• a day to show all of our love and appreciation for the ship between harry potter and luna lovegood


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  • make any kind of lunarry content you want
  • follow this blog to see all of the lunarry day posts (and its regular ones!)
  • tag your post(s) as #lunarryday so everybody participating can see all of your amazing content and you track it so you can see everyone else’s


  • gifsets, edits, headcanons, graphics, fan mixes, drabbles, text posts, aesthetics, fanart, moodboards (pretty much anything you’d like involving luna and harry)
  • feel free to make more than one post!


  • lunarry day will take place on march 18th, so everyone has more than enough time to make content
  • all day on march 18th, you can post your lunarry content using the #lunarryday tag and please don’t forget to reblog and spread other people’s content, too
  • if you have any questions feel free to message me or send me an ask
  • can’t wait to see all of your lunarry posts!

some time ago i did a multifandom follow train and started following at least 20 new cool people thanks to this. now i decided to do a new follow train, but for every kind of blog this time - so that everyone can find new blogs to follow, gain new followers and make new friends. please respect these easy rules:

  • reblog this post
  • you can follow me (a multifandom & aesthetic mess) if you want
  • follow 1 - 4 (or more) people that already reblogged this
  • write in the tags if you’re: a b/w or a color blog / a fandom or a non-fandom blog
  • if you’re a fandom blog, tag your main fandom(s)
  • that’s all

i hope it helps you all!

Hey everyone! I will be choosing 28 blogs (one for each day) to promo throughout the month of February. 


Higher Chance

What You Win

  • On your day, you would receive a screenshot promo to 14.3k+ with a description of your blog + links to creations/instagram/whatever you want
  • Follow from me
  • A friend

Ends January 28th, will be announced January 31st!

Hello again! SO… I made a birthday page! It is simply a way to celebrate everyones birthday! Keep reading if you would like to participate!


  • send me an ask stating your birthday and a preferred name. If you do not want to provide your name, just don’t add it and I will use your url instead. NO ANONS
  • reblog this post if ya want
  • follow meeeeeee
  • send people birthday wishes when it is their birthday??


Your birthday will be announced on my blog to remind everyone on your special day!

also check out your zodiac sign info on the birthday page!

view birthday page here

enter birthday here


aesthetic follow train

last week i did a multifandom follow train (x) and i think it worked pretty well?? so as i try to be an aesthetic blog as well, i wanted to start a follow train for pale/b&w blogs:

  • reblog this post
  • you can follow me if you want
  • follow 1 - 4 blogs (or more) that have already reblogged this
  • tag what kind of stuff you reblog

hope this helps to find some beautiful blogs

please don’t delete the text!


  • mbf me
  • reblog to enter (likes are for bookmarking)


  • a place on my favourites page and on the ‘favourites’ section of my blogroll
  • a screenie and any other promo you want
  • follow from me (If I don’t already follow you)
  • I’ll reblog/queue tons from you
  • I’ll be your pen pal if you’re up for it


  • I’ll choose 12-20 blogs (depending on how many notes this gets)
  • This will be the “favourites page”
  • Will be picking before Christmas