wanted to try making it look like a comic

Notice how careful and calculated Kara is. She didn’t just land straight away with agility and put Lena down to stand. She took the time to look down and gauge, and did a quick measure to land. It’s like she wanted to avoid Lena from getting whiplashed or something (because she’s too eager to attain Lena’s safety), or that Kara is fully aware of Lena’s fear of heights and didn’t want to make that fear much worse but try applying some levity to it. 

Did you book?

Request: “Hii mmhmh, I just want to say that I like your blog so much, I think you’re cute and I would ask for a fic where Bucky and reader has to share a bed so he has a hard time trying to hide how turned on by reader he is. Smut, if possible. THANK YOU.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, SMUT (OH, YAS)

taging: SORRY, I totally forgot to tag people last time xd . @magellan-88         @bellastellaluna  @all-the-fandoms2  @nyu-kun69  @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction  (again sorry if I’m missing someone, please let me know if you want to be tagged in my next series, or untagged!) :) Thank you XX.

Part 2. 

4.32 a.m

Bucky has problems. Serious problems.

Nearly an hour ago something has woken him up from his slumber. This “something” has been your leg spread freely over his tighs. It seems that in to the nigh both of you have moved and now, for his dismay, you are laying peacefully on top of him with your crotch dangerously near to his.

He has tried to move you a couple times but didn’t had the guts to wake you up, you seem so relaxed and you deserve it so much… So, every time you move in your sleep and rub your knee over his dick you stick another nail on his coffin. Bucky gulps nervous when your arm shakes a little in his chest as if you are dreaming, he knows from the start that sharing a bed with you was not a good idea. For fuck’s sake, how he has let you convice him of that? If he can’t bare with feeling your knee againts his when you dinner with the team, how is he gonna bare with the feeling your warm, half naked, body squashed againts his? He commit the mistake of taking a deep breath

- Fuck… - he mutters. You smell so well… And it was not the shampoo, that’s for sure, because the one in the bathroom doesn’t smell like anything. It’s your natural smell, and he can’t help imagining that same fragance saturating his nosetrils when he digs his head on your neck while burying himself deep inside you… - Virgin Mary… - he mutters under his breath, extremelly unconfortable when his dick twitch on his sweatpants at the vivid image.

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Ignis’ Birthday

You can find the original comic here:


I hadn’t downloaded a font to use for comics on this one, so I apologize for the odd choices. I just edit and put English onto these as I go along, so there’s no proofreading or anything. Please forgive any errors. I don’t use Tumblr often, either, so please forgive me as I learn.

I’ve been practicing Japanese on the same series for many years now and I needed something new to get into. I’m going to try and find different doujinshi to translate for fun. Please take a look at the pages of the authors, and if you have any FFXV comics you’d like to see in English feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy :)

Ignis: Noct, answer me if you’re here…

Noctis: Whoa!

Ignis: Why are you surprised?
Hm? You’re making coffee jelly?

Noctis: Aah… Well…

Ignis: Is Prompto with you?

Noctis: Umm, no…

Ignis: …I’m glad you’ve met someone who can get you to want to do this.

Noctis: Huh?

Ignis: These are for today’s meeting. Please look them over.

Basa - Rustle

Noctis: Yeah, thanks.

Ignis: Well then.

Noctis: What kind of misunderstanding was that…?

Noctis:< Oh well, I guess I wasn’t exposed.

February 7nth

Ignis: Noct, what is this…?

Noctis: Ignis, isn’t today your birthday?

Noctis: Go ahead.

Mogu - Munch

Ignis: It’s delicious.

Ignis: Noct, it’s great.

Box: Aah, Ignis.

Box: This must be

Box: how you always feel.

Noctis: Ignis,

Noctis: Happy birthday.


Here are the best pictures I have of our costumes from the con!  That’s me as Kylo, my niece as Rey, my mom as Leia, and my big brother dressed as a non-specific Jedi.  My sister dressed as a non-specific Sith and was kind enough to be my assistant and hold my props and things when necessary.

In the first pair of photos of my niece and I, I was trying to make an angry face for the pic, but my niece was being too cute and she made me laugh.  I love her to pieces, she’s so goofy.

I like the top group pic a lot because it looks like an awkward family photo. lol

The bottom 3 are from after my niece was well-past nap time and had taken off most of her costume to get more comfortable.  She was asking if I could see out of my helmet, but also she was really tired and wanted to cuddle for a minute.

anonymous asked:

Hello! This may be a weird question but I wanted to know, how do you begin to draw? Like, before drawing the details and stuff. Do you make any quick test or sketches for the position and stuff? If so, could you show us how you do it? I've been desperately trying to draw but it just won't stop looking unreal and giving me problems ;;

Sorry for the late reply!! I always sketch guidelines for general positioning/proportions/etc, like so:

(new comic pages!!)

These guidelines can be varying degrees of sloppy but I never just jump straight into drawing the final sketch because everything would look awfully weird. It’s easy to fix wonky anatomy at this stage but not so much after you already started fiddling with details, those should come last.

Once I finished my draft, I reduce the opacity until I can barely see it and then start drawing on a new layer.

Hope this helped a little!! :D

I saw this post a while ago, and have recently seen others like it, and I really wanted a coldflash version. I also really wanted to try making something with a comic making program I have on my laptop. So this happened…enjoy!

You Hate Me, You Love Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Sounds great! Thanks my love!

Prompt: “I am craving a little something from Big Red if that’s okay. Something along the lines of April and Casey bring a friend by to help when Donnie gets injured and the turtles accept her into their little group apart from Raph who is a bit of a shit around her but it turns out that’s because he likes her. Something like that work for you sweetie?” @girl-next-door-writes

Word count: 1467

Warnings: Swearing & lots of angst

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d become your routine, to go from your apartment to the lair every morning, regardless of what you were doing that day. You enjoyed the atmosphere down there, and gradually got used to the smell. It was the sewers after all.

Today though, you had to be careful. You had an interview at a new office building that had opened. They salary that came with the shiny new office chair was too good to pass up, but that meant an entirely new wardrobe. If things didn’t go well, you could always return the stuff, but that’s if you didn’t get them dirty. So you didn’t go that morning before the interview, you texted Raph your reasoning quickly, because he was the first one on your contact list under ‘Apple Bottom.’ You were running late, and every second counted, especially in a city like New York.

Hours later, a secretary rang you whilst you stood in a line at the post office, telling you that you got the job, and the grin never left your lips as you basically skipped down the street in your new outfit, with a new job label and a new start. You hated that old office anyway.

Getting to the lair was usually a walk in the park for you, but in the new heels, it was a tad difficult but when you got there you knew you had to make a big entrance.

“Hello!” you beamed, stretching your arms out to reveal your very sophisticated outfit: a deep red dress that matched your satin lips, black heels that were far too overpriced for their worth and a small purse. Your hair cascaded in waves, framing your face and your make up was done. This was the most put together you had ever looked in front of the turtles, usually you’d rock up in sweats and a t-shirt, because they knew you’d change at work.

“Oh, hey [Y/N]… Finally decided to show up?” Mikey drawled. He was probably the most worried and disappointed about your sudden disappearance that morning. He’d made chocolate chip pancakes, and wanted you to try them, but you never showed. Leo was straight up giving you the silent treatment, and Donnie was the only one there to tell you (rather rudely) that they were mad because you never bothered mentioning that you weren’t going to show that morning.

“I left a message with-” you stopped, grumbling and rubbing your forehead. “I left a message with Raph.” You mumbled, the others just looked at you like you were dumb.

You met the guys when your cousin April had brought you to meet them, because you were the only one who April knew who could stitch a deep wound up. Donnie, the resident brainbox, got in the way of an attack on April and sliced his side. You used to work at an underground bar, and stitching people up after fights was your specialty. That was all history now, you and the boys were like family. Except one brute.

“Raphael!” you bellowed, slamming the door of his bedroom against the wall and crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh. You.” He rolled his eyes and went back to his comic book.

“Yeah, me.” Taking a seat on one of the spinning chairs, your legs up against the table. “What the fuck have you got against me?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact ya feel the need to put yer dirty feet all over my furniture.” He threw a ball at your legs, but obviously you didn’t budge. In fact, you moved on leg and scraped whatever dirt you had on the bottom of your shoe on the table.

“These cost a lot of money, gotta keep them clean.” You smirked, resting your hand on your thigh as you twirled a strand of hair around your finger.

“If this is yer way or seducin’ me, try harder.” Snorting, you crossed your arms over your chest again; the nerve of this guy.

“So, are you going to tell me why you hate me?” Raph glanced up from his comic book and sighed.

You were patient, and it took time, but he gave in “I don’t hate ya.”

“Okay, why do you dislike me.” Rolling his eyes, you could tell he was becoming agitated. One thing Raphael hated more than someone yelling at him and giving orders, was someone who just asked too many questions.

“I don’t dislike ya- An’ can ya stop doin’ that!” You’d been playing with a strand of your hair, and you only realized you were doing it when he snapped at you. A smirk spread on your face, and you continued.

“What?” you tilted your head to the side mockingly, before stretching and standing, walking around his room. He had all kinds of knick-knacks, and some he made himself out of wood. You had to say you were impressed. Raphael eyed you closely s you continued to pick up and look at his stuff. He found himself not really caring. “Are you going to tell me or what?”

“Nothin’ to tell.”

“Yes there is, Raph. I wanna know what I did wrong that’s made you not like me. I mean,” sighing, you put one of the little wooden toys down. “I want to get to know you like I have the others, I’m sorry if I did anything but-”

“Just shut up, and get out.” He grumbled sternly, looking back at his comic. That is when you really got angry.
“Fuck off Raph! I’m trying to fix whatever the hell is wrong with us being friends and you’re making this so difficult!” By this point, Raph had threw his comic on the floor and got close to your face, his hands in fists and rage all over his face.

“Ya don’t speak ta me like that, [Y/N].” He growled, clearly trying to intimidate you but you were too riled up to give a shit.

“I’m going to speak to you however you treat me, Raph! Now tell me why the fuck you can’t stand me!” you growled back, making him take a step back but not faltering his expression.

“I don’t hate ya, or dislike ya, ya stupid bitch!” he yelled, hitting his bedpost with his fist.

“Sure seems like it!” you were ready to leave the room, a middle finger up at him before he stopped you with three words.

“I like ya!” he even stopped himself. What was he doing? “I like ya [Y/N]. I don’t know how ya could ever be with someone like me, so I just, I don’t know, rather have ya hate me than actually care about me. I can’t give ya what ya deserve in life, and it tears me apart. I can’t have ya tied ta me. I don’t want ya ta miss all the things that someone else can give ya. And I don’t want ya ta look at me one day and feel the tiniest bit of like. Regret or pity.” He was sat on his bed, staring down at his mutated hands. You stopped at the door, turning around with tears in your eyes.

“I would never think that!”

“Ya don’t know that, [Y/N],” he picked his head up to look at you with teary eyes himself, “I can’t watch you, wanderin’ around the lair, especially dressed so amazin’ like ya’re today, or see ya naked.” He stopped, chuckling and shaking his head at his hands again. You were stood in front of him, arms down by your sides, “and not be able to feel so much sadness that yer here with me when someone else could have ya, and ya could have such a better life.”

“No. No.” you were crying, your mascara coating your cheeks, “don’t say another word! You made me feel like shit for months, Raphael! You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, when in reality, I fucking am! I am worth so much more than the pain you made me endure!” And that’s when you said something that you both thought you’d never hear come out of your mouth. “I wish I had never been brought here! I wish I had never met you!”

anonymous asked:

hi this might be a weird question, and you dont have to at all. but do you think you could post a comparison of your art when you started drawing digitally, and now? i'm finding it really distressing because nothing's turning out right and it can get a girl down y'know? i love your art sm thank you 💗💗💗💗

lemme see, from when I got my tablet… hmmm…

Let’s go down memory lane lmao; the beginning was shit like oh my god, I saw it and cried a bit look at this shit

This is from 2011 like… wow. Ok, let’s just…
I don’t have a lot on my computer now (from my old drawings) but this next one is from… 2013 I think/? I don’t really know

it’s from right before I left for uni, if I remember correctly? I drew my room… I have one with m room from my foundation year too, look;

It looks bigger in the drawing cuz im shit with backgrounds but yeah :’D

And then in 2014 I tried drawing in this kind of a style:

With this being one of the good outcomes :’D

there’s this too which looks really cool, I should redraw this one day damn

But moving on, then I started with the BTS fanart and if you look WAY back, I think these are like, the first things I posted here related to BTS?

eyyy namjin :’D

And at some point I drew these sketches where I used a hard and consistent lie and it was like my eyes just opened and I discovered the kind of line that I want in my art

So I went on with that and stuff like these happened:

As well as the Yoonmin Bingo comic series ayy

And then I played around for like hours and hours in Photoshop just trying out things and we got to the kind of drawings I make today :D


You know what I want in vld s3? I’ll tell ya what I want.
I want MORE of the Garrison. Give me all of your episodes in the Garrison, I want em. All of em.
I want to know how Hunk and Lance met, how did their friendship develop or something like that, I don’t know just tell me for fuck sake.
I want to know more of the relationship about Shiro and Keith, like, since when they knew each other????? How many years??? Did they know each other before the Garrison¿?? I need answers.
I want to know if Keith actually knew Lance because he saw him before at the Garrison (yes, he says “oh you are the cargo pilot” but you know exactly what I mean), or even, what did he think about him?? Did he think he was a jackass?????????? Was he just pretending he didn’t know who he was when they met in ep 1???
AND MORE, WHAT DOES KEITH ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT LANCE? Like, you can tell by the way he acts with the others what he thinks about them, just like when he complimented Hunk or some shit.
I want more of Allura childhood!! And Coran’s!!! Or idk, just how their lives were before Zarkon!
And honestly.. most of all I want my baby son Lance to fist the fuck out of some really bad guy (coughslotorcoughs) and just…I want him to be so badass the team doesn’t even recognize him.. like he has this super badass moment in which he is all serious and looks so cold that he looks like he could never smile again (not in a bad way!! Pls try to get what I mean HHHH ), making him an actual character not just a comic relief (and Hunk too) I WANT A FUCKING PLOT TWIST BAM THE BALCK LION DOESNT RESPOND TO KEITH BUT LIKE AFTER THAT BADASS LANCE MOMENT THE LION RESPONDS TO LANCE (actually I don’t want anybody o touch the black lion bc it belongs to Shiro I mean then what was the purpose of all those bonding moments) AND FUCK YE AH GIVE MY BOY A MOMENT WERE HE FINALLY GETS THAT HIS LIFE ITS NOT UNDER ANYONES SHADOW BC HE IS A WES OME. AND FROM THAT TIME HE STILL IS A JOKE SOMETIME S BUT HE ACTS SERIOUS AF. BC WE ALL KNOW THAT NOT EVERYTHING LANCE DOES IS WHAT/HOW HE REALLY IS. I WANT TO SEE LANCE IN ALL OF HIS SHADES, UNDER THAT FACADE (??) HE KEEPS WITH THE OTHERS IM

Lol maybe I’ll do another post bc I want so much more I’m just.. so shook after the s2 finale.

George Weasley Imagine It’s A Start

“He’s glaring at you again.” You sighed, your head drooping at your friends words and glanced over at the boy in question. Sure enough, George Weasley’s eyes were burning a hole into the back of your head. If looks could kill, you’d have been dead. 

“Why?” You mumbled, looking back at your friend. George had always seemed to hate you, despite your best efforts to befriend him. You’d never done anything horrible to him, but his mind seemed to be made up. 

“Who knows. Maybe he’s got a crush on you.” You rolled your eyes, shoving your friend playfully. You stood up, going to your next lesson and your eyes swept over George, who simply stared back blankly. Rolling your eyes, you walked out of the library and towards your classroom. 

“Professor I-”

“Enough! You are staying, whether you like it or not. Actions have consequences and it seems that you need to learn that lesson.” You slumped down in your seat and glared at the wall. You had to stay in detention with your worst enemy, George.

“What are you in here for? Sucking out the souls of children?” George asked, his voice hostile. You shook your head and scoffed at his assumption.

“Yeah, I do that on a regular basis.” You replied and he quirked an eyebrow upwards. Huffing, you turned around, ignoring him and instead focusing on your homework.

“Not that you care, but I actually stuck up for someone. Hexes are apparently frowned upon here, even when they’re deserved.” You joked and cringed at yourself. George rolled his eyes and you knew you’d never win him over.

“Well, aren’t you the new Ghandi.” He muttered and you stood up, slamming your books on the table and glaring at him.

“Look, I don’t know what your problem is with me, but I’ve never done anything remotely horrible to you. And you know what? That’s always bothered me, that you hate me for no reason. So I’m done trying to make you realise that I’m not the bad guy, because your stubborn mind is clearly already made up.” You seethed and George stared at you in shock. After your outburst, you sat down and did your homework, pointedly ignoring him. 

“I-I’m sorry.” Part of you revelled at the idea of him apologising, but a larger part of you was still angry with him and his constant anger.

“Funny, you look like George, but you can’t possibly be him.” You shot back and he paused, uncertain of what to say.

“Ok, maybe I deserved that.”

“Maybe?” You practically screeched, still not looking at him. He moved around, but you refused to turn.

“Alright, I’ve been an idiot and I guess I don’t really have a reason for being so rude to you.” George sat in front of you and shrugged, flashing you his trademark grin. 

“Thanks that makes me feel so much better.” You said sarcastically and you could see him trying to figure out what to do. 

“Look, I’m sure you’re nice, somewhere inside, but you’re not doing yourself any favours by acting like the popular prankster that you are in front of everyone else. So maybe save the smirks for someone who’ll actually buy them.” You told him and his eyes widened. 

“That’s why I’ve always been so horrible to you. You…you can see through the act and that’s terrifying for someone like me. I don’t really want anyone to know that I’m not this suave comic they all think I am.” You were taken aback by his honesty and smiled.

“Did you just smile? Am I forgiven?” 

“Maybe.” You replied cryptically and smiled again.George almost seemed triumphant.

“Does this mean you’ll go out with me at some point?” George asked hopefully. 

“You’ve got a long way to go before you’re forgiven Weasley-”


“It’s a start.”

Requests are open

anonymous asked:

Been trying to break into comics and get my scripts looked at but NO ONE will read my stuff. I have tried the larger publishers and small indies. Zip. Nada. I just want a shot. I write daily and have one limited series completed (seven 25 page books) and have started another...I work like a demon, but it's all for nothing. The industry seems like an insiders club. How does a fresh voice get heard when no one's listening? Any advice?

I know it feels like an insider’s club when you’re just starting out, but every one of us started off making things on our own, then showed it to other people and slowly built a community of friends. It was tough and awkward and there was no guarantees of success, but we built up our work bit by bit.

It’s good that you have so much work already completed. Finishing stories is a crucial first step and it sounds like you’re doing that. Seriously. That alone trips up most people when they’re starting out.
Here’s the Catch-22: You need to show solid work in order to get more work/visibility, but no one is willing to give you that first shot.

A publisher is not going to take on a brand new creator out of the blue for a 7+ issue series. They have to choose their projects and manage their budgets carefully, especially in this current market. Even larger publishers using well established talent have been cutting some series short due to low sales. It’s even harder if you’re sending a publisher writing samples without any visuals to go with it. You need to put together a full creative team and show at least a sample of what the finished project could look like to help bring them around to the idea (and that’s if it’s good!). Even then, I’d recommend starting with something shorter/more cohesive. Pitch a short story to an anthology, pitch a one-shot or 2-part story that’s complete to a smaller publisher. Make that pitch short and clear with a strong hook. 
If all that doesn’t work for you, then look at teaming up with an artist and start putting your work online. That circumvents the publisher thing completely. The bar to entry for webcomics is essentially ‘free’ for readers, so at least there you can get some eyeballs on the pages and, if the work is good, it may build a readership at this crucial early stage of your career. If it doesn’t, then create another story and try again. Alternately, use crowdfunding to pay for a self-published first issue and bring it to a convention to get feedback.
I started a webcomic in my spare time in 2001 and learned a ton about storytelling, pacing, and dialogue. I also struck up some great conversations online with other creators just starting out, which led to me going to my first convention (San Diego Comicon 2002), where I crashed on the floor of a friend’s hotel room to save money. Bit by bit, month after month, I met more people and encountered more opportunities I never would have expected. I kept at it and kept learning and, even then, it wasn’t until 2010 that I had a writing breakout with Skullkickers, my first Image series. It took nine years of plugging away on my storytelling before things shifted and I started to get offers to write from publishers.
There is no absolute timeline. There is no perfect method to break in. Everyone’s creative journey is different, but if you’re persevering, please know that it is possible (though not guaranteed).

Bad Ideas (Chapter 15)

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was to receive so many sweet messages about this fic yesterday, I love my readers you guys are the best!!!

This is a long update (4000+) and Peter has to work through what happened so he is pretty much all over the place. Wade tries to comfort him as best as he can. A few NSFW moments because its Wade and Peter so they need some loving!

Only one (maybe two?) chapters after this one, so if you need to catch up, catch up HERE!!

It was dark when they managed to find their way out of the abandoned building where they had been kept, and after realizing they were just in the next town over from home, Wade hot wired one of the trucks in the lot and they headed back  to see what was left of their lives.

It was gone.

“Jesus Christ.” Wade threw the stolen truck in park and jumped out of the cab, staring in disbelief.

His house and at least three fourths of the shop had been basically vaporized in the blast. A few chunks of the fridge had survived, there was maybe half of a bathtub lying in the yard. The apartment above the garage was non existent, and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was lying twisted and burnt in half melted piles.
What little was left standing was still faintly smoking, and the whole thing had been cordoned off by the police and firefighters for safety.

Wade wondered idly when he’d be getting a check from the insurance company, and if he could blame this whole thing on a faulty gas line.

“Seen if there is anything worth saving.” Wade instructed and took off towards what was left of the office, looking for his safe and the secret panel underneath it.

“There you are.” He tipped the burnt and blackened safe over on it’s side, impressed that it had survived at all. There was a little bit of cash in there but he wasn’t worried about that. No, he needed what the safe had hidden.
Buried in the ground was another safe, this one smaller, and Wade opened it hurriedly, pulling out several stacks of bills, an extra gun, and another set of IDs and paperwork for himself as well as a new cell phone.
It was an emergency fund if he ever had to pick up and run, and now seemed like a good time for that sort of thing.

“Pete!” He tossed it all in a bag in the truck and called for Peter who had been searching through the house for anything good. “Let’s go. We will stay in a hotel for tonight and tomorrow take off to a safe house I have across state lines.”

Peter just nodded, dropping whatever he was holding and brushing his hands off before climbing in the truck.

“Are you alright?” Wade asked finally, because Peter hadn’t said anything since they had escaped. Wade was willing to give him space to deal with whatever the fuck had happened back there, but he was also getting worried because the anger, frustration, bitter rolling from his omegas shoulders hadn’t lessened at all.

“It’s fine, Pete. We will just pick up and move on and start over. I’ve done it before, you’ve done it before. It’s fine. We can work out… all of this. Okay? Nothing we can’t get through. We’re gonna be fine. We’ll make it, baby boy.”

But Peter didn’t even look at him, just leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes.

“Alright then.” Wade gave one last look at what had been his home for almost five years now, and sped off down the drive.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I adore this comic and i was wondering if you had a policy on people getting tattoos of your art? Apologies if you have addressed this elsewhere, i did try to have a look for it, and absolutely no problem if you're not comfortable with the idea of course!

Hi! I’ve got no problem with it; I’m immensely honored that some one would like my art enough to get a tattoo of it! It would make my day to see pictures if you get it done :)

cptainflint  asked:

silver & flint + 46


46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

This is a silly little Modern AU thing. I hope that’s alright! 

“I think Max hates me. She’s stopped replying to my messages,” Silver said, flopping down onto the sofa next to Flint with a sigh.

“What did you do?” said Flint, without bothering to look up from the book in his hand.

Silver scoffed indignantly. “Did I say it was my fault?”

“No,” Flint said, turning the page, “I just tend to assume with you.”

“That’s so rude,” said Silver, picking at a loose thread on his jeans absently.

“And yet, I doubt I’m wrong. What did you do?” Flint repeated.

“Nothing! I just sent her some…quite long messages with quotes in them,” Silver said, shifting slightly.

Flint finally looked up, expression knowing and unimpressed. “How many?” he asked.

“Messages or quotes?” said Silver.

“Whichever is the more incriminating number,” Flint said, eyebrow arched accusingly.

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tainted-petals  asked:

Where do you even begin to get ideas for the shirts you have Paps and Undyne wear?

* I want to make their clothes look cute and campy and colourful! Making their wardrobe more lively was a fun idea I had, and trying to figure out what to have them wear is always a fun part.

* Sometimes they wear clothes I’ve seen online (like Papyrus’ amazing Christmas sweater), and sometimes I just design something I want to wear, or what I really want them to wear (for example, the shirt Papy is gonna be wearing on tonight’s comic is one of my favourites because that nickname of his always makes me cackle. Also this. I think this is absolutely hilarious.)

* I also started to recycle old designs recently, to add a touch of realism to the mix, and to bring some of my favourite designs back! (Such as Papy’s CNMNBN shirt which is one of my old faves lmao)

* I am generally a huge character design enthusiast so I love designing good shirts for them to wear! I often also ask my friends what to write on the shirt, or what colour to make it, and then just go from there. <:

* I should probably draw myself wearing some of my cool shirts, but my striped sweater is so iconic for me at this point that I don’t want to change it lmao

CU Villains Ask Meme #1

So I mean I love everyone’s villains and I want to know MORE about them all!! So here’s an ask meme! Reblog it if you want folks to send you questions! Make sure to tag any other user whose OCs are a part of your answers!(Askers: please clarify which villain if possible!)

 1. What are your villain’s powers, if any?

2. How did your villain discover their abilities? 

3. What motivates your villain to be bad?

4. Describe your villain’s outfit, or post a picture if you or someone else has drawn them!

5. Does your villain have a secret identity?

6. What canon characters do your villain interract with? 

7. What other OCs does your villain interract with?

8. It’s time for the Villains’ Ball! Who would your OC want to take? 

9. Does your villain have weapons? 

10. What is your villain’s biggest insecurity?

11. Your villain is a bad guy, but are they REALLY a “Bad Guy”?

12. What would your villain do with their abilities if they were a hero?

13. It’s karaoke night at the villain’s club! What song does your villain select? 

14.  What other villain does yours get along best with?

15. What other villain does yours get along the worst with? 

16. What will always make your villain laugh? 

17. What talent does your villain have that doesn’t pertain to their line of work? 

18. What is your villain’s favorite hobby outside of villainy?

19. What’s the quickest way to your villain’s heart? 

20. What was your villain’s childhood like? Does it play a key role in their current villainy? 

21. What’s one thing that would make your villain cry? 

22. What’s the quickest way to make your villain furious? 

23. Does your villain take a break when they’re sick, or do they continue with their villainy? 

24. What criminal act is TOO vicious for your villain? 

25. What are your villain’s main acts of villainy (robbing banks/trying to enslave humanity/etc?)

26. What is your villain’s relationship with Captain Underpants?

27. George and Harold made a comic about your villain! Would your villain be flattered/furious/etc?

28. What does your villain’s perfect Piqua look like? 

29. What are your villain’s living conditions like? 

30. Does your villain have a base/lair/etc?

Y’know, in my experience as an artist, I think the most painful feeling is being unsatisfied with your work. Not straight up loathing what you create because you see yourself as an awful artist; but the feeling that you have artistic talent, knowing you can make a picture that looks good, but at the same time you understand where all of your flaws are, and not knowing where to start with fixing them. 
For me it’s always been backgrounds and line art, I can never seem to be satisfied with either of these things. I could look up a tutorial, sure, but how much will I really learn from it if the tutorials I find don’t fit my style? Should I try to change my style to fit the background, or try to change the background to fit my style?
And then with line art, I have so much trouble making it look natural. My sketches look good, but when I try to line them it looks rigid and weird, and I’m not patient enough to just color sketches or do lineless/paintings like some people have suggested. Plus coloring the sketches is just too messy looking for what I want my style to be. I want my art to look clean and smooth, but THEN something like that is too time consuming for things like ask blogs, which I try to make more like slice of life comics than just people ask questions and this character does a thing. I want my character to feel natural, like someone you’d actually meet… even though the majority of my characters are giant magical monsters.
Idk, I’m just rambling bc I’m so… unsatisfied with everything I’ve been drawing recently, which is probably why I haven’t posted on my blogs for a bit, woops. 

anonymous asked:

I find often can't get myself to draw or paint anymore. How do you deal with artist's block?

hm hmm this one is always tough to answer! 

i haven’t been stuck in an art block for a very very long time now because my schedule is so packed that when i actually get the chance to draw for myself i have a million ideas and i want to get right down to work!

but i think fixing it depends on the cause of your artist’s block. if it’s a matter of feeling a lack of inspiration, then i would recommend looking at art that you love. scroll through some art blogs that you love to inspire you, watch shows or movies that make you want to draw or give you ideas for characters or stories or backgrounds or anything! read a novel or a comic or brainstorm with someone to come up with some ideas. look at sculptures or sewn things or felted things. often what inspires me most is looking at people’s sketchbooks or messy in-progress work. sometimes looking at finished art is like looking at something a million steps away. so looking at stuff in progress is more inspiring because it seems more attainable

if it’s a matter of you being unable to make stuff that you like, then try and change things up a little! switch mediums, switch art styles, look at other people’s work and ask yourself what you like about their work that you find is lacking in your own. to keep yourself from growing bored or feeling like you’re not making progress i’ve found that switching mediums really does the trick! right now i’m starting sewing again :) but if you can’t go that far away from your trade like if you can’t sew or do sculpture, if drawing is your THING, then instead of ink or pencil, try watercolor! or crayon! or colored pencil!

another IMPORANT thing is just not caring anymore! it’s easier said than done but i think sometimes art block can be a perfectionist issue that can turn making art into a stressful thing. it should not be stressful! so just doodle! make anything at all, even if it’s ugly. you could even start a sketchbook that you use just for art block times that you can be ugly in and when the sketchbook is finished you’ll have a beautifully ugly book. or you can just be ugly in your normal sketchbook or on paper anywhere or whatever! don’t afraid to make yucky lines or bad work. who cares! not you! 

whatever you do just keep drawing and making art! it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be finished, but once you stop making things because of art block it gets harder and harder to start up again the longer you go without making something!

i hope this could help!!! good luck with your work and getting out of that nasty art block!! kick its BUTT