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1/? BTS — Otherworldly Series

When news reached Heaven that an Angel had fallen in love with a Demon, the guilty Angel was immediately hunted down and captured. As punishment, the Angel was bound and locked away in Heaven’s hidden abyss—a dark, savage place where errant Angels were taken and tortured to atone for their crimes against Heaven.

But what those in Heaven had failed to notice, was that the Angel and Demon were a mated pair, that the two were bonded. Had they been aware of this, they would have known not to mess with the Angel, for to bring harm to a Demon’s mate, especially that of a Prince of Hell, was to unlease the Legion of Hell’s wrath upon themselves.

So the day when the abyss was infiltrated, when all the imprisoned Angels were freed and allowed to wreck havoc upon Heaven and all its Angels alongside the Demons, all of Heaven fell to their knees.


2.09 johnny be good

Well like my father told me, sometimes we have choices and sometimes we don’t. 

sobelowasabove  asked:

Hey Rosy, I noticed in this episode a shot of Kane with the ceiling behind him and it's pattern of circles made it look like a painting of Jesus, I'd love to see any parallels of this made in Tumblr, have you seen any?

We’ve got a lot of background halos and rays lending us to religious/saint imagery. It would be nice to see some sort of collection of them all. Anyone good with gifs or photosets want to give it a try? 


Les Mis Faceclaims - Markel Williams as Feuilly.

Cet orphelin avait adopté les peuples. Sa mère lui manquant, il avait médité sur la patrie. Il ne voulait pas qu’il y eût sur la terre un homme qui fût sans patrie. Il couvait en lui-même, avec la divination profonde de l’homme du peuple, ce que nous appelons aujourd’hui l’idée des nationalités. Il avait appris l’histoire exprès pour s’indigner en connaissance de cause. Dans ce jeune cénacle d’utopistes, surtout occupés de la France, il représentait le dehors. […] Ce pauvre ouvrier s’était fait le tuteur de la justice, et elle le récompensait en le faisant grand.


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basically i can’t make aesthetic photosets for shit but i wanted to try something new so here it is

(all photos are mine except the 2 of Aaron please tell me if i’ve accidentally stolen your photo/screencap i’ll give credit)