wanted to see it in colors

It’s so funny seeing white LGBT folks complain about the modified Pride flags by saying “the flag is about sexuality not race!!” because for LGBT People of Color, our gender/sexuality is tied heavily to our racial and ethnic identities. Our experiences as LGBT folk are informed by our race and a great many of our racial experiences are influenced by our gender/sexuality. Just because your whiteness affords you enough privilege to be able to separate you LGBT activism and identity from your race doesn’t mean WE as LGBT People of Color can. So. If we want to modify Pride flags to remind the LGBT community of the need to be intersectional, then we have the right to.

You’re welcome for this nugget of wisdom, support LGBT People of Color, hope you had a good Pride.

Such a beautiful art. The artist is simply superb. The combination of colors is fantastic and the anatomy of the characters is very realistic. The background is worthy of particular attention: the moon, the stars, the night, I just feel the blowing wind on my skin. I love it!

But I don’t see any signature or nick…pitty, because I want to found out the author of this masterpiece.

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Not that anon but in that Victory ep Yuta acted nasty, saying out loud that he didn't want to sit beside Haechan and since they drew numbers and they had to sit besides each other Yuta sat as far away as he could. Yuta is an adult while Haechan is a child almost a decade younger so his behavior is uncomfortable to see, especially when he has said Haechan's tanned skin is "burnt". You can try to defend him but colorism is as awful as racism.

Haechan’s not a child, he’s almost 18, he’s not a baby. He’s not going to die from one hyung being a dick sometimes. 

Okay, my lazy ass finally looked up the ep just to watch Yuta. 

I don’t see anywhere Yuta said he didn’t want to sit beside Haechan, just that it’s ‘not good over there’. 

And he looks just fine to me? Just because he’s not sitting on Haechan’s lap, he’s trying his hardest to avoid him? Only three of the boys had to sit on that seat, obviously they’re going to be placed further apart than the others cramming four members on a seat. Even Haechan scooted a bit over once they were all seated because the three did have more space. 

I remember when that happened, Haechan had sunscreen so he didn’t get sun burn and Yuta said he ‘already was’, the fandom lit his ass on fire, so no one’s excusing that. But the silence from the other members at his ‘joke’, I’m pretty sure he realized it wasn’t funny or a joke. 

Yuta’s a little shit, we all know how he acts with Doyoung, it’s just how he is. If he steps over line, he gets put in his place. I don’t see how Yuta being how he usually is, makes it out like he hates Haechan or something. Half the members were very vocal about wanting to sit besides Taeyong, so they definitely hate whoever they got stuck next to, huh.

I don’t know why Yuta is suddenly being painted as a villain, but I need it to stop. Okay? Okay. 

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Nice to see you back! What do you think of the new Ur-Dragon? Personally I think people will abuse the reduce cost ability, never cast him, and play mono-red dragons, which seems unfun to me.

If you don’t like leaks, you may want to skip this post, as I’ll be evaluating all the leaked commanders from C17.

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Hello! Your art is really awesome~ especially colors and style! Do you want/are you planning to make some videos where you are commenting how you do this incredible magic drawings with your own hands?) It would be great to see some tutorials from you Sorry for mistakes, if there are any. Not my language, so sometimes I make mistakes and sound like a jerk.

omg thank you so much! and yeah I really want to, but I hate my voice and I never really know what to say aaaaah lots of awkward silence when I try to record things like that 😅  but I hope I’ll get over it soon :P and don’t worry about mistakes, your english is great! <3

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For the prompts! Malec + 55. “That’s distracting.” ;D Go wild, my dear

Here you go! 🙈❤ #55 “That is distracting.“ , for Malec!

The colors of you

“That’s distracting.”

Alec had always been the artistic type. All of his best childhood memories were about drawing and painting. Art was his entire life, and his life reflected in his art. Alec saw life in colors, and people were able to see what his mood was because of the colors he used. His parents were cold blue, his siblings were soothing green, his anger was black, his sadness was purple, and his joy was red.  

Even his disastrous finger paintings from kindergarten had been deemed extraordinary by his teachers, and his parents always bragged about his talent, up until he told them that he wanted to go to art school.

It had been a difficult time convincing them to let him go to art school. They had their own hopes and dreams about his future, taking over their company and living up to the Lightwood name, and he tried his best. After two years in law school, his parents finally gave in, because it was clear that Alec was miserable. He shut people out, his temper grew, and he didn’t try to have a social life, no matter how much his siblings tried. He took out his unhappiness on his family, and he regretted every second of it.

But that was a year ago. After going to art school, he was reliving his old memories of art and everything about it. The gentle stroke of a paintbrush and the pleasing blend of colors gave life back to him; it calmed his mind, and it allowed him to enjoy life more. One could say that life was black and white before, but now it was an endless mixture of colors, life, and serenity. Colors were special to Alec, for so many reasons that he couldn’t name.

Art school also brought love. Alec was reminded of soothing red and gold when he first saw Magnus Bane.

Alec hadn’t been happy when Simon invited him to the club where his band was playing. Izzy had begged him to go, to show support to his friend. He owed a lot to Simon Lewis, so he had no other choice. Clubs and bars reminded him of when he tried to mix angry purple with daring pink. Loud and annoying. But with a simple combination of red and gold, his entire life changed.

Magnus had been extremely open about his attraction to Alec; the gold in him spoke loudly and the red ignited the passion between them. This was a good combination of colors, and it had been the best night of his life. Whatever blessings had been brought to him to lead him to this day, Alec would be forever grateful. His life was opened to new colors and mixtures of things that he had never in his life imagined. He had a muse that seemed to inspire his work, an endless stream of ideas and tranquility.

Which was why Alec asked him to be his model from time to time. Magnus had no objections about it; he took it as flattery and he inspired some of Alec’s best work. With the subject of the human body, however, he needed a nude model. Again, Magnus had welcomed the idea, since Alec knew his body better than anyone.

Oh, Alec could spend hours thinking about Magnus’ body. Not because of the sex, which was excellent to be very honest. From every curve, every dip of his ribs to the soft flesh of his hips, Magnus was a masterpiece. His tanned skin was a color Alec had never seen before, and he couldn’t get enough of it. His eyes were a beautiful green, so rare that Alec had spent a week trying to replicate it with his paint. The crimson of his blush when Alec told him that he loved him was so pleasing, the specks of freckles on his cheeks, the colors of his fingernails, there was so much life in Magnus.

“You were the one who said I should be naked too,” Alec said, focusing on his sketch book.

“Well if I’m going to sit naked for an hour, I should at least have something nice to look at,” Magnus purred, waving his hand in that delightful flourish that always caught Alec’s attention.

They were in the apartment that they rented just outside of campus. The curtains were shut and the only light source was a few lamps Alec had placed around the couch Magnus was laying on. Magnus had no shame when it came to his pose, with one leg bent up and his hand resting on his knee, giving Alec the perfect view of his crotch.

And he just had to scratch his balls while Alec was looking.

“That’s distracting.”

“You of all people should know how uncomfortable an itch is in that area,” Magnus drawled, wiggling his hips slightly to be more comfortable.

Alec shook his head and smiled. Magnus’ eyebrow was raised in a challenge, a slight smirk on his lips.

“Perhaps you would like to help me scratch it. I hear that liquid lubrication is a good way to soothe an itch.”

Alec chuckled. He finished his drawing and signed the corner before putting his sketch book down.

Everything about Magnus was vibrant, beautiful, and full of colors Alec couldn’t wait to mix. As he got up, Magnus’ smile grew and Alec’s heart sped up.

“I suppose I can be of assistance,” Alec teased, leaning over him to press their lips together, and Magnus threw his hands around Alec’s shoulders and pulled him down.

Alec would never grow tired of mixing red and gold with Magnus.

Hey, peeps! If you want to help me put the first calendar for the dinosaur project thingy together, here’s a chance.

I have basically three years worth of thumbnails stashed that I can pillage, but if there’s something specific you’d like to see on the very first one, I’m open for suggestions.

There’s 12 full color illustrations, each with additional b+w sketch/drawing to accompany them, plus cover (and possibly an extra b+w page for extra stuff like character profiles or something). So twelve themes to fill!

So far things that will happen anyway:
- Naming the new matriarch-celebration (January)
- Meeting/trading with groundwalker tribe
- The ginger siblings join the family (these two will be back to back, though exact months aren’t decided yet)

Other possible illustrations:
- Meeting with a wild bull
- Hiding from roaming dragons (pterosaurs)
- Culture things??

What would you like to see/be introduced to first?

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for the ask meme: jinx?

thank you I love jinx sm <3

Why I like them - she’s smart and badass, and decides things on her terms when she can (after the whole Flash fiasco). and of course her powers are super cool .
Why I don’t - I?? Don’t know?? i guess that she bent herself this way and that to get to the place she wanted to be. 
Favorite episode (scene if movie) - Lightspeed (no comment needed)
Favorite season/movie - season 5
Favorite line - “I’m bad luck. Good was never an option for me.” of course, when she started wavering on actually being on the “bad side”
Favorite outfit - all of them 
OTP - Flinx, always 
Brotp - tbh, in a different universe, I can see her and Raven getting along
Head Canon - her magic changes colors with her hair (as long as it’s a very specific kind of hair dye) rainbow hair == rainbow magic 
Unpopular opinion - her an Raven are v similar
A wish - she learns how to wield good-luck magic as well (she would be unstoppable)
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - have her go through that dramatic am-i-good-or-bad phase full of “good” stereotypes . let her be herself and still be good ?? please
5 words to best describe them - bad luck is sometimes good
My nickname for them - firework. she’s bright, beautiful, and very present. firework. 

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Would you want to see Finnrey or Finnpoe in the movies or do you think Disney/KKKennedy can't be trusted with either?

I’d rather see finnpoe. 

1) Gays of color. 

2) John & Oscar are the best actors in the sequel trilogy and we deserve to see them spend more time on screen together. 

As for lucasfilm… they’re garbage & I understand the cautiousness you’re speaking with in regards to them but… it’d still be great to see them have finnpoe in TLJ or EP9 explicitly. (I don’t mean sex lmao i mean no more “you could interpret them as gays if u look with ur 3rd eye”). 

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Your "first date" art really touches my soul!! That you placed those colors on Mccree cheek made my heart skipa beat or two. As a pan myself I am so elated. Is there a way I can buy this print. I want to wake up in the morning and have it be one of the first things I see. Also thank you so much for creating that.<3

Hey there! I’m so glad it made you react in a good way!

Actually yes, I’m selling it here . Thank you so much for your interest dear 💙

so im thinking about starting a booster thing to raise money to get top surgery, but i don’t necessarily want the design to be “I Helped Rainsford Get His Titties Cut Off”. does anyone have any other graphic design ideas that i could use that would sell better / stand alone as a t shirt and actually be worth buying?
for example:
- a scale in the trans pride colors
- a drawing that you might see on like an otherwise completely ordinary shirt (i really love apparel wolf’s stuff and might commission that artist to do this)
- um
- idk this is why im asking for help


1. They did have dark eyes, and their overall complexion was an olive complexion.

2. I didn’t see typical “blonde” hair either, I saw more of a strawberry blonde or reddish color.
I have a cousin who looked like this when he was born and he is black soooo…

3. I know plenty of mixed children who look like those twins. Genes are an interesting thing, man–you never know how they’ll play out.

4. AND ANYWAY: The twins would tan over the course of a few weeks and look the way y'all want them to.

The thing is the majority of people responding to that post are white people that don’t even care about children of color and are racist af from everything I see on their blogs and they clearly just wanna fight with me cause they feel entitled to everything. And then there are the people who want to deny that the adoption system is really trash and doesn’t always put people in loving and caring homes. But where I am stuck is the poc who were adopted by “nice” white people who act like everyone is that lucky. THE MAJORITY OF THE CHILDREN ARENT THAT LUCKY.

I’m just gonna let the post die now cause y'all clearly would rather tell me to kill myself than see what I’m saying.

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Darkskinned man defending colorism Im dissapointed but not surprised

I’m not surprised (but disappointed) with the number of dark skinned men that defend colorism. Unfortunately, dark skinned men have been taught that light skinned/mixed/non-black women will “make up for” the fact that they’re dark. And high key, they see it as a form of validation, because they dislike their own blackness so much that they NEED someone to want them “despite” it.
And dark skinned women are usually told to just shut up and stop complaining if people mistreat them. They’re told to settle, and it sucks.
That colorism shit cuts deep.

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you wanna draw me some love live girls. I k n ow k ionn y g o home y ou ar e ti r e d. BUT HEY. I just like my girls and I wanna see you draw them. Hnngh. Please? :")

w h e e z e this took like an hour. also I’m sorry about the colors being a little off, I didn’t want the colors to contrast with the line-art.