What "My Number" is about

Analysis of lyrics:

“Tegan talked about this song in an interview. This song was about her best guy friend who was in love with her. She loved him also just not in the same way. It was her best friend and she really didn’t want to lose him but she was really interested in one of his friends that was a girl. So for a really long time she kept swing back and forth between making him happy and making her happy “if I saved you from drowning promise me you’ll never go away, promise me you’ll always stay”. I also believe that towards the end he was getting desparate possibly even mentioning not being able to live without her “I’m gonna win the endless war over who kills the last koala bearand who in death will love him more and I”. He grabs me by the hand drags me to the shore and says maybe you don’t love me but you’ll grow to love me even more” once again his desparation. What I get from this song is that she really loved her best friend and didn’t want to lose him. At the same time she was fighting a battle with herself possibly thinking that she could make it work as long as he “never went away”. But as the story goes she said she lost him as a friend.”

-by xxnocluexx
Link: http://www.songmeanings.net/m/songs/view/70402/



Boom. Mind. Blown.

So let me explain a thing.

So last night I was sitting in a movie theater with my mom. And just before the lights started to dim I noticed two very familiar individuals sitting three rows away from us. After the movie, my mom really wanted to help me get a picture with them. But I was like no, I don’t want to bother them (and possibly fangirl to death). Then just as we were heading towards our car we had to wait for one car to finish getting out of its parking space. Guess. Whose. Car. That. Was.

So my mom knocked on their window and they rolled it down and suddenly I realized that I was locking eyes with one of my favorite people on the planet. Sara fucking Quin. I was like OMG. And somehow we ended up getting in the car with the whole band. We took our pictures with them followed by my entire little love confession speech for their music and everything. It was awesome. My only problem was that Sara was driving on ice and the road got a little scary at times. Then they dropped us off and I felt so fulfilled. I had met my heroes. My idols. My everything. As I turned around to say goodbye- I woke up in my room.

Surprise. My brain is a troll.

Are you as disappointed as I am?