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Hey everyone ;)

May I present you our newest project : Maggie Sawyer in every episode

When we decided to start the “Alex Danvers in every episode” project a few weeks ago, we already knew we wanted to do the same with our beloved detective dimples™. Being in less episodes, we waited a little to begin with Maggie. And given the lack of Maggie gifsets on Tumblr lately, aren’t you all starving to see more of her ? Because I am !

You can find the “Maggie in every episode” tag in the Navigation page or in the sidebar … just click on the image ;)

This new project is brought to you by Maybelline @mssawyerdanvers and  @alexdanveers

I hope you will like it !


PS : Don’t forget we track #Sanversource !!!


CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

Happy Valentines to @beautiful-unfolding!
your CSSV, xoxo

since i sometimes get asked about this, lemme state for the record:

if i write something (meta/fic/random headcanon) and it makes you want to create something of your own (a fic, a drawing, a video, an aesthetic, a gifset, ANYTHING) PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT. you don’t need to ask my permission. MAKE THE THING, then tag me in it so i can see it.

creating things should be fun and if some ridiculous idea i had inspires you to do something fun and creative i am all for that and i would love to see what you make out of it. i’m not precious about my ideas. go forth and make art.


Am I the only one who finds Yugie EXTREMELY attractive here?? I know its an old video but he just looks soooo damn good I keep on going back to the video just to look at his pretty face. Other than wanting to watch him dance freestyle of course💕


*headphones recommended*
this is based on markireds gifset/au on tumblr: dark was jealous of all the attention anti had been getting that he thought we forgot about him and that we’d rather have anti than him

I saw this on Instagram and wanted to show @markired and others. I tried to find it on here, but I don’t see it so I decided to embed it so the views still go to Instagram.

BNHA 30 Days Challenge
  1. Favourite male character
  2. Favourite female character
  3. Favourite class A student
  4. Favourite class B student
  5. Favourite Big Three student
  6. Favourite student from another school
  7. Favourite pro hero
  8. Favourite villain
  9. Favourite quirk
  10. Favourite hero costume / uniform / casual outfit
  11. Favourite minor character
  12. Funniest character
  13. Favourite scene/episode
  14. Favourite battle
  15. Favourite opening/ending
  16. Favourite story arc
  17. Most inspiring quote
  18. A scene that made you laugh
  19. A scene that made you cry (saddest / most heartwarming scene)
  20. Favourite relationship (rivalry, friendship, romantic ship, family bond, mentor and student)
  21. Most relatable character
  22. The character I’d want as best friend
  23. The character I’d aspire to be
  24. Best character development
  25. Most attractive character
  26. Best partner in crime
  27. Best smile
  28. Memories
  29. Scenery
  30. Crossover / AU

On suggestion of a kind anon we present you this BNHA Challenge.
You’re free to do all the prompts or only the days you’d like.
You can make gifsets, graphics, manga colourings, fanarts, fanfics or whatever original creation you wish to do. Just use #fyeahbnha and #bnhaedit as one of your first 5 tags so we can see and reblog them! We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome works and have fun! Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask us any questions.

Hi all!! This is the official announcement for Polyamorous Cool Kids Week 2017! It’ll be running from Sunday, June 11th through Saturday, June 17th.

Here are the themes for the week:

Sunday June 11th, Day 1: First meetings; we know from Three Gems and a Baby that the cool kids met back when they were young, but how do you imagine their first encounters with each other?

Monday June 12th, Day 2: Date Night; It’s date night!! What do they do?

Tuesday June 13th, Day 3: Fluff/Angst; A situation that’s either very sweet or very sad. Or both! You pick.

Wednesday June 14th, Day 4: Free Day

Thursday June 15th, Day 5: Alternate Universe; Pick whatever AU you want and do something with that! For example: magic/fantasy, mermaids, werewolves/vampires, etc!

Friday June 16th, Day 6: Beach boredom; It’s a slow day in Beach City. What do they do to kill time?

Saturday June 17th, Day 7: Domestic Life; Years have passed and the three are all living together! Give a snippet into their everyday lives with each other.


  1. Any and all kinds of media, be it art, writing, fanmixes, AMVs, gifsets, etc. are all welcome so long as they are made by you! Submissions can range anywhere from drabbles to full-length fics, sketches to finished illustrations, and from 15-second edits to full-length AMV’s! Don’t feel like you have to go all out unless you want to.
  2. Please post anything you want me to see and reblog under the tag #PCKW.  Please make sure you include this tag as one of the first five in your post, otherwise it won’t show up in the tag when I search for it!! If you don’t want to post something to your blog, you can also submit it via the submission box. You will be credited unless you explicitly want it to be anonymous! Please pick to either submit or post, though! Don’t do both!
  3. Try and post your completed submissions on the day of the prompt if possible (according to EST). If you miss it, no big deal. The tag will be checked and late posts will be reblogged for a week after the official event ends!
  4. Please keep everything like, appropriate for ages 16 or younger. Explicit content (language is fine) will not be reblogged. Sorry!
  5. You may participate in as many or as few prompts as you’d like, of course!!

Most importantly, have fun!! I’m so excited to be running this event and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates! :’)

-Mod Nim ( @stevonnie )


niles the butler + one scene per episode [153/145]:

The Finale


some kiho love

CREDIT (please do not remove this credit)

The different types of Red Queen fans I've seen on my dash

Type 1: the hardcore marecal shipper, actively denies the ending of king’s cage, reads a lot of fluffy fanfiction/aus, cries listening to the RQ4 playlist


Type 3: still bitter about shade’s death, probably will never get over it, still sends Victoria asks about it even tho it’s been over a year

Type 4: the Cal Calore fangirl, yells whenever they see a Matthew Daddario gifset, doesn’t like mare that much


Type 6: the lowkey marecal shipper, unlike type 1 they actually acknowledge mare and cal’s flaws and don’t think it’s the end of the world if they don’t end up together (but they rly want it to happen)

Type 7: the maven stan, would protect him at all cost, prays for redemption arc in rq4

Type 8: the maven hater, literally DESPISES maven calore and probably wants him to die

Type 9: the in-between maven fan…. thinks he’s an amazing villain but at the same time deserves what’s coming to him


Hey everyone! So you may remember a previous post of mine where August 9th was declared Bottom Hannibal Day. Well @cannibalcuisine​ and I got together and decided to make it a little more “official,” so…

         On Wednesday, August 9th, we humbly invite                    everyone to participate in Bottom Hannibal Day! 

BUT WHYEvery few months, this fandom spends a few days bogged down in the discourse of Bottom Hannibal, usually spurred by someone who is vocally unhappy that they had to witness it in some form or another. Recently the fandom has acknowledged that this gets a little tiresome, so, we propose making this less about repetitive discourse, and more about celebrating our favorite cannibal getting the pounding he truly deserves. After all, this fandom is full of Top Hannibal/Bottom Will, and it’s important to remember, in the words of Bryan Fuller, “They flip.”

OMG WHEN/HOW: On August 9th, post your Bottom Hannibal contributions with the hashtag #BottomHannibalDay or just #BottomHannibal. Please feel free to tag @cannibalcuisine and I (@feyestwords) as well, we’d love to see everything & will be reblogging works. We will also likely add a collection to AO3 for the day (depending on how many people intend to participate).

WHAT?!: Not just fanfiction or art - everyone is invited to contribute whatever they want. Videos, manips, edits, gifsets, murals, dissertations, powerpoint lectures, interpretive dance - all are welcome.

                           We can’t wait to see your beautiful work!

Timeless is not sugarcoating history

The makers of Timeless show us the real history of the United States of America. It doesn’t sugarcoats what black people have dealt with, women dealt with, LGBT people dealt with. It shows us history how it truly was even if it is dark and sad. Also Timeless shows us our nation’s history and our ancestors do not determine who we are as a person today. You as your own person determines who you are. No one else will.

The main cast is the most diverse cast I have ever seen. They all have important storylines of their own next to the main plot Rittenhouse. These are the main characters of the show:
Lucy Preston, a white smart, kind historian who is a woman.
Rufus Carlin, a black genius who created and is the pilot of the lifeboat
Wyatt Logan, a white male who has privilege but will do everything for his friends and doesn’t like if Rufus or Lucy get treated like shit on missions because of how they are.
Connor Mason, a black man who is a scientist and runs his own company, Mason Industries
Flynn Garcia, a Croatian guy who is a martyr and who wants justice for his family
Jiya, a Indian scientist and a cupcake who is in a relationship with Rufus
Denise Christopher, a police officer, who is badass and is a person of color next to a lesbian with a family and children.

Every episode they also have side characters who are fictional and non-fictional, to show a part of history, with non-fictional, so real people like:
Ian Fleming, the maker of James Bond
Wernher von Brain, a German Scientist, war criminal and who helped with the moon landing.
Nonhelema, a native American woman who is a tribe princess and chieftess
Katherine Jonson, a black woman, who worked at NASA, an intelligent scientist
Bonnie and Clyde, a criminal couple that terrorized the middle of America during the Great Depression
David Rittenhouse, he helped to create what now are the states of the USA, and the first generation leader of the organization named after him in the show
Bass Reeves, a black man, the first black man in the U.S Marshals
Josephine Baker, a black woman who was an entertainer and singer
There are more real people to mention, but the above are the ones I liked the most or found the most interesting.

Timeless is a show that is incredibly well written, has great diversity, great characters and character developments and everything is so well-thought-out and acted incredibly. This is great storytelling we do not see much on TV these days, what is a pity, because it is perfect and not problematic.
This show deserves to get renewed for a second season because it is not sugarcoating history and the problems people faced back in the day, especially if you were not white, men and straight.
This show aired really late at night, what I think had rating consequences, but it deserves recognition. The season ended last week and now the fans that like diversity and who like history and can learn from this show next to just entertainment while watching do want a second season. Why you may ask. There is so much potential, and it ended on a cliffhanger, like how can they do that to us.
So if you haven’t seen it yet and live in the USA, go watch it on NBC. It is totally worth it!!
Others inside and outside of the USA tweet like crazy and let them know we want more. This show is the best one out there right now, because it doesn’t sugarcoats history next to other problems people face till this day. This show is incredible and deserves the recognition it deserves. I can’t say that enough!

Welcome to the launch of Ladies of Voltron!

A blog exclusively dedicated to the awesome women of the Voltron Universe

The blog is still under construction, but the essentials are there. Feel free to check out the Our Ladies page for a look at who you will be seeing on this blog! 

At the moment there are only VLD characters on the list, but my goal is to expand it to include all the women from previous versions of Voltron as well! To that end: if you’re familiar with the older shows/comics please send me names of characters to add, since I don’t know many of them :P

Secondly, I am excited to announce Ladies of Voltron Week, coming up in September! 

I wanted to choose a date that was far enough away that people would have plenty of time to prepare, and also wouldn’t interfere too much with already planned events. Here are the details:

Dates: September 24 - 30

Prompts: TBA after season 3 airs

Mod: Sedna


  • Tag everything with #LOVWeek or #Ladies of Voltron Week within the first 5 tags so it’ll show up
  • Works must feature at least one of the Voltron Ladies, refer to the tags page to see who is eligible. I’ll allow a fair bit of leeway in terms of eligibility, particularly in regards to alien characters, since in some cases gender is unclear (ex: the Taujeerians or the Olkari)
  • You may include other characters (like Coran, Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, etc) if you want, so long as at least one of the ladies is the focus of your work
  • Shipping is allowed, but as this is a week specifically for the ladies I ask that you stick to wlw ships. All ships are welcome
  • Have fun!!

(more general rules under the cut)

Keep reading

One of the things I adore about the banquet reveal was how well everything came together at once, and you get this epiphany moment I hadn’t experienced since reading Fight Club for the first time. It pulled together not only the most obvious pieces of the story (e.g., poor Victor’s desperation to get laid in the first 3 episodes), but also the tiniest lines, and the latter is what I wanna talk about. 

The attention to detail on this show makes me lose my mind. There’s so much work that has to be done to get foreshadowing to work properly; I think your audience should be smacking themselves with the realization that “we were told, but we didn’t listen!” and YOI  managed to do that with at least a couple short lines that came quickly and unassumingly and left just as quick. The first line I noticed was in the first episode, and it’s something Yuuko says after Yuuri performs Stammi Vicino for her: 

“A perfect copy of Victor.” You have no idea how much that line bothered me, because, based on all the evidence we had in the first couple episodes, there was no reason Yuuri should be a perfect copy of Victor! Stammi is a song about longing for another/something and not being able to reach them/it. We knew early on what this song means to Yuuri; we knew already that Victor was Yuuri’s idol and Yuuri’s version of the skate could easily be (and probably is/was) about him. Yuuri was where he perceived to be at the rock bottom of his life, so it makes sense for him to feel that sort of longing. Therefore, the comparison to Victor, a playboy at the top of the world who can have anything/one he wants at any moment, seemingly made no sense. 

(Funnily enough, I remember tagging a gifset of Victor skating Stammi with something along the lines of “i’d like to see his skating post-yuuri, i’m interested in how different it would be,” oh past me, you had a big storm comin!)

The other one occurred in episode 5 at the Japanese regionals. During Yuuri’s Eros, he says this:

And I remember being like “?????what????why????” well-crafted shows never bring attention to something we already know about unless it’s incredibly important to the story. 

We all know the original Eros story: playboy comes into town, seduces most beautiful woman, leaves her heartbroken in the end. The moment Yuuri identified himself with the woman in the story in episode 3, the woman becomes a stand-in for Yuuri. Any time the woman is mentioned after this point, it’s specifically about Yuuri. 

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Yuuri changes the story around. The woman, Yuuri himself, leaves at the end of the story and breaks the heart of playboy instead. I think at this point in the series, it’s valid to identify Victor with the playboy since, you know, that’s who Yuuri’s trying to seduce outside of the story. 

(lol also they have a shot of Victor when he says “love-crazed couple,” like……subtle guys…….)

Now, there’s a difference between lines for the audience and lines for the characters. I think this one falls under both categories. 

Pre-banquet reveal, this can only be interpreted as character development for Yuuri. He’s gaining confidence and can create the idea that he could have the power over another person to break their heart. This is a huge step for Yuuri and his self worth. 

That’s the line in-canon, or the line for the characters as I said above. Here’s the line as for the audience. 

Post-banquet reveal, we can now interpret that line as a massive hint to us about the true Eros story! The sentence is not only Yuuri’s progression through his arc, but also foreshadowing for the audience to pick up on later! 

I love this show!!

(moral of story: if something you’re watching or reading has a line, or a look, or an event that’s repeated or specifically brought attention to, even in the most casual way, it’s probably something you should look for later. it’s gonna be important.)

Yondu’s the coolest, we all can agree on that.

This is why he deserves a whole week full of love and appreciation. That is what Yonduweek is for. You can do anything you want, voice acting, word art, fanart, fics, poems, songs, gifsets, anything you can think of! Everything is welcome and we can’t wait to see the wonderful things you’ll make!

How does it work?

It’s actually pretty easy. You make something that fits the theme of the day, you post it, we reblog it. As long as it’s tagged with #yonduweek we’ll find it.

When will it be?

Yonduweek will start September 25th and end October 1st!


Day One: Slavery

Yondu was a Kree battle slave since his childhood. What was it like? How did it influence his life? There’re many ways to explore this theme!

Day Two: A Pirate’s Life

Being Ravager Captain is an important job and not everyone can do it. What kind of idiocies does a captain have to deal with? Or maybe you want to explore his early days as a normal Ravager under Stakar. Do it!

Day Three: Bonds

Peter. Kraglin. Taserface. Ego. Stakar. Rocket. There’re many people Yondu interacted with. Want to explore his relationships some more? This is your day!

Day Four: Settling Past Scores

It’s pay day. Does someone owe Yondu money? Or maybe he’s finally giving the Kree slavers what they deserve. Get as creative as you want!

Day Five: Presents

We all know that Peter got his Zune from Yondu. But what about the other way round? Did Peter ever give Yondu a present? A birthday present maybe? Or maybe Peter introduced Christmas to the Ravagers and the worst Secret Santa in history happened. It’s up to you!

Day Six: Things Left Unsaid

Yondu was a man of many mysteries. What kind of things did he keep only to himself? Was there something he wanted to say, but he never had the chance to?

Day Seven: AU

Merman!AU? Biker!AU? Highschool!AU? What’s your favourite AU? Is there any AU you’re missing in the fandom? Now’s your chance to show it!


Chris Wood Appreciation Week 2017, a way to show your love and support for the incredible and amazing actor, who really deserves so much love and appreciation, and what’s a better way to show it than through a week of posts dedicated to the man who makes us smile the most?

day 1 (19th june): what role introduced you to chris or favourite role(s)
day 2 (20th june): favourite funny/cute moment(s) or favourite convention moment(s)
day 3 (21st june): favourite friendship(s) or favourite cast
day 4 (22nd june): favourite pictures or favourite photoshoot(s)
day 5 (23rd june): favourite tweet(s)/instagram moment(s) or favourite look(s)
day 6 (24th june): favourite quote(s) or favourite interview/interview moments
day 7 (25th june): free choice (examples: favourite thing about him, chris with drift, chris with fans, anything that you want to post about)

All days have two options that you can choose from, or even do both together if you want, it’s entirely up to you what you choose to do and how you wish to contribute to that day!

You can participate in how many days you want, and however you want, be it with gifsets, edits, videos, text posts, whatever way you wish to contribute towards the week!

If you want to see all of the posts that are made during the week, follow this blog to keep you updated, we will be reblogging all of the posts that are in the tag.

Please use the tag #chriswoodaw in the first five tags when you post so we can see all of the amazing posts people have created for this week.

We start on Monday 19th June to Sunday 25th June, which should hopefully give people who are busy enough time to create content in advance, and give people time to get stuff ready before the week starts!