wanted to try doing something like this too :d

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Hey ! I really like your blog and the art is really cute too ~ Can I request somthing ? If its okay with you , could you draw something undertale themed ? That'd be really awesome if you did that :3

ahh im sorry but i dont do requests often im so sorry

Bill, Richie, Eddie: Wisdom Teeth

Request  “ could you do an eddie, richie, bill one (or whoever ya please!) where the reader got their wisdom teeth out and the boy is taking care of them? i got mine out this morning and am currently suffering™”

A/N → mouth pain is the WORST, hope ur feeling better by now!!!!

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader, Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Warnings  → eh. none


↳ You woke up groggy and groaned at the dull pain in the back of your mouth, pushing your face further into the pillow. You felt a cool hand on your face, and your hair being tucked away so that you weren’t laying on it. “Duh-Don’t be such a c-crybaby” hushed Bill, and you huffed in response.

He reached over you, reaching between your curtains to open the windows on the wall your bed leant against. You looked at him as he clicked them open above you, his face was reddish, and he was sweating. Bill had flunked school when he learned you were still struggling with yesterday’s pain from having your damn teeth ripped out. 

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Follow the story of a young little pigeon wanting to be a super hero but neglected because it’s only a bald pigeon and heroes are often big animals !

Never leaving it’s dream, this pigeon will continue to reach it’s goal, even if this it’s life is … quite boring because one wing can destroy everything !!

So, Waw !  I can’t believe I animated a full opening !! It was an amazing exercice, I learned a lot with it and that’s means that I’m now able to parody openings and endings :’D !!!! (I already imagine lot’s of them, try to imagine too haha !)  I animated lots of capes and it was super ! 

Many of you asked me to animate an opening, and to make something about One Punch Man, I liked the animation a lot =) (Studio Madhouse) and I wanted to try to make a full opening, needless to say that I was super afraid but I could do it in 4 days ! (four looong days !)

Again I’m happy to share my work with you all and to show that a little program can do marvelous things if you are passionate and love what you do !

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous m'apportez depuis que je partage mes animations ici, J'ai vraiment hâte de continuer à partager pleins de choses avec vous tous !

Again Thank you all for your amazing support !! 

*** BEST WISHES FOR 2016 !!!!!! :D *****


Did a bit of a color experiment tonight!

I use f.lux to keep my monitor from being too bright at night.  This helps me for several reasons (and I highly recommend the program if you get headaches or have trouble sleeping from being on a computer too late at night), but makes coloring things basically impossible to do accurately unless a color palette is available to eyedrop colors from.

So tonight, I wanted to try and color something in with f.lux still enabled to see what it’d look like!  Top colored version is the end result, and bottom one is an approximation of what I was looking at when drawing.  The colors in the first one aren’t far off!  I think my brain was auto-adjusting for the colors being wrong, which is interesting.  But the lighting doesn’t pop as well as I had thought it did.

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URGENT!!! How do I bring up to my partner about my dysphoria? Or should I not talk to them about it?!

Lee says:
It’s your choice if you want to discuss it or not. I’m not sure why this is marked as urgent, but there isn’t a specific time limit in which you have to have the conversation before it’s too late to tell them- you can choose to share your feelings with them at any time, whether you decide to wait until later or tell them now.

You could say something like “Hey, I wanna talk to you about something that’s been going on with me for a while. I’ve been feeling dysphoric/bad about x, y, and z and I wanted you to know what’s happening with me. I’m trying to cope with it by doing these things (say things here) but I’d appreciate your support if you’re able to (listen to me talk about it/validate my gender/whatever you want from them).”

BTS react your parents not wanting you to date them

A/N: Ahhh you are all such nice and lovely people! I’ve received so many messages from my followers and it’s really heartwarming. Thank you! Also Chapter 1 of my Royal Au is out! You can read it here!

Requested: Yes

Warnings: The feels, also stubborn maknaes

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You're so good at drawing hands! Any advice?

oh thank you :D I think I’m poor at that but…. here’s what I try to.

it’s simple way, so don’t take this seriously. just for your information ;)))  the palm of the hand is like a pentagon. and fingers are like mittens. draw the mitten, and then separate it into 4, it looks quite like hands by only do that… I suppose.

oh and don’t forget to draw the fingernails! just only draw an oval into fingertip, it looks better… I suppose.

and um try to draw bones under skin?? fingers are not rubber, yeah?? but, WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY IS, “observe what you want to draw“ do not draw something by only your imagination!! if you want to draw hands, observe hands!! wanna draw bodies, observe bodies. wanna draw Paulie, observe him :D whenever I draw hands, I observe my hand. heheh sorry explain in English is too difficult to me… ummm I hope this will help…

Corny pick-up lines AU where Katsuki flirts with Izuku whenever he gets the chance to, whether it be at a random time of day just so that he could see his adorable reaction (“Deku! Do you have keg in your pants?” “No?? Why?” “Cause’ I’d like to tap that!”) and mess around with him until it came to a point where Izuku’s going to have none of that before deciding to try and beat Kacchan in his own game.

Izuku gathers up the courage to sit across from Katsuki who’s too busy sipping on his drink while glancing down at his phone to notice him.

“Hey Kacchan, do you work for UPS?”

Katsuki finally looks up and raises an eyebrow.

“I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package.” Izuku finishes his sentence with a suggestive wink.

Katsuki immediately chokes on his beverage. It was worth it.

Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Hey, look! It’s daylight and I’m posting a fic! Wow. I don’t know what got into me. Maybe a day off of work had something to do with it. :D So, here’s part 8! I’m trying to plan the next parts but I think there might only be a few more. I have a lot more fics planned and don’t want to drag this one out too much. I still love this reader, though, so it’ll be hard! 

Any who, thank you so much for all of you who keep reading my stuff! I appreciate your likes and comments more than I can say. Ya’ll are the BEST. Muah!! 


Somethin’ to Talk About (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen pt 8]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Steve, Natasha, other Avengers mentioned.

Summary: Reader and Bucky finally tell the team about their relationship in the least subtle way possible because that’s how she rolls. : ) Steve surprises the couple with news and things get a little angst-y. 

Warnings: Fluff, a little angst. 

Tags at the end.

Song link : Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ to Talk About by Bonnie Raitt

Part 7   Part 8   Part 9

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(I love his Space Nerd visiting NASA look, I had to use this gif.)


Morning came and with it brought the moment of truth.

“Are you ready for this?” you asked.

Bucky looked down at you, squeezed your hand intertwined with his, and gave a confident smile.

“I’m ready.”

Taking a deep breath, you turned the door knob and walked into the hallway with Bucky beside you.

You walked at a leisurely pace toward the kitchen where you assumed most of the team would be for breakfast. After considering how best to “break the news”, deciding from calling a weirdly formal meeting or telling people individually or, your personal favorite, walking into the room and yelling “HEY GUESS WHAT WE’RE DOING IT.” But in the end, you and Bucky decided on none of them. Or any plan of any sort.

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Well, I know the @ask-thelittleheros account since, like, more than a year (bc like 5 days ago they had the second aniversary and I was in the first) and I always wanted to do a fanart bc I LOVE THAT BLOG SO MUCH AND THE ART IS PRECIOUS AND EVERYTHING IS JUST LIKE AHHH

I always feel bad about make fanarts bc I feel like if I’m ruining something?? idk

 I’ve been, like, a whole month trying to do something for that blog -last year too but I gave up constantly- and this is messy and they are just digitaly colored pencil sketch but I’m happy, bc I just did it, I’m proud of my self even if my hands are trembling(??) x//D 

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Hi i was wondering if you could make what dating D.O from exo would be like but like in a list form as well make it long?Thanks sooo much I really appreciate it!

Dating D.O.

I hope this is what you wanted dear, hope you enjoy it

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  • you’re dating the devil 
  • to others he is satansoo
  • to you he’s an angel
  • any of the other members can go up and ask him for something and he’d shut them down
  • but if one of the other members sent you to ask the same thing, he’ll absolutely do it
  • other member is lowkey salty
  • I don’t really see him being too into PDA
  • he’s more someone who would show their affection behind closed doors
  • even then he isn’t all too touchy feely
  • gladly cuddle you whenever you want
  • he’s “Mr. Treat You Right”
  • will try to take you on romantic dates as much as he can
  • dinner dates are a 10/10 for him
  • I feel like he would rather take you out on dates instead of staying in and watching movies on the couch
  • they’re always worth it, even if you don’t feel like going out
  • he’s protective, but not too protective where he’ll fight any guy that looks at you
  • he trusts you so he doesn’t have to worry about you falling for some other guy
  • when he introduces you to the other members, he immediately regrets it
  • they’re all already trying to embarrass him
  • “hey remember that time Kyungsoo di-”
  • they wouldn’t be able to finish because they’re afraid they might die from kyungsoo’s glare

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  • arguments wouldn’t get too heated, most of the time you two will talk through it and solve the problem
  • but when it gets bigger, oh boy
  • after having an argument blow up the two of you will need to be away from each for a little bit just to cool down
  • Kyungsoo would be the first to leave
  • later that night he would go and talk to you again with flowers and an apology
  • overall, he loves you a lot and feels so lucky to be with you

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Your writing for those prompts is amazing!! Could you write something for Enamor Me with Rex and Obiwan? Since there can never be enough about clone culture: either Rex trying to woo obiwan like another clone and failing bc obiwan doesnt get it or the other way around with Obiwan confusing Rex with 'standard' flirting or even managing to offend him bc of their different cultural upbringing and misunderstandings (just a suggestion though, of course feel free to do whatever you want :D)

Thank you, anon, I’m having fun with those prompts, and it’s good to know they are being enjoyed.
Rex trying to woo obi-wan and failing is a bit too close to this silly thing I already wrote, I just can’t seem to write something else.
Let’s go with… mhh… cultural misunderstandings. 

Thanks to @jhaernyl for allowing me the use of her and @shadow-spires headcanon concerning the swap of armor pieces.

Written for this meme

Rex was starting to have an awful doubt, watching as Obi-Wan flirted as much as he fought with Ventress, right in front of him, even.
Of course, he knew General Kenobi had a tendency to flirt with anything that breathed and call it banter, but did he have to do it with a Sith ?

And in front of Rex ?

So. A doubt.
But he had done everything as it was supposed to be done.

The first step had been one of the worst, gathering his courage to ask his General if they could clean their armor together, sharing time and space and inspecting each other’s gear, looking out for fault lines, for weaknesses, looking out for the other.
He had been emboldened, then, because not only had the General had accepted, he had loaned him his own polish and had offered that, in that kind of settings, Rex could call him Obi-Wan.
Rex couldn’t, that was way too forward, but it had been a clear encouragement.
Hadn’t it ?

Then, everything had gone smoothly. Sharing meals, allowing the other to subtly check for poisons and that all the proper nutrients were on the other’s plate.
Swapping pieces of armor, then, as Rex offered his own pauldron to replace the Jedi’s cracked one. Obi-Wan had accepted and, a few weeks later, had wrapped Rex’s sodden form in his own cloak, telling him to keep it. Sure, it wasn’t armor, but Obi-Wan was a Jedi, it was as good as.

And, even if a particulary bad misunderstanding could have led them that far, Rex had asked Obi-Wan to share blood with him.
Sure, he had been wounded, and delirious and afraid he was going to die before getting the chance to ask, and Obi-Wan had acted very surprised -why not, it was moving awfully fast even by clones’ standards- but had agreed, putting his cut hand on Rex’s bleeding chest, mingling their blood.
And the man was familiar with Mandalorian culture, wasn’t he ? He knew, didn’t he ?

For Force sake, Obi-Wan was aware that they were married, right ?


Since there was no way Rex was making a fool of himself by asking his kriffing husband if he knew they were married, he went to ask Cody.
His brother stared at him for a few seconds before putting his helmet on.

« Are you laughing at me ? » Rex asked, outraged.
« No, I’m not, » answered Cody’s voice, smoothed out through the helmet’s speakers.


Since apparently the only Mandalorian tradition Duchess Satine had explained to Obi-Wan was the one where you courted your intended by leaving bodies of their enemies at their door, and given that Rex had no intention to court his own husband with droid parts, the old, human method it was.

At least, Rex got the small consolation that he had not imagined the interest in Obi-Wan’s gaze since the Jedi responded eagerly to his kiss, when the clone pinned him to the wall.
On the command deck, in front of General Skywalker and a dozen of vode.
You know.
Just to have witnesses.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Hickeys & Butt Grabbing

@yuryboy79 this was fun to think about lol :p ty for the request! ;)


Irene: While giving a hickey, she doesn’t usually leave much of a mark. Just the faintest hint of purple lets you know of her presence there. She prefers the same for receiving, as in, not having much of a mark. In her line of work, that could be disastrous and just in general, a hickey would ruin her outfit options. No one wants to wear a turtleneck in summer :p

Wendy: Leaves your neck destroyed. She gets carried away, from your moans and the taste of your skin, that it isn’t until afterwards she realises the mess she’s made. Purple bruises are littered everywhere, and will be for the next month or so. As for receiving, she loves getting marked up. She sees each bruise as a mark of love. But while she has schedules, that’s not possible. So in general, her neck is a hickey free zone :/

Seulgi: Won’t leave many hickeys, three or four max. They fade within a week as well. This is mainly because she’s so gentle, nipping and sucking your skin just enough to tease you but never leave large bruises. As for receiving, mark her up, pls & ty. She wants to be claimed, ravished by her baby’s lips and teeth. However, just like all the girls, this isn’t possible while she’s working, esp. as her outfits tend to be revealing shout out to their stylist. you’re doing god’s work

Joy: A brat. Even if you tell her not to, she will leave at least one giant hickey in her wake. “It’s a sign that you’re mine!” she’ll cackle, even though she did it mostly to annoy you. She loves being marked also. Of course, she can’t be because of her job. But if her outfits don’t reveal much skin then you’re free to mark the rest of her ;)

Yeri: She’s shy about giving you a hickey. She’s still figuring out how exactly to suck on your skin in a gentle not harsh way so any marks she leaves are accidental. She prefers not leaving any tbh as seeing them makes her feel shy. The same goes for receiving. Having the marks feels embarrassing but being caught would be even worse.

Butt Grabbing:

Irene: Our infamous butt grabber loves to squeeze and slap your backside. Her hands love to be on your butt, in public and in private. And feel free to return the favour. She loves her butt being grabbed, squeezed and played with. Leave hickeys too if you want. The Butt is sacred in your relationship.

Wendy: Usually only smacks your butt playfully, to scare you when you’re distracted or to say hello. And as for receiving, she doesn’t mind. Irene has made her immune to the feeling so sometimes she may not even notice if you smack her butt in passing.

Seulgi: Like Wendy, her butt smacks are playful. Or if she’s proud of you, like a “Good job!” butt pat. Will giggle or squeal if you grab her butt in public but in private she’s more playful, sometimes chasing you down with a towel for a whip as ‘revenge’ lol.

Joy: Her butt grabbing is playful in public but in private, it’s her way of showing she wants “adult time.” Her eyes turn coy as she slips her hand into your back pocket. “Jagi, do you want to go to bed?” When receiving, her reaction depends on your motive. A playful butt grab results in a playful slap from her. But if it’s in a sexual way then play time is over, this is an adults only zone >:D

Yeri: Her unnies tease her with butt grabs so when you join in, she’s like “Ugh, not you too!” But your grabs don’t really bother her, she knows you’re only joking. If you try to initiate something from it though, not just smack her jokingly, she’ll blush and push your hand away. “D - Don’t be dirty!” This is new territory for her so maybe just stick to playful smacks for now??

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I'm asexual and I have really trouble accepting myself the way I am. Sometimes I'm really fine with the idea of being asexual. But then there are this times where I think that I'm not "complete" as a woman. It happened that I really fell in love with a guy and he didn't knew I was asexual. He also felt something for me, but when it came to the part of "being together", I simply told him I had no feelings for him. I thought that he would have never been comfortable with that. I feel lonely.

I don’t feel like you need sex or a relationship to feel complete but I do think you might feel incomplete because when it came down to trying to set up a relationship you wanted you didn’t tell your complete truth to him. I’d absolutely feel lonely that way too. It is in a way pushing someone away. And I totally get that for safety concerns or trust issues. But some times you have to risk them not understanding or being comfortable with your real self in order to get that outside validation that everyone likes having. 

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Heya,, so i finish school in a few years and recently my mother brought up the question of what i wanted to do for my future. i’d really like to study something like art/graphic design in uni but i’m worried that i won’t be able to get a solid job at some company that makes cartoons like Cartoon Network cause there are already a bunch of people like me wanting to do that and being a freelance artist and relying on commissions/merch is too risky for me. any tips or ideas???

try to go with something you’ll be happy with in the long term, if you can. even if the road to it is competitive, if you’re dedicated it’ll be worth it. (yknow that quote, “you miss all the shots you don’t take”)

you said you’ve got a couple years before you finish school, so take advantage of that to start building up a portfolio as well as practicing as much as you can. consider also giving freelancing a go despite what you choose, post your art online and build a following if you haven’t already, cause getting extra money on the side from commissions and/or selling merch never hurts. 

read posts or watch videos other artists with similar aspirations as you have made and see how they’re approaching their goal too, as they can probably offer you more advice and direction 

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My grades have fallen recently, and I was wondering if you have any tips to get them up for the end of the semester?

you gotta work your booty off. 

ask your teacher if they could offer you some extra credit or let you retake a test you didn’t do well on. when you ask, be kind about it. don’t make it sound like it’s their fault in any way. make it clear that you screwed up and you fell behind (even if you do blame the teacher, you gotta sell it this way when you’re asking). and just be nice about it, it’s not the end of the world if they say no. approach them after their class or in email if talking to them would stress you out too much (but face to face may be better). 

try something kinda like this: “hey (teacher’s name), i’ve been super stressed this semester and my studying wasn’t up to par so my grade is at __% right now. i really want to turn this around and prove to you that i know the material. is there anything that i could do to bring my grade up? i’m hoping to get up to a __% (don’t aim too high. if you have a D don’t ask for an A. just go for a C or B depending) but really any little bit could help so that my GPA doesn’t drop. is there any chance that i could retake one of my exams or turn in some missing assignments or do a paper for extra credit or anything at all?”

even if you’re stressed or don’t like the teacher, you gotta be kind and respectful. at this point the teacher holds their grade in your hand. so suck up to them a bit.

if they say no, then so be it. don’t stress it. you’ll still have a final that should be able to bring your grade up. so you just gotta study your booty off and make that final your bitch. (here’s some general study tips that could help you out, and feel free to message me if you need some help understanding anything)!

if they say yes, great! do what they offered you and work your ass off on it. make that extra credit assignment the best damn assignment you have  ever turned in in your fricken life. i am more than happy to double check your assignment if it’s a paper or something i can look over (message me and we can figure it out).

keep in mind, the worst thing they can say is no. if they say no, then that’s ok. don’t stress it. it’s just one class. it’s just one grade. it won’t matter in 30 years what grade you got in a certain class. 

let me know if you have any more questions! i’m happy to help 💕

- sam xx

I`m currently studying how to draw Danse :D   yeyyy~

It was long since I draw something, and I thought that my skills faded. :( It was a frightening sensation, because I really want to express my feelings trough art. And now that I found Danse, it gave me courage to do so. :) Not long ago I found Tumblr, with so many talented and adorable person, who where brave enough to write companion reactions, headcons and I felt in love with this courage! I want to try it too what is it like to do what you love and not be shy or ashamed about it! :D 

Fallout fan arts here I come! :D    

nct 127 + kun reacting to daddy kink

reading time → 3min. 55s.
btw it’s so shit doN’T READ IT pls omg I’m so sorry anon ;;; @jenothankyou helped edit

Anonymous said to jiraev:  How would NCT 127 (minus mark and haechan) + Lucas and Kun react to you calling them daddy? Please and thank you I loved watermelon head a lot

You sit with him at the dining table, scrolling on your phone. It was dinner, but a little play time on your phone wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, it does - it hurts your boyfriend’s (who went through the trouble of making you food) pride when you don’t touch it. Was it too cold? - of course it is! She hasn’t even touched it yet!

“Y/N, if I spend a night making our food, the least you can do is try it.” He comments (on your useless habit) as he watches you stare at the glowing screen.

“I’m sorry. Can you pass the salt please, daddy?” You reply to your bothered love, and lock your phone as you await your beloved salts appearance.

“Sure - wait, what did you just call me?”


/’what do you mean?’ croissant/
N o idea what you’re on about. He knows he doesn’t look like your dad, and he knows you know he doesn’t look like your dad you wouldn’t date him if he looked like your dad hjjr, so his innocent croissant self is just so confused?? He’s too innocent hdjfrj. He’d probably think you were just hella outta your mind. “Y/N, I’m your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,” “No SiCheng that’s not - just eat your pasta.”

Originally posted by nctinfo

/’happy sexy’ croissant/
Happy as h e l l. He’d probably smile nice and bright bc he knows he’s going to Fuck. You. Up. He’s really excited for what’s to come and the control he has now. He just never said he was into it because he was scared it might make things awkward ;; Except now he knows you like it, and he likes it, so there is n o going back. Y’all wildin behind them bedroom doors now :’) “Do you like hard things?” “No - oh. o H  yes yes I do come @ me w that big friend you got there daddy!11”

Originally posted by neotechs

/’disgusted’ croissant/
Probably thinks it promotes incest and he’s like,,,, hella disgusted by you lmao. He’d roll his eyes and just tell you to piss off or something lmao - which is too bad bc lil bunny wanted to gift that nice lingerie he bought but he’s way too turned off rip. There;s always tomorrow though ;) “You’re disgusting, Y/N.” “Don’t kinkshame me you like feET.” 

Originally posted by y-ta

/’excited’ croissant/
Hella excited bc he loves trying new things, clothing, kinks, etc. When he hears you call him daddy, there’s like a spark and he knows this is one of the kinks that just,,,,,,,stay. He’s probably thinking of makin sure you can’t walk for like three weeks, and that you beg at your knees until you cry!!11!!!!!! “I hope you like it rough, Y/N…”

Originally posted by taeyonggi

/’ready croissant’ It’s so hard to call him a croissant when he looks like that omg/
This boi,,,,,,,,, This kink fucked him up so bad omg he’ll be ready to break you every time you say ‘daddy’.. s2g he gave no thoughts before he pulls you outta your chair and bends you over the table. Oh and your windows are nice and wide so the neighbours across the street are about to get one hell of a show… “Can you believe what you just got yourself into, Y/N?” just imagine him breathing that into your neck bih hjfr omg

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

/’fake innocent’ croissant/
TAEYONG IS SUCH A SOFT BUT HE IS S O KINKY!!!11! He probably felt shy at first. He usually has you in control bc you whip so well?????? Though I think he’d love being in control. He’d probably be trying to figure out how to get the best angle so you don’t feel any muscles after tonight!! When you guys are brushing your teeth he winks at you but like we all know that wink ain’t as sweet and innocent as it seems. “I think the whip will look nice against your skin, Y/N!”

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/’devil himself’ croissant/
Johnny’s a Yuta 2.0! Except Johnny can wait until you actually finish that steak he spent hours making!!!1! Johnny probably can’t think because he’s so excited, but he might be worried he’ll hurt you he’s so big he always hurts you jrjrhdj. Anyways when you see his expression you get a little scared!! Johnny looks like he’s ready to do you so hard against the table your hips might break… “You won’t feel those legs when I’m done with you.”

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

/’thinks you’re weird’ croissant/
I was thinking about Taeil and my baby is probably like Doyoung? Just doesn’t have the kink. He’d just smile and give that awkward nod™, cast his gaze downwards and just kinda,,,,, only talk to you when you/he asks for something, or when you initiate a conversation where he mostly listens and gives short answers. You’d feel like a fool lmao but he’d make it up to you by being rough in bed because he felt bad.

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