wanted to make this for ages

Has the Gifted AU been done yet tho? Like, Steve is left with custody of this brilliant, beautiful child and he’s trying to do right by Mary but he has no idea what to do, and one night he’s Googling “help my kid is smarter than I am” and he finds a message board where parents support/complain/discuss their bright children. (None of them are on Mary’s level but that’s okay, he gets the gist of it.) And he’s… drowning a little, combating all the people that want Mary in advanced classes with people twice her age, so he makes his own post. He gets a smattering of replies and he’s feeling just a little more hopeless when suddenly WhoAmIAnymore replies, “Not saying it’ll turn out that way but uh look at what happened to Tony Stark?” And Steve’s stricken by the thought because Tony Stark had been lauded and praised right into a bottle of booze and after one last stint in rehab for cocaine he disappeared from the public eye. He doesn’t want that for Mary. So he types back “thanks, waia” and fights harder for Mary to have a normal childhood.

And Tony sits back in his seat, feeling a little proud that he’d helped one more kid avoid what he went through, and then cries for what he missed out on.

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Antis logics are seriously distorted. They dont want to believe the guidebook cause it wasnt approved by the showrunners so now they refuse to believe that the ages in it are canon. Huh? Yet for months they insisted that a video with non-answers are supposed be canon. They really cant separate their headcanon from canon.

Honestly I just find it hilarious that they can’t make their minds up what they do and dont believe 

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best films you've ever seen?

practical magic,
the best halloween/autumn film i kno,
-curl up on a cloudy day with a cat and watch
-gather pals on a bed, eat pizza w m&ms on it and scream and whisper rushed conversations about what the age rating was again and gushing over the cute girls

howls moving castle,
-for watching all day every day

spirited away,
-watch when u want to feel just right

my favourite sherlock adaptation,
-watch for old softened sherlock who just wants to tend to his bees in the countryside and develop and friendship with a young boy, will make u feel warm and sad and wholesome

a single man,
straight up the best, most realistic depiction of mental health i have seen, right so pay attention to the colours in the film, notice how they reflect the mood of the main character,
-watch when u want to cry but not in a too sad way, also gay and! colin firth

pride and prejudice,
-for watching if youre prepared to subsequently need to also watch every other adaptation and read the book/listen to the audio book on youtube five times in a row

bridgett jones,
-for watching when ur sad, or when ur feeling gross about yourself, or for when u want to be soppy
~~note: this is an adaptation of pride and prejudice~

makes me feel mushy,
-for when u need to feel the lgbt community but currently feel a bit distanced

a little princess,
sara was my role model as a small, i had this on vhr and would watch every day,
-when u want to feel warm and small and safe and sad and mostly kindness

makes me want to watch other similar films, but other similar films arent quite right bc theyre not this film
-watch in the evening when u feel like u want to walk around the dark streets of a city, listening to the hum of life and seeing the glow of not far off shops

-watch for sad lesbians

kill your darling,
-watch for pretentious beautiful gay boys, important to note that theyre played by dane dehaan and daniel radcliffe

Things you probably experience when you’re coming from a family where children have been abused for ages:

-Your parents will try to justify abusing you because they were abused too and “turned out just fine”.

-You can bond with your cousins over your parents abusing you.

-Growing protective of your niece/nephew from the moment you notice your older sibling abusing them.

-You’re not only scared of the family you live with, you’re scared of your aunts and uncles too.

-Having to listen to your parents brag about which abuse tactics have been making you behave the way they want to, to the point where it becomes a “who can abuse their child better” competition.

-No member of your family will help you, because they see it as ‘parenting’ and 'disciplining’. They’ll tell you you’re overreacting.

-Always hearing “My parents did worse to me, you should be glad.”

-Not even the pets are safe. Kicking the dog across the room when it’s barking? Common. As much as you love your pet (and it’s because of that love that), you just want to give them away so they can live a better life than you.

-Getting compared to your cousins and your parents considering to abuse you the same way your uncle and/or aunt abuse their children.

-You can also bond with your parents’ friends’ children but you never talk about the abuse because if their mom or dad happens to know, your parents will too. And then you’re in deep shit.

-Your family making child abuse jokes at the dinner table and all your relatives laughing.

- “Do you want me to tell your mom/dad what you just said/did?”

Fell free to add your own!

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. (Blitz please thanks!!!) (☞゚∀゚)☞

Okay y’all asked for it so here is 5 for my sad boy Blitz:

  1. If you’ve been long around long enough to know that his original hair colour was blue then I probably love you.
  2. Has worked so many odd jobs to try and make ends meet: busboy, traffic control, store opening mascot; you name it and he’s probably done it.
  3. Every time I listen to this song I can’t help but imagine that’s what he would sound like crooning on his guitar.
  4. Things that make him happy: seeing Atlas smile, jamming out to good music, the feeling of aged paper brushing against his fingertips.
  5. He’ll insist he’s too full to finish the last slice of pizza but it’s really because he wants you to enjoy it.

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do you think it's bad to ship two people if one of them is a 100 year old vampire and the other person is mid 30s? because on one hand it's like that age gap....but on the other i guess the vampire in question has been relatively alone most of their lives just getting high and running away from killers so? is it like a calypso situation?

i think the most important thing in a relationship is that you’re at the same stage in life and have equal footing in the relationship. i don’t think it’s bad because of the age gap—in your 30s, your personality has taken shape, you’re totally done growing, you’re an adult. if you want to date someone much older, that’s your decision.

if it is bad, that would just be more because the relationship isn’t healthy, not because of the age gap itself. like, if you’re dating someone who lords their life experiences over yours, that makes your relationship unbalanced and unhealthy. if you’re dating someone who is a creep who wants a younger woman, your relationship is going to be unhealthy bc they’re objectifying you. once you become an adult, it’s much less about how big the age gap is, but rather “do we have equal power in the relationship.”

if the answer is yes, i don’t think it’s bad. while as like…it is impossible for a 13 y/o and 17 y/o to have equal power in a relationship, bc the 13 y/o is dramatically less developed, so that’s why it’s the age gap that’s the problem in this situation, u feel me?

dodie Series || Byron

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Byron masterpost found here

Word count - 991

Summary - The one based off of Absolutely Smitten.

It wasn’t your fault that the last copy of Jane Eyre was on the top shelf at the library. It also wasn’t your fault that God stopped making you when he hit five feet three inches. But you weren’t going to let either of those things stop you from getting this book. You’d been waiting to read Jane Eyre for ages and every time you went to the library, it was checked out. But not this time. This time it was there and it was going to be yours.

You contemplated climbing the shelf, but the last thing you wanted was a domino of shelves to tumble down. You thought about asking a librarian for assistance, but there was no one around, and you weren’t about to go searching for someone. No, the minute you walked away from that book you risked a taller person getting it before you could. You could not draw your eyes away from that book.

So you continued to stand on your tip toes and concentrate as hard as you could on getting the book. It was no use, you knew it. Your fingertips were hardly grazing it. Suddenly, a hand reached the book with ease and you let out an annoyed, “No! That’s mine!”

You turned to look at the person who had snatched the desired novel from you and were taken aback. “I saw you struggling,” the handsome stranger smiled. “As adorable as it was, I thought I would put you out of your misery.” He handed you the book but you could hardly utter a thank you. He was the most gorgeous man you had ever seen. “So, Jane Eyre,” he observed once you had taken the book from his hands.

“Yeah,” you finally managed to speak.

“That’s a heavy read,” he said.

You shrugged, “About two pounds.”

You immediately cringed at your own words, but the guy laughed. You swore you could feel your heart swell at the sound. He ran his fingers through the mop of brown hair on his head before he looked at his watch. “I’ve got to get going,” he said. With a wave, he turned to go. Just before he left your sight, you called out to him again.

“Thanks for the book!”

He turned around to look at you and gave you another breath taking smile. “Any time,” he said. And then, your insides turned to jelly.

Once the guy was out of sight, you couldn’t help but do a little spin as you held the book to your chest. He was so handsome. You had never seen a man so gorgeous. You should’ve kissed him. Well, maybe that would’ve been too straight forward. You at least should’ve asked for his number like they do in the movies. No, if this was a movie he would’ve slipped it in between the pages of your book. You hopelessly opened the book and started shaking it, praying a piece of paper would fall out, but there was nothing.

It didn’t matter. You didn’t know him and you never would know him, but you were absolutely smitten. There was no going back. You were all for love at first sight, and you were sure fate would bring you two together again.

Only a few days later, you were back at the library. You had finished Jane Eyre and had your heart set on picking up Wuthering Heights. So, you slipped the book into the return slot and made your way to the same section you had gone to get the first book. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you thought of the last time you were there. Then you sighed, wishing the handsome stranger would show up again; not only so you could see him, but also so he could help you reach your next desired book. It too, naturally, was out of your reach.

“Back again, library girl?”

You turned around and there was the man you had only just been thinking about. “Back again,” you smiled nervously. “And would you…” You trailed off and brought your eyes up to the book you wanted.

“Like I said, any time,” he smiled. He reached up with ease and grabbed the copy of Wuthering Heights and handed it to you.

“Thank you,” you said.

“My pleasure,” he said. You looked up at him and smiled, then brushed a bit of your hair behind your ear. “I’m Byron by the way,” he said, sticking his hand out to shake yours.

“(Y/N),” you said, taking his hand in yours. “But I guess you can call me library girl.” Byron laughed and, just like last time, you felt that your heart wanted to explode. How was it that this random guy whose name you only just learned could make you smile so wide? It could only be explained as fate.

“Well, library girl,” Byron grinned, “I’m sorry to run off again, but I’ve got to get going.”

You opened your mouth to say something, anything that would matter or get him to stay and talk to you a little bit longer, but nothing came out except, “Okay.” Just as he walked by you though, he laid a hand on your back and leaned his head closer to your ear.

“I’d read between the pages if I were you,” he said quietly. “I think I saw something in there that might interest you.”

And just like that, he was gone. You couldn’t fight the smile on your face as you opened the book and a piece of paper fell out. A piece of paper with seven digits on it. You let out a quiet squeal of excitement and did a twirl very similar to the one you had done when you first met him. You could still picture his smile if you closed your eyes. He liked you!

That was it. You were absolutely smitten, and you would never let him go.

Safe Sex

I understand I have a few followers who are under the age of 18, so I think it’s a good idea for me to make this post because i care about you guys and want you to be safe no matter what especially when having sex. This post is gonna be long so im gonna add a “read more” im also including advice for same sex intercourse. And also im not encouraging underage sex. It’s still good to be educated for the future.

Keep reading

I’ve been reading back my writing from when I was 15/16. I was writing genuinely and honestly about how I didn’t want to make it past that age. But here I am at 18, turning 19 soon. It’s strange to me how I’ve just made it. And I didn’t even realise I had made it? I didn’t think I could. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here. I guess I mean something along the lines of “just keep going somehow”.

Hiiiiii~ Nintendo fans! My name is Lissa and I recently got a switch! I’m almost 24 and recently I’ve realised I don’t have any friends really in my age group that play Nintendo games.

I’ve been trying to make friends with other Nintendo fans around my age because I really don’t know anyone else that’s into Nintendo games (no one has a switch and legit no one my age I know really plays Pokemon 😂😂 it made filling my living dex an adventure) I know other 20 some odds out there play Pokemon and Splatoon2 and stuff, so if any of you would like to talk or add me on 3DS or Switch, that would be really awesome! I’m not very good at Splatoon 2 yet but making friends to play with would be great.

If you want to like talk or play Splatoon or Pokemon, I would really like to make friends!

ID #96155

Name: Zara
Age: 20
Country: Australia

I’ve just moved to Central Coast to live with my partner and his family, and since I’ve just moved to a new state, and due to a number of other circumstances, I’ve found myself needing to make a few new friends. I’m at uni, still kind of figuring out what I want to do with my life, but on a day to day basis I’m quite a homebody. I like cooking, eating, trash tv (currently marathoning Geordie Shore), and just hanging out with kind people who make me laugh. I pride myself on being very down to earth, laid back, and non-judgemental, and I like surrounding myself with people who are the same. I have strong opinions which I’m quite stubborn about, but I don’t judge others if they don’t agree with them. I’m slowly integrating changes into my life to better myself, and I want to surround myself with people who are supportive of those changes and supportive in general. I’d love to have a pen pal I can write written letters to (who doesn’t love getting mail?), but that’s not a necessity.

Preferences: 18-25

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Hello ! I was wondering if you could write hcs for s/o giving a massage to Tsurumaru, Mikazuki and Yamanbagiri after their mission ?

I can certainly try.

• He was surprised by the offer and jokingly asks if it’s a jab at his age. He’d give in easy enough and let his partner do as they want… but he really can’t resist making loud and misleading noises whenever they touch him to embarrass them.

• This old man is used to special treatment so he won’t be shy in accepting their offer if he does felt like he had earned it from his work on the mission. He enjoys it and tries to offer the return to his partner but he’s no good at giving them sadly.

• He gets embarrassed and horrified all at once, someone like him shouldn’t be indulged by his partner as far as he’s concerned. He will object vehemently but if they pressure him into it despite easing up during, afterwards he will feel guilty again.

New Admin

Yo! I’m Alec and I’m the newest gay admin for this blog! 


Name: Alec

Age: 3 at least

Sexuality: I guess Lesbian 

Gender/Pronouns: Genderfluid they/he/she

Why did I want to join this account?: I just really liked making moodboards and to make it for lgbt+ humans seemed great. 

Inspiration: Ahhh um I guess Dodie Clark and Mileschronicals was a big factor in my life to figuring out my sexuality and stuff. 

Anyway that was me and yeah I’m excited. 

-mod alec❣

Okay guys, I recently had an idea but for it to work I would need moderators who are able to check in on a discord at least once or every couple of days.

I want to make a discord where antis and shippers can actually have a calm discussion. No name calling or any other toxic language. There would be two servers, one with articles supporting fiction =/= reality argument, and the other one being the fiction can impact reality.

There would also be a server for the actual discussion. I want to make this a very unstressful experience for everyone. The rules will be strict and all kink/sex talk will be explicitly clinical in conversation.

Also, the chat will be 16+ only, nobody under that age allowed due to the seriousness and sexual content spoken of. I chose 16 because I feel they’ll be mature enough to participate in the discussion, and is also why the sex talk will be explicitly clinical. I know most antis are minors, which is another reason why I chose 16, I know there are even younger antis but I don’t feel comfortable with them participating in this conversation.

Another thing, arguments can not just be backed by “it’s gross”. What one person may find gross, like a spider, another person may find it cool. It should not be placed on your gut reaction and be put more on moral value and scientific studies.

Secondly, we all know pedophilia is bad. No advocating for that, I assume my followers already know that but I want to make it clear. Children are unable to consent and are not sexually or emotionally mature. And, anyone who follows me and supports pedophilia in real life unfollow me right now. Children cannot consent.

But what I need the most right now are moderators who won’t be biased. If a pro shipper does something wrong to an anti, I want you to take the anti’s side. Antis aren’t just some big bad hivemind, I have seen antis that have proven themselves to be reasonable people. A lot of times you just need to throw out your anger and calmly speak to them.

Please, I want a civil discord for all of us to actually speak to each other without being rude or condescending. We may even be able to become friends.

 will somebody tell my kids to stop growing ? they’re making me so sad because soon enough they won’t be my little babies anymore.  Ines is going to be one years old next month and not long after James will be three.  they’re just growing up way too quickly and i’m probably overreacting because they’re still small , but they won’t be for long !  i just want them to stay the ages they are now . I guess i should introduce my crazy mom self .  Hello i’m Blake Lively , nice to meet all of y’all.  please don’t look at me like i’m crazy haha. 

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I just want to say bless u for drawing ticci toby in 2017

with how much inspiration he gave me as a child to make dumb stupid shit i refuse to let him die. ill be that motherfucker drawing ticci-toby at the age of 87 out of pure spite