wanted to take it for a test drive


give it up before you get yours, ladies.

You’re a sugar baby, not a girlfriend, not a date, not a hookup, not a booty call.

There is NO intimacy without the allowance first.

NO IOUs, NO promises, NO “trust me”s.


They don’t get a test drive, a free ride, or a sexual “chemistry check” before you talk terms and get what you’re owed.

NEVER FALL FOR IT. These men are waiting to take advantage of your youth and inexperience. They will try to guilt you into sleeping with them because they want you to not be “all about the money” or they will escort-shame you and others. They will try to make you pity their fear of you cutting and running when you get your first allowance. They will try to get what they can for cheap or for free by promising you what you want if you’ll just sleep with them first. They want to get sugar without giving any. That’s not what we do.

Don’t entertain these wanna-be sugar daddy salty fuckers.

If he won’t even talk about what you need until he gets what he wants, blacklist and RUN.

hey everyone! I’ve put together a study/revision printable pack for those of you taking exams and test. This 5 page printable covers everything you need to plan and prepare for your upcoming examinations. The contents include:

  1. Study planning - colour codes, assessment details
  2. Topics to study from your syllabus plan
  3. A study techniques page, so you can decide how you want to study
  4. A schedule for planning your time
  5. Motivation page - so all that planning doesn’t go to waste!


I hope this helps some of you out - I have taken on board lots of different suggestions to put together my most comprehensive printable to date.

Enjoy, and if you try it, please let me know how you find it! xo

I Wouldn't Mind

Pairing: Pre!Apocalypse Daryl Dixon x Reader 

Words: 944

Genre: fluff 

Summary: based off this request from this sentence starter list. 

Notes: EDIT: i thought of this song i used to listen to in middle school called “i wouldn’t mind” by he is we. lol enjoy guys <3 

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My Toshiba Libretto 70CT finally got a few key upgrades.  It’s still got a few things that need tweaking, but it’s getting there.  Here’s what I did:

  • Updated the BIOS to version V6.40 from 1999!
  • Imaged the old hard drive onto a CF card, and swapped in a CF -> IDE adapter.  It runs silent and incredibly fast now.
  • Bought an old 16-bit PCMCIA CF card socket so I don’t have to use the external floppy drive to copy files back and forth. 
  • Bought a port expansion, providing me with serial, parallel, and VGA sockets (sadly no PS/2 mouse port).  A serial test with Hyperterminal to Vega (running 95C) was successful.
  • Installed 95Plus!
  • Tested Doom.

If I can find hardware specific drivers for the 70CT, I want try installing 95B from scratch.  It would let me take full advantage of all 8GB of CF card, in glorious FAT32.  Right now I’m limited to 1.5GB in FAT16, and all attempts at resizing to just under the 4GB limit render the drive unable to boot. 

Oh, and Critical Mass, one of my favorite old games, is apparently too taxing for this hardware to handle.  Bogus, man.

Gifts and Presents

“Pick one. It’s yours.”

“Wanna take it for a test drive?”

“I couldn’t resist.”

“I know it was a lot, but it’s going to make things so much easier.”

“What is it?”

“I shouldn’t have, but I got you something.”

“What are you hiding?”

“I don’t care how much it cost. It’s from you. That’s what counts.”

“We don’t need any more stuff.”

“Why did you get that?”

“It’s beautiful…”

“Money is no object.”

“I wanted to get you something to show I care.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I… I’m speechless.”

“This is for you.”

“What did you do?”

“I couldn’t help it. I saw it and thought of you.”

“It spoke to me.”

“You didn’t have to do this.”

“I love it. Thank you!”

My first illustration in Manga Studio EX. Just bought it today and wanted to take it out for a little test drive. It performs very well on my Macbook, and handles a lot more rendering than Photoshop. It’ll take me a while to get used to the tools and lack of Kyle Webster brushes. Not all too thrilled with the background since I was stuck with pre-made brushes. Overall, I had fun making this. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Bonny :) In your latest video, you said Tim didn't have a drivers license for a long time because he had no one to teach him how to drive. Is that how it works in US? A person you know teaches you? Here in Europe, at least in my country, you pay a teacher and he/she teaches you how to drive. It's illegal to be on a road without a drivers license unless you're with a teacher. Thanks for reply in advance! :)

Oh really? I live in Australia, but yes here you have a person with a full license teach you how to drive (usually your parents) and you have to do 120 hours practice before taking the test. You can also have a teacher take you for lessons as well, but they tend to be very expensive so people usually only get a few lessons then do they rest with parents..

Of course if Tim really wanted to he could have gotten his license with just driving with a teacher. But it would have been very expensive and he didn’t have the motive to because he enjoyed commuting on his bike and also at the time had another reasons such as being a new vegan hippy and not wanting to contribute to more cars on the road, pollution, etc etc hehe 🙈💕


Scorpio Woman

 - Doesn’t like weakness (what is more important is their sense of character and wants someone with an internal drive/motivation in life)

- Generally wants someone who she sees as stronger than her

- Intelligent and insightful

- Demands respect and loyalty

- Perhaps a little bit more moody emotionally

- Can easily play mind games with other people to test them and is hard to get. 

- Wants to know everything about you and once she does, she may get bored and leave them behind.

- Has dreamt of the romantic relationship since she was a little girl, she knows what it takes to be in a committed relationship, but has been with partners which doesn’t match her passion in life. 

- Can be underestimated, presenting a cute and adorable demeanour but she has an underlying need for power and control.

Scorpio Man

- Looking for someone who is emotionally strong 

- He needs to be in control, all the time and won’t allow someone else dominate him, not even his partner.

- Can have a shorter temper or is easily provoked

- Attentive and protective to those who matter to him

- Wants someone to need them and it’s necessary for them to feel like their contributing or helping out. 

- Quite blunt and direct in speech

- Exceptional memory, remembers important/significant things someone has said or done

- Insatiable, creative and wild mind

- Boldly seduces the person they are interested in

(Side Note: I know this post is mainly supposed to be about differences, however, all of our traits tend to blend together. There are many qualities that both female and male Scorpio, but what I have mentioned above relates more so to that gender.) 

-A Scorpio Woman

I was supposed to take my driving test this afternoon, but i found out that you have to make an appointment beforehand if you’re taking it after 1:30 p.m. So, now I’ll be taking it tomorrow morning.

I spent all day at work feeling anxious to the point where I got sick. I love driving, and I’m pretty good at it, but the thought of being graded on it by someone I don’t even know just terrifies me. I can turn, park, parallel park, and three-point-turn no problem, but I’m so scared I’m going to somehow fuck it up when I take my test.

I know if I want to move out of this house by this August when I transfer colleges again, then this is something I need to do. I know if I don’t pass, I can always take it again in 2 weeks. I don’t know a rational reason why I’m scared about this, but I just am. I’ve got roughly 12 hours to get my nerves under control.

The Qedavian Apocrypha

Foreword: I’ve always had the desire to write my beliefs down in the form of a book. Admittedly, it’s always proven quite the task, because – while I know what it is that I want to say, I’m often stumped by the manner in which I want to say it. In the past, I have tried (vehemently) to write in as objective a manner as I can – to (very) little avail. And the other day, driving (the setting where most of my best ideas are formed) I decided that perhaps I should be taking a note from the countless faiths before me and approach it in a poetic (though not necessarily in the form of poetry) way. As soon as I began, I understood the great need to personify these forces – which I did. So, today, I sat down and typed a test run, just to see how it would play out and I’m happy to say it was far simpler than I expected. Of course, I was just typing, so while I edited spelling errors, the rest remains pretty much the same. 

We’ll call this an extremely rough draft:

All were born in fire – a great expansive proclamation forged in cyclical whim, devout equally to the flames of creation and destruction. It is a force that remains: ever-spinning the heavenly bodies on their own unique axes, expelling the cosmos further into the uncharted oblivion. This force – so vast – remains yet, billions of years after the universal birth and from it, sprung the potential for life – a means by which this expanse might experience its own being. We are this meditation, this introspection and adhere – knowingly or otherwise – to a grand hierarchy of existence and consciousness. The stars may not know of their own heat – but we do.

If we must give unto this force a name, I will call her: Nexus, for it is known that all things begin in the likeness of our Mother – female. It was she who consolidated all matter and energy, gathered in an infernal vortex, and expanded in a great flash of color, light, and splendor. And this volcanic existence was her womb as well her form: every element funneled from the great expanses – back from whence they came, to the Cosmic Pangea – plucked from the vast darkness by the Voids, wherein even light might not be spared. And these beings fed – and yet feed – Nexus, the Mother. She resides, fragmented throughout all that is known and unknown, but at the site of creation – the Heart of the Universe – the Voids return these pieces, tessellating every element and experience garnered by separation. This Heart is but a nexus in itself, a liminal place where all planes of reality collide – as such, it is not simply the Heart of our own Cosmos, but every existence, every planar dimension.

And she is Nexus – Mother: Spring of Existence;
She of Red-Skin, she of Light,
Our Mother and Destroyer,
Lady of Infinite Eyes, who might see
Herself – Anew;
Dressed in white hot, plasmic fire
Draped in scarves of galaxies,
And Matron of the Stars
Tended by the Black Maidens,
Sentries of the Boundaries,
Who produce before her fractured feet,
The pieces shed in jubilant fervor –
As she cast herself out –
And birthed the worlds innumerable

At the Heart of All, these pieces – beginning first with the remnants of the Great Expansion – are distributed, continuously feeding this growing form matter and energy until its mass might overturn its own creation force – when it grows so vast, so large, that it begins to reverse its own Expanse, drawing – instead – its remaining constituents homeward, back toward the Nexus, tugged at by an insatiable, gravitational hunger. It is her Rebirth, her mosaic reformation – as her great force crushes as every piece and draws into itself every manner of matter. All must return to the forge from whence it was wrought – with the knowledge that in time, it, too, will be reborn at the time of the Next Age, the Expansion – for it (like most things in existence) is cyclical.

“He had green eyes, so I wanted to sleep with him. 

Green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool. You could drown in those eyes, I said. The fact of his pulse, the way he pulled his body in, out of shyness or shame or a desire, not to disturb the air around him. Everyone could see the way his muscles worked, the way we look like animals, his skin barely keeping him inside. I wanted to take him home, and rough him up and get my hands inside him, drive my body into his like a crash test car. I wanted to be wanted, and he was very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving. You could drown in those eyes, I said, so it’s summer, so it’s suicide, so we’re helpless in sleep and struggling at the bottom of the pool.”

Richard Siken

Richard Campbell Gansey III + 2015 memes
  • *
  • Blue: If I kiss you, you are going to die
  • Gansey: okay... that sounds fake, but okay
  • *
  • Gansey: *can't find Adam in a crowd*
  • Gansey: *sighs* I really don't want to do this
  • Gansey: There he is.
  • *
  • Gansey: Of course I am aware of all my upcoming appointments
  • Gansey: *looks at smudged writing at hand*
  • Gansey: Latin test on Thursday, going to the library, finding Glendower, taking Blue out for a drive and - merida's bathday???
  • *
  • Psychic (probably someone from 300 Fox Way): *reads Gansey's mind*
  • Gansey: *recitates Owen Glendower's entire Wikipedia page*
  • Psychic: what the fuck
  • *
  • Gansey: I am not really there for sorting my friends into these "cinnamon things" - but obviously Ronan is a problematic fave and Blue a cinnamon roll - but Adam is my cinnamon fave
  • *
  • What Gansey says: I'm fine
  • What Gansey means: Actually Gansey thinks he is feeling fine... but everyone else can see what a precious angel from literal heaven Gansey actually is and just deserves to be wrapped into a blanket and needs to get a cookie immediately. Where are the "protect Gansey 2k16"-shirts at?

There was a bar in the international wing of the airport and I sat next to an older couple. We greeted one another and found out we were on the same flight to London. The wife worked with Harris Engineering Corporation, and I remembered it was the name of a building on campus. It was the building I sat in at ten-thirty that night. I didn’t want to go home to my father’s rejection and my mother’s isolation from me. Ann was an ocean away and I felt I had no home here.

I thought of stopping by the hotel bar. The DoubleTree was off University Boulevard and I knew it because of the ballroom where I took the PowerScore course for the law school admission test. To the right of the ballroom was a bar that I had not been in, and it looked nice. I thought of calling Jake, but it was late and the university was farther from his place than downtown.

The drive to the hotel would take me farther from the university, and I wanted to take the Research Park route because you could drive straight onto the expressway. So I tabled that idea and remembered the night drives home after each prep course. I knew it was not a difficult drive, but it still felt long and it hurt to think that Ann would not be there when I got home.

I looked at my reflection in the window, saw my skin with the cold sweat settling onto my forehead, and I suddenly thought of my brother. He was retiring from the Navy in the summer to be my best man, and I hadn’t spoken with him in months. The last full day I recall us enjoying together, I told him about a game-themed bar by the university and we went there together. But it was more of a board game theme we saw that day, and it was not our thing.

We took the slower way on Colonial instead of the expressway, and we talked about our plans and the different buildings we saw on the road that had changed over the years. It was the happiest, most care-free time with him I could remember. The days were slow and the years went fast.

“Guess who just passed her driver’s permit test? It’s me, I did! I can now legally drive a car. At least, as long as there’s an adult with a valid license in the front seat. So, who wants to take me out on the road for my very first drive?”

Trying to study Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by kittyseb

Being Tony Stark’s daughter had its perks, of course. You lived just next to the Empire State, in a huge tower where you had everything you needed. You got to be trained by the Avengers and of course you met them. But sometimes it could also being a pain the ass living in the same place as them.

They used to leave you alone when they knew you had to study for college, they would even take turns to pick you up every day and also take you there since your dear father didn’t want you to drive one of his beloved cars. Many times you thought about getting an apartment for your own but always decided against it since you actually loved it there.

But that day was one of those days when you needed to be alone since you had a huge exam coming up in a couple of weeks. You were studying Biology and Biochemistry, things you had to come to love thanks to your dad job, but you had a stupid useless History tests you needed to pass. There was nothing that you could hate more than History but you had to through it in order to finish the career since you had just two subjects left and that was one of them.

“Hey there!” You looked at the door of your room to find Bucky popping his head in. You smiled a little but turned your attention back to the book. “Busy?”

“Kind of, Bucks”, you sighed trying not to sound rude.

You and Bucky had been dating for a year now. At the beginning your father didn’t approve it all but he had to accept eventually.

“I’m bored”, he said walking in the room. This had to be a joke. You looked at him as he laid down on your bed.

“Why don’t you go and train with Steve?” You asked smiling a little.

“He’s training with Nat and Wanda. And I’ve just finished training. I’m tired, what about going to have a coffee or something?” He asked looking at you.

“James, I don’t know if you noticed anything, but I’m kind of trying to study a 500 pages book”, you said moving to one side so he could see it.

“Oh… Is it interesting?” He asked. You rolled your eyes and turned your back at him.

“It’s History. Not interesting at all”, you said quickly.

“I’m good with that. I was there”, he said. You felt him looking over your shoulder.

“No offense, James, but you spent years frozen like Steve, you missed a lot”, you said.

He chuckled a little and took another chair of the room, sitting next to you. Now feeling really annoyed you turned and gave him a death glare. What the fuck was he doing?

“Don’t look at me like that. I was there! World War II, remember? Nazis and…everything” he frowned.

“Bucky, honey, I know you don’t want to go down the memory lane for this so please…get the fuck out of here!” You exclaimed.

“C’mon! I want to go to Starbucks!” He whined like a fucking six years old boy that was really getting to your nerves.

“James… Get. Out. I’m serious.”

He looked at you and sighed before getting up and leaving the room. You didn’t like talking to him like that but sometimes you had to do or he would never get the message. You focused again on the book trying to memorize all that data.

Fifteen minutes later, the door opened again. God, why didn’t you lock it? You looked at the door to find Bucky again, wearing that innocent smile that always made you melt.

“What now?” You asked irritated.

“Look what I brought”, he said walking in and showing you a bag of muffins.

“Why can’t you leave me study? This is important!” You said pointing at your notes.

“I know it is, but…” he put the bag on the table and took your hand so you would get up. “You’re stressed. Stress is not good. You need a break”, he said taking off the hair tie that was holding your bun in place.

“You’re…” You tried to say something but he kissed you to shut you up.

“The best boyfriend ever, I know”, he smirked and offered you a muffin. You look at it and then at him before taking it slowly. “Can we go to Starbucks now?” He asked smiling innocently. You groaned and rolled your eyes.

“Fuck the day I showed you that place, seriously”, you said.

You knew him too well to know that he wasn’t giving up so with a sigh you put the muffin in his mouth and took your coat from the closet.

“You have an hour”, you said walking to the door with following you with a big smile knowing he won again.

TJ Perkins Baby Series part 11

30 weeks. as of today i’m 30 weeks pregnant. today is also my 28th birthday, and sadly TJ is back on the road again. 

i want TJ home, i’m scared that i’m going to go into labor without him being here, but he still has to work another 8 weeks until he takes two months off to be with me and Delilah.

today i have been feeling weird, i’ve been having a lot of back pain and some weird cramps. i’ve had some fake braxton contractions but this feels nothing like that. thankfully my doctor agreed to check me out to see what’s going on.

after a 20 minute drive i arrive at the doctors office, they immediately take me back to the room and lay me on the table, they check me, and run several tests then i hear the words no soon to be mom wants to hear. 

“your going into preterm labor, we’re going to rush you to the hospital” 

i get loaded into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital, they immediately put me on a medication to stop the progression of my labor, i’m only 30 weeks. could she survive being born this early?

after getting setteled, i knew i needed to call TJ

after he doesn’t pick up i try calling Bayley

“hey Jordyn what’s up?” Bayley asks

“Bayley, i’m in the hospital, and TJ isn’t answering his phone, please tell him to call me” i say

“oh gosh Jordyn are you okay?” she asks

“i’m going into preterm labor, i hope lila’s okay” i say

“i’ll tell TJ once he comes back, he’s in the middle of a match right now” she says

“okay” i say

“i hope everything is okay with the baby and everything, i’m here for you” she says

“thanks Bayley” i say

“you’re welcome, i have to go, i have a match soon” she says

“okay, good luck” i say

“thanks” she says before hanging up

as soon as i put my phone down, the doctors come in to check me

“Mrs. Perkins, it looks like we can’t stop the progress of your labor, we’ll have to deliever you tonight” he says

“can she survive?” i ask

“it is possible to survive at her age, but we’ll have to wait and see” he says

i can feel the tears coming

“we’re going to give you a spinal block now, and within an hour you’ll be a mom” he says

“what about my husband?” i ask

“we have to deliever her as soon as possible, the longer she stays in is the more stress that’s put on her” he says

as promised an hour later i’m wheeled down to the operating room, and i heard a sound that i didn’t want to hear for another 10 weeks. the cries of a little girl

she’s rushed away to the NICU, and i’m stitched up and taken back the room

when i check my phone, i see several missed calls from TJ, i immediately called him back

“babe are you okay?” he asks sounding worried

“she’s here” i say

“who’s here” he asks

“Delilah, they did an emergency c-section” i say

he stays silent for a minute

“baby i’m so sorry i wasn’t there” he says

“its not your fault TJ” i say

“is she okay?” he asks

“i don’t know, i haven’t seen her, but she came out crying” i say

“she’ll be okay, she’s a fighter” he tries to reassure me

“i hope so TJ” i say

“i’ll be there as soon as i can” he says

“i love you TJ” i say

“i love you too beautiful” he says

5 hours passed. TJ just arrived, we’re waiting for an update on our daughter

“Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, i’m so sorry but there was nothing we could do, your daughter passed away” the doctor says

TJ begins to cry, its very rare to see him upset, but i could tell his heart was broken

i held TJ as he cried, i’m in shock, i can’t cry, i can’t do anything. i just stare off into space.





This is my fourth Bingo Card. I have named it The Bounty Bingo Card because 11 of the 24 spaces (not counting the free space) concern the bounty.

Shoutout to @snowprincess-artist who has predicted Hiccup crying in Dagur’s arms. 🤞🏼

My friend manicspike (whose suggestions for bingo spaces have made it into my previous bingo cards) suggested the one about the twins thinking that Hiccup is worth more than the bounty’s price. 

A couple of clarifying things: when I say “bedroom scenes” I literally mean scenes in a bedroom (but take it however you want if you wanna use this card). Also, when I refer to the triumphant part of Test Drive, I refer to approximately about 10 seconds starting at 2 minutes into the song

Template created by @eastofthemoon (original post is here).

consider this:

AU where Miles is a driving test administrator you know the one that rides around with you and assesses your driving and decides if you should be given you license or not and he’s used to riding around with teenagers but one day THIS 30-SOMETHING GROWN MAN SHOWS UP TO TAKE HIS DRIVERS TEST YOU KNOW WHO IT IS and at first Miles is like “oh my god are you kidding me this grown man does not have a driver’s license” so he’s riding around in this car with Phoenix and at first he’s actually trying to assess him objectively but then he just starts thinking “wow this guy’s really hot” and he’s not really paying attention until PHOENIX RUNS THE DMV’S CAR INTO A TELEPHONE POLE and so Miles is forced to fail him but then he offers to give Phoenix driving lessons so that he’ll do better next time

please put me and this entire post into the trash can immediately oh my god


It was a few years ago and our trusty Ford Taurus, after 14 years of beautiful service, finally failed its service inspection. My family’s not poor, but we don’t replace anything until it’s literally about to fall apart or unsafe. My dad, after throwing over 12 K into fixing this car, finally admitted defeat and we went car shopping.

Our first stop was naturally the Ford dealership and this typical skeevy used car salesman comes up to us and decides to help my dad out. My dad explains the situation we’re in and wants to look at the new Tauruses. The guy shows them to him, dad takes a test drive and is happy with what he has. Then, my dad and the salesman haggle for a bit and manage to go down from 28,000 to 26,500. My dad says he’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up and sign the papers and the guy agrees.

The next day my dad goes back, but the guy says the car is 28,000. My dad is a bit taken aback as that is not what they agreed to and they argue for a bit and my dad leaves in a huff. He tells my mom what happened and she encourages him to cool down and call again as perhaps it was a misunderstanding. My dad calls the guy and the dealer says it was a miscommunication and that if he comes in tomorrow, he can have the car for 26,500

The next day, my dad and I go in to get the car and we make a beeline for the dealer. He hands over the paperwork and my dad, a trained auditor, notices that the car is still being  sold to him for 28,000. He throws the pen down and starts yelling and cursing at the guy in a mixture of English and Hindi about how he’s a cheating asswipe and that this isn’t what we agreed to. The entire dealership is looking at my normally calm father basically tear this guy a new a**hole in multiple languages. The manager of the places comes out of his office to see what’s happening, which my dad manages to spit out in a semi-coherent rage. He then tells the dealer to f*ck off and bought a Nissan a week later.

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