wanted to try making it look like a comic


RFA Plays the Sims

After 392847234 years, a mini comic set! :D I felt like I wanted to draw them enjoying something after finishing the Secret Endings //crie ((took a bit long bec i wanted to try drawing lots of clutter for the BG like in Sims aaa))

YOOSUNG: The Sad Gamer - Unintentionally recreates a sim version of his sad life but with better stuff. Makes his sim-self play simLOLOL
ZEN: The HD Narcissist - Maxes out all graphic settings. Downloads thousands of custom content to make his sim look better & spends hours on customization
JAEHEE: The Escapist - Sends her sim-self to vacations that she can never enjoy in real life (im crying). Also, Cabana Boy Sim Zen ~
JUMIN: The Micromanager - Achieves financial success in-game by turning off free will and micromanaging every action of his sim. + Cats
SEVEN: The God Modder - Exploits every cheat code and develops mods/hacks for the game ++ creates sim versions of others to annoy the crap out of them
MC: The Serial Sim Dater - Makes sim versions of others for ♥~ romance ~♥

V: ((I had a V one but the file crashed and I have redraw from scratch – will update later; idk pls give me motivation HAHA jk omg))

Most were posted on my Instagram first ♥ Please do check it out if you can! Thank you for viewing :D

Notice how careful and calculated Kara is. She didn’t just land straight away with agility and put Lena down to stand. She took the time to look down and gauge, and did a quick measure to land. It’s like she wanted to avoid Lena from getting whiplashed or something (because she’s too eager to attain Lena’s safety), or that Kara is fully aware of Lena’s fear of heights and didn’t want to make that fear much worse but try applying some levity to it. 

I admire Michael Rooker and have been loving Yondu since the first movie. But after I had seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 I desperately wanted to try on this look, but unfortunately since I’m a girl, I did a female version :D
The whole look including makeup, a bald head, and the crest is made by me
It took me 2-3 hours in total to paint my face, and in addition 3 hours to make the crest
All in all I tried my best and hope you like it

quick note, cause some people are hitting this point, and others are missing it; those panels between Wrathia and Ava may be sexual charged, may have seductive poses, but the panels and what’s happening in them isn’t sexual.

Wrathia isn’t getting off on it and neither is Ava. literally neither of them are thinking “great, time to fuck”, it’s just Wrathia being, to put it plainly, a manipulative abuser. 

all Ava’s life, Wrathia has abused her, from calling her names, to physically abusing her, even attempting to make Ava kill herself. what’s currently happening is that Ava has done part of Wrathia’s bidding and done it well; she unleashed hell on Titan HQ and massacred thousands upon thousands of people, and Wrathia is relishing in it. this is exactly what she wanted, at least in part; Titan HQ was just the beginning but Ava has done something good in Wrathia’s eyes and so she’s playing sweet, calling Ava “dear” and holding her intimately, as if she’s dancing with her. she’s being sweet and Ava is drunk on the power high she’s just experienced and she’s floating along with it, too drunk off the power to really notice what Wrathia is doing.

it’s not sexual. it’s not paedophillic. Wrathia isn’t trying to have sex with Ava, or vis versa. it’s literally a form of powerplay as Wrathia tries to act sweet to Ava so that she’ll be more inclined to do Wrathia’s bidding, which doesn’t look like it’ll be the case since Ava’s declaring she thinks she can live without that “high” again. 

view it as a drug dealer with a client; act nice, tempt them with something they want, and only turn ugly when they try to run away. 

Did you book?

Request: “Hii mmhmh, I just want to say that I like your blog so much, I think you’re cute and I would ask for a fic where Bucky and reader has to share a bed so he has a hard time trying to hide how turned on by reader he is. Smut, if possible. THANK YOU.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, SMUT (OH, YAS)

taging: SORRY, I totally forgot to tag people last time xd . @magellan-88         @bellastellaluna  @all-the-fandoms2  @nyu-kun69  @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction  (again sorry if I’m missing someone, please let me know if you want to be tagged in my next series, or untagged!) :) Thank you XX.

Part 2. 

4.32 a.m

Bucky has problems. Serious problems.

Nearly an hour ago something has woken him up from his slumber. This “something” has been your leg spread freely over his tighs. It seems that in to the nigh both of you have moved and now, for his dismay, you are laying peacefully on top of him with your crotch dangerously near to his.

He has tried to move you a couple times but didn’t had the guts to wake you up, you seem so relaxed and you deserve it so much… So, every time you move in your sleep and rub your knee over his dick you stick another nail on his coffin. Bucky gulps nervous when your arm shakes a little in his chest as if you are dreaming, he knows from the start that sharing a bed with you was not a good idea. For fuck’s sake, how he has let you convice him of that? If he can’t bare with feeling your knee againts his when you dinner with the team, how is he gonna bare with the feeling your warm, half naked, body squashed againts his? He commit the mistake of taking a deep breath

- Fuck… - he mutters. You smell so well… And it was not the shampoo, that’s for sure, because the one in the bathroom doesn’t smell like anything. It’s your natural smell, and he can’t help imagining that same fragance saturating his nosetrils when he digs his head on your neck while burying himself deep inside you… - Virgin Mary… - he mutters under his breath, extremelly unconfortable when his dick twitch on his sweatpants at the vivid image.

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Examples of Dead Fandoms, Part Two

Go here to read part one.

Let me reiterate something I said before: I actually don’t want to be right about any of these fandoms being dead. It always makes me sad when people lose passion for something, and something worthwhile goes unread or unseen.

The Pulp Heroes (the Shadow, Doc Savage, etc.)

The Shadow was the first and most famous of the larger than life magazine heroes, mostly published by Street & Smith, who came out during the Great Depression. They weren’t superheroes, exactly…but they were too uncanny, too bigger than life, their adventures too bizarre and fantastical, to be typical adventurers or detective heroes in the usual sense…they were in the same ballpark as Tarzan or Zorro, a kind of “transitional fossil” between grounded detective and adventure characters, and the later far out superheroes. 

I realized the reach these novels had in their own time when I heard this amazing story about none other than jazz great Thelonious Monk: he was obsessed with Doc Savage magazine. When he performed, the jazz man sometimes had a Doc Savage magazine rolled up in his coat. I have a hard time imagining that!

The reason the pulp heroes went away and stopped having pop cultural cache is simple: the audience for it went away. You have to remember that pulp hero stories were always a composite genre, meant to appeal to two audiences simultaneously: kids, who loved action and fantasy and heroism, and working class men, who also love action, but who also loved lurid mystery and gore. To appeal to working class men, there were always way more hints of blood, gunplay, dread/terror, and sex, but because kids also read these, it was all very subdued. If you realize that pulp heroes were meant to appeal to these two very different audiences with conflicting desires, the question isn’t why the pulp heroes went away, but rather, why they lasted as long as they did. 

What took the kid audience away from the hero pulps could be summarized in two words: superhero comics. Sales on pulps fell every year when they had to compete with comics, and the history of the pulp heroes in the 1940s is defined by their reaction to the challenge of comics, a little like the history of movies when they had to compete with television. 

There were three big reactions to comics in the 1940s from the pulp magazines: 

  1. They dissed comics. This reminds me of the 50s movies that called television “the idiot’s lantern.” The best example of this I can find is the Doc Savage mystery, The Whisker of Hercules. By all accounts, Doc Savage author Lester Dent hated, hated, hated comic superheroes, particularly Superman, who exaggerated the traits of his own heroes beyond what he felt an audience would believe. Whisker of Hercules is a novel where Doc finds criminals who who take a potion that turns them into Superman, gives them superstrength, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and the ability to move at superspeed, but in the end, they are ultimately bested by Doc Savage, who outsmarts them and reveals the Whisker of Hercules ages them to death. Lester Dent, you see, felt superhero comics were a passing fad without staying power.
  2. They created characters that were both in pulp magazines and in comics as well. An example of this would be Ka-Zar and Sheena, who was in both comics and pulp magazines simultaneously. Today, we’d call them “multimedia properties.”
  3. They created far-out pulp heroes that were aimed at a kid audience to lure kids back to magazines. The best example of this is Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future, which was a pulp hero who was extremely kid-friendly, with robot sidekicks and a cute mouse pet, and a base on the Moon. 

While the kids who read pulp heroes were lured away by comics, the working class men were pulled away by a new invention: the “men’s adventure” paperback novel, which could have explicit sex and violence. James Bond (Casino Royale was first published in 1954) was more typical of the paperback heroes, as was gun-toting Mack Bolan the Executioner, a special forces guy who came back from Vietnam to find his family killed by the mafia, and who declares war on the mob with his special forces training and arsenal of firearms (he also directly inspired a certain Marvel Comics character you might be familiar with). 

Just like almost all pop music is either Beatles or Stones inspired, nearly all men’s adventure heroes are some variation of either James Bond or Mack Bolan. This leads us to today, where men’s adventure novels are either porn, or gun porn. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you can probably guess which one I like better.

Here’s another thing to consider when wondering why the pulp heroes went away. The Shadow, Doc Savage, the Spider, are really only a few years older than the superheroes. They were not separated by a geologic age, the way many histories lead you to believe: they came out in the same decade as each other. Doc Savage came out in 1933, and Superman came out in 1938, which is not really that much time difference at all. The difference may be that there is a publishing company (DC Comics) that views Superman and Batman as essential to their identity and that keeps them alive for that reason, whereas no company does that for the pulp characters. In fact, there was even some dispute early this century as to whether the Street & Smith characters fell into the public domain. 

Original Battlestar Galactica

I used to post old cosplay pics, and my gosh, were there ever a lot of OBSG images. The actor who played Boomer was a regular at early science fiction conventions (there was a time when it was considered unusual for celebrities to visit conventions), and when a new BSG show was announced in 2003 (believe it or not, there was once a time that a hard reboot of an old scifi property was rare), it led to one of the all-time biggest nerdrages in nerd history.

I hesitate to say this, but part of the reason that Star Trek and the Next Generation are discovered decades later by new fans is because they really are good shows, and OBSG is…well, it’s a challenge for a new person, with fresh eyes, to see just what got everyone so excited in 1978. The reason why BSG was a big deal is clear: most people who are fans of it are fans because they watched the show when they were children, so it’s imprinted in their minds (rather like 90s kids and “Saved by the Bell” or “Power Rangers”). OSBG fandom isn’t growing for the same reason that “Saved by the Bell” fans aren’t growing: it’s a product of hormones and nostalgia, you “had to be there” to get it. 

To me, this explains perfectly why people went ballistic when a BSG reboot was announced back in the stone age, 2002. For one, the concept of a reboot was so new that I remember I heard people wonder if this means their favorite characters from the original were dead now. More importantly, though, this is a fandom with a few core people who remember BSG from when they were kids, and therefore have strong feelings about why it works and doesn’t work. 

Prince Valiant

Here’s a test to determine if a fandom is dead: if a movie adaptation royally screws everything about it up, would people get angry and yelly and passionate? Remember how people got death threats over the M. Knight Shyamalan Last Airbender? Well, in the case of Prince Valiant, I don’t think anybody would actually care. This is surprising, because for years, when people thought of comics, they thought of Prince Valiant: he was emblematic of an entire medium. Years before the prestige of Maus, Persepolis, and the “graphic novel,” it was the one comic that was classy, that adults were alright reading. 

Why is it no longer popular? Well, copy and paste everything I said on Dick Tracy about newspaper comics here. But also, if you ever run into someone who really loved Prince Valiant back in the day, ask them why they liked it. The answer should be incredibly telling. Most likely, they’ll tell you they loved the beautiful art, that they loved the great style of Hal Foster’s godlike pen. They loved the sweep of the story and the epic feel. 

Here’s what they won’t say if you ask them: they probably won’t say they liked the characters. (I can’t think of one adjective to describe Prince Valiant’s personality - he totally fails the RedLetterMedia test). They won’t remember any moment that made them cry or made them feel a rush of triumph.

I swear, it is not my intention to be a hater and drink some haterade. That’s really not in my nature, because I am a positive person. The whole point of this blog is for me to share cool old stuff I love - negativity has no place here. But there’s a dishonesty, a willful obtuseness, in trying to understand why Prince Valiant stopped being a phenomenon, and not realizing that Prince Valiant is beautiful looking, but it doesn’t give us the things about stories that “stick to our ribs” and make it stand the test of time: great characters and memorable, earned moments. Praising a comic for having beautiful art is like praising a movie for the great special effects. You don’t want the one thing people to remember about your hero to be a haircut. 

John Carter of Mars

The fandom for John Carter of Mars is a little like Barsoom itself without the Atmosphere Factory and water pumped from the depths of Omean: dead.

To the modern eye, one of the weirdest parts of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series is the 3 minute digression in the episode on Mars where Sagan starts talking about how he was the hugest John Carter of Mars fanboy ever, and how he dreamed of rescuing beautiful women in gallant swordfights on thoatback, with his fanboy narration intercut with shots of Frazetta and Michael Whelan cover art. This really happened. And this was typical of the kind of passion that John Carter of Mars inspired that you don’t see much of today. It’s so easy to blame the tanking of the movie adaptation, but the movie failing was a symptom, not a cause, of the fact there was no hungry audience to receive it.

Sagan was a huge John Carter fan: his car had a “BARSOOM” vanity license plate, and he wasn’t alone: without hesitation, I would say that Edgar Rice Burroughs was the most important and influential scifi writer of the first few decades of the 20th Century, so important that everyone defined themselves as either Burroughs-like (Leigh Brackett, for instance) or rejected the tropes ERB created (see: Stanley G. Weinbaum). John Carter of Mars didn’t inspire Star Wars. Instead, he inspired the things that inspired Star Wars (e.g. Flash Gordon). Edgar Rice Burroughs, not Faulkner, not Hemmingway, was the best selling novelist of the 1920s. 

Remember the last time I did this, and I was sincerely baffled why the Tripods novels have not had a revival? Well, when I got to John Carter of Mars, the answer came to me: the reason is that this work was so influential, so ubiquitous, that it has been strip-mined of creative power by imitators to the point that very little about it seems original anymore. Tripods, if it came out now, would just look like a Hunger Games rip-off despite the fact that if anything, it’s the other way around. The problem with John Carter of Mars is exactly the same: remember how the response to the trailer to the film adaptation was that this was Avatar Goes to Attack of the Clones? When, actually, Avatar and others got a lot from the Barsoom books. In other words, because John Carter was influential enough to create cliches, paradoxically, it is now seen as cliche.


The Ghostbusters reboot had a big, big problem: it’s a remake of a movie that’s an untouchable classic, like Back to the Future. Any remake would inevitably be compared to the original and suffer in the comparison. Well, here’s one movie you could probably remake with a gender swap hero: Highlander. It’s not Back to the Future, Jaws, or Terminator; this isn’t a movie people can quote every line from. People know of Highlander, sure…people know things like the Queen song, “there can be only one,” electric swordfighting, etc, but people don’t actually care that much. People won’t go ballistic. Highlander is a remaker’s dream: it has enough name recognition to get sold and made, but it doesn’t have a legion of nitpicking nerd fans to second guess everything and treat the original like gospel.

Highlander used to be kind of a big deal: it had not one but two tv shows, and it had three movie sequels. Just like “Wild Wild West” was steampunk a couple decades before that term existed, Highlander was “urban fantasy” before that term existed. Because of the themes of urban fantasy and tragic romance, it always had a strong female fandom, and there’s no understanding Highlander without understanding that it was kind of the Supernatural of its day: theoretically, with its swordfighting and cool powers, it was trying to appeal to boys…but ended up building up a way bigger female audience instead. 

Posterity is really never kind to any fantasy property who’s audience is primarily women. Who, today, talks a lot about Gargoyles or Beauty and the Beast, for example, to pick two properties that used to have a strong fandom? The last one (B&B) is pretty amazing because it was created by two people immensely relevant to the zeitgeist of today: Ron Perlman (the Beast himself), and the show’s head writer and producer, a fellow by the name of George R.R. Martin. It could be just plain chauvinism over a “girl thing.” I don’t deny that plays a role, more likely, it could just be that scifi fans are immensely nerdy in a way fantasy fans aren’t, so they keep alive their favorite scifi artifacts. That, I think, is why we’re still talking about Terminator and not Highlander: Tolkien fans who write in Dwarf runes are a freakish exception. In general, fantasy fans are way less hardcore than scifi fans.

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Ever talk to any old gay nerds? They will usually tell you they realized they were hella gay because of three men: Robert Conrad in “Wild Wild West,” Ultra Boy from Legion of Super-Heroes, and Magnus, Robot Fighter.

Russ Manning’s Magnus, Robot Fighter may be one of the great subterranean sources of pop culture. Matt Groening admits that the aesthetics of this comic inspired a lot of Futurama. Magnus, Robot Fighter was such a nostalgia totem in the minds of the Baby Boom generation, on the level of the Mars Attacks! cards, that George Lucas, who was always very hands-off with supplementary material, personally requested Russ Manning come out of retirement to do the Star Wars daily comics.

Magnus, Robot Fighter is an interesting example of how comics only have cache and longevity long-term if they can successfully convert into other media formats. Comics are important, but comics are ephemeral. Superman is the king of comic characters, sure, but most people know about him because he made the leap from comics to radio, screen, and television. 

Magnus is all the more heartbreaking because he almost made the jump to a medium with durability - video games. Under circumstances too complex to relate here, Acclaim bought out all the Gold Key comic characters, and Magnus was generally considered to be the crown jewel of the lot. Because Magnus was too important an IP to screw up, and the development team was so inexperienced, Acclaim instead decided to make their first Gold Key game adaptation one of the minor guys, so if they blew it, no biggie: Turok, Dinosaur Hunter. The rest is history: Acclaim was so busy making sequels to the surprise hit Turok, Dinosaur Hunter they never got around to giving Magnus, Robot Fighter a game.

Part three is coming, so stay tuned. Believe it or not, I actually have a fandom from the past ten years on here! Can you think of any dead fandoms?


I guess this is happening now, o jeez! 

Okay, so, if you’ve seen my latest art piece (the one I am now using as front cover for my upcoming comic EERIE), you’ll probably know that my idea of Anti is a little bit weird, haha. So weird, in fact, that when I told my friends about it, they bEGGED ME to make a comic about it. So - that’s what I’ll be working on from now on! :DD 

I’m super excited, haua! The comic will, obviously, feature Jack/ Anti and Wiishu! I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I want them to look like, but I think I have a neat lil’ idea, haha. I’m really hoping I’ll do ‘em justice! 

-BUTCHA! I came up with an Art Contest that will allow seven people to have their characters appear in the comic! :0

I am currently writing everything down and sketching out ideas that I have, which is why I’m starting this rather early! I’ll have to have scenes open for each and every character to appear for at least one or two whole pages! Some might even become bigger characters! I will talk to the winner about that one later on. :D

Every entry will be featured in a video, given credit and link to the source, on the channel, of course! 

You can send me entries on Twitter (@page250jane), tumblr (right here), via video on YouTube (Page250 Jane) and instagram (@page250jane)! Traditional and digital is both totally cool! C:

Have fun creating, guys! My asks/ dm’s are always open if you have any questions! 

(holy schittletitties do i feel anxious about this one, haha)

((Imma need to get myself ice coffee now))

Ignis’ Birthday

You can find the original comic here:


I hadn’t downloaded a font to use for comics on this one, so I apologize for the odd choices. I just edit and put English onto these as I go along, so there’s no proofreading or anything. Please forgive any errors. I don’t use Tumblr often, either, so please forgive me as I learn.

I’ve been practicing Japanese on the same series for many years now and I needed something new to get into. I’m going to try and find different doujinshi to translate for fun. Please take a look at the pages of the authors, and if you have any FFXV comics you’d like to see in English feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy :)

Ignis: Noct, answer me if you’re here…

Noctis: Whoa!

Ignis: Why are you surprised?
Hm? You’re making coffee jelly?

Noctis: Aah… Well…

Ignis: Is Prompto with you?

Noctis: Umm, no…

Ignis: …I’m glad you’ve met someone who can get you to want to do this.

Noctis: Huh?

Ignis: These are for today’s meeting. Please look them over.

Basa - Rustle

Noctis: Yeah, thanks.

Ignis: Well then.

Noctis: What kind of misunderstanding was that…?

Noctis:< Oh well, I guess I wasn’t exposed.

February 7nth

Ignis: Noct, what is this…?

Noctis: Ignis, isn’t today your birthday?

Noctis: Go ahead.

Mogu - Munch

Ignis: It’s delicious.

Ignis: Noct, it’s great.

Box: Aah, Ignis.

Box: This must be

Box: how you always feel.

Noctis: Ignis,

Noctis: Happy birthday.

I saw this post a while ago, and have recently seen others like it, and I really wanted a coldflash version. I also really wanted to try making something with a comic making program I have on my laptop. So this happened…enjoy!

Finally, done! It took me almost a week!
I had so much fun during the fight with Fortitudo. I love how bayo twists off his dragon heads.


I’m always wondering what my arts will look like if I draw them without any laziness. It’s pretty difficult to me because I usually don’t have enough patience for myself, always thinking that I’m drawing too slow, not good enough, or something is too hard to draw. These thoughts make me give up an image that I want to draw without trying or even drag me into serious art block.

Maybe I’ll talk more about this in another comic post, I got some ideas through a poetry.


Here are the best pictures I have of our costumes from the con!  That’s me as Kylo, my niece as Rey, my mom as Leia, and my big brother dressed as a non-specific Jedi.  My sister dressed as a non-specific Sith and was kind enough to be my assistant and hold my props and things when necessary.

In the first pair of photos of my niece and I, I was trying to make an angry face for the pic, but my niece was being too cute and she made me laugh.  I love her to pieces, she’s so goofy.

I like the top group pic a lot because it looks like an awkward family photo. lol

The bottom 3 are from after my niece was well-past nap time and had taken off most of her costume to get more comfortable.  She was asking if I could see out of my helmet, but also she was really tired and wanted to cuddle for a minute.

Dating Mark Collins Would Include...
  • Getting lost in those expressive blue eyes. ALL THE TIME. (He knows how to use them, too)

  • Telling his family how you met. Over and Over. You love when this makes him blush.

  • Wearing nothing but his plaid shirts around the apartment. Then teasing the hell out of him. It makes him crazy.

  • Calling him your Precious Cinnamon Roll when he annoys you. Because you know, he hates that so much.

  • Watching that irresistible pout consume his face when you do this. It usually ends with you kissing him until he smiles.

  • Straddling his lap when he’s working on a new computer program. Wiggling your hips and kissing his neck when he tries to ignore you.

  • You end up getting fucked over his laptop. The screen cracks. You’ll have to buy him a new one.

  • Killing every spider that gets into the apartment - because all he’s capable of doing is standing on the table with  a broom in hand.

  • Waking up in Patterns – 1) you’re the little spoon, 2) your head against his chest, 3) his head between your legs.

  • When it’s Pattern 3 you love to pull his hair.

  • Being told “I love you” every day – morning, afternoon, and night. Probably six or seven times in between, too.

  • Making him dinner when he works late, and showering him with kisses as soon as he comes through the door.

  • He will believe in you, whatever you set out to achieve. When you feel like it’s impossible he will remind you what you are capable of.

  • Making him try new things – like sex in public. Road head, fucking in the library, sex on the beach.

  • You’ll make him a sex addict. Being in public won’t matter anymore when he’s horny and he wants you.

  • The way he looks at you – like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

  • He’ll tell you that all the time, too.

  • Finally getting a pet together. You’ll insist on a cat. He’ll roll his eyes when you name it Dopey. (He secretly loves it)

  • Movie marathons – Space Jam, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones. He will occasionally let you slip The Goonies into the rotation.

  • He reads comic books while he waits for you to get ready for  your dates.

  • Scratching him up when he hits just the right spot.

  • He pays you back with hickeys. All over. Your inner thigh is his favorite place to leave them.

  • Laughing when Cole sees the scratches and relentlessly teases him.

  • Comic Con with Ben. But that’s okay, you enjoy their blossoming bromance.

  • Joining Fooscrawl with him, Ben, and Cole. Even teams, you have to go.

  • Accompanying him on work trips. You’ll spend most of the day alone, but he makes it up to you at night.

Dating Mark means you will be treated with the respect and love you deserve. You will challenge each other, laugh together, and face life’s unexpected moments knowing you’re not alone.

This is way long… but Mark is my absolute favorite so I had fun. I hope you enjoy it!


efficientlyHow To Make Comics

Step 1: Looking at comics is very important if you want to make them. You need to get a feel of what comics really are.

Step 2: You need to find your own art style. A lot of people just take other people’s art styles and claim it as their own. Yes, some art styles might look alike but the point is doing it yourself, not stealing someone else work. 

Step 3: Inspiration is important as well if you want to make comics. To make comics, you must have energy to wanting to do it. Looking at other people’s work and looking at what cool or nice things the get in return is a great way to inspired. Artist to get inspiration from: @theodd1sout, @its-a-small-world-comics, @untitled-webcomic, @that1badartist etc.

Step 4: Material doesn’t really matter when making comics. Paper and pen is fine or maybe you have a tablet or stylus just sitting there. Remember two things: Comics were first done on paper and if you buy expense equipment that doesn’t mean you will get popular. Use what you have right now and maybe later get what you need to make comics more efficiently. Examples of artist who use paper and pen who are popular: @yellowsplodge1

Step 5: Ideas can come from anywhere if you have an open mind. I personally felt this was easy, coming up with ideas from my environment. Anything funny you see in real life can be an idea or an overused joke online can be an idea. Maybe you reading how to make comics is an idea. Also, if you have a bad memory,like me, just have a notebook that you fill your ideas and write them down when you get a new one. 

Step 6: Comics can be as many panels as you want. That being said, don’t restrict yourself from making your own comics. They are some thing you might want to look out for:

1. The letters in your comic needs to be readable. No one will look at them if they can’t read the letter you put, make them big enough and ask a friend to read it and if they could, you passed that test.

2. Try to make your comic as funny as possible. Everyone likes a good laugh. Try to visualize how your audience would react to your comic. 

Step 7: Motivation is important when your starting out as a comic creator. You have to pay attention to what you are making and not what everyone else is. I had this problem where I would see people getting popular really fast and I was sitting here with no followers. I felt like quitting but here I am making this guide for anyone who wants to make comics. 

Step 8: Just do it! You really have nothing to lose. Get a chance and reach out to other artist and maybe work with some. That’s how you get started in making your own comics.  

(btw read my comics too.)

You Hate Me, You Love Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Sounds great! Thanks my love!

Prompt: “I am craving a little something from Big Red if that’s okay. Something along the lines of April and Casey bring a friend by to help when Donnie gets injured and the turtles accept her into their little group apart from Raph who is a bit of a shit around her but it turns out that’s because he likes her. Something like that work for you sweetie?” @girl-next-door-writes

Word count: 1467

Warnings: Swearing & lots of angst

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d become your routine, to go from your apartment to the lair every morning, regardless of what you were doing that day. You enjoyed the atmosphere down there, and gradually got used to the smell. It was the sewers after all.

Today though, you had to be careful. You had an interview at a new office building that had opened. They salary that came with the shiny new office chair was too good to pass up, but that meant an entirely new wardrobe. If things didn’t go well, you could always return the stuff, but that’s if you didn’t get them dirty. So you didn’t go that morning before the interview, you texted Raph your reasoning quickly, because he was the first one on your contact list under ‘Apple Bottom.’ You were running late, and every second counted, especially in a city like New York.

Hours later, a secretary rang you whilst you stood in a line at the post office, telling you that you got the job, and the grin never left your lips as you basically skipped down the street in your new outfit, with a new job label and a new start. You hated that old office anyway.

Getting to the lair was usually a walk in the park for you, but in the new heels, it was a tad difficult but when you got there you knew you had to make a big entrance.

“Hello!” you beamed, stretching your arms out to reveal your very sophisticated outfit: a deep red dress that matched your satin lips, black heels that were far too overpriced for their worth and a small purse. Your hair cascaded in waves, framing your face and your make up was done. This was the most put together you had ever looked in front of the turtles, usually you’d rock up in sweats and a t-shirt, because they knew you’d change at work.

“Oh, hey [Y/N]… Finally decided to show up?” Mikey drawled. He was probably the most worried and disappointed about your sudden disappearance that morning. He’d made chocolate chip pancakes, and wanted you to try them, but you never showed. Leo was straight up giving you the silent treatment, and Donnie was the only one there to tell you (rather rudely) that they were mad because you never bothered mentioning that you weren’t going to show that morning.

“I left a message with-” you stopped, grumbling and rubbing your forehead. “I left a message with Raph.” You mumbled, the others just looked at you like you were dumb.

You met the guys when your cousin April had brought you to meet them, because you were the only one who April knew who could stitch a deep wound up. Donnie, the resident brainbox, got in the way of an attack on April and sliced his side. You used to work at an underground bar, and stitching people up after fights was your specialty. That was all history now, you and the boys were like family. Except one brute.

“Raphael!” you bellowed, slamming the door of his bedroom against the wall and crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh. You.” He rolled his eyes and went back to his comic book.

“Yeah, me.” Taking a seat on one of the spinning chairs, your legs up against the table. “What the fuck have you got against me?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact ya feel the need to put yer dirty feet all over my furniture.” He threw a ball at your legs, but obviously you didn’t budge. In fact, you moved on leg and scraped whatever dirt you had on the bottom of your shoe on the table.

“These cost a lot of money, gotta keep them clean.” You smirked, resting your hand on your thigh as you twirled a strand of hair around your finger.

“If this is yer way or seducin’ me, try harder.” Snorting, you crossed your arms over your chest again; the nerve of this guy.

“So, are you going to tell me why you hate me?” Raph glanced up from his comic book and sighed.

You were patient, and it took time, but he gave in “I don’t hate ya.”

“Okay, why do you dislike me.” Rolling his eyes, you could tell he was becoming agitated. One thing Raphael hated more than someone yelling at him and giving orders, was someone who just asked too many questions.

“I don’t dislike ya- An’ can ya stop doin’ that!” You’d been playing with a strand of your hair, and you only realized you were doing it when he snapped at you. A smirk spread on your face, and you continued.

“What?” you tilted your head to the side mockingly, before stretching and standing, walking around his room. He had all kinds of knick-knacks, and some he made himself out of wood. You had to say you were impressed. Raphael eyed you closely s you continued to pick up and look at his stuff. He found himself not really caring. “Are you going to tell me or what?”

“Nothin’ to tell.”

“Yes there is, Raph. I wanna know what I did wrong that’s made you not like me. I mean,” sighing, you put one of the little wooden toys down. “I want to get to know you like I have the others, I’m sorry if I did anything but-”

“Just shut up, and get out.” He grumbled sternly, looking back at his comic. That is when you really got angry.
“Fuck off Raph! I’m trying to fix whatever the hell is wrong with us being friends and you’re making this so difficult!” By this point, Raph had threw his comic on the floor and got close to your face, his hands in fists and rage all over his face.

“Ya don’t speak ta me like that, [Y/N].” He growled, clearly trying to intimidate you but you were too riled up to give a shit.

“I’m going to speak to you however you treat me, Raph! Now tell me why the fuck you can’t stand me!” you growled back, making him take a step back but not faltering his expression.

“I don’t hate ya, or dislike ya, ya stupid bitch!” he yelled, hitting his bedpost with his fist.

“Sure seems like it!” you were ready to leave the room, a middle finger up at him before he stopped you with three words.

“I like ya!” he even stopped himself. What was he doing? “I like ya [Y/N]. I don’t know how ya could ever be with someone like me, so I just, I don’t know, rather have ya hate me than actually care about me. I can’t give ya what ya deserve in life, and it tears me apart. I can’t have ya tied ta me. I don’t want ya ta miss all the things that someone else can give ya. And I don’t want ya ta look at me one day and feel the tiniest bit of like. Regret or pity.” He was sat on his bed, staring down at his mutated hands. You stopped at the door, turning around with tears in your eyes.

“I would never think that!”

“Ya don’t know that, [Y/N],” he picked his head up to look at you with teary eyes himself, “I can’t watch you, wanderin’ around the lair, especially dressed so amazin’ like ya’re today, or see ya naked.” He stopped, chuckling and shaking his head at his hands again. You were stood in front of him, arms down by your sides, “and not be able to feel so much sadness that yer here with me when someone else could have ya, and ya could have such a better life.”

“No. No.” you were crying, your mascara coating your cheeks, “don’t say another word! You made me feel like shit for months, Raphael! You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, when in reality, I fucking am! I am worth so much more than the pain you made me endure!” And that’s when you said something that you both thought you’d never hear come out of your mouth. “I wish I had never been brought here! I wish I had never met you!”

Mystery Scribble Theater Monday: Comic #4 is GO!

Jonah just wants to help. Crow ain’t havin’ it. Of course, let’s think about how much time Crow has spent alone… He might not be quite ready to deal with another human yet.

Fun stuff:

~ That’s a C-3PO leg. I have no idea where he got it.
~ Anyone remember what old 90′s modems sounded like trying to get online? THAT IS CROW’S VOICE RIGHT NOW.
~ Crow being protective of his smaller brother Tom makes my heart happy.
~ Those are not random 1′s and 0′s. He’s saying something.

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anonymous asked:

I just want to know where ink went

Oh man yeah, I dreamed of him last night too. (He stole my cat that fucking idiot)

I’m very sorry for the lack of drawings of Ink or the comic, he’s not my main center of interest since long ago but I still love him very much and I want to complete this story, it just takes a lot of involvement to create a comic for me. I’m a very slow artist, I can take hours to complete a sketch because I want to like every little detail and skeletons for me are harder to do for some reason orz. I try to change that and it’s one of my goals, because it makes comics impossible to keep up with. :(

I just recently started a sketchbook so I have material to show for future art school admissions, and I’ll try to do some things with him! But with my semi “inspiration/motivation block”, school and commissions, even drawing my ocs is tough. I apologize! D: I still love talking about Ink and looking at things involving him and I still love what’s being done with the Undertale fandom.

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or your mafia au comic got shorter and shorter everytime you update? I know that it's not easy to draw them, and you've done a good job coloring them so it must take a bit long to finish, i'm just kinda disappointed that it's short? But i'm still looking forward to your works everytime i'm on tumblr, I just want to tell you how i feel. Please don't take it the wrong way!

Okay, um, a couple things
I know you’re not trying to be rude, but, honestly the last installment had two pages, which is basically the average
Honestly, the pages are becoming more and more detailed as I go along, if you look at the beginning you can see that I didn’t bother to have panels or backgrounds.
So, I don’t think it’s short?
And even if it is, that’s just how it is
I’m making this comic for free and with my own time.
It’s summer now, but I started this back when I was doing school, and I also work
just, I understand that you like it a lot and want more, but, each page is a labor of love
And it isn’t something that can be rushed or forced ^^;