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That’s also Patience. She stayed with Toriel until she found out aged boss monsters ,like Toriel, can’t grow old without having a child. So she went out of Ruins and searched for Asgore. And well, you know what happened next.

Justice’ determination overpowered Integrity’s just like how Frisk’s overpowered Flowey’s from the start of the game.

I’m surprised I’m getting fanarts when there’s no story about them, or even Frisk and Chara- But sure! They never fail to make me smile :’)


#broducechallenge - produce 101 season 2: trainee development (PART 2)


the most beautiful thing that happened in this show is the immense growth of the trainees :’) i couldn’t be any more proud

to be continued! more trainees will be posted!


older Miles is a bit of an ass, complete with snide remarks, a perpetual bad mood, and of course, more lying. he almost reminds me of Felix but more obnoxious. he still has a huge crush on Adrienne though that has only gotten worse over the years. only her bright sunshine behavior seems to bring out the softer side of him



UPTHRUST is a playlist which will (hopefully) fulfill all your killjoys/BLI vibe needs for a solid 5 and a half hours. contains music from Danger Days + Conventional Weapons, as well as a lot of other shit from bands who are not My Chem. slap that shit on shuffle and enjoy. 


teary eyed baby’s reaction to daehwi’s mother coming

“Never Let Me Go” Elriel Angst

From Feysand fluff to this in the space of a few hours… What a day!

(Btw I feel really evil atm and I cried multiple times when writing this. I’m so, so sorry…)

I DARE YOU to listen to “Never let me go” by Florence + The Machine while reading this!! (I was inspired by this song…)

I’m tagging @feysandsmut and @highlady-casandra because they seem to agree that they love writing angst??

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WELL. HERE YA GO. (I like writing it too) Mwahaha :)

Never Let Me Go:

Az had been broken for years. Decades. Centuries. Ever since the day he was forced to stay in that cell. He had never been allowed to fly. To train. His illyrian instincts would scream at him every day but he could never let them out. He had never, ever felt free. During those years he had never felt the wind whipping against his wings. Had never felt what it was like to run, to smile… to laugh. Had never. Ever. Felt free.

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       Happy 30th birthday Lionel Messi

I can’t believe that it’s he king’s birthday, just thirty years ago a king, a legend was brought into our world. I find it so hard to believe that I’ve been so lucky enough to watch this superhuman with my own two eyes. For everything he has done for Barcelona and the Argentinian National Team. For being the best in the world, and giving me so many memories. I’ve learnt so much from him, and as much as I can tell you about Lionel Messi none of my words are enough to describe the art that is Lionel Messi. My dad use to tell me so many stories about him when I was younger, and I never believed him about what he use to say. But the first ever match I watched him play, he left me speechless. Magic, superhuman, a king and a god. Happy Birthday Leo♡