anonymous asked:

Can you make more gifs of Melanie performing? You make great ones!!!

I just want you to know that I was sitting in a very slow rehearsal earlier (6-10, I only have 6 lines and I’m in the 2nd act) and I spent most of my time just sitting and watching other people perform. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out but your anon made me so happy! Thank you! And I definitely will get to making more gifs of Mel soon. Right now, my week is pretty booked since it’s my 2nd week of college and I just got cast in two shows (Much Ado About Nothing & It’s A Wonderful LIfe) so my time has been taken up!!!

But don’t worry! I’m gonna be free Friday and I intend to spend that day making a barrage of edits/gifs whilst listening to Badlands. So be prepared for then. Again, thanks so much! This message really made my night and I’m all smiling and being all gushy now. :)