now I inchworm my way along my path.
Tapping fearful stick in front of me like a blind monk
No longer looking for the good or joy of life
It is more my goal to avoid the pitfalls
Wanting my next halting step to be less painful than the last

I ask myself is this living
I tell myself this is all there is

Oh I want to run the path with abandon care like in my youth
Bring back my leaping unwatching jumps into dark pools
But my past has taught me better
Or possibly taught me worst

Gds 7/16/2016

I made a thing! A Star shimeji to be exact! What does it? Well, it runs around your desktop! I have currently four Stars on my screen and they are… doing stuff… I don’t know exactly… But I know exactly what they could do! 
More to this really cool thing I made + the download under the cut!

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Wants vs. Needs


  • To go for a run
  • To watch the rest of season 3 of The Killing on Netflix
  • To try writing a humorous “essay’ I’ve had floating in my head for a week now
  • To eat chips and dip


  • Finish blackboard post for class this week
  • lesson pl*ns
  • create materials for tomorrow
  • grade ALL the assignments
  • Cut cheer music
  • Choreography 25 seconds of dance

Sundays are no fun days.

Wants Vs Needs

You think you know what you want. You know what moves you, what makes you smile or laugh. You know what bothers you and makes you angry. You know what makes you cry at night or when no one is looking. You know what kind of food you like and where you want to spend your weekend. 

Then someone you trust or look up to, a parent or teacher perhaps, tells you otherwise. They completely disagree with what you want, and question you. You say, “No, no, that’s just not me. That’s not how I see it.” Or something along those lines. You go lay down at night and suddenly you find yourself questioning your own feelings and opinions. That one question we’ve all asked, or will ask one day, “What do I want?”

Can you really know? Could it be possible that none of us truly know what we each crave or desire? Or is that we just don’t know what we need, instead of want? Wanting something and needing something are too easily poured into the same cup, mixed around a few times and downed in one gulp. 

What we need should come first in our lives, however we confuse it with the things we’re wanting every day. What would the world be like if we all put our wants on hold and took care of the ‘needs’ before that first cup of coffee in the morning. Then maybe, just maybe, we’d all lay down at the end of the day without asking, “What do I want?" 

Because we’d already have it.