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Types of Lee's and Ler's in the Tickle Community

Types of Ler’s:

Gentle Ler: Asks where you wouldn’t feel comfortable being tickled and tries to steer clear, light touches, doesn’t like to scratch or use brushes because they are scared to hurt you, fantasies about feathers, loving eyes when the Lee catches their breath, tries not to tickle for too long so the Lee feels comfortable, loves the idea of cheering the Lee up by hug tickles on the tummy and sides/tingly neck kisses, traces shapes and words in the Lee’s skin, likes squeeks and giggles more than tickled-to-tears laughter, likes to tickle with the fabric of your shirt first so you can feel the difference in sensitivity once they put their hand under your shirt

Shy Ler: Asks if they can tickle you, takes time to get to know someone before finally tickling them, is the type to giggle while to Lee is just /dying/ laughing, CANNOT SAY THE T WORD WITHOUT FEELING AWKWARD OR BLUSHING OMG, makes them just MELT if they hear you squeal, fantasies about pinning someone’s arms above their head to have eeeverything out in the open, their heart starts to swell when they find the sweet spot that makes the Lee sound incoherent, LOVES when the Lee tries to curl in a ball/rocks back in forth because it tickles SO BADLY, wants cuddles after tickles

Cheeky Ler: Teases the Lee ALL THE TIME, sometimes using baby talk/calling themselves the tickle monster, will wait to the last moment to tickle the Lee’s worst/favorite spot, SMIRKS WITH DIRECT EYE CONTACT, tries to make the Lee blush in embarrassment, TRIES TO GET THE LEE TO SAY THE T WORD, kisses the Lee while their still giggling from the attack, tickles you to wake you up in the morning, pokES SENSITIVE PLACES IN PUBLIC TO MAKE YOU JUMP, likes to play tickle games like “miscounting” the ribs, hovers their fingers riiight above a tickle spot making the Lee squirm or giggle in anticipation, like to chase the Lee around the house until they’re cornered

Ruthless Ler: Needs a safe word (you don’t even KNOW), loves the idea of tying you down to have FULL range, loves to stretch you out enough so you can’t squirm AT ALL, uses tools (brushes, feathers, nails/claws, toothbrushes, paint brushes, maybe even gags), will linger in your worst spots until your vision is BLURRY, fantasies about hour long sessions, will continue lightly tickling you while your catching your breath just so you’ll keep laughing, makes up challenges such as “don’t laugh or I’ll add more time”, CAN and WILL make you BEG, loooooves to get the Lee to say something embarrassing, is a ruthless Ler but turns into an instant sweetheart after tickling

Tactful Ler: Knows EXACTLY where you’re ticklish and figures out what type of tickling gets the best reactions, likes to pick on the Lee with dorky lines like ‘Don’t!’ ‘Don’t what?’ ‘Tickle me!’ 'Tickle you? Well if you insist!’, figures out what kind of tickle talk will get you to just /die/, will go from one tickle spot to another when the Lee is trying to block them, fantasies about sitting on the Lee’s legs to have FULL access, WILL TICKLE YOU WHEN YOU ARE STRETCHING/GETTING SOMETHING FROM THE TOP SHELF, likes to nibble and kiss on their Lee’s neck/tummy/sides, will somehow find a REALLY bad tickle spot that the Lee didn’t even know about

Types of Lee’s:

Teasing Lee: Will show off tickle spots that will embarrass and provoke the Ler (like lifting their shirt up, putting their feet in the Ler’s lap), knows what to say to literally make you blush, flirts SO MUCH before being tickled (but as soon as you even mention the t word they go silent and get embarrassed), has a tickle spot but wants the Ler to find it, making cute smarty pants comments in between tickling so they can be WRECKED, wants you to make them squeal (!!!), will stretch just to see if someone will tickle them

Tough Lee: Wants to be ticked only by people they trust the most (because they feel so vulnerable), will claim they aren’t ticklish when they’re actually the moST SENSITIVE PERSON, will hold their breath to try and not laugh, will put up a hard exterior but as soon as you say the t word they GET SO FLUSTERED, doesn’t like being tickled when they’re sad or angry (is frustrates them more… very emotional), buuut they DO have a favorite spot (which if you linger there long enough they’ll turn into a cute pile of mush)

Bashful Lee: They cannot flipping handle being teased (!!!), they blush 7 different shades of red because they are so easily embarrassed, they love and hate tickle games and their heart flutters every time someone suggests to play one, their laugh is so airy and contagious that the LER has a laughing fit, their weakened so easily when tickled that their knees will start to buckle, above all else they won’t mind doing anything you tell them to (like holding there arms up shyly, or if you say “don’t laugh” which, try as they might, causes them to break down even faster)

Athletic Lee: Will poke/tickle the Ler’s sides to start WAR, will full out tickle the Ler so the Ler gets major revenge, not only deserves to be pinned down but ASKING FOR IT, asking to be tickled in general, likes to be chased around the house instead of just taking it, can be tickled for the longest time and still not be winded from it, like they can literally be tickled five times in the same day and aren’t tiered from it, fantisies about being tied down, their biggest weakness are tools (brushes, feathers)

Squirmy Lee: Can’t even sit still when simply MENTIONING the t word, is the type to start laughing just by wiggling your figures at them, will buck and try wiggle out of the Ler’s grasp (even though they still love it), will curl in a ball or lay on their stomach just to limit the open tickle spots (yet will somehow make it worse for themselves by letting bad spots be out on the open), will find themselves falling over or end up on the ground when the tickling gets SO INTENSE


Feel free to add some more! :)

I’ve watched The Lorax about a week ago and unsurprisingly the Once-ler is the character I got to like most.

The movie just had such a loveable cast, I wish I would have seen it sooner.

Also this artstyle is probably similar to an Artist on Tumblr named Miru667, not trying to copy but I’m really inspired by them ;u;

hello again! I wanted to tell you that I am planning on making little fan drawings of your blessing in disguise fic because i love it so much. but first i want to show you one piece first so you can see what it looks like! 

I just love your fic so dang much. It’s more sketchy than anything I’m not very good at digital art but I thought I’d give it a shot! I hope you like it, let me know if you do :) (also because I’m new at digital it takes me a while to make the drawings even if they are simple but I don’t really care I had so much fun making this one! I’d love to make many more)

ADJKAS;NDFLJ I AM L I V I N G. OH MY GOD. And no, shush, this is perfect! I love it!!! 

(this was drawn by @ging-ler​, by the way. i was so excited when i was posting it that i forgot it wouldn’t show who submitted it if it was reblogged i’m so sorry.)


So I heard y'all like low-key, cutesie, classic, all-american oncest!

These were all taken on various days throughout Anime Expo 2014. I’m only responsible for the 2 selfies. I stole the rest from my friends hahahahhh
Tall guy: thetraingoat
Little guy: me

Mik Thinks

I’ve always been someone that procrastinated my work and assignments. I would just rather keep scrolling on my phone, watching the next episode of a show, basically anything rather than having to deal with the work load that I must complete.

This is why I need a ler in my life.

Obviously when it comes to lees, their form of punishment would be tickling. They want their ler to tickle them until they start their homework.

Now this would not work for me, because if my ler tickled me to start my homework, I would never end up starting it because I would just want tickles the whole time.

THATS why I need a ler that REFUSES to tickle me until I have finished my homework. They would not touch me, tickle me, tease me, or barely even pay attention to me until I had finished all the work I needed.

That would very quickly motivate me, especially if they sat near me, maybe wiggling their fingers or winking and raising their eyebrows whenever I glanced up at them.

And the second they notice my pencil going down, they have me pinned or in a hold, cooing in my ear and dragging their fingers over my body.

“That’s my good girl. Was it really so hard? Now you get a special reward from me. Tickle tickle tickle…”

I finnaly understand the meaning behind Sasuke sacrificing Karin.

The meaning is so deep. I watched some animes and one of them was conan. There are also the men sacrifices their love ones. And now understand Sasukes face when he said “don’t move Karin”. Omg I can’t believe it. The meaning is so deep. He wanted to protect her…. omg.. i think i will do a video of it. Writing here is boring.

Also I can’t understand how ss tards still ship ss? The whole ship is a joke. Sasuke wanted to kill her without any reason while he wanted to sacrifice Karin to enter true darkness which means Karin has a deep place in his heart. Sasuke wanted to kill sakura like more then 3 times, insulted her and wanted to ler her die in hot lava. Are they blind? Do you also need some pair of glasses from Karin chan like he gave some to her daughter salad and while sakura was so desperate putting her ugly face of karins photo, doesn’t even know if sasuke wear glasses, still fangirls over someone who doesn’t give a single fuck to her? While karin still loves sasuke deeply and is selfless sakura is still selfish and brainwashed salad her whole life. No one why salad hates her. She lies, lies and lies exactly like ss tards. They also lie and lie and lies and are jealous asf. Maybe this is the reason why she wanted to be like karin, clothes like karin, shine on her lips like karin at the end sasuke still doesn’t gave any fuck to her. She is soooo desperate its really laughable just like her fantards.

Fun tickle games!

Some favorites Dave and I like to play! I’ve mentioned some before, but I thought I’d make a list. 

1. Keep still! The object is for the lee to keep as still as possible for as long as possible. I like to set a phone timer to see if I can beat my records. Can be modified to things like “keep your feet in my lap”, “don’t move your toes”, etc. 

2. Keep quiet! How long can the lee go without laughing? Can be paired with game 1 for some added fun 😏

3. Concentrate! The lee has to play a video game, call a friend, or complete some other task while being tickled. 

4. Say it! The ler tickles the lee until the lee is able to admit that they’re ticklish. I’m super bad at this one tbh…

5. Dice! I typically use a two dice set up for this. One of the dice represents a tool, the other represents a tickle spot. So set 1-6 on one dice things like “feathers, fingers, hair brush, paint brush” and the other “sides, feet, tum, under arms”. If you don’t have physical dice, google has virtual ones! You’ll roll a combo, like feathers + sides, and then the ler uses that set up to tickle the lee for a predetermined amount of time. 

6. Guess the tool! The lee is blindfolded (or just eyes closed, if not comfortable w the blindfold), and the ler uses a tool on a predetermined tickle spot. The lee has to guess what tool it is, as specific as the ler wants it to be. 

7. Letters! The ler takes any tool they want (fingers count!) and draws a letter on a lee’s tickle spot. The lee (blindfolded, or just eyes closed) has to guess what the ler wrote. The ler will keep writing the letter/word until the lee guesses. Ler can also add in some ‘punishment’ for wrong answers, or occasionally ‘erase’ the ‘board’. 

For all my little lee's out there

I should be asleep, but fuck it, I need to say this.

You’re all fucking adorable, first off. Whether lee, ler, switch, or someone who stumbled onto my account and was sorely disappointed.

You guys are not weird. Tickling isn’t weird. It will not end your life. Period. No arguments.

I love all of you. Even if I don’t respond for a while, even if I’m gone, even if I’m having a bad day, I still love you.

And for lers: Never be afraid to ask someone if you can tickle them. They might laugh it off, but guess what, no harm in trying. They will not go “Wtf, that’s weird, freak.” And leave. No. That will not happen. Do it with someone you trust.

Lees: YOU. WILL. NOT. LOSE. A. FRIEND. BECAUSE. YOU. LIKE. BEING. TICKLED. No matter what you think, I know it’s hard to look past it, but tickling isn’t weird. It’s not something that will destroy you. Embrace it.

Switches: Keep on making people laugh, whether it’s because you’re squirming beneath their fingers or yours are between their ribs. Keep it up.

All of you are my family and I love you. Fuck everyone else. Fuck the judges. We are us.

We are together.

And we’re fucking strong.

You understand me?


You knew this was coming, don’t pretend.

(The longer I look at these, the less happy I am with how they turned out, so I’m posting them all now before I become too embarrassed)

Um…idk WHY Tumblr insists on showing you his butt, but I swear there’s more to the picture if you full view it. :|


((*monotone* Startin’ some reeaaal draaammaaa.

Well, this one’s been a long time coming, and you get a nice healthy dose of Once-ler’s over-sensitive hormones in it. That boy sure does love to tantrum. I think his ‘being bashed up by his boyfriend’ has made him a little soft but he’ll be okay! HE’S A STRONG BOY, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!

I love you guys for still being so devoted to this, thank you so much for being so awesome when I’m so sucky at delivering D’x

Enjoy your OTP fuel xxx))

Once-ler: *after a long while of being bedridden, he’s very pleased to have a walk around the jail. He remembers how scared he used to be when walking around the prison before him and the warden became boyfriends, now it’s more like a stroll in the park, since he knows that the inmates wouldn’t dare to touch the wardens beloved partner. He’s still aching a bit, his back and his head, and he has a few visible and dark bruises on his body but he’s doing well to ignore them. At the moment he’s just pleased to be up and moving again, he also can’t believe that eventually he’ll have to tell the Lorax about this too and the little guy will probably freak out again. He makes his way to the prison yard and leans on the of the railings around it, it’s on a higher level around the yard so he’s completely out of harms way, like a sort of balcony and the sight of inmates slaughtering one another in the yard below is the breathtaking 5star view. He peers over the railing taking a lot of serious thought into how he’ll fix up his business again. These days he tends to wear a softened version of his green outfit. That suit, despite it being the absolute description of fashion and charisma, is fairly heavy and Oncie’s body is understandably quite delicate at this time. So he’s in a white shirt tucked into his trim, black trousers, that match nicely with a pair of expensive slip-on shoes. His elbow-length green gloves are rolled over his sleeves and up to just passed is elbows, and his black and green diagonally striped tie nicely finishes off his smart-casual-but-not-too-casual look.

*Watching him from a while away, standing on top of a small building, are two residenst of superjail who have been paying attention to the chemistry between Once-ler and the Warden. Not too much attention, they always have other things to do to occupy themselves but since their efforts of breaking the Warden and the Once-ler up utterly failed due to the Once-ler simply coming back, they wonder if they can maybe talk some sense into Oncie instead. They are out of earshot, and talk amongst themselves.*

Twin 1: It appears the Warden’s little love-bird has made a full recovery.

Twin 2: Mm. A shame. The Warden has been getting far too soft recently.

Twin 1: Agreed. Perhaps it is time to end this little game they are playing.

*They disappear, then reappear either side of the Once-ler. The Warden has mentioned twins before, but nothing beyond that.*

Once-ler: *As they appear he suddenly jolts and screams a very high pitched and girly scream. He staggers back and falls on his ass* Wha-! Who-!

Twin 1: Calm yourself, green one. *They both raise their hands*

Twin 2: We are the twins of Superjail, and we come with the gift of wisdom.

Twin 1: Sage wisdom.

Twin: 2: You may liken us to your Earthly ‘Buddha’. *They keep their distance, remaining as unthreatening as possible*

Once-ler: *raises an eyebrow ar him* Uuuuurh, okay? …. *rests on his arms with his hands behind him to hold himself up* Yeah, I’ve heard of you, the Wardens mentioned you before.

Twin 1: *Looks to his brother* Our reputation precedes us.

Twin 2: Only good things were said, we assume? *They look to Oncie, seeing what they have to work with before they start winding him up.*

Once-ler: *pushes himself off the floor and stands up* Well, not exactly; he says you were irritating him or winding him up or something. *gives them a friendly smile but he’s still quite cautious; he doesn’t know who these guys are so it makes him want to be friendly towards them but its also the very reason as to why he’s hesitating*

Twin 1: Well, that is understandable. *They’re both standing as rigid as ever, but they sound calm and it’s clear that they just don’t know how to behave normally, than it being due to any nervousness* He is a difficult person to get along with.

Twin 2: As you know. It is good to see that you have recovered so fully.

Twin 1: This time.

Once-ler: Hmm, yeah, the forth time really. But it’s fine *flicks his wrist at them* I guess I’m a quick healer *walks passed them and back to the railing then leans over it again*

Twin 1: *They turn as he moves but don’t take a step towards him* You are not the first sexual partner he has had.

Twin 2: You come at the end of a long line of predecessors.

Twin 1: But congratulations- you are the first male. Perhaps that means you shall last longer than those that came before you.

*They exchange looks, then Twin 2 speaks with a nod*

Twin 2: You would be the first to survive a month.

Once-ler: *looks up a bit, he’s surprised that they know about the Wardens sex life, but considering this is the Warden he realises that it’s not really the thing that is kept private very well.* Uuhm… yeah, well, I seem to be hanging on fine.

*They both take a small step forward, and adopt slightly more casual, if forced, poses*

Twin 1: Perhaps you are not familiar with the concept of death. Many humans do not appreciate it in its entirety.

Twin 2: It is not like your genocide of the trees. They grow back.

Twin 1: You will not.

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Once-ler: *He’s in his room, lying on his bed facing the ceiling and his window open to feel the breeze. Even though he can still smell the awful stenches of Superjail drift into his window, he has a lump of truffula tufts in his hand that he’s holding close to his face. He’s singing very softly and gently to himself. It doesn’t really have a beat or rhythm to it, it’s very slow, but that’s exactly what makes it nice to listen to.* Of all the money that ever I had, I’ve spent it in good company, And all the harm that ever I’ve done, Alas it was to none but me. And all I’ve done for want of wit, To memory now I can’t recall, So fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all. *It’s more of a mutter, something soft and personal where he isn’t worrying too much about perfection and more or less just letting time pass by as he becomes sleepier and more comfortable.*

Warden: *He is brightly tapping down the hall, feeling bouncy and gleeful despite the late hour. Since they got back from their picnic he had a few final things to sort out, but now he’s off to bed. He liked the Lorax, and the Lorax now understands how much meaning the boys bring to one another, and although the Warden himself doesn’t quite grasp that, he does know that having the Lorax’s favour makes him feel good. He’s about to pop in and check on Oncie, but when he hears the boy singing he pauses still to listen. He takes a few silent steps to the door to look in.*

Once-ler: *He places his hand on his stomach and breathes in for another verse. He’s voice goes slightly higher in pitch over some words and lower, into a more homely note, to finish off the verses. making it obvious as to how young he actually is* Of all the comrades that ever I had, They are sorry for my going away, And all the sweethearts that ever I had, They would wish me one more day to stay. But since it falls unto my lord, That I should rise and you should not. I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call, Good night and joy be with you all.

Warden: *As Oncie sings the Warden finds himself leaning against the doorframe, his head tilting to rest against the wood. There’s a very soft smile on his face, and he slowly- with only the slightest sound of rustling fabric- slides down to the floor. His long, limbs spread ungainly out as he gazes up at his boyfriend.*

Once-ler: *He’s far too into his singing and far too relaxed to have noticed the slightest of noises coming from him. Not having sight makes him feel even more in is own little world when he assumes he’s alone. As he finishes the last verse, he begins with his final one. Even if he’s blind, and his eyes can’t be seen from the bandage, his eyes are- and would have been still without the bandage- gently closed. He’s once again very content with himself.* A man may drink and not be drunk, a man may fight and not be slain, a man may court a pretty girl and perhaps be welcomed back again-

Warden: *While the Warden doesn’t recognise the song itself, he recognises that it’s an Irish ballad. As weird and bestial as the man is he does have some fair amount of cultural knowledge (it just tends to be ignored and allowed to wither away to nothing most of the time). Without realising, still watching Oncie with an enraptured, almost hypnotised expression, little ghostly figures of old Celtic warriors, fair Irish maidens and rowdy barbarians silently appear and fight in their own stories on the floor by his legs. They’re romanticised and look like children’s toys, but the man who created them largely ignores them and doesn’t realise he’s created them.*

Once-ler: *His voice becomes slightly softer now as he finishes* But since it has so ordered been, by a time to rise and a time to fall, Come fill to me the parting glass, Goodnight and joy be with you all, Goodnight and joy be with you all~…*he sighs contently, then slowly sits up and rubs his face, yawning at the same time and clearing his throat.*

Warden: *Blinks and shakes his head to jolt himself out of his reverie once Oncie finishes, and all the little dioramas disappear in an audible poof of smoke. He doesn’t bother to move from the floor, but forgets that he might shock him when he speaks.* That was great! Where’d you learn to sing like that?

Once-ler: Aah!! *jumps and clutches his chest, his heart is racing like a rabbit’s in headlights. He turns his face to the door while also turning red.* H- how long have you been there for?!

Warden: *Shrugs from the floor* Aaah, long enough~ *His voice is coming from roughly knee-height* You’re a damn good singer, Oncie~ Why didn’t you say anything before?

Once-ler: Um- *Blushes deeper* Thank you~ And what do you mean? You’ve heard me sing before, that’s what made you kiss me in the first place!… jerk… *He’s a little embarrassed and also a little flattered and he doesn’t quite know how to express any of it.*

Warden: *Jumps to his feet and moves to sit next to him. Since Oncie went blind he’s gotten used to moving around him and being careful not to suddenly touch him. His weight is soft and slightly tilts Oncie towards him on the mattress* Well yeah! But you were all… *mimes strumming a guitar* distracting me with your fancy playing!

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