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Essays in Existentialism: Jurassic

I really love your fics so I was wondering if you’ll pleaseee write a clexa jurassic park au Tks

“Most meat eaters walked on two feet. This made them faster and left their hands free to grab their prey,” the professor explained, clicking the pointer so that the page changed. “Most plant eaters walked on four feet to better carry their heavy bodies. Some plant eaters could balance on two feet for a short time.”

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Why you love Eren so much???

This is hard to answer because I honestly don’t know where to start! Sorry it took me a while to answer, I wanted to write this down so :) Sorry if it’s messy and repetitive. Eren is so so important to me in so many different ways and he makes everything so much better. I genuinely care a lot about him and he has changed me in positive ways. It’s hard to explain but to me he’s just wonderful and amazing and he’s always there for me.

Eren is a truly fantastic and genuine character and he brings out the best in people (including me) and is able to inspire everyone around him. He is a genuine kid who stays true to himself no matter what, who speaks up for what he thinks is right. He has a ridiculously huge heart even though people ignore that and his core is brave and determined, he moves people just by being himself. Eren is passionate, ardent, desirous, strong willed and those are things I deeply admire about him. He is unique and so so so amazing, he makes me value stuff around me a lot more and he makes me feel passionate and loving, he inspires me and gives me something to look forward to, he gives me a reason, something to be happy about and I will never regret loving such a delightful character. I’m unconditionally proud of him and I feel like every day I find a new reason to admire him. I could just sit all day and stare at him and I would never get bored.

Eren is a great friend, the best friend anyone could possibly have and he is always there for his friends no matter what, even when it means protecting them with his own life. He cares a lot about his dear ones and would never hesitate when it comes to them. Although his childhood was taken away from him, Eren remains loving and caring and would do anything to get that happiness and freedom back. Eren works harder than everyone else to achieve his goals and never gives up, he trains so ridiculously much because he believes he can achieve greater things, he overworks himself to prove his worth and to feel like he is needed and that he can help everyone. Eren is the type of person who overworks himself to the point of being physically exhausted and getting nosebleeds just so that he can be useful and because he wants to use his abilities to use others. He wants people to approve him, he wants to feel needed, he wants to know he can be more than just a burden, he wants to help and he wants people to understand how much he values his cause and how much he would sacrifice for it. Eren bluffs because he himself wants to believe he’s strong and a “good weapon” for humanity. He wants to believe in himself, he needs reassurance just like a normal kid would and that’s because he treasures people’s lives and is tired of seeing everyone around him suffering because of him.

Eren has begged to die, he has been tortured, he has seen his friends die, he has seen his mom being eaten, he was forced to grow up way too fast, he has to live with the fact he has his goddamn father, he knows when he’s going to die, he has been hurt countless times, people have tried to kill him, he has lost all his hope, he has seen awful stuff, he struggles a lot with all the mixed memories he gets, he feels betrayed by his own dad and by people he looked up to, he has self harmed himself so so so many times, he is exhausted, he is feared and not trusted by most people, he has lost limbs, he even has been eaten by a titan, he has been treated like a monster with no feelings, he blames himself for the deaths of so many people, he blames himself for his dad’s acts, his dreams have been crushed… but this kid remains strong and true to himself, Eren keeps his head up for the sake of what is right. Eren wants to help people without expecting anything in return from them, and that’s something very important he has taught me. He keeps fighting no matter what and dedicates his heart and soul to what he thinks is the right thing to do. He spreads strength and hope, he makes people understand their true value and gives them a reason to always keep fighting.

Eren has been through so much development and that proves how amazing his character really is. He is aware of his surrounding and learns with his mistakes. He has doubted himself so many times and he has learnt that he can’t do everything alone, he has learnt how to value team work. He’s way more than his “anger issues”, he’s honest, emotional, courageous, compassionate, and there’s this huge mix of emotions inside him. He’s reckless and stubborn but he always takes action and has learnt to control his emotions. He has a great morality and wants the world to be fair and real. He has a striving spirit and a kind and generous heart. His sheer determination and his hard work were enough to take him to the place he is now, and he should be proud of himself. He has learnt so much and he has a huge huge huge potential. He can do anything he sets his mind to. Eren admires and respects his comrades with his entire heart, he looks up to people and follows their examples because he wants to be a great soldier.

Eren made it to the top 5 in his trainee squad even after being told he wouldn’t be able to make it, he didn’t hesitate to fight the colossal titan when it appeared in Trost despite being a new soldier with no fighting experience, he sacrificed his life for Armin and saved him with only one leg, he saved Mikasa form her kidnappers giving her a new family, he punched a titan with his bare hands and saved everyone, he was ready to sacrifice his life just so that Historia could eat him. Eren is badass and wonderful even without relying on his titan powers and fights even though he knows he has low chances of actually winning. He closed both holes in wall Rose and wall Maria and provided humanity their first victory against titans, he fought the female, armoured and colossal titans alone, he mastered his hardening ability and used it to save everyone once again, he gives people a reason to remain hopeful. He carries the burden of “not being a hindrance to humanity” and deals with a lot of stress, uncertainty and pressure, yet he’s still ready to go no matter what. This kid never gets time to properly rest and just be a kid, and was forced to embrace powers he never asked for.

In spite of everything, this is just a little boy who probably misses his mom probably a lot and who doesn’t want anyone to go through the same as him. Eren is my happiness, he is always full of life and lights up my world just by being his unique and amazing self. He really does inspire me a lot and really do care a lot about him, so I hope one day he gets the opportunity to be happy and surrounded by his loved ones. I am very grateful that I found something so worth of love as Eren and I’m always here for him :)

It's only fair, right?

I work at a logistics company and my job is to find drivers to take freight from A to B. I work with the same trucking companies a lot, but sometimes I get one-off drivers. This is one of those.

A truck driver calls me asking about a load for the next morning coming out of Laredo TX going to Portland OR.

TD: What is rate?

Me: We can pay $3,500 on it

TD: How about $4,000?

Me: Sorry, customer is strict about the rate on this one. Has to be 35.

TD: Oh man, I need this. I need to get home to see my son and my wife is sick.

Me: Then we need 35 on it. Customer will not go higher.

The guy ends up taking it. If you think I’m being too hard on him, keep in mind there really isn’t a whole lot heading from TX>OR at any given time, so I could try to get him his rate but I’d risk losing the load to another driver. If he really needs to get back, why does he want to go back and forth negotiating on price and risk it?

The answer is because he’s full of shit.

The next morning I get a call from the customer saying that the facility that’s receiving the freight has been changed. It’s still going to be in Portland, just in a different place. Something like a 20-30 mile difference, tops. Should be a complete non-issue, considering the driver has just started a 2,200 mile journey, so it’s a drop in the bucket.

I call him back.

Me: Hey, just a heads up, receiver called to say that it’s going to deliver at a different address. It’s XXXX, Portland, OR

TD: Oh well, you can send me rate confirmation with little bit more money.

Me: … What do you mean?

TD: Agreement has changed, need to renegotiate.

Me: … seriously? It’s like a 20-30 miles difference from the original one.

TD: 20-30 miles is kind of long way to go.

Me: (humoring him) Okay what do you think you need for the new rate?

TD: Ehhh, $4,000 should do it.


Me: Are you serious?

TD: It’s only fair.

I put the driver on hold just to spite him for trying to handle me like that, and I start working on something else. Out of curiosity, I check the address for the original delivery facility compared to the new one. Turns out the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to the shipper in Laredo. New travel distance is 2,175 miles. I pick his line back up.

Me: Hey we will change up the rate after all.

TD: (very excited) Okay, send to me the confirmation.

Me: Okay, we ran the miles and the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to Laredo, so we’re going to need to reduce the rate to $3,000.

TD: Wha… what are you talking about??

Me: Well, we’re cutting 25 miles off the trip and it’s kind of a lot of miles to cut. It’s only fair, right?

TD: Ahhh, ah hah hah hah… ahhhh so, ah that's… yeah, so $3,500 still good?

Me: Of course it’s still good. I’m not going to change the rate by $500 because of a 25 miles difference. I’m not an asshole.

1,000 Followers Art Giveaway!!

Hello!! I just reached a milestone of 1,000 followers, which has never happened to me before. I want to say thank you and I’m so grateful for the interactions I’ve had with you all so far!

To celebrate, I will be selecting a random winner and they will receive a drawing of their choosing. Stylistically, it will be similar to this:

Image Guidelines

The drawing can have a maximum of two characters and it cannot have explicit/NSFW content (partial nudity is fine). However, the characters can be anything of your choosing. Fandom, OC, non-human, whatever! 

Runner ups

There will be a second place and third place winner as well. These winners will receive a head shot doodle of their choice, in this style:

Runner ups will receive their doodles once the 1st place winner gets theirs.

Rules To Enter

- You must be following this blog.

- Reply to this post saying you want to enter. Reblogging this post is permitted, but that will not count as entering. 

- That’s it! 

*To maintain integrity, entries are limited to one per person. I advise against using multiple accounts in order to enter multiple times. If, for any reason, I become aware of someone doing this, they will be immediately disqualified from this and all future giveaways. I want these to be as fair as possible. Thank you.


I will input all of the names into a randomizer one week (July 5th) after this is posted. Once the winners are selected, I will make an announcement with a screenshot of the winning names and conclude the selection process (around 8pm CST).

To The Winner (also applies to runner ups)

I will message you (make sure to have it enabled!) asking about:

- subject matter

- colors / palette (if desired)

- if it’s okay for me to post the art or keep this giveaway private

The time it will take to complete the work will depend entirely on the subject matter and my schedule at the time, but it will not take more than 2 weeks.

My regular art schedule will resume as usual. Thank you everyone and good luck to those who enter! 

In response to my greek culture posts this is the last one I’ll post. Pindar, a fifth century Theban lyric poet, refers to Greeks as “the fairest skin,” as late as fourth century AD, Adamantius, an Alexandrian physician and scientists, wrote, that “all the nations the Greeks have fairest eyes, we see fairly broad and straight build of fairly light skin and blond” and for their statues, people like to claim that they were darker but the pain wore off, but Praxiteles, from the Greek city of Knidos, was the most famous and copied statue in ancient world, and experts have determined from microscopic paint particles that Aphrodite was painted blond and fair skinned. Even more than that when the Athena Parthenos was lost, a painter made a new one from the description left behind, which was modeled as having light skin, blue eyes, and golden skin. Many small terra-cotta figurines from Greece fourth century BC have survived with paint and they’re to shown to have light hair and have shown to have traces of having Celtic features. Even more, a Ionian Greek philosopher who lived in fifth century BC noted that a Thracian woman had distinctly red hair and fair skin. Even more evidence, a Greek poet Hesiod called Troy the “land of the fair woman.” There were two appearance types in Ancient Greece: dark haired whites and fair haired whites, as Homer and Pindar described Olympian gods and goddesses as fair haired and skinned. As Demeter was said to have blond, or “yellow hair” and fair skin, Leto was said to have golden hair and fair skin, Aphrodite was said to have pale gold hair and skin and Athena had the fairest of all hair and skin, while Poseidon and Hephaestus were said to have black hair, fair skin. And onto to Roman as well as Greeks were said to paint their death masks to preserve the color and as well as well has the shape of their ancestors faces, which was blue eyes, fair skin. Want to know more? A famous portrait bust of Lucius Junius Brutus, the doubter of the Roman republic, was painted to be white, as were several paintings of Greeks were.

Little Buddy

Andy couldn’t believe the difference between him and his older brother Josh. The guy was an absolute mountain of a man. He towered over the rest of the family and had muscles as big as his head. Andy envied him so much. However he wasn’t sure how he got that way. Genetics can only take you so far. It just wasn’t fair.

“Want to come to the gym with me today?” Josh asked. Andy had been staring down his brother’s muscles again. Josh could tell. Whenever Andy was staring particularly hard at one of his muscles he’d flex it causing his brother to jump.

“No,” Andy said. “I’d just be in your way. There’s no way I could ever get as big as you.”

“That’s probably true,” Josh flexed his arm again, “But it’s better than sitting around playing video games all day. C’mon bro. At Least try the gym. It’ll be a good experience.”

It was hard for Andy to look away from his brother. He was too busy showing off again. And it’s not like he didn’t envy everything about him. “Fine…” he finally agreed. “But you have to tell me you’re secret.”

Josh just smiled at his little brother, “Sure thing. But first the gym.” He loaded up his bag in the truck and drove to the gym.

It was a lot to take in. The gym was huge. People were moving massive amounts of weights while grunting heavily. Andy looked around the gym confused. He wasn’t used to this kind of atmosphere. Far more testosterone and male musk than he was used to. His big brother showed him over to the free weights. It was a good place to start. “Just you vs gravity. Not too complicated right?” Andy still looked skeptical at his brother’s quick explanation.

“Yo Josh!” one of other guys shouted.

“YO Peter!” he called back. “Bro how ya feelin? I heard you’ve been sick for a bit.” Andy zoned out as the two ‘bros’ started talking. His brother always knew how to make a short conversation into a long one. Andy just knew when this happened to make himself comfortable. Eventually Josh would run out of things to say, excuse himself, and then go back to whatever he was doing. But these conversations still took a long time.

As Andy sat on the bench, he stared at himself in the mirror. He really was scrawny. He couldn’t help but compare himself to his older brother. His brother had everything. “Whatever,” Andy scoffed. “It’s not like he didn’t work for it. I might as well get started. He had to start somewhere right?” But Andy couldn’t remember a time when his brother could be considered ‘small’. Even as kids he seemed to be one of the biggest guys around.

It wasn’t going to stop Andy though. He made his way over to the dumbbell rack. The least he could do were some bicep curls. That was something he’d seen all the other guys doing. But he was still nervous to pick up the 20lb dumbbell in front of him. These were actually pretty heavy. He set them down again. His face shot red with embarrassment.

“I can do this,” he told himself. He looked at his thin arms in his sleeves. Even the small sized shirt on his body hung loosely around his arms. It was something he was so tired of looking at. The thought about his brother being such a jock while he was a lonely nerd pissed him off even more. He was going to change. That thought helped him grip the weight tightly in his hands. He lifted it once more off the rack.

It really surprised him. He wasn’t sure he could actually do that. In the silence of holding the weights he tried to figure out what to do next. ‘Curls,’ the thought almost seemed to come from somewhere else. But yeah curls he was going to do curls. Like usual. He started curling the weight like it was completely normal. With each lift it felt more natural. Like he’d been doing it for years.

His entire mind zoned out. He didn’t notice as his arms started to swell. They easily broke past his sleeves. But he wasn’t wearing a shirt with sleeves anymore. It was the one of the gym’s sleeveless shirts he’d bought months ago. It was to show off his massive chest. He loved looking at the deep striations in his pecs. That’s right he had a built chest… Not to forget about his bottom half either. He was someone who’d never skipped leg day. Squats were his favorite. Sure he couldn’t walk easily the next day but his girlfriend was always there to make him feel better. And knew exactly how to make him feel good while he laid in bed.

Andy stared blankly at his massive body. He’d just finished his warm up. 20 pound weights were still a bit light but he didn’t know how long his brother would be talking. Besides he wasn’t much of a bragger. Moving the weights was enough for him. He stared deeply in the mirror trying to get himself ready for the rest of his workout.

“Hey little buddy,” Josh came back rustling Andy’s styled hair. “Aren’t you glad I brought you today?” Andy just stared at him blankly remembering how much why he hated going to the gym with his brother. His brother spent too much time talking and not enough time working out. And he wasn’t little damn it.



It’s my 500 Follower Raffle!

That’s right, I actually made it to 500 fricking followers. I’m honestly super shocked that I have this many, because this blog was just going to be something I did on the side, something I never would have pictured getting so many followers, and certainly not in such a short amount of time!
I just want to thank all of you for even the smallest support you have given me through following me and enjoying my art and characters!

Alright enough mushy stuff! Time to set some ground rules!



  • You must be following me to enter the raffle. You may follow just to enter the raffle. I want this to be as fair to everyone who wants to join as I can make it.

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  • Do not try to bribe me. I will exclude you from the raffle all together. 


  • When the raffle ends, I will use a random generator to pick 5 winners. Each winner will get one of the eggs above as a prize!

  • The winners will be tagged in a post and also messaged on the end date of the raffle.

  • You do not get to pick which egg you get. They will also be randomly generated so everyone gets a fair shot at getting the egg they want.

  • I will send you and un-watermarked image of the egg you won for you to have!

  • Once you have an egg, it’s up to you what comes out of it. Or you can give the egg away. I don’t care once its in your hands.

  • If you refuse to accept the egg I give you, or do not contact me within 2 nights after the raffle ends, I will give the egg to another randomly generated winner.

Raffle Dates: 6/29 2:00 am - 7/1 @ 9:00 pm EST 

That’s it everyone! Have fun and spread the word! I love you!


This little fella has been hanging around outside for a couple of months. He and another cat (I assume his mother) appeared together but she seems to have relocated.

He’s been dubbed JojoStar temporarily. Sadly, he cannot stay here.He COULD stay as an outside cat, but I think his temperament is more suited to an indoor companion animal. He is very affectionate and verbal, and loves being held. However, the house isn’t cat-proof. Way too many things can get broken with a cat running around and he could get hurt. I really want him to stay but it wouldn’t be fair to him being stuck outside alone.

So, if anyone in the Jacksonville, Florida area would like to meet him on neutral ground in hopes of clicking with him and then taking him home, please message me. (You don’t even have to be in Jax. You could be further out if you are willing to travel to pick him up.)

The Cat Kit ‘n Kaboodle:

Name: JojoStar (but you can change it of course)
Eyes: Green
Fur: Black with a small white patch on lower belly
Sex: Unknown (I switch between he and she)
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: Less than a year old
Would need shots/treatment if/when adopted!

Good with other cats?: Unknown. He has gotten into a few scrapes with a few cats but that seems to be about territory. Not sure if he is adverse to ALL cats or just aggressive strays.

Good with dogs?: Tricky. He seems to like my dog but my dog is old, blind and doesn’t give chase when animals enter her yard. No telling how a much younger dog would react towards him.

Kids: Unknown. But he seems to like people once he trusts them. so give it a try!

Might be best as a single pet?

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)
アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

アンドロメダ (Andromeda Vaporwave Remix)

I wasn’t going to post this but fuck it, it’s the weekend (plus I have literally nothing else to post).

Here is a Vaporwave remix of Gorillaz’ Andromeda that I made.
Why Vaporwave? Because making Vaporwave is easy and it’s a good way to practice making music.
Making good Vaporwave is not so easy.
While it ain’t the best thing in the world, I’m proud of it. Considering I have no understanding of music theory in the slightest, I think it came out out alright. I might do a remaster when I get Humanz.

So yeah, give it a listen and tell me watch you think.

Also, keep a look out for my new album called “404: Album Title Not Found.”, In stores and iTunes 4/31/17.

I got a visual for this thing too for maximum AESTHETIC. Unlike my album, it’ll be released eventually.


Louis apparently actually requested that all the actors in his video be local Doncaster children & teens. And then he also apparently had his friends in it. He is so proud of his hometown & it’s so endearing & sweet to see how much he wants to include that in his solo work. Our Donny lad returning home!

I just.. want to hug Harry and wish him good luck. I hope he’s excited and not too nervous! Or the good kind of nervous. He’s definitely going to put himself out there, emphasis on himself. That must be a little bit scary, for anyone. He’s beautiful though, his mind is beautiful, his soul is beautiful and whatever he’s going to bring out into the world will be beautiful. So good luck Harry, *hugs*, but I know it will be okay, and I hope you do too.

If you aren’t ready to 100% love and care for a child don’t have a child
Because no child deserves to grow up feeling like a burden
No child deserves to be made to feel worthless
No child should have to earn a parents love
No child should live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing and being punished
No child should be scared of being kicked out of the house
No child should feel like they aren’t enough to deserve love
Children don’t ask to be born
Don’t make them feel like the wish the hadn’t