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Christmas have this way of reuniting childhood friends who lost touch a long long time ago.

Thats it! I said that it would be a series of 3 posts but i managed to finish today, and I did a couple changes here and there so here its, all in one post!
I know that isnt the best finale but I wanted to give you something that I could leave to your own conclusion, but I will say that Lance doesn’t meet Hunk that day.

Feel free to drop me and ask telling what you think it would happens next, i would love to hear~                                                         Happy Christmas ♥

okay i promised a compilation post a couple of days ago so…. here is how you get drunk with Cass

if your endurance is 6 or lower, you’re basically fucked

you still get Cass to sell her caravan though. she just wanted a drinking buddy. she’s good

if your endurance is 7 or 8, you and Cass end up having a draw? basically?

if your endurance is 9 or 10, you outdrink her. she’s amazed

and that’s it. there are some easier ways to make Cass sell her caravan and i never even could pass this 75 barter check (i cheated this time…), but it’s hilarious and it just shows that fallout: new vegas has so… so many possibilities

“Hey, Barold?” 

“Yes, dear?”

“Are you dead?”

Barry’s head pokes into the dining room table, the Neverwinter Times folded into his hands. He looks down at himself, pokes his own nose. “I don’t think so? I don’t look dead.”

Lup looks him up and down, then says, “Yep, you really don’t.”


In response, Lup takes the package she’s been holding, grabs it by the ends, and turns it on its head. Letters - bundled into packs bound with black ropes, spare ones scratched on torn napkins, envelopes-within-envelopes written in deep dark ink - spill all over the table.

“What are these?”

“Consolation letters,” Lup says, grinning. She plucks the first one off the table, slits it with a brightly-painted red nail, and begins to read. “‘Dear Lup Taaco, my cult and I would like to express our condolences for your loss.’ Aww, that’s so sweet, they’re cult-bonding.”

Barry narrows his eyes. “Is that a necromantic cult or a religious one?”

“Dunno.” She tosses it aside, picks up another one. “‘Dear IPRE, sorry for your loss. We hope Barry feels better soon. We know most people don’t feel better after being dead but he’s done it before.’”

Barry drifts forward, looking at the stack in apprehension and slight awe. He picks one up at random, skims it, and turns white. “Why do these people think I’m dead?”

“Don’t know, but there’s definitely a consensus, babe,” Lup says. “Aww, someone sent a bunch of dead flowers! I’ll pass them onto Merle.”

“Lup, no, this is weird. This - this is weird.”

“Yeah, for sure,” she says, leafing through the next letters. The mound grows intimidatingly the more Barry looks at it. “What did you do?”

“I - I don’t know.”

“Huh. Maybe someone started a dumb rumor. You never know the kinda shit floating around Faerun these days.”

True? Okay. Okay, no, this is just another mystery. Maybe there are clues in the truly preposterous number of letters sitting on the table. Carefully, Barry picks the first one up, a letter wrapped in a satin ribbon and addressed in dark ink so black it almost looks tar. He tears it open gently and sets the envelope aside, then begins to read.

Dear Miss Lup,

I’m really really sorry your husband is dead. I want you to know that my mom and my dad love him too and that if you ever need someone to talk to because death is a really really bad thing then you can send us a letter any time. I’d give you my mom’s frequency but I don’t know it.



Below is an address. It’s from the far east, a remote village that Barry only knows because he passed through there while hunting for Lup a couple of years into his search.

He’s not freaking out so much as very, very confused. He’s certain he’s alive. Pulse beating in his throat and everything. So why does everyone think he’s dead?

He goes through a couple more without finding any clues. Most are of the same vein - sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing better. A couple recommend Lup some therapists in Neverwinter. Two cite him as his inspiration for practicing necromancy. He’s gonna need to pay those fans a personal visit. Probably with his scythe.

“Barry?” Lup says after a little while. She’s set the letters down and is now looking at him strangely.

He opens another one. This one’s written in blue ink. All the others have been black. Really goes to show what kind of person picked Barold J. Bluejeans, lich and necromancer-turned-reaper extraordinaire, as their favorite of the seven birds. “Yes, dear?”

“When you died, you picked up your bodies, right?”

Barry freezes. He thinks back to those ten years on his own, dying repeatedly. He’d had a process - he’d freak out, flicker a little bit, and pull himself together - with admirable speed and courage, of course. Then he’d grab his jeans (can’t leave those behind), a couple hairs, a bunch of blood (which wasn’t typically too hard to collect), the coin, some supplies, and take off for Wave Echo Cave.

He’d leave the body, though. He didn’t need it.

“Barold J. Bluejeans,” she snaps, setting down her letter with a thwack on the table. “Did you leave your corpses strewn all around this continent?”

“I only needed a little blood to make a new body!” he yelps. “I was a lich, it wasn’t like I could pick up my body and carry it with me!”

“You managed to keep the same clothes for ten years!”

“I’ve had these jeans for a hundred years, they’re precious to me!”

“That’s fair,” Lup says, grinning too widely to be angry. “So you’re telling me, these people stumbled across your dead body and thought it was you?”

“Probably,” he replies sheepishly. “I mean, in my defense, I didn’t think anyone would find it. I kinda fell off a mountain range.”

“And you didn’t go collect them when you got an actual body?” she asks, gesturing toward him.

“I was a little busy creating your body.”

Lup sighs, exasperated. She throws an envelope at him. It drifts unimpressively down to the table. “This is it, Barold. This is what you get when you don’t show up at press conferences ever. People start to think you’re literally dead.”

“I hate them,” he mumbles. “Too many spotlights and reporters and questions. I get all sweaty.”

“You’re one of the seven birds, babe. People want to know your story.”

“They already do, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, but they want to hear it from you.” She glances over her shoulder at the Taako Time™ calendar hanging on their wall and grins. “Babe, there’s one tomorrow and you’re going.”

“I don’t wanna,” he whines. “Lup, they…they suck. All the reporters and the microphones and the spotlights….”

“No arguments, dear,” Lup says, standing and crossing her arms over his head to rest her cheek on his hair. “Lucretia hates them too and she goes.”

“She was the Director of the Bureau of Balance, she’s good at that shit now,” Barry grumbles. “Besides, Davenport doesn’t have to answer questions.”

“Davenport’s at sea, babe. Getting to interview him is like finding a Shiny.”

Barry groans, tugs on a strand of Lup’s hair. It’s dyed red toward the ends. “If you loved me you wouldn’t make me go.”

“I love you,” Lup affirms, “so I’m making you go.”

“Can I at least - ”

“No, you can’t wear your tuxedo T-shirt. You have to wear the sweater vest I bought you.”

Barry slumps his head toward the table. Lup slides down his neck to rest her chin on his shoulder. “Cycle forty or sixty-eight,” he asks, words muffled by the table.

“Forty,” she decides. “I won’t make you do sequins.”

“Thank the Queen.” He straightens. There’s ink on his forehead. Lup laughs, then licks a thumb and wipes it away. “Gross.”

The letters flare in the corner of his vision. Sighing, Barry tugs Lup onto his lap. She sits with a laugh, gleeful and teasing, and reaches reaching for a letter of her own. Leaning her temple against his, she slices open another letter, and begins to read.

“Wow, babe,” she says after a couple minutes. “You’re really an inspiration for some up-and-coming dark magic babies.”

“I know,” he sighs. She chuckles and ruffles his hair affectionately. “I’m gonna have to go talk to them.”

Lup’s counterproposal is cut off by her Stone of Farspeech buzzing against her collarbone. She picks up without looking and says “Heyo, Blupjeans household, whaddya want?”

Barold J. Bluejeans!” screeches her brother’s voice through the receiver. Barry jumps. “You wanna explain to me why my dining table is fuckin’ swamped with condolence letters?!

Lup and Barry turn to stare at each other in horror. Then, right on cue, Barry’s Stone rings. He checks it. It’s Magnus’s signal. They stare at it.

“Oh Gods,” Lup groans, and picks up.

Barry? Barry, are you okay?” comes Magnus’s voice. There are a couple of dogs barking in the background, as there always are when Magnus calls. “I heard you were dead, I know it sucks, like, serious ass to be without a body, I wanted to check in, and also tell you that I’ve got a ticket for Neverwinter on hold if you need me down there - ” he says.

Lup and Barry exchange glances. Barry begins to laugh.

‘Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’ - (This does not mean what you think it does....)

I haven’t written many original posts recently, but given what has happened today, expect quite a few over the next couple of days.

My first post is about the quote above. I wanted to just let my feelings settle a bit before writing this, but it just happens to be the first thing I noticed.

For those unfamiliar, I wrote a post a couple months ago about Kylo Ren and his motivations. It pretty much sums up what Lucasfilm presented to us in this trailer, as far as where Kylo Ren is, psychologically speaking, at the end of The Force Awakens. I would REALLY recommend reading it in order to understand where I am coming from concerning this post.


As many of us suspected, the central theme of ‘The Last Jedi’ seems to be indeed that of finding one’s sense of identity

With the above quote I found myself viewing it in a very different light after watching the trailer a few times.

It’s partially to do with the tone of Kylo’s voice. He’s not angry, not even sad exactly. He almost sounds like he is advising someone. And the language also suggests that, when he talks about ‘what YOU were meant to be’, to me this alludes to the fact that he is either being metaphorical or speaking directly to somebody else.

This is purely my own speculation, but in my mind, he is actually speaking to Rey. This line might have been put in simply for the trailer and doesn’t actually exist in the film, but I think it’s part of a conversation. A conversation while Rey and Kylo are connected through the force? A conversation after Kylo reveals Rey’s past, including what happened to her family? Maybe. These are all possibilities.

But why would I jump to this conclusion? After all, isn’t he simply talking about killing his mother and uncle, after having killed his father?

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Actually, I say no.

And it’s for a very simple, logical reason that has nothing to do with sentimentality (although I, like many of you out there I suspect, did indeed tear up when Kylo’s thumb hovered over that button which, if pushed, would end up killing his mother).

It comes from comparing TFA with this trailer. You have to take into account of what has happened in TFA and how that has changed everyone. I don’t actually think Kylo is repeating himself here, that I believe is misdirect but again I might just be overthinking.

Kylo Ren says in the official trailer for TFA that ‘he will finish what Darth Vader started’.

Originally posted by star-wars-is-life

Throughout Episode VII, Kylo Ren is constantly emulating his grandfather, most likely because he wants to be like him. He cherishes Darth Vader’s crumpled mask like an old relic in a museum and wears his own mask proudly at the beginning of the film.

Now let’s compare that to this trailer. What does he do when he says -

‘Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’ 

What does he do?

Originally posted by boomdafunk

He destroys his mask.

In other words, he destroys his old self. The old self that emulated Darth Vader, that was trying to be like the grandfather and hid behind a mask.

This is incredibly literal as this is what the trailer actually wants you to see. The first interpretation one could logically form. And you see how Kylo Ren is doing a complete u-turn here. He is literally doing the opposite to what he did in the TFA trailer. You miss it perhaps because of the impact of what happens soon after this shot. But this point can be expanded upon, as I did in my previous post above.

Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, whoever he is, is trying to find his sense of identity. But he is no longer satisfied with trying to find it by looking into the past, by looking into his family’s history. This INCLUDES Darth Vader, not just Luke, Leia or Han.

I think he is in fact turning his back on his own lineage. Because he thought it would be enough. He thought that by finding out his grandfather was the powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader, he would be able to answer the question of why he could never find balance within himself.


He’s even more lost now than he was before. He knows that the answer no longer lies with Darth Vader.

So how does this connect to his dialogue?

Because this mirrors another character’s trajectory. And I believe he says these words to the said character later in the film, when he realizes his past mistake.

Originally posted by starwarsfilms


Why? Because she is still struggling, just as he is, with finding ‘her place in all this’. In other words, finding her sense of identity.

What I think is truly amazing is that somebody else in this sequel trilogy has already said these words before, or at least something to this effect.

Originally posted by bruceewayne

‘The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.’

Phrased completely differently but when you put that next to -

‘Let the past die. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’

Yes, I know I cut a piece of dialogue out but it’s clear what is happening here, and in fact what is happening throughout this trailer.

Kylo and Rey’s paths are not just similar.

They are one and the same.

This is why people have come away from this trailer questioning whom Snoke is referring to. Because in a way it doesn’t matter. The point Lucasfilm is making here is that ‘Rey and Kylo are two halves-’

And you can finish off the rest of that sentence.

Now back to what I said at the beginning of this post. I think we will find out more of Rey’s past, but my daydreaming self is saying that Kylo warns Rey, just as Maz did, to not let her past completely inform her future. Otherwise, she could end up like him, misguided and lost. When he says ‘kill it if you have to’, this could be on a figurative level or it may allude to Rey’s dark origins (stay turned for that post).

If what he’s saying is basically the same as what Maz recommends to Rey, then what does that say about Kylo? What does that say about the light and dark, if they are essentially saying the same thing? :-)

So what do you guys think? Let me know through comments and reblog and check out for more posts in the coming days. This is such an exciting time to be part of this fandom and I love you all very much! You make the experience a hundred times more moving and fun! I nearly screamed at the end of that trailer and for a minute thought I was genuinely hallucinating. Gobsmacked, speechless, is best way I can describe it.

I cannot believe this has to be said again and again, but some of ya’ll seem to forget it every couple of months.

Tumblr user “billielovesadrienneforever” is a stalker.

She has been quiet for a while after being called out several times in the not so distant past for publishing sensitive information about Billie Joe’s family members, that I do not want to repeat here, posting private photos and videos, and publicly bragging about who in Billie Joe’s environment lets her follow them to generate more followers herself. She has deleted posts after people asked her to, but has never learned anything and was never sincere with her “sorry”s, because this has happened time and time and time again.

We all know that Billie Joe’s beloved dog Rocky died a couple of days ago, because of the post he made on Instagram. But wait, one DAY before he got a chance to share the news with his followers though, she decided she could exploit his personal tragedy to get attention:

Excuse me, his dog walker’s instagram? His dog walker’s private instagram, with posts that are clearly not meant to be public? It’s disturbing enough that she harasses (yes, stalking is harassment) his friends and family, but his DOG WALKER? What’s next, his hair stylist’s snapchat? His mailman’s facebook? You just can’t make that shit up. 

That last message is especially sickening: “How do you think?:p ;)” … 
“I know something you don’t, and I’ll be vague about it and smugly look down on you, because I tricked my way into the Inner Circle™ and I will use every opportunity I get to brag about it. I also see no problem with taking away Billie’s personal right to inform the public about a loved one’s death, invading his privacy by sharing information I don’t know he’d be willing to share and I feel perfectly comfortable making his decisions for him to get attention in form of followers and messages on social media.”

Well, you’re getting attention.

It’s creepy. It’s invasive. It’s disgusting. It’s disrespectful. It’s shameful. It’s sickening.

Billie Joe and his family are PEOPLE. Their private lives are not your entertainment and you have no right exploiting them.

I have blocked this person long ago and I would encourage you all to do the same, because let me tell you, I am sick of seeing people reblog her posts on my dashboard and interacting with her. Vague posts made about her get hundreds of notes, and while there is nothing wrong with that, people need to know her name, because most of the people who reblog these posts don’t know who tf everyone is shading. 

This is not a call to sending her hate messages, but a call to ignoring her. Unfollow her. Block her. Don’t interact with her. Don’t give her the platform she wants.

PS: Yes, you can reblog this.

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#novemberstudychallenge // day 9: handwriting

okay so rmb the job interview i mentioned a couple posts ago? wELL YA GIRL JUST GOT HIRED TODAY !!! AAAA IM SO HAPPY THEY SAID THAT THEY KNEW BEFORE I EVEN APPLIED THAT THEY WANTED TO HIRE ME:’) it has been a great day guys i hope y’all can say the same about yours<3

(i lowkey took this photo at the food court at the mall today and it was hella awkward bc i took this on the tray return table o-o people were probably staring at me weirdly, especially the food court workers ._.’)


There was a post circulating a couple of days ago about Jared feeling guilty about the last words he says to Connor.

In the show, sincerely me reprise happens over skype. He says he’s going to hang out with his “real friends” but there’s an extreme lack of his friends being mentioned.

What if after Evan nixed the insanely cool Jared kleinman email, he finished it anyway and saved it. Not for them to use but so that he felt a little less guilty because this is him wanting to be friends with Connor. Wishing he were.

Not saying that the kid never did anything wrong, people do a lot of things to cope when their parents don’t believe them about their mental illnesses. They hide behind drugs or music…

Or mean words.

Just imagine Jared singing

“All that it takes is a little re-in-vention.

It’s easy to change cause I gave it my a-tten-tion.

What I wish I did, was make him believe he could be who he wanted to be.


miss you dearly.

Sincerely Me.”

And closes the laptop and walks offstage.

nasal spray

requested: kinda! held an hc poll and the majority voted for sam, so i wrote this for him!

warnings: drinking is mentioned, and the aftermath of it. a sexual act is mentioned, but nothing actually happens.

pairings: sam holland x reader

summary: a drunken night turns into a hung over morning, and a bit of a surprise waiting in the kitchen for our lovely sam.

a/n: !!!!!!!!! wow another sam hc! i know, the title sounds wonky, but bare with it. it’s actually really cute.

i posted about this a couple of days ago,and this is the one night stand with a twist i mentioned. there’s nothing graphic mentioned, though. this idea has been in my head for at least two weeks, and it sounds really sweet.

  • ah, a celebrity party
    • something you had heard many stories of
    • yeah, those stories were wrong
    • you had NEVER been more bored
  • your friend had dragged you along
    • he was hooking up with some actor, and he wanted you to be there with him just in case something went wrong
    • but, in the end, he just left you to fend for yourself
    • or, rather, you were fed up with following the pair around like a lost puppy
  • with that being said, you ventured around on your own
    • the first hour wasn’t successful, because you didn’t know anyone personally
      • sure, you seen so many actors and actresses that you knew, but you couldn’t just waltz up to them and say “HI MY NAME IS Y/N I LOVED YOU IN THAT MOVIE”
      • i mean you could but you’d probably get kicked out LOL
  • eventually, you wandered out to the outdoor pool that overlooked the city
    • “this place kinda looks like bojack horseman’s mansion”
  • while everyone else was having a grand time, you situated yourself against the railing, and lost yourself in the horizon of skyscrapers
  • after a few sips from your glass, you felt a tap on your shoulder
    • “is this place taken?”
    • you turned around to see a rather tall, kinda curly haired boy who looked around your age, “yeah, my invisible friend is standing here. couldn’t you tell?”
    • the boy furrowed his eyebrows, his fingers tightened around his glass a bit before answering, “uh, yeah. sorry.”
    • while he was turning around, you spoke out to him, “wait, you aren’t leaving because of what i said, are you?”
    • he spoke to you while standing sideways, “you made it a bit obvious that you didn’t want to be bothered, so i assumed-”
    • you interrupted his nervous speech with a giggle, and a soft, “i was being sarcastic, bub. i want to be bothered.”
    • the freckled faced boy now turned his body towards you; his fingers relaxed, and his lips curved into a slight grin, “if you say so.” he made his way back to your side, mumbling out a sarcastic, “’scuse me,” to your ‘imaginary friend’.
  • he introduced himself as “sam holland, brother of a famous lad”, and you introduced yourself “y/n y/l/n, friend of someone dating someone famous”.
    • “is that why you’re here? you’re with an actual friend? what about the imaginary one?”
    • you let out a small laugh, nodding your head, “he basically is the imaginary friend. i was the third wheel.”
    • “ah,” he nodded in an understanding manner, “i getcha. yeah, my brother dragged me here too. he said i’ve been ‘staying in the house too much and i need to get out and experience life’. and here i am. plus i got this new shirt and i didn’t wanna waste it.”
  • about an hour later, you and sam knew the basics of each other.
    • it was kinda like the sims
    • “what’s your star sign?”
    • “where do you work?”
    • “how many pies do you think you could eat in a pie eating contest?”
  • but, it quickly changed when sam asked if you were dating anyone
    • you had a crush on someone who recently rejected you
  • sam immediately took your hand, and said, and i quote, “FUCK EM, LETS GO HAVE FUN, SHOW EM WHAT THEY’RE MISSING OUT ON”
    • a couple of shots and drinks later, and sam was beginning to feel a little woozy
    • you didn’t drink anything but coca cola, as you didn’t really want to leave shit faced
      • plus it looked like you’d be helping sam home
      • i mean he did scream to you, “COME HOME WIF ME, YEAH?”
  • that left you carrying a drunken sam outside to wait for a cab
    • before you left, you asked his brother if it was alright to get directions to sam’s flat
    • he wasn’t too sober either, so he grabbed sam’s phone out of your hands and clumsily looked for “the other twinyyyyy”, who was later found out to be named harry
    • tom called harry, and soon enough, harry texted sam’s address to you
  • after finding the address, and getting sam into the cab that arrived, you told the driver the information, and you two were off
    • p.s. you rode there with your friend, and sam rode there with tom
    • on the way there, sam was really clingy, but pretty cute
      • his head was laying against your shoulder, and his hand was fiddling with your fingertips
      • lots of “you’re sooo prettyyyy”’s, and a not so subtle “driiiiver!!!!!! i’m dating a mooooovie star!!!!!”
        • your reply to this was “well i’m not a movie star, and we aren’t dating, so i wouldn’t know who he’s going on about”
        • he said “i’m talking about YOOOOUUUUU!!!”
  • a few minutes down the road, you reached sam’s flat
    • you gave a generous tip to the driver, for dealing with a drunken boy
  • fighting with sam to get into the door
    • this took up about fifteen minutes of searching for his keys that he said dropped in a drink of his, and he downed them
      • around the ten minute mark, you really did think he swallowed them LOL
  • when you finally got through the door, you kicked your shoes off, and sat sam down to do the same
    • when you bent down to untie his shoes, he thought you were going in a different direction
    • he immediately let out groan when you squeezed his leg as you tried to slip the shoe off
    • a soft “i like it rough” coming from his mouth
    • you realized that he thought you were going down on him, and you were immediately saying, “no, no, sam. not tonight.”
    • this made him whine, and drop his hands beside him, “okayyy. t’morrow?”
    • you let out a soft giggle, “probably not, but don’t cross it out just yet.”
  • after taking off his socks and shoes, you walked him over to his bathroom
    • you texted harry from sam’s phone: “Hey, Harry! If I heard right, you’re Sam’s twin. If not, ignore this message. But I was wondering if you could tell me what Sam does at night? Like does he take any medicine I should know about, or does he wash his face?” followed by a “this is the person who took him home btw. My name is Y/n, and I’m probably going to stay here to make sure he’s okay, if that’s fine.”
    • while you were helping sam take off his blazer, harry messaged you back: “Hey Y/n. Yeah, he uses nasal spray for allergies, and he does some kind of facial wash. Should be in his cabinet somewhere. Thanks for taking care of him, he probably needs someone there if he’s that shit faced haha” followed by, “Do you need me to come over? I can be there in a little bit.”
    • you replied back with a, “I think I’m good. If I need you, I’ll sure text you!”
    • harry replied with a simple, “Gotcha, I’ll be on the look out.”
    • you read the text from the lockscreen, and began looking for his facial wash, asking sam to take off his button up so you didn’t get it wet
    • next thing you hear, is buttons falling to the floor, and sam saying, “i… am BATMAN”
    • “don’t you mean superman,” coming from you while grabbing the tube you were looking for.
    • “sure, pretty baby… i am noooowww…. SUUuperMAN!”
  • the face wash went successfully, for the most part
  • next step, was taking him to bed.
    • his trousers were already unbuttoned and unzipped, but you held onto them until you made it to his bed
    • you asked him to kick them off while you covered your eyes
    • he did so, and crawled into bed after
    • you found the nasal spray on the bedside table, and carefully read the directions to see if he could take it in the state he was in
      • he could, so you sat him up and gave it to him
  • a couple of minutes after he settled in bed, he asked you to come cuddle him in a rather whiny tone
    • “y/nnnnn, come cuddle with me,” while pouting towards you
    • “are you sure, sam?”
    • “yess. and give me a goodnight kiiiiss!!”
    • “do you want me to read you a bedtime story too?”
    • “WOULD YOU?”
  • you didn’t turn down his offer, though
    • you also took it upon yourself to wash your face and brush your teeth with your finger LOL
    • and you changed into a baggy shirt he had stored away in his wardrobe before crawling in beside him
    • you intended to stay with him until he fell asleep, but you ended up falling asleep while holding him in your arms
    • not to be dramatic but your nose was wedged into the back of his neck, and he would giggle every time you breathed because it tickled

  • it was now morning, and you were laying on your back while his arm was thrown over the middle of your torso; his nose pressed behind your ear
    • you waited a couple of minutes to wake up before slowly slipping out of sam’s grip, and tip toeing to the living room
    • you grabbed your phone from the couch, where you left it the night before
      • about twenty calls and texts from your friend asking if you were alright
      • replying with “yes you fool, about to cook breakfast for one of the cutest boys i’ve ever met. be safe, talk to you about it soon!”
  • after setting your phone down, you made your way into the kitchen
    • you didn’t really know what he liked to eat, so you settled for making some bacon, eggs, and pancakes
  • about twenty-five minutes into making breakfast, you heard a faint groan coming from sam’s room, and a pair or feet trudging into the kitchen
    • you turned around to see sam rubbing his eyes, “harry, tom, who is cookin’? and how’s’it not burning?”
    • but that tone quickly changed when he removed his hands from his eyes, and stopped in his tracks
    • “uh, you’re uh y/n, right? what happened last night?”
    • “you got a liiitle shit faced, so i brought you back here..”
    • he was now focused on his shirt covering your body, and he started thinking harder, and you noticed, “don’t worry, we didn’t do anything last night.”
    • he raised an eyebrow, “really? we didn’t?”
    • you shook your head, “nah. i didn’t want either of us to regret something this morning. but, you did pop most of the buttons off of your shirt and proceed to call yourself batman instead of superman, i washed your face and gave you your nasal spray, you were the little spoon, and you said you were dating me, and that i was a movie star.”
    • sam stood with his hand on his temple, and his cheeks turning bright pink, “i’m SO sorry. i am SO, SO sorry.”
    • you just let out a chuckle before returning back to the now finished breakfast, “you’re fine, don’t worry.”
  • you set the breakfast out to serve, and you took a plate for yourself and filled it up with what you wanted, and sam did the same after you did
  • you both sat down at the little table a couple of feet away, and started eating
    • during the meal, sam spoke out, “i’m sorry about saying i was dating you. i-”
    • you shook your head once more, and placed your hand over your mouth while speaking, “no need to apologize, sam. you seem like a good guy, anyone would be lucky to have you. granted, you were a bit crazy last night, but still.”
    • he chuckled, and swirled his fork around some left over eggs on his plate, “yeah, i wish.”
    • you raised an eyebrow, setting your drink down before talking, “what do you mean?”
    • “that’s the reason why i went to that party. tom was telling me that i needed to find someone, even for just a night, because he thought i was too droopy, and alone.”
    • you reached your foot under the table and tapped his knee with the top of your foot, mumbling out to him, “hey, you got that. i mean, it wasn’t necessarily a one night stand, and i’m probably not what you’d really expect to wake up to, but here i am.”
    • he lifted his hand to reach for yours, taking it in his and rubbing his thumb against your skin, “hey, i didn’t mean that in a way that says ‘you’re not what i wanted’. c’mon, how many people would give an expected one night stand their allergy nasal spray and wash their face for them before cuddling them to sleep instead of getting down and dirty?”
    • you dropped your head a bit to suppress a wide smile, “oh, stop.”
    • he widened his eyes and his smile to emphasize his statement, “i’m serious! most people would’ve just dropped me off and not have cared.”
    • “well, i hope i can take care of you like that, while you’re sober. if you’re up for it.”
    • “if that’s the case, will you help me pick out a new shirt since i destroyed the one from last night?”
    • “i’d love to, right after you explain how a cute freckled boy like you ‘likes it rough’.”
    • “…how i like it what now?”


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Okay… so… this happened!
Couple days ago I reached another thousand and I decided to do another follow forever, since I unfollowed a bunch of people and followed a bunch of new blogs too.
First of all I just wanna thanks Father Styles for being such a gift for all of us this year. Second, I just want to say thank you so much to all my mutuals for being so kind and adorable with me 100% of the time, for supporting me and ignore all the shit posts I do! 
And a massive thank you to all my AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, ICONIC followers for being so incredible all the time, for following me when would be easier to hit the unfollow button. I love you all very much a lot.

I tried to do this in the best way possible, and a lot of people who I love changed urls and now I don’t know who are who. And I’m a mess so… 

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EDIT: Sylvia has her forever home! Thank you to everyone who expressed interest!

I posted about Sylvia a couple days ago, going on and on about her fantastically sweet temperament. We thought we had a foster/adopter lined up, but that fell through so now she’s looking for a forever home! 

Joyce from ISWS rescue posted this about her:

Meet Sylvie, our newest foster dog! She’s not quite 3 yet, spayed, in good health, and seeking a happy forever home. She’s about 19 inches tall at the shoulder, so quite petite. Sylvie is a Silken Windhound, an American Sighthound breed. 

Sylvie wants to bond very strongly to someone. She’s social with adults and kids. She’s happy to live draped in someone’s lap, or following her person or people around everywhere. She’s a furniture snuggling human cuddling machine. She’s not right for a “no dogs on the furniture” household. 

She’s cautious, but not noisy or aggressive around new dogs and she prefers to avoid them. She would do fine as an only dog for a person or family who could be with her a lot, or with a person or family with a calm and steady dog or two. I’ve not seen her around cats or other small animals yet. She’s coping with my pack [7 silkens] ok, even though she seems to strongly prefer people. 

She’s very quiet, and good on a leash. She is an avid counter surfer, so needs some retraining on that account. At my house she’s like a little ghost, following me everywhere, sitting under my desk as I work. So our writer/artist/hermit friends, this may be a good fit for you!

I’ll add that she is very treat motivated (hence counter surfing), bright, and already spayed. While she’s cautious with new dogs, I’m confident that with the right exposure and a gentle hand, she can come out of her shell.



Tumblr uploaded these pictures weirdly so let’s try again lol. 6 selfies of 2017! I was tagged by @venusinlesbian love you bicth. This year had its ups and downs but I’m more comfortable with who I am and that’s all I could ask for.

I’m tagging @gassygemini @hotdogjuice @lethologicalstate @grandmasterchristmahanukwanzaa @ariesbutch @sunmoonstars @siahatha @noviabutch @cutestrology @kittycatdyke @grotesqueguts @winefemme @caprisunrising @bisexualcapricorn @icedcoffeedyke @gardenvarietybutch and literally all of my other mutuals (I know everyone says that but I mean it lol and I can’t think of all the people I want to tag) Don’t feel obligated to do this of course!

Happy New Year :-)

UPDATE I already remember someone I forgot to tag - @needier I’M USELESS

It’s time to have a talk.

Hi everyone. You may have noticed recently that I’ve been a little off in posting the Oha Asa regularly; some days are quite late, whereas others, I don’t post anything at all. You’ve been wanting answers, I get it.

Here’s what’s been going on. I’ve moved to a new city and a new job, halfway across the country, and gained a whole lot of new responsibilities. I’ve also been in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks now, trying to resolve some of my health problems.

When I first started this tumblr four and a half years ago, I didn’t think it would grow all that much. It was something I did for fun, because I felt like I could share something with fellow fans of kurobasu. Now, looking at the growth this tumblr has experienced since then, I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting such a huge response. 

You guys have been with me for a long time. But I’m getting tired of opening up tumblr and seeing the pages of fanmail and asks, demanding that I keep posting. Those times I didn’t post? I was sick, or had no access to internet, or I was too plain tired to even log on to tumblr. And out of the 1,656 days that this blog has existed, how many times has that happened? Twenty days?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m only human. And, like any other human, I have limits. I’m starting to reach mine, in regards to this blog. I’m not calling it quits, not yet. But believe me, when I say I’ve had enough of people being rude because I missed a day or two, I’ve had enough.

So please. Try to consider that there is a human being behind all of this. And to everyone that has sent in messages of encouragement, I cannot thank you enough. 

Thanks for reading.

W2H2 Update! (Scripts are hard..)

Just a random update to give you guys an idea of what I’m up to and where I’m at!

So… writing a script??? Is like, the hardest thing in the world.  Rather, writing a GOOD script is hard.  Even for bigger Hollywood productions!  I won’t say which 60 million dollar animated movie I watched the other day that me and all my friends agree had a garbage script, ‘cause that’s not what this is about, but what I’m trying to illustrate is that it’s difficult and is often over-looked.  Some things don’t require a strong script and that’s fine, but Welcome to Hell does.

Anyway, I’m also not by any means professing that I’m some master writer who understands the nuance of a good script… quite the opposite, haha.  That’s where I’m at right now, and that’s what I’m trying to get better at.  So I bounce it off of my other animator friends for feedback, pinpoint any parts are tripping them up… have them read the dialogue, see what feels too clunky.  Getting different perspectives and figuring out solutions to the bits that are bugging me… it’s this whole process of picking it apart and putting it back together, just trying to build it up and make it as structurally sound as possible.  You want everything to click into place! 

It’s a learning process, and it’s a long process, and if I remember correctly, it was something I was still actively changing up until the last possible second when I made the first W2H.  It’s really interesting trying to pull something like this off and make it come together… I think about the way I wrote W2H back in college, and the way I’m writing it now, and it’s just such a strange process that evolves in these waves, and at some point you’re hit with a memory of, like, the First Draft, and you’re almost startled by how little sense it made and how far it’s come since then.  Sometimes I think it might be interesting to… I don’t know… put together a youtube video explaining the bizarre, but satisfying process of trying to carve a proper story out of some nebulous idea.  It’s definitely a kind of journey. 

I took a break a couple days ago to just… start animating a scene without dialogue, haha.  Because honestly, like, even the task of animation–this thing we all play up as some gargantuan feat–seemed simple compared to writing.  And it’s just a matter of, well, that I have PRACTICE doing animation.  Writing scripts (GOOD scripts) is definitely a skill I want to hone better! 

I mean other than that, I’m hoping to get some dialogue recordings done pretty soon (are any of you guys voice actors, btw? I might need someone, but I guess that’s a whole ‘nother post).  But that’s basically it!  Just kind of a vague update about the writing process.  I’m not complaining by any means, just kinda … keepin’ you guys posted.  I really want W2H2 to be good, so I’m tryin’ my best to GET GOOD and make make it good!

(Marginally related, some storyboard/script tips I wrote up a couple months ago while storyboarding.  They’re just notes to myself, but I thought they’d be helpful!  I’ll try to post more stuff like that if you guys find it interesting!)

Overwatch Men: Reaction to S/O Wanting to Run Away

The winner of a poll I made a couple days ago, won by four votes! Overwatch men and Overwatch women will have two separate posts as to not continue my string of long-ass posts. <D

This subject is kind of near and dear to my heart, especially recently, and I can’t say that I’m not happy that y’all voted it first. 

Thanks everyone for voting, stay sweet, and I hope you enjoy the headcanons!



  • The topic slipped out while the both of you were relaxing one evening
  • You had been complaining about you day and how stressed you were, while your boyfriend rubbed your shoulders and listened with open ears
  • And the words had just slipped out, “Sometimes I wish I could just run away from everything”
  • Your boy was shook
  • Boy did he know what that feeling was like, wanting to run and hide away from the rest of the world
  • Of course, he also knew what it was like to actually succeed with that plan and knew just how tough it was
  • So he questions you for you to confirm your intentions
  • “(Y/N), was that a serious thought or did you just say it to say it?”
  • “I mean… Sometimes it’s a serious thought. That doesn’t mean I want to leave you, of course. It’s just the work and the constant war, and the chaos, and the stress.. Sometimes running away sounds like the most amazing paradise I could hope for.”
  • Then you can’t help but add, “Aside from being alone with you and snuggling all night long.”
  • The attempt at lightening the mood was noted by a soft smile that briefly appeared across Genji’s features but quite brief it was
  • Genji wanted nothing more for you to be happy and if that meant going your way, that was that
  • However, you didn’t have to go as far as you might have thought
  • “What if you traveled with Zenyatta for a while?”
  • Your curious gaze encouraged his explanation
  • “He’s a traveling monk, a guru. He avoids danger and conflict unless there’s no other way, the traveling is worldwide and always peaceful. Your stress would wane away, the chaos would be removed, you’d have a friend–a peaceful one–to after you, and I could keep in touch; I could visit even.”
  • You get teary eyed because he’s doing the exact opposite of what you thought he would do
  • Not only is he not trying to make you stay, he’s helping you figure out options
  • You hug him tight and bury your face in his neck
  • He hugs you right back
  • “Whatever will make you happy, I will try to you with it.”
  • “Genji, thank you…”


  • Before suggesting any alternatives, he’d do everything in his power to attempt to keep you from leaving
  • You want people gone? Done. You want a promotion/demotion? He’ll make it happen. You want a different job? He can find you a better one.
  • Vacations, trips, pampering, protection, he tries everything he can
  • But sometimes things just need to happen
  • “Hanzo, I know you’re trying but I think this is something I need to do.”
  • “I can make you disappear.”
  • Wat
  • Hanzo, e x p l a i n
  • “I mean, I can make you disappear for as long as you want. I have some ties with old family friends. You can get taken off the radar for as long as you wish. Live in a nice, secluded place. You’ll be protected and you don’t have to deal with the wars and the stress. Only my people and I will know where you are; you have my word.
  • “Just… Please don’t leave me.”
  • The poor boy’s still heartbroken about the whole ordeal, that your life has gotten so bad to the point that you feel like disappearing from society for a while
  • But, like I said, he’s going to do everything in his power


  • He understands right off the bat
  • Hell, he’s had his fair share of running off by himself for a while just to get away from it all
  • He’s really just kind of a lone ranger himself
  • Like hell he’ll let you go alone though
  • “Fine, let’s do it.”
  • You look at him, confused
  • “What?”
  • “Let’s do it. Run away together. Get away from all the craziness. We can get a ranch and live there for a while. As soon as you decide you want back in, we’ll do it.”
  • You try to protest that he has a life he needs to continue with but he stops you before you can
  • “We all need a break from life sometime.”
  • Then he starts packing and research


  • He’s probably the second most understand person behind Genji in this type of situation
  • You don’t travel with him during his journeys; you work away at an irritating job at home while waiting for your omnic partner to return
  • So
  • Why not turn the situation on its head and do travel with him?
  • Or he can suggest to you a cozy, pleasant monastery of sorts for you to visit for a while
  • Or he can take you to a calm little place in Nepal where you can hide away to your heart’s content
  • He offers several different options for you to pick from, although he makes it clear that he’d prefer you travel with him over the others
  • Of course, it’s your decision and he respects you either way
  • If you choose to stay somewhere else, he offers to visit you as long as you’re comfortable with it
  • If he’s part of the life you want to distance yourself from, he’ll accept that as well; however, he’ll always keep a close watch over you to make sure that you’re in no danger and that you’re happy and healthy


  • To be honest, he’s relieved that you want to run away
  • Not because he wants you to leave or because he loves you any less
  • But because he knows that he can’t hurt you in anyway if you’re gone
  • He helps you pack and assures your safety via Talon guards but you’re on your own when it comes to deciding where you want to go and how you want to live
  • Is it his best judgement? Absolutely not. But he doesn’t see it as pushing you away so much as protecting you from him.
  • After you leave, the nightmares and pain come back
  • He cries at night because your gone
  • He only gets your whereabouts a while after you’ve left to check in on you from a distance without your knowledge
  • You being protected means being protected from him as well


  • He gets teary when you tell him your intentions
  • He offers you a deal to try and fix things: Give him a week to come up with some sort of plan; if he can’t by the time the limit’s up, you get to leave and he won’t stop you
  • He absolutely desperate for this to work
  • He runs around everywhere, researching, asking others for ideas
  • Sure, he’s been left before but this was you leaving, completely detaching yourself from your old life for who knows how long
  • At the end of the time, he (weak) plan is to relocate to remote Germany for a few months or so
  • He’ll take care of work and protection, and you get to do whatever you please
  • It’s not ideal, this is true
  • But hell, the puppy-man is trying so hard
  • It’s worth a shot, right?
  • The old boy actually breaks down crying when you say you’ll take his deal
  • He’s so happy
  • Picks you up and spins you around
  • Just don’t leave him, okay?

Soldier 76

  • He’s pretty accepting about the entire thing
  • He wants to run away sometimes too, so it’s a fair thought in his book
  • But he doesn’t want you remaking your life from absolute scratch
  • He has a farmhouse he inherited from his parents when he was younger
  • No one knows about it but him and the people of the small peaceful town it’s in
  • So it would be running away from everything but not starting completely over
  • He’d buy you the first set of groceries and even help you unpack
  • He’d visit every other weekend or so, periodically but not common enough to draw questioning eyes to your location
  • It’s a perfect plan in his book
  • And he’s also just mildly excited for you to meet the people of his birthplace


  • He’s not letting you run away
  • One, because it’s not healthy
  • Two, because he’d much rather change your surroundings to better suit you
  • This means getting rid of people and moving the literal earth if need be
  • Seriously
  • He’s the one-man apocalypse for a reason
  • And you’re his little piggy
  • He’s ready to kick ass and take names
  • You’re not running away though
  • Instead he makes up a binge-eating date that revolves around you spilling everything that’s ever made you want to run away
  • And him taking notes on who and what needs to be eliminated


  • This man is a child, okay
  • He’s like a kicked puppy
  • He gets all clingy and whimpery
  • “W-well, Shiela, just tell me what I have to do to make ye stay! Is it the people? I can take care of the people! Or we can move! Just.. just don’t me..”
  • Like Roadhog, he’s ready to remove toxic people and blow up things on your command
  • Probably with the help of Roadhog himself
  • Roadhog thinks it’s unhealthy for Junkrat this time but this time it’s not his call so he’ll help if he can instead
  • Get ready for the dynamic duo hookin’ ‘em and cookin’ ‘em just for you
  • He’ll even teach you some skills to take care of people yourself


  • Okay, he might be the most chill person about the situation
  • All he asks is for you to clarify whether or not you’ll still be together and confirms that he gets to know where you’re going
  • After that, all he asks for is period video chats/video dates after you get settled down where you want to be
  • That’s pretty much it
  • He’ll buy you your plane tickets and help you pay your new rent if need be
  • Of course, if things don’t go well, he’s going to hunt you down and bring you home to live with him and you’ll figure out things from there
  • But he’s okay with you trying your soul-searching journey first


Writing Reinhardt’s hurt my heart. ;w;