wanted to try making it look like a comic

Getting a little tired of people “complaining” about how human Maxton Look. HAHAH I mean…he is my OC to do what I like with!!

This character have been an experiment from the first time I drew him. First he was gonna be a bunny, but then I figured…lets make this story “something else” So how would a hare and a fox mix look? Hmmmmmm Ware Hare human it is.

Finally in the latest chapter I felt like I managed to draw him like I always (almost) imagined….soooo if you like to follow this story…just …enjoy the comic

So heres a little sketchdump ive been wanting to draw for a while hahah

and ill try and not make him 100% human by the end of this comic


So this show is trying to make us believe that Tikki and Plagg don’t feel a presence of each other in that classroom even though show hinted two times that Kwamis feel presence of other Kwamis. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Reveal being caused by one of them accidentally seeing the other one’s Kwami. It’s not so romantic but it would be funny to watch how interactions would change if only one of them knew other’s true identity. Can’t decide who would I prefer to find out first but Plagg appears to be a more careless one and more likely to be accidentally seen. 

So I’ve been thinking about Zarya. Particularly, about how she’s portrayed in art.

This is how Zarya looks in canon:

Originally posted by beensentoe-taku

Take a moment to contain your swooning. Seriously. Look at this beautiful brick wall. *fans self* (please hug me like a big fuzzy Siberian bear)

Now, she does have a bit of boob-plate going on with her armor-vest-thingy, but there is not NEARLY enough room under there for the ginormous breasts a lot of artists seem to put on her.

If you look at a real-life bodybuilder, they don’t typically have large breasts. Someone with the kind of muscle-definition Zarya has will have naturally higher testosterone and low bodyfat–not exactly ideal for boobs. So I’m wondering where the huge boobs in the art are coming from.

My theory–artists have absorbed cultural beauty standards and don’t want to make her ‘ugly’. So they smack comically large breasts on her chest to try to make her look more like the hourglass that is the only culturally acceptable shape other than ‘rail-thin beanpole’, which Zarya is never going to be.

Would it not be better to celebrate diverse body types? To acknowledge that not all women have hourglass figures, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Let Zarya be a beautiful brick wall.

I know I know, comic pages are taking forever ;-; I’m working on them I promise!! As a lot of you know or have figured out, time and lack of energy make comics really hard for me. When I have an idea I have a tendency to rush into it before really taking the time to figure out how I want to make it look, which leads to burn out frustrations later down the line feeling like my drawings have no consistency. So I decided to take some time and try and remedy that, in an effort to make the new pages feel more consistent. Then after the whole 14 page comic is all finished, before I get it printed I’ll go back to the first few pages I’ve finished and rework them to fit as well. So… here are some of my notes! Not perfect drawings, I whipped em up early this morning but this is definitely more the way I want them to look.

Don’t Lie To Me

Pairing: Allison x Scott x Isaac

Summary: Allison and Scott have been going strong now for a good year; it really was true love but Scott starts to notice that Isaac is clinging on to them more often than before. He starts to get jealous, thinking that he’s going to steal his girl. Scott confronts Isaac but it doesn’t turn out like Scott expected.

Word Count: 977

Prompt: Requested by anon. Can you do a love triangle between Scott Allison and Isaac? Scott and Allison are dating but Scott thinks that Isaac likes Allison when in fact Isaac likes Scott.

A/N: I wanted to make this comical but it just wasn’t working out so I went for a more of the avoid the situation approach; which I know far too well! And I broke my finger so it is quite hard to type!

Requests are open.

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Scott looked around the cafeteria trying to spot out his brunette beauty from afar, he sighed when he seen her sitting next to one of his pack members; Isaac. “Hey man,” Scott greeted him, taking a seat next to Allison and pulling her into a kiss which she grumbled with embarrassment. “Hey beautiful,” He whispered, grasping her hands in his.

Isaac coughed reminding Scott that he was there trying to eat his lunch. Scott shot him a glare before conversing with the pair of them. “So, what are you doing tonight?” Isaac questioned. Allison peeked at Scott before replying, “Probably watch a movie in Scott’s.”

“Can I tag along? I don’t want to spend another night alone.” Scott near choked on his sandwich earning questionable looks from his peers. “Emm, I’m sure that will be fine, right Scott?” Allison hissed, trying to pat Scott’s back. He nodded hesitantly before looking at Isaac whose gaze was set on Allison.

“I’m telling you now, Al, he likes you.” Scott grumbled for the third time that evening, feeling anger growing inside him. “Why else would he invite himself to our movie date?” Scott was pacing around the living room whilst Allison watched with amusement. “You’re awfully cute when you’re jealous.” She pulled him to a stop, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down so that he was hovering over her. She placed a line of soft kisses up his neck, pecking his lips at the end, “And I love you,” She whispered onto his lips, breaking apart.

Isaac walked through the front door of Scott’s house and straight to the living room where he heard voices. He stopped and stared at Scott hovering over Allison who was looking at him like he was the only thing worth wild in this world. He felt the pit of his stomach drop slightly at the sight but shook it off. “Hey guys,” He held up a bag of m&ms and popcorn, “I brought treats.” Scott moved to sit beside Allison and forced a smile to his friend.

The seat on Allison’s other side was vacant so Isaac took it for himself, draping an arm over her shoulders; his fingertips touching Scott’s biceps. “What are we watching?” He wondered, just as Scott pressed play. “Paranormal Activity,” Allison replied a massive smile on her face. Isaac rolled his eyes before glancing at Scott, “Great,” He murmured sarcastically. He always hated them movies, he didn’t like horror films and Scott knew that.

“No, no, no, no.” Allison muttered; peering through the gaps in her fingers trying to watch the movie. She was leaning towards Isaac, her head resting on his shoulders as he comforted her. Isaac could feel the anger radiating off Scott but he didn’t understand why. His girlfriend was trying to get as far away from the screen as possible; which was in Isaac’s direction.

Allison let out a scream and crushed her face into Isaac’s chest causing him to let out a manly laugh. Scott looked at his girlfriend in the arms of a man that is crushing on her and he felt ready to explode. He stormed up from the chair and walked to the kitchen, gripping the side of the counter. “Fucking hell.” He muttered to himself, trying to calm down.

Isaac gave a weird look in the direction that Scott went in, “I’ll go check on him.” He muttered, standing up causing Allison to crash on the couch. He walked into the kitchen to see Scott’s back raising up and down as he talked to himself. “Dude, is everything okay?” Isaac asked, worried. Scott let out a snarky chuckle, “No, nothing is okay, for fuck sake. You’ve your hands all over my girl out there, Isaac; and you don’t seem to give two fucks.” He hissed, turning his body to face the blue-eyed wolf.

Scott was getting angrier by the second when Isaac remained quiet. “Go on, say something, Isaac. Tell me how you’re in love with her and you’ll be willing to fight me for her. Go on.” Scott taunted, stepping closer to him. “Say it.” Isaac shoved Scott away from him, “I don’t like Allison.” He hissed at Scott, he was beginning to get frustrated. He was trying to get rid of his feelings; he really was, but nothing was working. He slept with a girl from the history class to try and move on but he couldn’t.

“Don’t lie to me,” Isaac rolled his eyes knowing Scott knew he wasn’t lying. Other than the fact that his heart was beating faster because he knew his secret was going to come out; it didn’t skip a beat. “I don’t like Allison, Scott…” Isaac took a deep breath before continuing, “I like you.”

Scott’s eyes shot up to meet Isaac’s, not believing what he had just heard. “Me?” He asked in shock, Isaac nodded; looking away from his orbs. Scott heart was racing, how had this happened? He never seen any of the signs, other than him always being with Allison. “Isaac…” Scott started but Isaac shook his head, “You don’t have to say anything, Scott. I know where I stand, it’ll always be Allison.”

Allison walked into the room a second later, feeling the tension between Scott and Isaac. “What’s going on?” She asked, grabbing a bottle of soda from the fridge. Isaac looked at Scott with wide eyes, pleading not to say anything; he couldn’t deny the fact that he was embarrassed.

Scott cleared his throat, “Nothing at all, babe. Is the movie over?”

Isaac waited until both Allison and Scott left the room and he took a deep breath; relief filling his system. Scott didn’t take it as bad as he thought; he didn’t really have a chance to say anything since Allison walked in and Isaac was praising her for her timing.

jukeboxx-and-wrekkord  asked:

I keep worrying that if I can't draw my Alters the way they look something bad will happen; do you ever struggle drawing them the way they look? Is even bad art okay to start with when trying to show how your Alters work? I want to try making little comics or pictures like you do to help explain to others how my DID works but 1. I can't draw them right and 2. I'm worried it'll be like I'm copying you when that isn't what I'm trying to do at all. Any advice?

I didnt invent drawing alters or even alter spotlights! I’ve seen stuff like this floating around the community for ages! Even comics too! You’re totally in the clear doing that, in fact I really encourage it!!!

As for drawing them right, it’s fucking HARD. like thats why im drawing in this more cartoony style instead of my realistic/proportioned/effort style. i can generalize features by making them cartoony. often i still just. miss their likeness by a long shot. im working my ass off to improve enough to do proper realistic portraits someday. after all this time i still just dont capture them quite right most of the time.

and like, yeah you can bad art pictures of alters! you can bad art pictures of anything! thats how you get better! unless an alter expresses discomfort about being drawn poorly, it shouldnt change the intent of your work! 

basically, go for it. do it, mess up, do it better next time. u got this


Hey guys! So just some fun little work in progress stuff. This is a thumbnail v. slightly more finished comic page comparison! Thumbnails are always pretty funny to me, and I love seeing thumbnails of artists I like, so I figured it’d be fun to post. 

Also a bonus little Ford wanted poster I’m designing for this. He does have an official one, but this one’s for the sake of a joke/trying to make it look over the top. Plus I just thought it’d be fun to do haha.

All of this is for a zine I’m a part of! Which you can check out the progress on here: http://gfpostfinalecomicbook.tumblr.com/


I really wanted to contribute to one of my favorite AU’s ever, which is Aftertale by @loverofpiggies

It is actually really hard for me to get into an au let alone make one, but for some reason I’m really into the Undertale au’s especially Aftertale. So, I wanted to contribute something to this comic series.

I hate that photoshop made me have to shrink the picture so much to get the gif going, but hopefully it still looks good/works.

I didn’t want to shade GenoSans due to not wanting to loose the more “dramatic” feel of the next picture. Hope you guys like the illusion attempt I made with the shading (first time trying something like this).

I rlly love Jason Todd and would just like a beautifully animated movies of him doin his things trying to get his life together like he sees a recipe he really wants to try bc it looks super warm and could satisfy that craving he can’t find a word for and gets all the stuff makes it probably fucks it up but he gets it right the second time but he leaves it for after patrol but on patrol he gets in gang fight and someone happen to hit his jaw so he beaks theirs but it still aches a little and he eats the food he made when he gets home and it’s so so good makes him feel really warm and okay lol idk man I just wannna see Jason having a good time with very little stress hanging on him tbh


Rhythmic Impression Part I |Part II|Part III|Part IV|Part V|

 Rouge: No offense, but wouldn’t you prefer to wear something a little more…appealing?

Amy: Appealing? Rouge, it’s rhythmic gymnastics, not a cat walk show

Rouge: I don’t think you’re catching my drift. Shall I rephrase? Don’t you want to look pretty for Big Blue? *points outside* 

(Sonic and Knuckles talking aka Sonic teasing Knuckles who is this close to pounding his face in *Sonic, so help me*)

Amy’s thoughts: She’s right. Once Sonic sees just how pretty I am, he’ll have no choice but to gaze in awe and want me all for himself *heart eyes face*

Rouge: Oh Pinkie~ Choose wisely

Amy: I think this one will do just fine~

a little comic I’ve been working on while I procrastinate on my other projects :D                  

EDIT: Sorta fixed it but keepin the dialogue here anyways cuz i have horrible handwriting

“Why did you start playing hockey?”

“I don’t remember. It was a long time ago.” –Jack

“Well, I had to stop figure skating, but I didn’t want to stop skating altogether, so it was just about my only option.” –Bitty

“Look at my hair. No, look at it. Get yer nose right up in here. Now tell me this flow coulda been happy living any other life.” –Shitty

“To make friends.” –Ransom and Holster, in unison

“I’ve never actually played hockey. Check back through the comic, you’ll see.” –Johnson

“Looked fun. Wanted to try it. Tried it. It was fun.” –Nursey

“I liked sharks when I was a kid so I joined the San Jose Junior Sharks and nobody else wanted to be the goalie so I said I would and I loved it! I still love it! I still love sharks too! Go Sharks!” –Chowder

“I punched a kid at school in second grade, and my mom told me if I wanted to punch people I should take up hockey. She regretted saying that pretty quick.” –Dex

“Bad Bob Zimmermann. Worshipped the man. But hey, let’s not go living in the past! You heard the new Kanye track yet?“ –Parse

SinJa Comic Preview Page!

Read from right to left, like how you would read manga please~ (Actually I’m not sure, the formatting for this page is a bit messed up)

The latest chapters of SnB have been messing with my feels so much that I just had to vent them on an angsty SinJa comic (it’s going to be a huge project!!!). Plus, I wanted to try out a new manga-making program I downloaded a few days ago… Applying screentones is unexpectedly fun (: 

I was thinking of using SnB-ish styled panels and art style for later on pages. Please look forward to it!

  • my brother: I'm just thinking about all the whovians who were adamant about how the Daleks are DEFINITELY NOT ROBOTS because it's all about that little fried egg they have piloting them. But no, it's actually all about the robot suit.
  • me: they could literally be saying how much they love roses and sound like murderous psychopaths. poor daleks.
  • my brother: all those invasions, they were just trying to make friends.
  • me: hahaha imagine, the dalek invasion....they're just trying to ask directions for starbucks and accidentally get murdery. daleks want pumpkin spice lattes too.
  • my brother: comes out guns blazing, actually just trying to spread love
  • me: I need a comic about the misunderstood dalek.
  • me: "aw crap not again" *looks into the camera like it's on the office*

hey artists of ML can I make a request? I’m trying to save my wrist so im not drawing everything that comes to mind like i normally would but i want to see something with literally all of my soul please its a random impulsive thought that occurs to me all the time, and recently i started associating Nino with it

can someone please draw a two panel comic of Nino in class. The first picture is just him looking forward looking annoyed or tired or frazzled and saying “Everything is awful” then the second is him looking to his friends and saying “Somebody do something” 

thats it. i need it desperately 

So, I finally read @sakura-rose12​‘s comic @damedaffodil​ (I’m probably the last person in the universe to do so, nvmd), then got extremly bored and then wanted to try if I still can draw after not drawing for 7 light years (exactly this long) in exactly this order and this is what I ended up with

Conclusion, I kind of still can draw, but only on graphic tablet. When I try to draw with a normal pencil every time I make a mistake I look for the undo button like a nerd I am

Dame Daffodil © @sakura-rose12(hope you don’t mind I used your character)

Art © @lanafair

I made a tumblr so that I could keep up with this comic, I really enjoy it.  I want to draw something for you guys and I also wanted to give Digital Painting a try, something I have never done before.  I don’t have a tablet yet so I had to draw the sketch and scan it in then paint it.  Over all I like how it turned out.  

Thanks for the awesome comics.

AHHHH Oh my goodness!! For a first try this is amazing! You’ve done really well! The shading is super lovely and you draw Chara so cute! ♥ Love how you’ve done the flowers too! They look great! Thank you so much for the fanart!

* Dusty makes you a flower crown… out of love! 💞ヽ(´ー`)ノ💕💖


Hello, a small friend here.

I know fight just started for the THIRD time after a big gap.  If you haven’t noticed, there’s been yet another gap in updates.  I’m really sorry about that.  The big issue for me right now is: I don’t like how Fight looks, and I can seem to stick to a story that I really enjoy.  I’m not enjoying working on it.  Fight is a very big project.  It’s a slow burn that’s supposed to last about 500 pages.  

I don’t want to give up on Fight forever, but right now is not the time for me to make it.  I need to finish another smaller project and give this story time to develop before I try to tell it.  I spend all my free time on comics, and if I’m doing something I don’t like I’m super unhappy.  

I also don’t believe I’m technically capable of telling this story yet.  Drawing soccer is exhausting.  I don’t know how sports artists do this full time!! It’s bonkers.  

I can’t explain how much your support thus far has meant to me.  I’m so excited that people enjoy the cast and the small amount of content I’ve produced for this comic.  I want to say thank you from the bottom of my tiny, gay heart.  I promise someday they will be back in full force, looking beautiful.  I want to tell Kid and Warden’s story, but I want to do it in a way I can be proud of.  I’m just not there yet.

I will be starting a new project on May first.  I’ll make an announcement when that gets closer to launching.

Thank you again for supporting me so far.  I hope to see you back here again someday!