wants to be a pro

If your argument:

Can be boiled down to “This fictional character looks like a whore, change it” then fuck you.  And fuck you a second time if you want to call yourself pro-woman.

I don’t care if you muddy the waters by making claims of “male gaze” or “this was made by men” or “objectification” or “sexualization” or you say women will be put off by it.

Your argument still boils down to “she should be covered because sexy = bad”.

You’re ignoring literally every bisexual and gay woman who enjoys cheesecake.  But hey, fuck them for being interested in women, right?  They don’t fit with your agenda so they don’t count as REAL women or REAL fans.

You’re ignoring every women who has big breasts and who feels represented by busty women looking good.  But who cares about them, right?  I mean it isn’t like women with big breasts can feel uncomfortable about their bodies, amirite?  And shaming women with big and/or pronounced breasts won’t make them feel like shit, right?

And who gives a shit if some women like seeing women be powerful and sexy at the same time.  Having women be sexy and in charge couldn’t possibly be a power fantasy, right?  It isn’t like characters like Lady Death, Elvira, Vampirella and Power Girl didn’t have extremely hardcore, dedicated female fans, right?

You don’t care about women. You care about your idealized, angelic, pure fetishized version of women.  And you’re too self conscious and/or spiteful to see that.

So, yeah.  Fuck you.  

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If Snily was ever canon in story Sev would still have to be a Double Agent, right? The story wouldn’t work w/o it. Though he’d actually have support for it & there’d be a lot of Unbreakable Vows & having covers so the DE or Voldemort never finds out the truth until it’s too late, seeing as they won’t go thru muggle records and family trees can be falsified so easily. IDK i just love how even more a sacrifice it’d be if he did get what he wanted but still had to do all this for the greater good.

the only way canon snily and double agent severus could work is if they broke up and then lily married james which would have made severus’ story a bit more interesting if he still wanted to be a death eater for the power. i just love it when love, thirst for power and war come together in one character. noble, self sacrificing severus is great, but messy, can’t decide what he wants, desperate for love, power and control severus is amazing.

Though he’d actually have support for it & there’d be a lot of Unbreakable Vows & having covers so the DE or Voldemort never finds out the truth until it’s too late, seeing as they won’t go thru muggle records and family trees can be falsified so easily. IDK i just love how even more a sacrifice it’d be if he did get what he wanted but still had to do all this for the greater good.

if severus was harry’s father and he was forced to hide this fact so he can protect him better, it’s definitely a bigger sacrifice. their interactions would be tragic because severus would be forced to act like he hated harry even though he probably didn’t and poor harry, he’ll watch his father die and then he’ll learn the truth and how his entire life was a lie. the drama!

“Life is one hard lesson after another. Here’s one I learned the hard way:

Politics follows culture. We won’t end abortion without a prolife culture, and a culture that embraces feminism will NEVER be prolife.

It can’t be, because American feminism is rooted in Marxism. In that ideology the individual cannot and will not be anything but expendable.

Feminism is not really about helping women, or feminists would not be joining forces with pro-Sharia Muslims. What feminists really want is to destroy the family. They want to convince women their husband and children are oppressors, representatives of the “patriarchy” who must be resisted.

Prolifers have been trying to redefine feminism and worm their way in since the 70s. How’s that working out? Feminism today is virtually synonymous with abortion. It is more radical than ever. Only about 20% of American women identify as feminists. We don’t need to pander to a shrieking minority to build a prolife culture.

My hard lesson is that there can be no compromise with feminists. We can’t “work together” with them. If you’re trying to build a house, you cannot “work with” the person trying to tear it down.

If I, as a prolife person, work toward creating a feminist culture, I will guarantee that abortion is woven into that culture and I will make myself a minority in it.

Don’t be seduced. Don’t try to make nice with a toxic culture. Stand up for women, children, and the family.

Reject feminism.”

- Kristen Hatten

Here’s the thing about being pro-choice, you don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro-choice. It is not called pro-abortion. Pro-choice simply means you understand that you can not make such an intimate decision for someone else and that they have full control of making their own decisions.

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who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!

Hoe Wisdom - Manipulation

I learned from a very young age to make people believe about me exactly what I want them to. I learned how to walk, sit, move, and even eat in a way that makes me seem in complete control of myself and my surroundings, even when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed and out of place. I learned to hide my anxieties and insecurities in a way that everyone thought I was always calm and put together. I also learned how to get people to trust me and tell me everything about them by masterfully displaying those very weaknesses. I’ll share some of my tips tonight, these tips might help you seem in complete control, help you get what you want and even who you want ;)

- If you’re alone don’t stress about the fact that you are, don’t worry about looking like a loser because you won’t.
> When you’re alone be sure to keep your posture. ALWAYS TAKE NOTE OF YOUR POSTURE. I cannot stress how important your posture is. Look up how to keep a proper posture.
>Snack slowly and take small bites, small and assured sips of your drink. Not too slow, just measure yourself.
> Learn how to strut. When you walk across the room to sit, to snack, or just anywhere, don’t slack on your walking. Chin up, stare straight ahead, perfect posture, and have a very slight smile. The world is your catwalk, and yes people will be paying attention when you least notice it.

- If they’re a close friend you don’t have to worry much about how to talk to them because you know them, but your behavior still matter.
> When talking to them make sure you pay close attention to them and what they’re saying. No extreme reactions, unless they truly said something shocking.
> Smile a lot, let others see that you can be approachable. Also, they’re your close friend you should be smiling anyway.
- If they’re someone you barely know then just breathe in, smile, release your breath slowly and greet them politely.
> Ask then questions about their life you have some knowledge about. Ask about their family, pets, children, partners, work/school, make sure they’re the ones speaking more than you are.
- If they’re a stranger wait until they’re immediately in your personal space to acknowledge them, then meet and greet them only after they have directly addressed you. Keep an easy smile on your face, and when meeting them change your smile according to the impression you want to make (dazzling smile to charm, smirk to seduce, smile politely for anyone else).
> For strangers you don’t know anything about them, ask them about things you are at least somewhat curious about. Ask them about their current standing in terms of job and or studies. Ask them about family and hobbies. Anything you would like to know or need to know to get some info on them.
> Make a lot of eye contact, but not too much, but make sure to keep your attention on them. Make them feel that you care about what they’re saying.

Besides all the other things about posture, eye contact and smiling, when you’re in a group this is where the whole “pay them complete attention” does not apply. In a group make sure to pay attention to everyone speaking, let everyone have a turn at your attention. People who were steamrolled out of a conversation you ease them back in either by giving them your attention and let them speak to you directly, or if you’re feeling bold politely call out the person or people who steamrolled over them by calmly stating “I’m sorry to interrupt but [their name] was speaking, I want to know what they were going to say.” Don’t do that if you don’t feel confident, or if you care about possibly offending others, you should still operate within your comfort zone so that you can portray a genuine look of collected confidence.

- This is when you can start showing people bits of your true self. You should have real stories and anecdotes ready for when you get the chance to use them.
- Real stories and anecdotes are crucial because believe it or not people are actually adept at intuitively spotting liars. If the stories and anecdotes are real, with genuine feeling attached to them, they can’t spot any lies because they will be the truth.
- Manipulating people is not about lying, it’s about using the truth to your advantage. Avoid lying and avoid exaggerating, so that everything you say and do is genuine.
- The stories and anecdotes you use must have some connection to the context of the conversation or the person you’re with. Don’t bust out a story of a dying pet when the person you’re with never even had a pet. Don’t talk about how you once failed an exam when the conversation was about this concert he went to with his friends last week. Talk about things in context, and if you have no material for a certain context then don’t stress, you don’t need to have something to say for everything. For every time you talk to them only share one personal story, avoid using more because then that shows too much of you.
- You want to show some humanity, but not too much because you want them to still believe that you’re some ethereal and strong entity that could probably crush them if they cross any lines.

To end, I just want to say that with this post I don’t mean to imply that you need to act this way to be desired, to get what you want, or to be considered amazing. This is not the case at all. However, I know for a fact that some of y'all struggle with confidence and that you wish you knew how to display confidence even when you don’t have it. Well this is a way to fake it until you make it. My blog is about loving yourself, but I know how long and tiresome that process can be. This is just a way to put yourself out there. There’s so much info I still didn’t cover because then the post would be even longer, for any more info just ask me! None of y'all should feel that you HAVE to do what this post says to get people to notice you and like you, I don’t want any of you to compromise yourselves for the sake of people that don’t matter. But I know some of you want this, I found myself looking up a lot of this information way back when before Tumblr had this huge and informed community of wonderful people willing to share their knowledge. I love all of you and I hope I’ve helped some of you in any way.

🖤 Fuck abortions 🖤

It’s not your chose to say either they live or not.

No, it’s not your body. It’s the unborn baby’s.

Just because its rape doesn’t mean you should abort them. The unborn child didn’t ask to be the product of rape. So, just give them up for adoption. Give them the love and family you couldn’t/wouldn’t give them.

It’s not a clump of cells. It’s human.

Studies show that during 7-12 of pregnancy, the unborn child already has a developing nose, brain waves, ears, and more. And up to 8-10 weeks the unborn baby has a beating heart.

If the mother gets the abortion she more likely to kill herself and/or get breast cancer.

Just because the unborn baby might have some problems when he/she is born. Doesn’t mean you should abort them. You don’t know what life has in store for them.

And last but not least.

It’s murder

It’s something I will probably never support (the only time I will support abortions is when both the mother and child could die) . And honestly a lot of people should too. I’m not being insensitive, I’m trying to save lives. It disgusts me to know people support this even if thd reason is stupid.

Message me about how I’m a bitch or how I’m a waste of space. 🖤 at this point I don’t care about what people think about me.

You’re supporting murder. I’m not.

i went to the psychiatrist today, looking to get a professional diagnosis for bpd. when i told her that i think i have bpd she said “oh good! its really hard to diagnose people with things when they have no idea what they might have.” she also said that if i think i have bpd, then i probably have bpd. its that simple. she even told me to do my own research and come to my own conclusions and then bring back what ive put together. so everyone that has said that my self diagnosis was stupid or wrong, eat my entire ass.

i drew for the first time in 800 years and of course it was entirely self indulgent

also kuroo with freckles because i can