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Richonne Gawds...If you're listening...

Please sit Andy and Danai next to each other Friday. Please let’s talk about Richonne because they were all through season 7. Please let every other question be about Richonne. Oh and Photoshoot. Photoshoot. Photoshoot. And great Richonne quotes…pics…gifs… And general gassing up of everything Richonne.

What do I have to do for this?

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take the trade — part one || dylan o’brien (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: dylan x reader
word count: 2,836


authors note: big fuckin thanks to the girls for encouraging me to finish this and being super supportive. i’ve been working on this for the longest time and it’s finally here, so enjoy mother fuckers x x

series masterlist.

summary: when everyone cancels on game night, dylan and reader use it as an excuse to get completely hammered. 

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Confession #30

I just want someone to look at me and go “wow, I want to love her.” I want someone to think about me 24/7 and ask me out. I’m tired of being no one’s first choice, or even on their radar. I’m tired of being played. I just want to be loved.