wanted to see all of these in a gifset


The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath


CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

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So where does that end, Frank? Because I look at you and my heart breaks because all I can see is just this endless, echoing loneliness. I’m not lonely, Karen. Bullshit. We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we’re just… We’re just fighting not to be alone. So what do you want? What should I do? Should I let it go? No, but I want there to be an after. For you.

since i sometimes get asked about this, lemme state for the record:

if i write something (meta/fic/random headcanon) and it makes you want to create something of your own (a fic, a drawing, a video, an aesthetic, a gifset, ANYTHING) PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT. you don’t need to ask my permission. MAKE THE THING, then tag me in it so i can see it.

creating things should be fun and if some ridiculous idea i had inspires you to do something fun and creative i am all for that and i would love to see what you make out of it. i’m not precious about my ideas. go forth and make art.


niles the butler + one scene per episode [153/145]:

The Finale


some kiho love

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Am I the only one who finds Yugie EXTREMELY attractive here?? I know its an old video but he just looks soooo damn good I keep on going back to the video just to look at his pretty face. Other than wanting to watch him dance freestyle of course💕


I’m shook by Hwabyul

🎥: Move

BNHA 30 Days Challenge
  1. Favourite male character
  2. Favourite female character
  3. Favourite class A student
  4. Favourite class B student
  5. Favourite Big Three student
  6. Favourite student from another school
  7. Favourite pro hero
  8. Favourite villain
  9. Favourite quirk
  10. Favourite hero costume / uniform / casual outfit
  11. Favourite minor character
  12. Funniest character
  13. Favourite scene/episode
  14. Favourite battle
  15. Favourite opening/ending
  16. Favourite story arc
  17. Most inspiring quote
  18. A scene that made you laugh
  19. A scene that made you cry (saddest / most heartwarming scene)
  20. Favourite relationship (rivalry, friendship, romantic ship, family bond, mentor and student)
  21. Most relatable character
  22. The character I’d want as best friend
  23. The character I’d aspire to be
  24. Best character development
  25. Most attractive character
  26. Best partner in crime
  27. Best smile
  28. Memories
  29. Scenery
  30. Crossover / AU

On suggestion of a kind anon we present you this BNHA Challenge.
You’re free to do all the prompts or only the days you’d like.
You can make gifsets, graphics, manga colourings, fanarts, fanfics or whatever original creation you wish to do. Just use #fyeahbnha and #bnhaedit as one of your first 5 tags so we can see and reblog them! We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome works and have fun! Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask us any questions.


*headphones recommended*
this is based on markireds gifset/au on tumblr: dark was jealous of all the attention anti had been getting that he thought we forgot about him and that we’d rather have anti than him

I saw this on Instagram and wanted to show @markired and others. I tried to find it on here, but I don’t see it so I decided to embed it so the views still go to Instagram.


we’d live the life we choose,
we’d fight and never lose
for we were young and sure to have our way

NARTI WEEK 2017 (NOV 26-DEC 3!)

Hello, Voltron Fandom! So, here it is: In light of the events that took place in season 4 of Voltron, we are running an event week solely to honor, love on, and remember one of our favorite Galra generals. This week is run by two admins: @factorysaltedpeanuts​​ and @justklance​​, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer you!

So, with no further ado, we present to you: Narti Week 2017!


  • DAY 1 (November 26th):
    Game Day or Ladies Night
  • DAY 2 (November 27th):
    Colors or Fashion
  • DAY 3 (November 28th):
    Memories or Kova
  • DAY 4 (November 29th):
    Seasons or Holidays
  • DAY 5 (November 30th):
    Personal Identity or Place in the Empire
  • DAY 6 (December 1st):
    Human!Generals or AU
  • DAY 7 (December 2nd):
    Rest in Peace or Rebirth
  • DAY 8 (December 3rd):
    Bonus Day! Anything you like!


  • No NSFW or Gore. This week is supposed to have a lighter theme.
  • You don’t have to stick to the prompts/days. Feel free to do them in any order you wish. The prompts are simply provided as guides.
  • We will be accepting/reblogging submissions for two weeks after the event, so don’t worry if you’re a bit late.
  • No hate. If you don’t like the content another person has created, simply ignore it and move on.
  • Use the tag #nartiweek2017 in the first 5 tags, so we, or anyone else, can find your work. If you’re worried we won’t see it, you may also @ the blog!
  • You can do art, fics, gifsets, poems, drabbles, videos, edits, cosplays, ANYTHING as long as you made it either all on your own or only from your work AND official art (ie: a screencap edit, an AMV, etc)
  • Any stolen fan art/fic etc from other voltron fans will be reported.
  • You can participate in any amount of the 8 days that you want, and you can also submit multiple posts for the same day, if you make multiple works for those prompts!
  • Try to spread this around as much as you can and we encourage all skill levels to participate!
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!! We hope everyone enjoys Narti Week! :D

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an ask!


Is this your first fandom week? No problem! Here is the quick run down! You upload your posts on the proper day above, tagged as instructed and it will be reblogged to this account to be shared with everyone else who shares a love for Narti or wants to be a part of the event! This isn’t a ship focused week, but shippy works are still allowed as long as they involve Narti, have Narti as the focus and still fit the prompt for that day! And again, all skill levels and post types are welcome!

…and that’s a wrap! We look forward to seeing your entries!

-JusKla and Wyatt


I’m gonna be honest , Richard Speight Jr made my blood boil with all his ‘jokes’ about MISHA.But I want to focus on Jensen’s reaction here.

Jensen is all smiles when the fan thanks MISHA for the donuts.

When Richard starts making fun of MISHA,Jensen stop smiling.

He listen to richard but doesn’t smile until he looks at MISHA and sees that he took it well. 

Close Ups:

Richard’ jokes were horrible but this and the hug really warmed my heart.



X   X


Clarke being badass

“ You say having feelings makes me weak, but you are weak for hiding from them. I might be it, but you are a liar, Lexa. You felt something for Castus, you’re still haunted by Costia. You want everyone to think you are above it all, but I see right through you.”

The different types of Red Queen fans I've seen on my dash

Type 1: the hardcore marecal shipper, actively denies the ending of king’s cage, reads a lot of fluffy fanfiction/aus, cries listening to the RQ4 playlist


Type 3: still bitter about shade’s death, probably will never get over it, still sends Victoria asks about it even tho it’s been over a year

Type 4: the Cal Calore fangirl, yells whenever they see a Matthew Daddario gifset, doesn’t like mare that much


Type 6: the lowkey marecal shipper, unlike type 1 they actually acknowledge mare and cal’s flaws and don’t think it’s the end of the world if they don’t end up together (but they rly want it to happen)

Type 7: the maven stan, would protect him at all cost, prays for redemption arc in rq4

Type 8: the maven hater, literally DESPISES maven calore and probably wants him to die

Type 9: the in-between maven fan…. thinks he’s an amazing villain but at the same time deserves what’s coming to him