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haha wow looks like victors story isnt really helping yuuri feel any better.. lets hope whoevers at the door has more luck!! tune in later for part 3!!

written by the amazingly funny @llyn-on-ice go check her blog out!!

Eternal: Part 2

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Genre: Vampire!AU series with the whole package of eventual fluff, angst, and smut!

Summary: You see a side of Taehyung you hadn’t before today and later meet Namjoon’s friends that leads you to blow off some steam.

Word Count: 6487

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Parts: Prologue (M) | Part 1 (M) | Part 1.5 (M) | Part 2 |

A/N: Almost a year later and now finally here is part 2 :’D TBH for the past 8 months or since I released part 1.5 I’ve been struggling to write part 2 and for the longest time I just didn’t know what to write and how to even make it seem juicy??? And even with what I had roughly written down for this part I was highly dissatisfied with more than half of it. I was debating whether I should delete it and give up on working on this series overall. BUT. I’ve been looking forward to writing certain scenes in future parts so I hauled some ass on part 2 and had a few of my friends and the admins read it over and proofread. So without further ado, here is a trashy part 2!

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Finnrey Circus Performers - for my Circus AU fic; done by the absolutely wonderful and SO talented @purrlockholmes! Thank you so much again for this stunning art! I will be staring at this for the reminder of my day <3
{A late Finnrey Friday Modern AU post bc Tumblr messed me around last night!}


Double posts tonight!!!! To make it up for yesterday I fell asleep once I got home from work last night.
If anyone wants to send asks about the AU please do! It’ll make my day!
Jikook AU:/ Where Jungkook has a crush on Jimin but doesnt know how to talk to him. What happens when they get paired up for dance class to create a performance for their grade. Jungkook doesn’t know if Jimin returns the same feelings as him. Jimin was nervous when he finds out Jungkook is his partner. Jimin had a crush on the younger since Jimin had saw Jungkook in dance class. {Part 8/?}

So,,,, remember last year, when I was spewing headcanons for a barisi camp counselor AU? I have a snippet that I really wanted to share. What’s under the read-more was supposed to be the last chapter of a multi-chapter fic I was thinking of doing at the time, but I decided that borders on overload for me, so I was thinking of just posting the cute snippets I wrote instead. 

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another fanart for @therealjacksepticeye !! ❤

// second septicart entry i guess?? i don’t know man, i did this last night and i forgot to post it here. i was waiting for the new anti vid and i accidentally fell asleep. also, i didn’t go to school right now bc i am sick as frick and i wanted to rest and i wanted to post this, but here it is!!

hello, good morning. I just wanted to say that eva and chris are in love, and went home together after the Christmas party last night, they fell asleep as soon as they got to eva’s house, woke up late af, had a little snack and now they are on eva’s couch watching a movie and cuddling, as I write this.

last night i fell asleep with the ghost of your gentle hands still around me. for the first time in a month, i felt warm. i want to kiss you and tell you the small things about my day and the new words i learned from reading voltaire. you make me think summer is still alive somewhere, just hiding. i’m sorry i’m sort of a mess. i know you say that modern art is still art even if it’s just paint splotches and that i’m kinda the same way in an “undiscovered post-post-post modern aesthetic” way. just… thank you for seeing museums in me where i saw empty hallways.

Grand Ami

Word Count: (without translations) 2880, (with translations) 2982

Genre: fluff, coming out, humour, literal miscommunication (because of different languages, I swear there’s no angst)

Warnings: bad French probably


Based off this post (x)

Phil is dating Dan and today is the day he was finally going to meet his parents. Of course he’s nervous, who wouldn’t be? He wants to make a good impression. This may be made a tiny bit harder by the fact that Phil’s terrible at French and that’s mostly what Dan’s parents speak.

(Big thanks to @thereisspringintheair and @justcuzfandoms for basically doing most of the translations for me! Any mistakes are on me and me alone, although I’d like to formally say “screw you” to google translate.)

A/N Just in case you don’t understand, Dan’s family speaks mostly French. Dan himself can speak both French and English fluently, and Phil is just terrible at learning another language. The English translations are in bold next to what they say in French. Also, Dan is asexual.

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The GazettE Spooky Box Live Report

Evening everyone. Or morning, or afternoon. For me, when I wrote this it was late, but I went to the GazettE’s Halloween Spooky Box live last night. Whe  I wrote this I was running on 2 hours of sleep and had been awake since 4am. So forgive me for spelling mistakes, but I wanted to write this while it’s still all as fresh in my head as it’s going to be, so I’ll do my best to tell you everything ^^ I couldn’t post it lst night because I fell asleep literally one sentence from finishing xD

So, first I met a friend from Belgium in Shibuya at 5:55am, it was my first time meeting her in person but all was well. From there we got the train to the live house, which was Zepp Tokyo. We were among some of the first people there and when we lined up for goods (at 7am, to go on sale at 12pm) we were only  about 10 metres from the front of the line, which was great. After waiting 5 hours of waiting in line, during which I saw Kaolu walk past (squeal), we bought our goods. They really had some super cool stuff this time. Although… I wouldn’t suggest you buy the Bomber Jacket once all the left over merch goes on sale. It has absolutely nothing on it, it’s just plain back, and it costs 25,000 yen. Don’t do it. Not worth it in my opinion. Same with the knit cap. 3,800 yen for a knitted beanie with nothing on it.

So after that we just kind of hung around, I met up with some other friends and we went and took purikura together. Which was fun. The weather was rainy and miserable though and fucking  freezing! Typical of a GazettE live.
Finally we began to line up, went through the process of getting in and I was lucky enough to get a spot near the front between Uruha and Ruki. I was joined by my friend and from there it was about a 20 minute wait. Finally! The lights dimmed, some announcements were made and then the curtains lifted to reveal the five most amazing beings I have ever seen. The crowd pushed forwards so I was only two lines of people away from the barrier.

Aoi, in all his glory, was wearing a cool black and white outfit that had a ripped kind of pattern to it. His hair was tied up into a high ponytail and teased up big. To top it all off, he was wearing a pair of fake eyelashes with fluttery pink feathers on the end.

Next was Reita, who seriously looked like he had just stepped out of  medieval torture chamber. He was in complete leather, with buckles and chains galore. It almost looked like armour.. but made from leather. His hair was teased up and spiky and he was wearing red contact lenses, his face also painted to make him look dirty.

Of course, in the middle was Ruki, which looked like a very sexy bunny. He had on a black and white striped top with matching flowey pants as well as a matching top hat with a pair of black lace bunny ears attached. His whole look was very circus-esque.

Behind the cobweb infested drumkit was the wonderful birthday boy, Kai. He was looking super cute tonight in his little ring master outfit. I guess it makes sense since he is the leader. His makeup was done as though he was infected by something and he had ‘Spooky’ written on his cheek.

Finally there was the absolute GOD that is Uruha (yes, he’s my bias, how did you guess?). He looked amazing. Like some kind of etherial being, in his flowey black robes, looking all silky. His hair was long, grey and teased real big. His eye makeup was super dark and he had white contact lenses in. He looked amazing.

NOTE FOR ALL YOU JUDGEMENTAL FUCKS: (jk) Keep in mind that this was my first live ever, after they’ve been my favourite band for 5 years. I’ve dreamed of seeing them live for so long.

Of course, during My Devil On The bed Ruki used that fucking cane and it was absolutely the best thing ever. He was thrusting and acting all sexy. It was amazing, and I was crying (I’d been crying since they came on stage). Uruha kept coming up to the platform at the front and he was even more god-like up close, I was amazed. Ruki as well, came up to the front a lot, quite near where I was.

The following few songs  was surprised they played, but I wasn’t complaining at all (all through those I was still crying). It was good to hear some older stuff again. One I really, REALLY enjoyed was Burial Applicant. It’s one of my all time favourite songs of theirs. Uruha started off by doing his cool little intro and as soon a I heard it, I lose my shit. (At this point I am still crying). Around now in the live was when Reita started coming over to our side. He did his classic, poking his tongue out and making his eyes really wide. Honestly, nothing will ever explain what that’s really like. He really gets involved with the crowd. He actually stands there and holds eye contact with people for a few seconds. If I didn’t know he was such sweetheart I would have found him intimidating. At one point in time Ruki walked over to Uruha and made his fingers into a gun, putting it against Uruha’s forehead.

They played my absolute favourite song at the moment, Ugly and it just made me so insanely happy. I sang every lyric the entire way through.

Of course they played Headache man, it’s a staple of any GazettE live. I think it was around this time, maybe a different song, but around now that Uruha very quietly walks up to Ruki at the front of the stage and creeps up behind him. Ruki goes to turn away from the front platform to almost running into Uruha. Their faces came so close, but Uruha just smirked and Ruki smiled and shook his head.

Of course the first part ended with Linda, where Aoi came over so I could get a better look at him and he was even more perfect up close. He really in an amazing creature and he’s always got that flirty, cocky smirk on his lips; I love it.  After that they left the stage, heading back. Which left me crying once again.

After a bit of a wait for the encore, Kai emerged and did his usual talking into the mic, riling up the crowd. He really is the most adorable human in history! He started up his drum solo, creating an entrance for the return of the other members, but he kept looking over to side-stage and the drum solo seemed to go for longer than usual. He stopped, indicating that it was time for the other boys to come onstage. They didn’t. He started up again, drumming a different beat. But again, no one came out. At this point both Kai and the crowd were laughing.

Then the other four members emerge from side stage. Ruki comes on first, hands behind his back, looking like he’s got the biggest and best secret in the world. Reita walks on right after Ruki, his hands on Ruki’s shoulders and it looks like Reita has him handcuffed. Aoi and Uruha trail out as well and they all take their positions. One of the stage hands wheels out a little table, which had five little sweets on them. I’m not completely sure what it was but one of them, Ruki explained, had a good chunk of wasabi inside it and Kai had to pick one to eat. Trick or Treat.

Kai examined the sweets, at which point I noticed that his dick was VERY obvious in the leather pants he was wearing. He picked one and popped it into his mouth, chewing it. Only to stop a second later and drop to the groun on his knees. Yeah, he’d picked the wasabi one. Everyone laughed and Kai kind of paced around not really knowing what to do. The stagehand came back out with a real cake and a bucket for Kai to spit the wasabi into. It took the poor baby a moment to be able to talk after some more pacing and some water. His eyes were all red and watery too.

They lit the candles and everyone sang happy birthday to the wondeful Kai baby <3

After that they got into the encore, which was awesome. Psychedelic Heroin was so amazing, Ruki grabbed his crotch and thrusted, looking like a real sex demon.

Silly got disco was also fantastic. During it, the entire crowd was waving and rolling their hands from side to side as they sometimes do. I was doing it as well. I looked over at Aoi and saw him turn his head in the direction of our side. I stood on my tiptoes a little more (even though I was taller than most people) and waved at him. He smiled and tilted his chin up at me in a little nod. Which made me so happy.

I believe it was during Hyena, Uruha went over to Ruki’s platform and leaned into him a bit. Ruki shuffled closer and put his arm around Uruha’s shoulders and leaned in to kiss Uruha’s hair. They made some cute little pouty faces at each other before parting.

They played Tomorrow Never Dies (which is a song that means A LOT to me), and I cried during that. Ruki looked at me a few times and I hand my hand out, singing along with him while I cried. (I know, I’m pathetic). Towards the end of the song there was another Uruki moment where Ruki went over to Uruha and knelt own on the ground in front of him, as if he was begging him, or serenading him.

They left the stage this time and I was sure that was it. They threw out the picks, Kai threw his drumsticks, I thought that was it. But then Japanese fans started to yell 'encore’ again so my friend and I waited. Soon enough though, the lights went up and they came out again! For a second encore, which is very rare. Guess what, I was also crying this time. My friend had to hug me while I sobbed like a fucking baby.

The last song was so hectic. There were fans directly behind me who were boosting people up to go crowdsurfing. It was annoying. I kept poking my tongue out at Reita too, but he didn’t respond. Aoi and Reita had a few cute little bro moments that I saw and Uruha went up to the drums a fair bit to interract with Kai.

All in all it was amazing, once they left the stage for a final time. I cried again. I was just so unbelievably happy that I was able to go and see them. I really love them with all my heart. To some people they may just be a band. But for me.. I owe a lot to those boys. So it was a dream come true.

So yeah! That was my live report. Hopefully there was enough detail and I didn’t miss on anything. Enjoy my loves!

P.S. Here is the merch I bought.


When Hayden noticed Sadie’s public cry for entertainment she was going to reach out until someone else grabbed it first; but when Lindley brought up she figured why the fuck not, she still wanted to have fun. She tried a few different outfits before making her way over to Sadie’s, finally deciding on a simple jeans, t-shirt combo but adding her leather jacket to make it something more. A couple of minutes after the agreed time, not wanting to come off eager, she knocked on the door.


[A/N: ay so I told @booahczerny I’d post this up for her on here. there’s no plot and it’s shitty i literally just thought about them sitting like this last night before i fell asleep so i wanted to write it. It’s untitled so I gave it a shitty name for this post.]

Word count: 365

Fandom: All For The Game/The Foxhole Court

Ships: kandreil

Summary: they’re just sittin there’s no plot i’m sorry

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stay over with louis

I suck I was gonna post this last night, but I fell asleep.YAY FOR LOUIS’ HIGH NOTE!

You were cuddled into the pillows and blankets of Louis’ bed. The two of you had been dating for three or so months and you had yet to stay the night. You didn’t want to move too fast. Louis never wanted to push you.

But right now Louis wanted nothing more than to look at you until you fell asleep. Maybe he wanted to watch you sleep for a couple hours…and possibly think of some lyrics that would remind him of your pretty face for the long nights on tour. Then he hoped he could look at you until he fell asleep too.

Somehow you always snuck out before you got to the point of sleeping in his arms. There would be a note on the door or on the fridge saying you had to go.

Louis thought it was because you were worried about what might happen if you stayed over. He did everything he could to help you understand that nothing would happen if you didn’t want it to. Part of him hoped that you knew none of that stuff mattered to him as much as holding your tired body safely in his arms.

Since he was little, Louis had always been a cuddler. Something about the way he felt safer or even protective of whoever he was holding in his arms.

Nothing made him happier than holding you in his arms. But getting you to stay was the problem.

Louis’s eyes were drifting close as he faced you watching the movie on the screen over the dresser. You let your hand gently trace patterns along the inside of his arm. He couldn’t take his eyes off you. You hadn’t said much tonight. But he knew that was okay.

You were quieter than most people thought Louis would pick. Louis thought it was odd at first but he’s really been starting to enjoy it. Your laugh made up for a lot of your calmness. Louis liked to think that you were always happy around him—that’s why you didn’t need so many words. Your laughter spoke louder.

Louis had already listened to all your stories of the day from working at the clothing store you had worked at since the beginning of high school. That’s how Louis met you. He was looking for a shirt for his mother and he needed a second opinion. It just so happened you were the second opinion.

But today he listened to the mentally draining day you had of rude customers (none asked for your opinion—thankfully. Louis hated when men hit on you. He was too possessive for his own good) and exhausting work where you just felt tired.

Louis promised you that it was only until you finished your degree and you could get away from the worst job in the world. Louis knew retail since he worked in a toy store. But people and clothing were a whole other breed compared to toy shoppers.

Glancing over at the stare gazing into the side of your face you smiled at sleepy blue eyes that were looking you over. “You should sleep, baby,” you whispered softly.

He nodded. “Stay over?” He asked hopefully. You blushed.

“Um….not tonight, Louis,” you answered softly and you started moving a lot. You were trying to wiggle away from Louis.

He wasn’t having that. His arms tightened around your body and he cuddled close to you. The frown on his soft lips made your heart break, but you couldn’t lie to him. “Why not?”

You shook your head. “I can’t tonight,” you said simply.

He sighed sadly and then came closer to you. “Please stay. M’lonely,” he said softly.

“I have to get up early,” you protested as he somehow got closer to your body. It was pretty amazing if you were being totally truthful.

“Get up early here,” he said and nuzzled his face against your collarbone. “It’s cold out there,” he said quietly. “I’ll worry,” he reminded you cutely.

You smirked and kissed his head. “I’ll be fine.”

“Please stay over?” He begged. “Please?” He let his lower lip jut out as he looked at you pleadingly.

Who were you to deny this sweet, warm boy of what he wanted? It was practically a crime.You sighed. “All right,” you whispered. “I’ll stay,” you said quietly.

The answering grin on his lips made your heart melt. Louis felt like he won a Grammy. This was so amazing to him. Louis felt like he was five years old having his first playdate. He pulled away from you and smiled proudly. “I’ll grab you something more comfortable to wear,” he said and jumped out of bed.

You nodded feeling anxiety creep into your chest. Was Louis expecting something?

When Louis returned to you he saw your mind spinning. “What’s the matter babe?” He asked quietly.

“Nothing, why?” You said quickly.

“Babe, I have four sisters and a mother. ‘Nothing?’ Really? What’s wrong?” He wondered. You didn’t say a word and Louis swallowed thickly. “Do you really want to leave?” He questioned and his whole body seemed to deflate.

You bit your lip and you looked at him. “I’m just nervous,” you barely whispered in fear that tears might attack your cheeks.

He sighed with relief. He could ease all your worries quickly. “Sweetheart,” he whispered gently. “You have nothing to be nervous about,” he said letting his lips press to your forehead. “I just wanna hold you. Nothing else, I promise…I’m too tired for sex,” he joked. You smirked weakly but the tears moved past your eyelashes anyway. “Oh, sweetness,” he cooed and pulled you to his chest and rubbed your back. “You know you can sleep in here, I’ll sleep on the sofa. I just want you here,” he said gently. “I love you,” he admitted. Yes, he wanted to cuddle. But if you were going to be uncomfortable he would do whatever you asked of him so you would feel better.

Your heart fluttered and you clung to him as close as you could. “I love you too,” you said softly.

“Please trust me, love,” he breathed gently. “I promise, it’s just cuddling,” he offered. You nodded and he pulled you into his lap. You pressed your cheek to the front of his shoulder and his chin rested on the top of your head. “I love having you here,” he said gently. “I wish you could stay forever.”

“Even if I’m not physically here, Lou, m’not going anywhere anytime soon,” you said softly.

He smiled. “I knew that,” he joked and squeezed you. “Are you alright? Do you wanna go to sleep?” He asked kindly.

You nodded and curled closer to him. “As long as you’re here,” you said sweetly.

The flutter of his heart spread warmth through his whole body and he lifted you carefully and brought you both back to his pillows and he let you curl around him until you were comfortable before he stared at you for a while. Neither of you spoke as he traced your cheek with his thumb and let his finger run over your soft lips. A smile couldn’t leave his face. He loved watching you and as your eyes fell close Louis continued to watch you.

And if Louis had a notebook dedicated for lyrics in his bedside table and he started writing about you while you dreamed then that was his business and you were none the wiser.

hey could you do one where y/n is an actress and is dating alex. he hangs out with her on set but gets extremely jealous when she has to make out with some other guy. (he lashes out on him, then some other guy comes over and her co-worker introduces him as his boyfriend.)

AN Hey guess what day it is? That’s right. It’s Thursday bitches. You know what that means? NEW IMAGINE EVERY DAY as the best that I can. I’m going camping the beginning of June, so obviously I can’t do it then. I was actually thinking about writing one for each day that I’m gone and posting them all at once but that is a mission for a different day. I actually just want to sleep but I have promised you and I will fulfill! Thank god school is over. Anyway! Enjoy friends xx I lied, I wrote this last night and then I fell asleep in the middle, so I’m still posting the next one tonight, I promise friends I love youuu

Alex’s POV

Going to your girlfriend’s work isn’t always the easiest. Especially when she makes more money than you and you’re a rockstar. Y/N lives out in LA, and even though it was hard to leave Baltimore behind, I knew I had to do it for her. Just for her career. It wasn’t too bad though, Rian lived out here as well. I missed life back at home sometimes though.

Y/N really was something. Since she had money herself, I didn’t have to worry about her dating me only to get famous. People shipped us all around Tumblr and Twitter, and to be honest, it was nice dating someone who wasn’t constantly hated on for existing. That never really ended well for me.

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Omg I love your reactions 😂 They're on point 👌 Can I request one? What would exo's reaction be when they get home and they see you walking around the house completely naked while singing a song loudly but you didn't know they were home? Thanks boo (: <3

You’re too kind <3 But thank you!


Tao: bursting out of the shadows like

Chanyeol: HONEY I’M HOME *you run away in embarrassment* BABY COME BACK

Lay: What’s going on? Am I missing something? Is it Christmas? 

Kris: This is cute and all but why are you walking around the house naked with all the windows open? 

Sehun: I got the jams baby, just keep singing.

Kyungsoo: *when you finish singing a song*

Chen: *jamming to whatever song you’re singing* 

Kai: no sudden movements, Jongin. If she finds out you’re home, she’ll kill you.

Suho: Why is my girlfriend so cute, yet so odd?

Luhan: Why wasn’t I invited? 

Bacon: Don’t come home yet, she said.

I’m cleaning, she said.

External image

Xiumin: Jagi, I brought work home, WAIT GUYS DON’T GO IN YET. 

External image


I actually wanted to post this last night but I fell asleep while looking for gifs. Insert sunglass emoji here.

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I hope you will write a second part to the blurb where calum is a jock and he invites you to a party as a joke. I really liked it :)

highschool!calum part one

alright so you’d have completely shut yourself out for the entire weekend but by the time monday rolled around you knew you’d eventually have to face the world so you’d put on a baggy hoodie to conceal your face from anyone as you hurried past the snickers that seemed to chase you all while you dug through your locker for textbooks and notebooks with a pen stuck between your teeth as a clutter of loose pieces of paper fluttered to the ground because you were never one to be the center of attention - never one for the spotlight - and all you wanted to do was get back to your nice, shadowy corner that was away from the ruthless stares that made you hunch your shoulders as if the more you curled into yourself, the more likely it was that you would disappear into yourself but it didn’t seem like your solid form was going to disintegrate any time soon - no matter how much you wished some malicious scientist’s experiment would go haywire and a rogue laser would strike you instantly, turning you to dust, but alas, that was not happening either - but you weren’t the only one feeling the brunt from friday night - although in calum’s case, he was more disgusted with his so-called friends who spent their time tormenting you and spreading the pictures they took of you in your intimate lingerie, pressed against his then-flushed chest, and kicked himself every time you would scramble past him and brush off his attempts at an apology - and it reached the point where this entire fucking day left calum with a sore jaw from having it clenched for so many hours and his tongue stinging thanks to having his teeth sunk into it to bite back any of his bitter words but he tried so fucking hard to get you to look at him - just acknowledge his existence - but you’d duck away from before he could get any closer, though he managed to luck out since you both had gym together and, although he never paid intense attention to your presence in the past, he couldn’t help it as his gaze focused on you tugging at the sleeves of your t-shirt as you stood off to the side of the basketball court, eyes nervously flicking back and forth while your head hung down almost shamefully, which would immediately snap the moment one of his teammates - because he felt sick to his stomach thinking of them as his friends now - nudged his elbow with a smug grin on his face that calum just wanted to punch into oblivion as that douchebag’s eyes raked your body, a glint of lust in his eyes that made that sick sensation more like a feeling of boiling acid in the pit of his gut, and the moment you noticed the staring, you’d shuffle behind some of the girls that just exited the locker room in an attempt to once again hide yourself from the world but the their harsh and loud whispers about you didn’t exactly help build what little shield you had to protect yourself, but nonetheless, your gym teacher obviously be oblivious to everyone and everything happening because this is high school and rarely do you have teachers that blatantly involve themselves with your problems or give a fuck so he’d be squeaking across the floor in his adidas sneakers whilst wearing shorts that were a size or two too small and a black plastic whistle dangled around his neck and a pair of baseball shades covered his eyes, all the while chomping hard on his gum and suggesting the dreaded game of dodgeball - dragging around the mesh bag filled with red and yellow rubber balls that made you suck in a shallow breath as all the varsity athletes smirked mischievously and lightly shoved one another in some sort of competitive spirit - and eventually you were all divided into teams parallel to one another across the basketball court, the balls all placed in front of you in a even row, and with a blow of that dollar tree whistle, the gymnasium exploded in a mass of chaos as the red spheres shot through the air and struck unsuspecting victims - which toppled to the ground in a heap of scarlet skin and screams of pain - and all you wanted to do was just get the hell out of there so you weakly threw a ball that was caught so you could stand off on the sidelines but as you maneuvered to the edge of the court, you collapsed to the ground and clutched your cheek in stinging pain as a ball rolled past you in a sort of eery fashion all the while the gymnasium erupted in a chorus of snickers and chuckles, which the gym teacher would try to shut up but ended up shrugging it off and sending you back to the locker room to sit out for the rest of the class period - and you’d happily oblige - and you’d be standing at the sinks in front of the grimy mirrors, splashing cold water against your face and refusing to let the salty tears that welled your eyes burn your raw cheeks, until you steeled your expression enough to get out before you were crushed by the wave of people that came surging through the locker room door - covered in a bitter perspiration that stained the underarms of their shirts - and shuffled into the nearby empty hallway that connected the locker rooms with the gymnasium and focused on steadying your breathing until you felt two firm hands grip your shoulders and pin you against the wall - a boy’s eyes filled with lust as he licked his lips whilst you squirmed beneath his grasp - as he whispered “you put on quite a show the other night” and let his fingers trail down your side with this sense of malicious calculation that only made you more uneasy, and you were ready to strike him - to fight back - when out of the corner of your eye, you saw a fist connect with the boy’s jaw and him tumble to the ground, calum standing over him with dark eyes, but when his eyes finally locked with your nervous ones, he wasn’t sure to reach out for you or leave you alone; he only wanted to know what would leave you with the least collateral damage possible.

alright so tell me what you guys think? i was planning on posting this last night since it was almost finished but i fell asleep. you guys should totally just message me your requests or if you just wanna talk because i’ve got a while until my next class and then i’m done for the day. (yay!) so hit me with your best shot. :-)