wanted to make this into a photoset but it wasn't happening

ktarsims replied to your post “OMG. The Gif of Andrei playing guitar after the scene of everyone on…”

LMAO OMG. I might have to start a new save just to have an evil sim set things on fire. xD

ktarsims replied to your photoset

LMAO. Yes. Spray the extinguisher behind your head. That will TOTALLY put out the fire… okay, now fall in the pool. LOL Ah, seeing your posts makes me want to create evil sims too. xD

…. I’m unsure if my sims being Evil has anything to do with this, tbh.  The exact set of circumstances could happen to anyone:

Idiot sim pulls meteor from the sky.

Idiot sim tries to douse the flames and fails.

Same sim says fuck it and that this would be the best time to capture and upload this moment to social media.

Literally any other sim could and would do this if the scenario was the same.

The Evil sims just like the fallout more than anyone else.