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The Better Kisser - Tom Holland Drabble

Request: Anonymous - Hello! I love your writing and was wondering if you could do a fluff imagine where the reader is dating tom and she helps paddy with homework and stuff and tom tries to distract her + paddy being grossed out by toms affection for her which causes tom to want to kiss the reader more just to make fun of paddy

Warnings: Fluff and teasing Tom

Word Count: 778

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hope you liked it : ) Guys sorry they’re so short I just haven’t really had any inspiration.


“Ok so what’s 16 times ½?”

“I don’t like fractions, Y/N,” Paddy whined.

“Come on Paddy you know this. If it’s difficult to work out, then you just have to put it in the calculator,” You handed him the calculator and watched as he pressed some buttons.

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Requested. (Three)
Who: Peter Parker
Quote: “To the moon and back, remember?” 

Peter had probably reread the text message from Tony about a hundred times before he actually responded. Chewing on his lip to the point where it was starting to bleed, he groaned. Looking up towards the setting sun, he felt his chest tighten. Swallowing, he squinted his eyes and pulled off his mask. 

Shoving it between his thighs, he ruffled his hair and dialed [Y/N]’s number. Closing his eyes, he bit his lip, preparing to be the bearer of bad news, again

“Peter! Hey, you.” It hurt Peter that she sounded so happy. “I was just about to change into that dress I bought on a whim. It’s really not me but I figured since you’re taking me to the opera, it would work.” 

Peter sighed, “About that…..” He trailed off, not able to actually say the words. 

[Y/N] sucked in air, “Or not.” 

His jaw clenched at the sound of her tone. “[Y/N], I’m really sorry. I told Tony about this night and how much it meant to me to just have no interruptions but….” 

“It’s okay, Peter.” 

Shaking his head, he looked up at the sky that was now fading from blue to a pretty pink. “It’s not okay. It’s never okay. You were so excited, I, I really, I want to take you. But, I can’t.” 

“We can take a rain-check, Parker. I promise, it’s okay.” 

“Do you know how many rain-checks are on our list right now?” Peter asked, his brow raised. He hated and loved how understanding she was. For once, he wanted her to scream and yell at him for always cancelling but at the same time, he couldn’t imagine how his life would be if she were to ever leave him. 

[Y/N] pondered for a second and chuckled, “A lot, but the world needs you.” 

“Don’t you?” 

“Of course I need you but you’re a hero, Peter.” She sighed, “You save lives, it’s what you do. I can’t change who you are or what you do.” 

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t.” He muttered. 

“Hey, watch it, Spiderman.” [Y/N] said sharply. Sighing again, she murmured, “You saved mine…maybe not physically but mentally. I don’t know where I would be with out you.” 

Throwing back his head, he alternately kicked his legs. What did he do to deserve her? Licking his lips, Peter breathed out. “I love you.” 

“I love you too and don’t worry about tonight, Peter. I promise I’m not mad, I will never be mad. I might be a little sad but I’ll be alright.” 

“I know, but it’s not fair to you. I get your hopes up and then last minute I cancel them. I just, I want, I don’t want to hold you back from happiness…..with all this stuff that’s happening lately, it’s making it a lot harder for us to spend time together and when we do spend time together it’s during school and that’s not the setting I want to be with you in-”

“-hey, hey, hey.” [Y/N] murmured, “To the moon and back, remember?” 

Even though she couldn’t see it, Peter nodded. “Yeah, to the moon and back.” He repeated. 

“I mean every bit of that. You’ll have to do a lot more than cancelling dates to get rid of me, Parker.” 

Peter laughed, shaking his head. “Trust me, getting rid of you is the last thing I want to do.” 

“Good, cause I’m here to stay.” 

A silence fell over them for a second before [Y/N] spoke again. 

“Alright, Spiderman. Go sling some webs and save the world. I’ll be all comfy and cozy in my bed.” Yawning, [Y/N] thought for a moment. “Why don’t you come by whenever you’re done, I’ll leave my window unlocked. I can’t promise I’ll be awake but I figure you’d be a lot more comfier than that large stuffed dog you got me at the carnival.” 

Smiling, “I’ll be there.” 

“Love you, spiderling.” 

Rolling his eyes, “I love you too.” Hanging up the phone, he stared off into the sky, smiling to himself. Shaking his head, he threw on his mask again and headed in the direction Tony told him to go to. 

Batboys comforting their S/O through a hard time

Dick Grayson
•Is always there to comfort.

•He’ll try to see if you want to talk about it.

•He gets a throbbing sensation in his heart when you’re having a rough time.

•Dick loves you too much to see you
like this.

•Shows his comfort through physical affections rather than words.

•Dick will join you on the couch and wordlessly cuddle with you until you fall asleep in his arms.

•In times like this you are his #1 priority.

•He doesn’t hang out with his friends much and spends all his time with you.

•He puts little things around your place that he knows you’ll like.

•Like a cute stuffed toy or some flowers.

•He absolutely never leaves you until you smiled at least 3 times.

•Is very gentle and loving towards you.

•If you’re walking randomly around the house he will suddenly wrap his arms around your waist and hold you there.

Jason Todd
•He’s not the best at talking about difficult situations.

•But he can relate to what you’re going through.

•If it comes down to it Jason can give one of the most comforting talks you ever had.

•If you’re having a tough time so is Jason.

•You’re a big part of him and he just wants to make sure you’re loved and happy.

•He’ll bring your favorite food every other day and eat it with you.

•He’s very observant and usually brings up the topic if you don’t.

•"Y/N you know that if you need to talk I’m here.“

•If you ever were to call him on a mission he will literally drop everything and talk to you.

•Doesn’t matter if he’s fighting someone he makes it work.

•Late at night he’ll come to your place talk about your day and then fall asleep with you.

Tim Drake
•He gives you daily calls when he’s not visiting you.

•"Hey Y/N, just wanted to check in. Hope you’re doing alright. I love you, see you in a bit.”

•He wants to talk about your feelings.

•He honestly spends more time worrying about you than the stuff he’s working on.

•You’re just so special to him and he can’t bear to see you having a rough time.

•He will do stuff that you know you like to enjoy.

•Puts little sticky notes around your room with reasons why he loves you.

•Will lay with you in bed slowly running his fingers through your hair as you try to sleep.

Damian Wayne
•Will bring his dog Titus to your place.

•Animals can help relieve stress and overall make you feel better.

•"Beloved if you ever need anything, I’ll do it.“

•Suggest you live in the manor for a while with him.

•A little overprotective but he just wants you to be happy and will do literally anything to achieve that.

•Will ask about your day in the morning, late afternoon, and midnight.

•Gets worried that he’s not doing enough for you.

•So he stresses himself out on it a bit.

•But he doesn’t mind because if it’s for you anything is worth it.


Pairing: Natasha x Reader


Can I have some nat x reader ? The reader loves cook some treats but the others are jealous because they think that nat always gets more food that them            

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has added Clint.

Scott: Hey, man. Did you finish all the cookies? And the muffins?

Clint: No, I think Tasha did?

Scott: Oh, okay.

Scott: Have you noticed how she always gets more treats than the rest of us?

Scott: Or how Y/N doesn’t mind if she finishes everything?

Clint: Are you jealous bc Tasha had the cookies and you didn’t?

Scott: Yes.

Scott: Those were good cookies, okay.

Scott: Chocolate chip.

Scott: I love them.

Clint: I have a stash.

Clint: I managed to swipe some before the others got to them.

Clint: I’ll share if you don’t tell anyone.

Scott: You’re such a good friend to me. I love you.

T'Challa has joined the chat.

T'Challa: If you want your stash a secret, you’ll share with me too.


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Electric Souls

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary : Peter Parker and (y/n) have been best friends since, well forever. And it’s no secret that (y/n) has been harboring the stupidest crush on him. And besides, he never really noticed her. Not like she wanted him to. Because he only seemed to have eyes for Liz Allen. 

A/N: I’ve been imaging this for a while so I hope to make it a series. Enjoy! Also, if there’s any flashbacks they’ll be in italics. And this will be in first person POV but will occasionally switch to third person

Warnings: light swearing, probably some angst, mentions of bullying, really long

    Chocolate eyes. Adorable curly hair. Faint freckles. The absolute cutest smile. Yep, that was Peter Parker. He was my best friend. And sadly, I’m sure that’s all he’d ever be to me. Honestly, I really needed to get over him. I just need to value the friendship we have, not ruin it because I have these dumb ass feelings. That’s what Michelle told me anyways. I should probably listen to her more often, she gives good advice. 

   “(Y/N)!” I turned my attention to Ned, who was running down the hall to me. He stopped for a moment once he reached me, catching his breath. “I got a new lego set! Doctor Who. 21,304 pieces.” I watched as he spoke excitedly, finding his smile contagious. 

    “Ned, I love Doctor Who, but you know I’m the absolute worst  at building these things.” He nodded with a sigh. 

   “I know, last time you got so frustrated you let yourself collapse onto the deathstar.” I scrunched my nose at the memory. Him and Peter had thought it was hilarious except for the fact that the deathstar we had spent hours putting together was now destroyed in a heap beneath me. I, on the other hand thought it was just painful. 

    “Oh no, her nose is scrunched. What are we talking about?” Peter seemed to have come up from nowhere. I jumped, my heart practically doing a somersault. “Aw,” he laughed, “Did I scare you?” I put my hand over my chest. 

    “Jesus Parker, I swear you come out of nowhere.” He just laughed, his face scrunching up in that adorable way that it always does. Then he turned back to Ned.

    “So what are we talking about?” 

    “The time (y/n) collapsed onto the deathstar,” I dragged a hand over my face as Ned excitedly went over the memory with Peter. Peter started laughing so much he almost snorted. I noted the looks our classmates gave us as they passed us down the hall. It’s not that it bothered me, at this point I was quite used to it. Our small friend group had never been popular, much less fit in. Most of the time I considered us the outcasts of Midtown. It only made sense with all the remarks and looks we received from everyone else in the school.

    “Pete it wasn’t that funny,” I rolled my eyes at his incessant giggling but couldn’t help but laugh myself. He gave me another bright-eyed smile. 

   “Oh it was that funny.” Ned gave a nod to support his statement. I rolled my eyes at the both of them before lightly punching each of their shoulders. 

    “I hate you guys.” Peter opened his mouth to reply, but the chime of the bell cut him off. I grabbed the books I needed from my locker and left waving and giving the boys a beautiful view of my middle finger. 

   The rest of the day wasn’t so bad. All I had to do was avoid people like Flash and Liz. It wasn’t that Liz was rude or anything like that. She was actually really nice. It was just that, well, she was all Peter ever seemed to talk or think about. And as selfish as this is, I just can’t bear to be around the girl who Peter dreams about loving. 

    “Earth to (y/n),” I shifted my gaze up to Michelle, who pulled me out of my reverie. She squinted her eyes at me, lowering her book. 

    “Sorry I-”

    “Was thinking about Peter again?” I froze as she finished my sentence. She raised her eyebrows at me. 

    “I- I was not-” She gave me another look and I sighed. “Alright. I was.” I let my head fall down onto the math book that I was supposed to be reading. Michelle sighed herself. She was probably disappointed in me. She probably saw me as a project. Something to work on and fix. Her goal was to get me completely over Peter. And I understood why too. 

    “Alright listen here. You’re going to focus now. No stupid boys. Just Math. Okay?” I gave her a nod, she was right after all. I really needed to focus on the important things. Like my schoolwork. And not like Peter Parker. 

    Peter blew a puff of air out as he looked up at the clock. Just fifteen minutes left. He tapped his pencil before lazily continuing to scribble notes of what his teacher was blabbing on about. He desperately wanted to get out of class. He couldn’t wait to talk to (y/n). She was always there to listen to him about anything. She was amazing really. Constantly there for him no matter what. She even listened to him go on and on about Liz. But he couldn’t help notice than whenever he did, her usual bright eyes seemed to sink into a sadder darker shade. But why would she be sad about it? Was she jealous of Liz? No, that’d make no sense. He let out another sigh, letting his gaze shift back to the clock. Five minutes left. 

    There was only five minutes left now before we were free to go home. And then once we got home we’d have another 3 hours worth of schoolwork to do. Fun. After those final painful minutes of note taking, the bell rang. I couldn’t have packed up my bag fast enough. 

     “Woah there (y/n) slow down,” I slowed my pace so Michelle could catch up with me. I shook my head and let out a breath that I didn’t know I had been holding. 

    “Sorry I just- I just needed to get out of there. I’ve had enough time in this prison for today.” Michelle raised her eyebrows into a surprised expression. 

    “I thought you loved school.” She was right, yet again. While most people complained, I never really minded school or having to sit in class to learn stuff. If there was anything that bothered me, it’d have to be the homework. Because when you have hours of work to do after school, there’s hardly any time to actually live

    “You’re right, It’s just been a long day I guess. I just need to-”

    “(y/n)!” Michelle and I turned at the sudden voice that interrupted my sentence. We were met by the sight of Peter running toward us frantically. Once he reached us he took one deep breath before speaking again. “Hey um I wanted to talk to (y/n) about some stuff.” He scratched the back of his neck with a nervous look. Michelle looked at Peter for a second, only making him fidget more. 

    “Yeah, alright.” She gave me a small pat on the shoulder before walking off in the other direction. Peter gave me a nervous smile. 

    “Sorry about her,” I shrugged and Peter just laughed. “So, what did you want to talk to me about, Pete?” 

    “Oh yeah, so I um…. Iaskedlizouttohomecomingandshesaidyes,” I blinked, trying to figure out what in the hell Peter had just said.

    “Alright, so let’s try saying that one more time. But this time, let’s try and say it so I can actually comprehend it.” He let out another nervous laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, leaning my head on his arm. 

   “So,” he took a deep breath, “I asked Liz out to homecoming and she said yes.” I froze then, unable to make my feet take any more steps. I could practically feel my heart tear again. It seemed like a new tear appeared each time he spoke of his affection for this girl to me. I lifted my head from his shoulder. He looked at me, awaiting any kind of response. I couldn’t help but notice how he bit his lip in anticipation, it only made the pit I was feeling inside me bigger and darker. 

    “That’s… great Peter. That’s really great. I’m happy for you.” I tried to pull my lips up into a smile for him. “Now I, I should get home.Goodbye Peter.”    


    Peter watched as she left. He couldn’t help but feel a sort of emptiness where she had her head resting on his shoulder. The sad smile that she had given him was replaying in his mind. Why was she so suddenly sad and broken looking? And why did she have such an unbelievably strong effect on him?  

    “What did you tell her?” He jumped at the sudden sound of Michelle’s voice. She was standing next to him. Now he understood what (y/n) meant whenever she jumped at his presence. 


    “What did you say to her? Se looked upset.” Michelle looked up at him with an eyebrow raised. 

    “I told her I’m taking Liz to homecoming. That’s all.” Michelle gave him a sad look before resting a hand on his shoulder. 

    “Poor Peter. You never see what’s right in front of you do you?” And with that, she walked off. He thought about that statement for a long time. He never saw what’s right in front of him? What did that have to do with anything? It probably didn’t occur to him until he was sitting on top of a rooftop, just finishing his run for the day as Queens’ one and only Spider-man. 

    “Hey Happy, It’s Peter,” He spoke into the phone, his legs dangling over the roof, “I stopped a robbery today. I also stopped a guy from getting mugged. And I- I realized I’ve been in love with the wrong girl this whole time..”

A/N: Well it’s not fantastic but I hope you guys like it. If it’s popular enough maybe I’ll write more :) Also, check out my Wattpad : @ sociopathhh 

I Don’t Bite - Yoongi Scenario

so I deleted all 28+ stories that I wrote from my previous writing blog because of personal reasons. But I really wanted to post my stories here, along with some additional ones that may come along ;; 


Summary: Lazy vampire Min Yoongi who gets his meals delivered to him everyday.

Word Count: 2,035

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Yoongi was sprawled out on the couch rubbing his temples and wondering when the heck was the too-tall delivery boy going to give him his daily doze of blood bags.

It wasn’t like Jungkook to arrive later than 9 in the morning. In fact it was already time for lunch and the boy hasn’t even shown up at his doorstep. Muttering a curse, Yoongi propped his head up on one of the pillows, taking out his phone from his pocket.


“The box is there, the address is on the post-it note attached.”


“You can go home after that.”

“But Sir-”

Your boss gave you a look - one that screamed ‘you’re gonna be kicked out from this job opportunity if you don’t deliver the box now’. Lips instinctively drooping down to the floor, you glanced at the small box.

“He’s our most valuable customer, Y/N.” Your boss sighed. “He’s the only one who orders blood to be delivered to him every single day. He basically funds our bank.”

You held back another sigh. “But I’m a lab tech, not a delivery-”

“A lab tech who just entered today, mind you.” He shook his head, crossing his arms. “Take it as your task today to deliver the box because we have no one else to replace Jungkook right now.”

Shutting your eyes in mental preparation, you hung the lab coat you didn’t even get to put on back on the hook, walking towards the dreaded box and slinging the strap over your shoulder. “I’m going now, Sir.”

Your boss nodded, smiling.

There was no way he was going to step out of the comfort of his home just to find a person wiling enough to let him suck some blood out of their neck so that he would be able to quench his thirst. Yoongi was almost about to throw an embarrassing tantrum over the phone when the blood bank’s CEO said that they didn’t have anyone to deliver the bags to him that day - saying that Jungkook had quit last minute due to his grades dropping and his mom ordering him to make use of his time to study. It was a good thing the CEO promised him that he would get someone to deliver the day’s meal to him just after a few minutes of complaints.

As the clock indicated two hours past twelve though, Yoongi was tempted to get out of his comfort zone and storm up to the bank to collect the bags himself - when the doorbell rang.


Rushing to open the door, the familiar scent of packaged blood greeted him - along with some other strong, strong sweet scent that made his pupils dilate.

The box of goods was pushed into his face.

“Mi-Min Yoong-gi ssi? H-Here yo-you go.”

Swerving his head to the side, he could see a petite girl, head faced down, arms trembling as she lifted the box.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he took the box from her hands, setting it down on the floor. You looked up when the weight disappeared, regretting your action immediately when your eyes met deep, dark ones. Body shaking, you bowed instantly, turning on your heels to make a run for it.


You were quickly jerked back as a hand gripped your wrist, turning you to face the taller. Eyes wide, you looked from the hand enclosing your wrist to the vampire in front, gulping. “Y-Yes?”

The male narrowed his eyes on you, brows still knitted together. Leaning his face forward in curiosity, he was hit by a waft of citrusy sweetness - causing him to swallow thickly. At the look on your face, he leaned back. “Sorry.”

You could only whimper in response - much too overwhelmed with the fact that one of your greatest fears had his face that close to yours, and with the coldness surrounding your wrist - touching you too.

Yoongi raised a brow at the sound. “Are you… scared of me?”

“I-I’m I-”

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows once more, “I don’t bite.” He pursed his lips. “I mean, when I don’t need too.”

Another whimper.

Taking a good look at you, he gently released his hold. “I’m sorry.”

You were preparing yourself to run away from the vampire the moment he let you go… but at the soft voice, you couldn’t help but look up.

There was a moment of silence as gazes were exchanged, before the male broke it. Rubbing the back of his neck, he glanced at you, “Thanks for the… stuff.” Biting his lips, he took a brief look at you. “Just, don’t be… yeah.” He went inside, door shutting behind him.


You meekly nodded - oddly not trying to leave as fast this time.

You had always been terrified of creatures with fangs ever since you were a little girl. You weren’t sure why but you assumed it had something to do with your aunt who detested vampires for some certain reason, telling you that they were mean, scary, bad creatures. Your parents chided her for doing that though. They told you that vampires weren’t as bad as your aunt made them to be, that they were just as human as you except for the fact that they consumed blood for food.

But seeing a vampire drain your friend in the back of an alley kind of traumatised you.

Yoongi stood by the door much longer than he needed to. Biting the inside of his cheek, he licked his lips, “Y/N right?”

Your eyes widened, “You know my name?”

“I uh,” Yoongi took a deep breath in. “Yes… yes I know your name.”

When the door closed the day before, Yoongi found himself releasing a long breath he didn’t know he had been holding, leaning his back against the wall. Sure he spent his time cooping himself up in his studio working on songs and stuff without any personal contact with anyone in the outside world except for Jungkook and sometimes Hoseok for the past few months, but Yoongi wasn’t the nervous type, so why was he so anxious seeing that particular girl with the scarily addictive scent that was supposedly afraid of him?

Yoongi also found himself calling the blood bank’s CEO to praise the person that delivered the blood bags to him that afternoon - forgetting the little detail that you came hours late - and requested for the same person to deliver blood to him the following day.

“How did you-”

“Are you thirsty?”

You stared at the male.

“I mean, uh, I have drinks and stuff in the fridge… if you want.” Yoongi mentally cursed himself at the randomness. You were clearly terrified of him yesterday why would you even-

“Actually I am quite…” You trailed off, questioning your mentality. “Thirsty.”
“Oh.” Yoongi cleared his throat, surprise in his eyes, moving to the side to make some space, “Come in then?”

You doubted your sanity once again when you willingly stepped into the vampire’s apartment. For all you knew, the guy could be using his vampire powers to play with your mind and lure you in to suck your blood dry but…

“No really, I make the best ramen.” Yoongi gave you a determined look, gums showing in a grin. “My friend Hoseok taught me how to make it one time.” He stared into the distance in wonder, “Don’t know why I even agreed to learn though.”

“I bet you can’t make ramen as nice as I can though.” You unconsciously teased, placing down your glass of water. “I make the best ramen!”

Yoongi gave you a look, lips tempted to curve up into a smile, “Is this a challenge?”

You held in your laughter, “Is it?”

“That’s it, I’m calling Hoseok.”

It was undeniable that Min Yoongi completely ridded you of your fear.
Uncountable weeks were spent catching the bus to Yoongi’s house from the blood bank, spending at least an hour inside talking and doing all sorts of random stuff from Yoongi wanting to hear you sing, to you teaching Yoongi how to make kimbap. Conversations were light-hearted and comfortable and filled with laughter and made your heart flutter from the pure happiness of just listening to his soothing voice… until one particular day.

Yoongi shifted around more than usual, licking his lips more often than usual - not that you were paying attention or anything.


Your eyes met each other’s for the first time since that morning. Slightly nervous at his readable gaze, you bit the inside of your cheek. “Yeah?”

Yoongi stayed still for a second before slowly sitting himself closer to you, bending his face down to your level.

It was like deja-vu.

Except this time, you weren’t trembling in fear but strangely - anticipation.

He took a deep breath in, gently placing his hand on your jaw, thumb stroking your cheek. Gazing at you with so, so much emotion, he whispered, “…Can I?

Heart beating so, so fast, you managed a nod.

Almost instantly, soft lips were pressed against yours, parting gently. Unlike the coolness you felt when his hands graze yours, or when he caresses the top of your head… warmth was what enveloped you. His other hand made its way to the back of your neck, lips ghosting over yours. Gaze never breaking, he almost inaudibly said, “Can I… taste you?

The anxiousness and worry in his eyes was replaced with surprise and happiness and something you couldn’t quite figure out when you nodded once again.

“Sir, where’s the box?”

Your boss spun in his chair. “There’s no box today, apparently. He doesn’t want his meals delivered today.”

Brows furrowing, your lips parted, “But why-”

The male shrugged, sighing, “At least the month’s fees have been paid.” Giving you a smile, he continued, “Guess you can start on your work early today, huh?”

You were about to answer when your phone vibrated.

Morning. Meet me at the park near my place after work… please?

Never would Yoongi have thought that the first time he’d be stepping his foot outside of his apartment would be to meet up with someone - and on his own accord at that.

But that someone was unknowingly filling up the hole he didn’t know he had in his dead heart…

And never had Yoongi felt so alive.

“Yoongi!” You ran up towards the male once you caught sight of that familiar beanie.

The million questions that bombarded you at work started popping up at the silent stare - how you thought that maybe your blood tasted so bad that Yoongi didn’t have any appetite to eat for the entire day and-

“Thank you.”

You snapped out of your daze, looking up at the guy.

At your visible confusion, Yoongi took a step closer. “For letting me drink… your blood yesterday.” He rambled on, pursing his lips, “I never got the chance to properly thank you. I felt full all day yesterday and couldn’t even finish the bags you delivered and today I didn’t even feel hungry at all, just satisfied and-”

“Wait, so my blood didn’t taste bad?”

Yoongi gave you a look, lips quirking up into a soft smile at your relieved face. Hands cupping your cheeks, he bent down to nuzzle your nose with his. “You tasted like the perfect melody, like the laughter you blessed me with when Hoseok chose your ramen, like the recording of your singing that lulls me to sleep every night, like…” he swallowed thickly, so, so nervous, “like the urge to tell you I love you since day one.”

Your eyes widened, blush creeping up your cheeks.

“I love you.” Yoongi said, anxious but sure. “Do you-”

Shy lips cut him off in a peck.

Face so, so red, you hurriedly pulled back, diverting your eyes from a largely grinning Min Yoongi.

“You know I’m gonna cancel all my deliveries from now on.”

At that, you whipped your head up to him, eyes wide, “Why-”

Yoongi gave that gummy smile from day two.

Because I don’t need a blood bank anymore, I need you.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Don't Die On Me


Prompt: 42- “You are strong, baby. You have to be.”

Summary: Reader leaves the camp because she feels unimportant and useless. She gets hurt and is unable to return back. Bellamy and her brother Finn find her and bring her back to camp.

Word count: 1184

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

I felt so out of place right now.
I felt unimportant and alone. I felt more like a burden than like a helpful for the camp.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that just a few days ago I had witnessed my parents being floated. Then I had nearly seen my brother Finn lost his life as well. On the top of everything I had been recovering from being tortured by grounders.

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Congratulations to Me Part Two

Since y’all seemed to like the first part here ya go. Part two was more of a challenge for me so I hope you enjoy it.

Summary- Sam and Dean were supposed to show up to their younger sister’s graduation, but never arrived. What happened?

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Thanks to @captainemwinchester and @rosie-winchester for talking through my ideas with me. They are totally responsible for convincing me to go this route. Also thanks to @winchesters-favorite-girl she helped so much with getting the character development and details straight.

Congratulations to Me Part One

Congratulations to Me Masterlist


Sam glanced at his watch, 11am. Eight hours till Y/N walked across the stage at graduation and the brothers were still in their motel room, five hours away. Sam wanted to make sure they got there with plenty of time to spare; he wanted a good seat to watch his sister receive her diploma.

Sam shifted behind his computer, glancing at Dean reading a book at the other end of the table, “Hey, we should get going soon. We don’t want to risk being held up.”

Dean barely looked up from his book, but sent a confused look to his brother, “What?”

“We need to hit the road if we’re going to make it in time for Y/N’s graduation.”

Dean put his book down, looking at Sam befuddled, “We can’t just go. We’re in the middle of a case.”

“Dean, we told Y/N we would be there. We can’t just not show up. She’s graduating high school, I know that doesn’t mean much to you, but for other people it’s a big deal.”

Dean sighed, “Sam, people are dying here, we can’t just leave. In three days five people have died, if we leave now even more will too. Y/N knows that our job is important, she’d be pissed if we left the hunt and more people got hurt.”

Sam was shocked, he couldn’t believe Dean was suggesting they bail on Y/N’s graduation, “We could get someone else to work the case or come back tomorrow. Realistically we should have thought of this before, but either way we promised we’d be there. I know you never graduated high school, but I did and it’s a big deal. This is an important day in our little sister’s life.”

“I know we said we’d be there, but like I said before, it’ll be fine with her. Remember her 16th birthday? We were going to skip out on that wendigo hunt so we could go to her party, but she told us to finish the hunt.”

Sam raised his eyebrow at his brother, “Yeah Dean, but to make up for it you had to let her drive the impala around for an hour.”

Dean smirked, “But she didn’t crash it. Her first time driving and she handled Baby better than you do. Point is, we made it up to her, just like we will for missing this.”

Sam bite his lip nervously, Dean had a point. She had been understanding in the past when hunting conflicted with previously made plans. Graduation was a big deal, but this monster did already have a high body count. Sam pulled his computer closer, “Fine, but let’s hurry up and finish this case so we can get to Y/N!”

The impala slowed to a stop in front of a two-story suburban house. It was the afternoon following Y/N’s graduated and the boys had finally ganked the monster. The brothers headed up the front walk, and Dean ringed the doorbell, stepping back as they waited for the door to open. Finally, the door opened to reveal an unamused Y/M/N standing on the other side.

“Hey,” Dean cheerily and obliviously greeted. Y/M/N raised an eyebrow at him.

“Hey? Really Dean?” She stepped back to reluctantly let them into the house. Sam gave her a weak smile as he passed her. Hopefully Y/N would be happier to see them. “Y/N’s upstairs, but I’ll let her know you’re here.”

The boys headed into the family room to wait for their little sister, while Y/M/N disappeared upstairs. Sam sat down on the couch and Dean examined the new pictures added to the mantel recently. It was quite a while before they heard someone coming back down the stairs.
The brothers turned excitedly to see their sister entering the room.

“Hey,” Dean said excitedly going over to give his sister a big hug, but was caught off guard when she didn’t hug him back. Dean stepped back, worried about the lackluster greeting he’d received. He looked over at Sam who just shrugged at him.

Y/N looked horrible. Her eyes were red and puffy, like she’d spent hours crying. Her hair was unbrushed and she was still in her pajamas.  

“You okay?” Sam said, moving closer to his little sister.

Y/N shifted, clearly upset and unhappy. Dean smiled and nudged her arm, “Smile, you just finished high school. You’re free.”

Sam, quickly jumped in, “We’re so proud of you for that. We’re sorry we didn’t make it here in time, but we were working a case and it turned out to be more complicated than we originally thought.”

“Yeah, we wanted to be here, but you know, saving people, hunting things, all that good stuff.”

Y/N finally spoke for the first time, “And you couldn’t have gotten someone else to handle it? You said you were going to make it,” Her voice rose and got more hysterical as she continued. “You promised you’d be there last night. What, some monster was more important than me?”

The boys shared uneasy looks, Dean was sure she was going to handle it better than this, “Kiddo, we didn’t think it was that big of a deal, we’ve missed stuff before. Hell, you’ve encouraged us to go hunt instead. Remember your 16th birthday?”

“Yeah, it was my birthday, I’ll have others. Besides I just wanted to drive around in dad’s car with you guys and feel like a family. This was my high school graduation and I’ll never have another. I wanted- I needed you guys there and you weren’t there for me, again.”

Sam frowned and tried to step towards his sister, but she just backed up, “We’re really sorry and we are so proud of you for graduating. We really didn’t think you’d care this much if we were there or not.”

Y/N looked at him like he was crazy, “This is one of the biggest days of my life Sam, why would I not want you there? You’re my big brothers, my heroes. I look up to and admire you. Of course I wanted you there. I asked you to be there, didn’t I? And you both promised you would be, but I should have known it was too good to be true, because you almost always let me down. Do you even care about me at all?”

The brothers recoiled back, hurt that she could even think that. Sam bent down closer to her level, “Of course we care about you, we love you to death. You’re our little sister.”

“You have a funny way of showing it,” she snapped. Y/N turned and ran back upstairs. Sam and Dean went to follow her, but Y/M/N stepped in their way.

“I think it’s time you boys go.”

“Come on,” Dean angrily gestured up the stairs. “Don’t kick us out we need to go fix this.”

“I think you’ve done more than enough for one day,” Y/M/N ushered them outside, shutting the door sharply behind them.

Sam sighed and turned dejectedly towards his brother, “So much for she won’t mind. What do we do now?”

“I don’t know Sammy. I don’t know.”

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Joys of Parenthood

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(^^Good stuff right here)

Prompt: Glimpse into Bones and reader’s life as parents

Warnings: Dad fluffies

Word Count: 2,120

A/n: Gah! So much cute. Cute overload

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Being a Child Adopted by the Killer Croc would include

((A/N) okay guys, I’m back again with another headcanon comp, this one is based on something my s/o and I talked about a while ago okay without further adieu here they are, and as always, happy reading!)

-Most likely you were found in the heart of Crime Alley asked a toddler
-Waylon saw you instantly and his heart melted so he took you back to his hideout
-the first time you cried scared him, he didn’t understand what was going on but knew to try and calm you
-For the longest time, for your safety of course, he kept you hidden from the other rogues.
-one day you got up to the sound of people laughing and talking and went to check it out
-Thats the day Harleen Francis Quinnzel made herself known in your life as Aunt Harl.
-All of the sudden you were showered in gifts from the others in the Rogues Gallery and the Suicide Squad as they began to make their way into your life
-“(Y/N) you wanna come home with Uncle Eddie tonight?”
- “Ed why would she want to spend the night doing boring stuff with you when she could be reading with her more preferred uncle.”
-“Y'all are both wrong, Aunt Red and I get her this weekend, you guys keep hogging up the baby!”
-Waylon just wants to keep you home for a weekend
-When you get older you start to catch your family’s habits
-One time your friends catch you sitting in the corner of the library with psychology catalogues and books spread around you
-Another, you were walking down the road flipping a coin and didn’t know it until you dropped the coin in the street never to be seen again
-Thanks to your father you were never late to school, you knew everything there was to know about the sewer your dad and you called home.
-despite living in the sewer you and Waylon were clean freaks together. Little did anyone on the surface know, Waylon is pretty good at building things.
-when the time comes and you decide to tell your father about your (s/o), no matter who they were, he wouldn’t rest until he knew that you’d be okay with them.
- “(S/O) what are your intentions with my child? I’m very sure you know what I’m capable of, and if you hurt them, I will show no mercy.”
-“ Y-yes sir. I-I-I understand!”
-He didn’t believe it for a long time and asked his friends/colleagues to pop in and make sure you were okay
-Your graduation day was a mess.
-Never in your life has it occurred to you that your father could cry
-Never in your life did you think your Uncle Jonathan could cry
- Everyone was so proud of you
- “(Y/N)! Now that you’ve gotten all of these lame gifts, let your Uncle Ozzie make your dreams come true!”
- He gave you a million dollars with “congrats grad here’s to the Ivy League” written in the memo


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Request:  Can you write for kian where you live in the house with them and the roommates make fun of you guys cause you are so in love

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1,406

Kian Lawley x Reader

Hope you guys enjoy!

“It looks bad when a girl sleeps over at her boyfriend’s house. You know that right?” My mom was pushing my fallen hairs back behind my ear, trying to sucker me into not moving to L.A. to be with my boyfriend of 2 years. 

“Mom, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. You’ve met Kian. He’s sweet, charming, and he wouldn’t do anything to harm me.”

“You don’t understand how bad it makes you sound! You barely know the kid! You live over on the other side of the United States and you expect me to let you fly across the country to go live with a boy you’ve only been dating for barely a year?”

“Two, two years mom.”

“Whatever (Y/n), you do what you want to do but if you fly there, don’t expect to have a place to live when you come back.”

“Fine, I won’t.”

I sighed, I was too busy thinking about how my mom basically disowned me. I looked over an saw Kian fast asleep, mouth slightly open, and light snores coming from his mouth. I’ve been living with him for about three months now and everything has been great.

I leaned over and left a kiss on his cheek and tossed the covers off me and stood up, standing on my tiptoes and letting out a big yawn.

“Baby.” Kian already had the covers wrapped around him and god how he looked amazing with his hair sprawled out everywhere.

“Yes?” I grabbed my hair and put it into a high ponytail and walked into the bathroom an looked at Kian through the mirror.

“What’re we going to do today?” He moved over on my side of the bed so he could see me better.

“I really don’t know,” I splashed my face with water, “I mean, we could just have a lazy day.” I patted my face dry, earning a big sigh from Kian. “What?” 

“You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed and opened his bedroom door, earning a sad look from Kian but I was hungry and I know that when he comes downstairs he’ll want food. 

“Hey (y/n)!”

I looked over an saw Harrison and Corey sprawled out on the couch.

“What’re you two doing here this early?” I grabbed a water from the fridge and leaned against the wall.

“We’re actually waiting for Jc. He said he wanted to go get breakfast this morning.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Why wouldn’t they invite Kian? Kian deserves to hang with his friends as well. I’m not trying to hold him back.

“Why wasn’t Kian invited?” I glared over at Corey knowing that he knew why.

“I mean -”

“Guys you ready?”

Jc was at the bottom of the stairs with his eyes wide open looking at me. 

“No, you guys aren’t ready. Why didn’t you invite Kian with y’all to go get something to eat this morning?”

Jc shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen. “I mean, you two always do everything together and we just assumed that you two would cook something this morning and eat here. Nothing bad towards Kian at all.” Jc patted my back and walked over to Corey and Harrison.

I was about to say something until Kian walked down rubbing his eyes. I breathed out and walked into the kitchen. 

“What’s up baby?” Kian mumbled leaning against the wall.

“Your friends.” 

I slammed the pan down on the counter and grabbed the pancake mix from the cabinet. Kian chuckled at me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into his warm body.

“Baby, it’s perfectly fine. I’d rather be with you than be with those boys and get into trouble.” Kian placed a kiss on the top of my head, making me smile. 

“I don’t want them to think that I’m going to keep you all to myself. Please, go eat with them.” He sighed and placed another kiss on my head.

He yelled to the boys that he was going and I continued making my food. 

“You know, it’s pretty funny how in love you and Kian are.” I let out laugh and looked over at Harrison.

“Yeah, I love him very much.” I flipped the pancake and got a plate out from the cabinet and groaned. “You guys never have dishes cleaned. Guess that’s what I’m gonna have to do when you guys are out.” Harrison let out a big laugh and gave me a quick hug. 

“We couldn’t do it without you.” I laughed, quickly washing a plate and placing it down beside the stove, tossing it onto the plate.

Harrison continued to talk to me until Kian walked in, wrapping his arms around my waist, leaving little kisses on the top of my head.


“Fuck off Harrison!” Kian flicked some pancake mix onto Harrison making him groan.

“Kian! This is my only clean shirt!”

I laughed, putting my last pancake on my plate. I literally feel like a mom with these boys because ever since I came, I’ve come to realize that they hardly know how to wash clothes or do anything to be exact.

“Shouldn’t have said that!”

“I can’t help you! Ever since she moved here you’ve been more lovey dovey around us! We know you love her but keep it pg kids.”

“Harrison! That wasn’t even bad!” I screamed laughing at him.

“Oh well.” 

“Come on Kian, let go of her man, you’ll get to cuddle her when you come back.”Jc peered around the corner rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, let go of her man!”Corey yelled from the living room. “I’m hungry!”

Kian rolled his eyes, pulling me into him and leaving a kiss on my lips, making me smile into the kiss.

“See you later, babygirl.”

“Aw,” Harrison mumbled, “he called her babygirl.”

“Fuck off!” Kian glared over at the boys then looked back at me, leaving another kiss on my lips before walking away with Harrison.

“Bye baby, I love you!” I yelled getting the syrup from the fridge.

“Love you baby!”

I finished folding the rest of Harrison’s clothes because I felt bad for him. I trudged up the stairs balancing the basket against my hip. I opened up Corey’s room and tossed the basket in there, gagging from the terrible smell coming from that boys room. 

So far, I’ve cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, made mine and Kian’s bed, done 5 loads of laundry and the house still felt nasty to me. I groaned and fell back onto the couch, turning the tv on.

I threw the nearest blanket on me and laid down on the couch. Right when I got comfortable, the front door slung open and the boys piled in.

“Hey (y/n), it smells amazing in here!” Harrison yelled falling down onto the other couch.

“I did a load of your laundry Harrison.” I mumbled scooting over so Kian could lay down beside me. 

“Are you serious?” He got up and walked over to me, leaving a kiss on my head. “Thank you so much, you’re literally the best.” 

“I put them in Corey’s room, by the way.” Harrison thanked me again and jogged up the stairs.

“You’re so sweet to us baby.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around Kian. I miss this boy every time he leaves me. I left small kisses up and down his neck, smirking at the goosebumps rising on his neck.

All the boys were in the living room now, talking about their new video ideas and what they wanted to do tonight. I continued playing with Kian’s hair and he continued to play with my fingers. He loved playing with my fingers, he always made a comment about his hands being way more massive than mine. It made me smile every time he brought my hand up to his mouth to kiss it.

“Okay, we’ll just talk about this stuff when (y/n) is asleep. You two are all over each other.” Jc threw a pillow at us making Kian laugh.

“I can’t help that my girl is smoking hot and I want to be near her 24/7.”

“Fuck off with this cute ass relationship!” Corey yelled.

I just laughed and elbowed Kian to get up. I threw the blanket off me and trudged upstairs,  I was actually tired and wanted a nap.

I crawled over onto Kian’s side of the bed and cuddled up to his pillow and smiled when I heard the door open. I felt the bed shift, smiling when lips came in contact with my cheek.

“Sleep good babygirl, I’ll be up here later.”

“Love you baby.” I mumbled.

“Love you.” Kian threw the cover on me and walked out.

I smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

dating pony - hcs

this was requested by 3 anons and @staygoldimagines !! i hear yall lmao

  • he’s vvv clingy
    • “hey wyd? u wanna hang out”
    • “it’s been 2 hours”
    • “i know but i miss u”
  • literally always taking u out to the movies
    • whether u like it or not sometimes
    • “pony you’ve seen this movie three times why are we going to see it aga-”
  • dating pony?? well expect literal nonstop cuddling
    • like pony really enjoy just lounging around on the couch under a blanket w u 
    • talking about stuff or reading or listening to the radio or watching tv
    • but he nevER WANTS TO GET UP
    • "pony i’m thirsty, i’m gonna go pour myself some wa-”
    • "nonononO, cmon five more minutes??? five more minutes”
  • he l ov es when u play with his ears while yall cuddle
    • it makes him so sleepy and he loves that and u sm!!
  • sometimes u got a problem w pony’s smoking 
    • so you’ll dead lick your fingers and put out the cigarette that he just lit between his lips
    • or if it isn’t lit yet, you’ll just break it while its in his mouth LMFAo like
    • “nice try”
  • he’s so in love w how you look when you’re contemplative and deep in thought
    • so oFC this boy is gonna always be sketching u without u knowing
  •  the gang refuses (refuses!) to leave him alone lmao
    • “awwwwww is someone in love??”
    • *kissy noises*
    • “ohhh lover boyyyy”
    • “stfu??”
    • “ok how bout u watch ur language horsekid”
    • *a bunch of whistles from the gang*  
    • “i hate u guys sm”
    • “oh, but you LOVE Y/N”
    •  *whistles continue*
    • *pony aggressively sighs*
  • pony is so full of love for u, it’s adorable man
    • he’ll write u poems or give u sketches he drew of u
    • he’s always thinking about u!!!
    • he’s also the first to say “i love you”!
    • even though he had terrible timing lmao
    • it was probably after the first time u guys actually kissed smh
  • he’s easily jealous!!
    • like he’ll get v salty w you when u hang w someone else??
    • especially steve tbh
    • “how did u get home last night? was everything okay?”
    • “yeah! steve gave me a ride, so it was fine”
    • “stEve”
    • “yeah, steve. soda’s best fri-“
    • “why didn’t u call me?? i couldve driven u home??”
    • “PONY U HAVE THE FLU - also u can’t drive??”
    • like sometimes pony would go sit down next to u
    • but steve gets there firST
      • so pony has to sit on tHE OTHER SIDE OF STEVE LMAO

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Hello!! RFAs reaction to MC who casts spells? Like lights candles and casts spells like a little witch. MC started because she found spells online and tried them out, but they actually seemed to work! Whether or not they really do is up to you haha

A/N: guys idk if you know this but i’m actually really into witchcraft- like magick, crystals, spirituality, spells, sO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS and i just im soRRY IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REQUEST but i toned it down a little to spare y'all ~Admin 404


           -He was the one to bring the idea up in the first place, actually!

           -“MC!!! I can’t remember anything! I’ve studied this same page for the past hour or so and I can’t remember ANY of it. Uhg, why can’t there be any kind of magic to help me with this? You know, kind of like Harry Potter? Or the magic spells in LOLOL!!”

           -Now you weren’t witch-savvy but you were determined to find something that could help him!! Or at least make him feel as if he’s being helped! He needed to pass this upcoming test and seeing him suffer made you feel terrible!

           -So, thanks to the internet, you found a sort of “Study star” spell for him! You explain it to him and he is so!!! ready!!! to try!!

           -You light up an orange candle, as he focuses on the light. You had him draw a seven point star, had him dab a smudge of sage oil in the center of the star and on his forehead between his eyes. You also had him repeat the chant a few times.

           -You had him keep the paper in his hand the whole time he studied, and when he was done, he blew out the candle

           -Neither of you knew if it did anything but he did have to admit that he was excited to try it anyway!!

           -He came home the next day from his test extremely hyper, loud, and just all around excited puppy yoosung


           -He was yelling in excitement, jumping on the other half of the couch as you bounced up and down on the other half due to him. You agreed to do it every time he need to study, so he could get and keep his grades up!


           -He was disappointed about not getting the part he wanted in a play

           -And the moment he walked into your guy’s home, you were practically hit in the face with his negative aura

           -“Oh no, nonono, step back outside”

           -You pushed him out of the front door and he stood there completely confused. Too confused to even ask what was going on, or attempt to re-enter the home

           -He watched as you mixed salt and garlic and sprinkled it along the doorsteps, the windowsills, any entry point to the house

           -“MC what in the world are you doing can I please come inside now?? What are your sprinkling everywhere??”

           -You explained that you protected the house from negative influences, and that now he was able to enter the house

           -“I don’t want your negative energy up in here Zen, so I’m protecting our home. Now, come on inside and tell me what’s wrong, love”

           -HE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF???? MC can you give me more protection things? Self-care? BeauTY SPELLS????

           -You just sigh every time he asks but you do secretly draw him an herbal protection bath at least once a month and he just thinks you buy the MOST amazing bath salts because they smell and make him feel a m a z i n g


           -You’ve noticed her stress lately, it’s not like she hides it well

           -And you wanted to help!! But you just COULDN’T think of a spell to help

           -You thought of maybe combining two of them, but suddenly you had an idea!

           -You ran up to her with a bag full of different colour yarn, and told her the meaning of each colour. She was thrown off and wasn’t sure why you were telling her, but she played along

           -“You have to pick one according to how you feel, as in what kind of problems you’re having! Did you pick one? Oh good! Okay, the next thing you need to do is hold it taut. Got it?”

           -She followed your directions silently. She knew you believed in things like spells and magic and she wanted to respect you although she didn’t believe in it herself. Besides, she knows you’re just trying to help, and she can’t complain about that!

           -“Okay now, concentrate on all of your problems you’re having. Really visualize them as you tie knots into yarn. Yes, just like that! You’re tying up the problems and they can’t get away!”

           -She held it out to you when she was done visualizing, “Alright now what? Do we do something about visualizing the same problems and untie the knots, as if we’re letting go of- MC where are you going?”

           -You snatched the yarn from her while she talked, holding it far out in front of you as if it was evil, and you ran outside. She watched as you tried to quickly dig a hole in the dirt and throw the yarn in it, figuratively burying her problems

           -She shook her head and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t feel any problems go away, but she did get happier knowing you wanted to help her bad enough that you’d run outside and try to dig a hole with one hand


           -He came home one day to find you rubbing some sort of liquid across your wrist, heart, and forehead. And only those places. He was thoroughly confused. You weren’t new to spell casting but he’s never SEEN you do it

           -It smelt like a mix of lemon juice, mint, basil, and a few more that he couldn’t place off the top of his head

           -He asked what you were doing and you just smiled at him, shrugging before you answered

           -“I made a spell! I boiled basil, bay leaves, coriander, lemon juice,-” He watched you list several things off but just tilted his head to the side out of confusion

           -“You…casted… a spell? Like as in magic? And witches?”

           -“Yeah! I casted it because…well.. I just wanted to strengthen our relationship and make sure our love is there and strong at all times…”

           -You looked down at your feet, pouting a little bit, hoping you didn’t freak him out, but he kissed your forehead instead

           -“Oh, MC, you didn’t need a spell for that. The love I have for you is immense, there’s no need to worry”

           -Which wOW you couldn’t tell if that was just him being honest with you or if your spell DID work. You’d have to try another one to see if it worked.

           -“But um, MC? What can I used to wash this mixture off because I really dislike the taste. I probably should have kissed your cheek instead.”


           -Can’t tell me nerd boy hasn’t tried to recreate spells from Harry Potter or the show Charmed

           - i also believe that he’s tried a few protection spells for saeran growing up

           -But lately you’ve noticed he’s had a string of nightmares and you felt terrible! Watching him wake up completely freaked out broke your heart

           -You weren’t sure how to really bring up the idea of performing a spell, so you just blurted it out

           -He just nodded and smiled towards you before saying, “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last time they got really bad I tired one and it seemed to help. Maybe with you doing it with me, it’ll work even better!!!!”

           - im sorry last time you whAT

           -You threw your shock out of the window when he pulled out the items you needed- salt, rosemary, rose petals, glass bowl, valerian, and polish moonstone


           -Helped him find a place by the bed to put the bowl where he wouldn’t accidently knock it over

           -Overall you had no real part in this?? He did it all himself??? You weren’t NEW to witchcraft or anything but??? You’re just disappointed that you had nO IDEA HE WAS INTO IT


           -He travels often for his photography

           -But this most recent trip, there was a little hiccup and made the trip a little dangerous

           -And you DID. NOT. LIKE. IT.

           -So you were determined to make sure he was safe every time he left the house

           -You were new to the whole magick aspect, and decided to find something on the internet and see if it would help at all

           -(Or at least help ease your mind about him leaving)

           -You decided to make a “Safe Travel” charm for him!!!

           -Crying a little on the inside as you tore a bit of your red flannel shirt (MC it’s not like it fits anymore, it’ll be okay), placed some dirt, large pieces of rock salt, and one of your favourite silver rings into it. The moment you were done sewing it into a little bag, you rushed to give it to him

           -He was surprised at the gift, but his heart immediately MELTED when you told him what it was, what it’s made of, and why you made it. HONESTLY DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ON TRIPS AFTER THAT, how could he worry his MC that much??

           -He swore to be 500% careful when he left the house, and NEVER do anything to make you worry. Neither of you knew if the charm actually worked the way it was supposed to, but it did remind him that he needed to take your feelings into account when he takes trips


           -He’s seen you participate in spells and rituals before

           -He’s even read up about the magick! Mainly because he was interested in the black magick aspect before meeting you

           -Now that he’s met you, and you participate in the white magick, he figures what could it hurt.

           -He’s been pretty down lately, and you felt horrible about it! The both of you knew nothing really caused it, but you still wanted to try to help

           -He was walking into the room to ask you a question about this new movie he saw, but noticed you were sitting at the altar you set up

           -You were sitting in front of 3 yellow candles, he could smell cedar, and he watched you sprinkle some herbs around the candles

           -He kept hearing you mutter to yourself, and he decided not to disturb you. But once you were done, he definitely questioned just what you were doing

           -“You were testing a happiness spell? What for? Are you not happy, MC? Is everything alright?” He actually got REALLY worried like oh nO MY MC IS SAD???

           -“No, no! I wanted to see if it worked because… I mean, if it does work I was gonna suggest you try it. You’ve been down lately and I just want to help but I guess I should have just asked if you wanted help and I’m sor-”

           -He cut you off before you could apologize by hugging you. He muttered a thank you before he kissed the side of your head. He agreed to try the spell with you, as well! that was easy, thought i’d have to fight more


Chapter 1- Remember When We Were Kids?
(Victor Criss x Henry’s Sister!Reader)

A/N: Alrighty! I’m so sorry that this took so long (and I’m not even done with the whole story yet) but I just HAD to post something for you guys! I took the prompt I was given and I kind of… expanded it and changed it a bit. The chapters of this story are going to be REALLY long, and I kind of plan on the whole story being really long, but I hope you like it!

Requests: (I changed the request a bit, I hope you don’t mind!)

Hey, I love your stories - you really are an amazing writer so thanks for sharing your talent with us :) and could you write a story where Vic falls for Henry’s sister who’s way too innocent for her own good and of course off limits for the boys, and he has just convinced her of a date but Henry interrupts it? (Sorry if this it too specific)

Word Count: 4,559

Rating: SFW

Warnings: mention of abuse, possessive behavior, underage drinking, talk about puberty, broken promises

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Jun - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Jun x reader

Type: Slightly suggestive fluff, this is a little more 👀 than the past ones, please be aware

Words: 762

A light touch, as soft and pillowy as a flower petal, is what gently eases you into consciousness. It starts at your eyelids, making them flutter, a second on each at a time. Then it moves to the tip of your nose, each of your cheeks, pausing to let your lips spread into a sleepy smile before touching that too.

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Always You

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 2,808ish
T/W: Fluff (with a little bit of angst)
A/N: For Adorbale Anon’s request: “Philip’s dating someone and she breaks up with him and he goes to the reader devastated and she tries to help him feel better (buys him his favorite foods, watches his favorite movie/s, etc) The reader has always liked Philip (but never had the courage to tell him) but by the end of the night Philip realizes he loves the reader and they tell each other?“
Tags:  @applesislife@iworshipmusicals@othermia​ ✨ @justfangirlingaround

Walking out of class you texted your room mate, Philip.

You, 4:45 pm:
I’m on my way home. I’ll bring pizza!

Philip, 4:47pm:
Sounds great! Be safe on your way home, okay?

You smiled to yourself. He was the sweetest person you have ever know. He always walked you to your class in the morning and on your late nights he always walked back to the apartment with you. He just wanted to make sure you were safe. Which you loved about hime, scratch that, you just loved him, if you were honest with yourself. You’d been great friends for years and now you were even sharing an apartment together. Nothing ever happened between you two because you weren’t sure where he stood, romance wise. 

But you kept it inside and tried your best to just enjoy the friendship. You ordered Philip’s favourite pizza and brought it home promptly, smiling as you climbed up the stairs to your apartment, pizza box in hand, you balanced it as you tried to open the door. Success! You kicked the door shut when you entered. Setting the box down on the kitchen counter, you called out letting Philip know you were home. He quickly appeared in the kitchen. You looked up as came in the room, setting your backpack on a chair.

“Hey, you!” he smiled, walking over to you, arms open. 

Embracing him, he swayed back and forth for a second. He was warm and made the tiny apartment feel like home. After the hug you both went into the kitchen. Hearing more footsteps come down the hall, you knew exactly who it was….

"Oh, hey Theo!” You acknowledged her nicely, with a smile.

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Keep Her Warm - Remus Lupin

request: Hello I am also v obsessed with Remus and would LOVE for you to write something about him???? Maybe a marauder era thing where they’re at hogsmead and the reader is cold and he let’s the reader borrow his scarf or tries to keep the reader ~warm~ some other way, maybe???? Literally anything, I adore him

warning: FLUFFIEST THING IVE EVER WRITTEN, also this is slightly angsty but it’s cute so everything is fineeeeeee

A/N: if you want added dynamics and emotion, listen to Scared to be Lonely piano instrumental. I fucking sobbed. Also, requests are still open! (Marvel, GoT, HP)

words: 1828

“Haaaang on, when did it start snowing?”

Remus glanced around the castle grounds in wonder, smiling to himself. The white flakes fluttered from the sky, falling onto clothes, hair, skin. The snow had casted a luminous shadow over Hogwarts, making every student beam with happiness. Snow tended to make even the most gloomy person shed a grin, for the beauty of it was not to be ignored.

Students journeying to hogsmeade wore smiles seemingly brighter than the countless layers of snow, their shoes crunching and slipping as they giggled in triumph. The first years were already sliding and twirling on the ice, holding on to each other as if their life depended on it. Remus spotted Arthur and Molly, gripping each other’s arms as they tip toed across the white path, glancing at each other adoringly, as if the snow seemed to enhance their love for each other.

Y/N watched Remus take in his surroundings, but mostly just watched him. His nose was red, almost purple in the cold, and his lips had turned a faint shade of blue. He didn’t seem to notice how much the weather was affecting him, he was too busy fascinated by the affects of snow on people’s emotions.

Remus’ hair lay naturally curled on top of his forehead, lightly grazing his eyelashes. It wasn’t fair, Y/N thought, they were so long. “Remus, I’m jealous.”

He faltered, remembering the couples clinging to each other. “O-Oh?”

“Yeah,” she replied, frowning. “Your eyelashes are too long, give me some.”

Remus laughed, a sweet giggle that melted the very core of her being. She warmed from the inside, watching his nose crinkle as Remus looked at her, confused at why she was looking at him like that.

“Y/N have I got something on my face?”

He wiped at his cheeks, looking at his clean fingers. “I haven’t got- was it the honey toast I had this morning? It gets everywhere you know, I swear I should just wear a body sui-”

She cut him off with a warm finger against his freezing lips, a delicate smile playing on his features. “Sorry,” Y/N snickered.

“Rambling again?” Sirius came up behind them, patting Remus’ back rather forcefully. “He’s quite the talker, but you get used to him chatting fast. You take more information in.”

Remus scowled at Sirius who idly wrapped a scarf around Remus’ neck, cocking his head towards Y/N. She had shuffled away, her eyes stuck to her feet as she set one in front of the other. He smiled thoughtfully as Sirius slapped the back of his head, bringing him back to reality. “If you don’t actually kiss her today, I’m going to punch you. In the face.”

Remus groaned, rolling his eyes at the other boy. “I know, I know. God, you make me sound like a nervous wreck.”

“That’s because you are. I have your lip balm and your hair gel,” Sirius unloaded the items from his pockets, shoving them into Remus’ hands. “I also have chocolate flavour lipstick, but don’t ask how I got it. Do you want some?”

Remus chuckled, secretly amused at how Sirius acted like a mother. “I’ll taste of chocolate regardless, I had like two bars this morning to calm my nerves.”

“Sugar rush! I hope you don’t go into insulin shock after Honeydukes. Remind me of your plan again… So- uh, so you know?”

“I don’t know why you’re interested,” Remus scoffed, pulling the small list out of his pocket.

Sirius’ heart multiplied in size, unable to cope with how much he wanted Remus to succeed with Y/N today. “You wrote it down?”

“Course I did, I can’t cope with mental situations. So,” he started.

“Right,” Sirius nodded, looking over the boys shoulder to read the list. “Three Broomsticks? Really Remus? Take her to Madam Puddifoots, you fool.”

“Puddifoots, you’re right.” Remus took a pen from his left pocket, crossing out and writing on the withered parchment. “But I don’t have enough for-”

Sirius shoved five galleons into Remus’ coat pocket, continuing with the list. “Sirius take that back, I can’t afford to repay you.”

“Hush tush, just have fun and that’ll be my reward. Okay? Make me proud.”

The two boys stood quietly, analysing the list until Sirius noted Y/N’s impatience, nudging Remus’ arm. “She seems anxious, you know. Do you want me to come for a bit? Ease things up?”

Remus shook his head violently, a crimson blush flushing his face and neck. “You’ll mess with the ambience.”

Sirius chortled, raising his hands in surrender. “The ambience? Oh Remus, you’re an odd one.”

Y/N intensely examines the two boys, wondering what they were giggling about. She was nervous about today, as any other girl with a crush would be. Having known about this date for a while, she should have been prepared and mentally ready for it. She wasn’t.

“Not getting any younger over here!”

Sirius stood to attention, saluting the girl. “Aye aye, captain!”

“And I’m the odd one,” Remus raised his eyebrows, smiling at her. “Coming, love!”

The slightly smaller boy slapped his friend’s back again, grinning. “Have fun, kid.”

Remus laughed, staggering towards her. “Kid?” He stopped, turning to glare at Sirius. “Pretty sure I look older than you.”

Sirius gleams in admiration as the two strut off, neither acknowledging their hands clasped together tightly. “Ah, young love.”

“IT’S SNOWING!” James sprinted towards Sirius, sweeping him off his feet. The two boys fell on their butts, James howling with laughter whilst Sirius threw hefty punches towards him.

“You fucker!”

“You okay?” Remus squeezed her hand gently, waiting in the queue for honeydukes whilst she absentmindedly picked stuff from the shelves. “You want some jelly beans?”

“Yeah, actually. Don’t you mean bean boozles, though?”

Y/N’s fingers curled around the box, scrunching her eyes up in embarrassment. “Sorry, bean boozles. It’s hard trying to remember wizardry stuff when you come from a muggle family.”

“I know exactly what that’s like,” he noted, admiring her flushed cheeks and purple lips. He wondered what it would be like to reach out, graze his thumb across her bottom lip. Make her blush because he wants her to.

“It was really scary coming to Hogwarts after finding out I was magic, you know? Like imagine all your life thinking you’re just some weird girl who can make stuff levitate, when really you’re magic and that’s normal for certain people.”

“Imagine turning into a we-” Remus stopped himself before he said too much, his eyes watering involuntarily. “Gosh, is it hot in here?”

“A werewolf, were you going to say? I’d hate to turn into a werewolf. I have so much sympathy for those who have no choice, mind you. If I could, I’d hug all of them, tell them they’re not monsters.”

Remus let go of her hand, walking around the aisle to grab a bar of chocolate. “Oh yeah?” he sniffled, rubbing his eyes with the back of his sleeve. He couldn’t understand why she was so loving and caring of everyone and everything. The sorting hat definitely knew it was right when it put her in Hufflepuff.

“Yeah, I dunno why the ministry makes them out to be so- how do I put it, like… like so terrifying. They can’t help it! I’d love to meet one. Obviously not that Fenrir man, he’s a true monster.”

“You already have,” Remus muttered, a small catch in his throat.

Y/N stepped up to pay for the sweets, a huge smile on her face. “Rem, did you pick anything else?”

Remus shook his head, putting the melted chocolate back on the shelf. “No,” he answered. “Just looking.”

Y/N came around the corner, a pink striped bag in her right hand, his hand in her left. “Come on you, Puddifoots will have hardly any of that nice rose tea left!”

Remus mentally calculated the money he had spent, noticing he wouldn’t have enough to buy her what she wanted. “Y/N, I don’t think I-”

“She’s selling them freeeee! Rem, I hope you didn’t think I’d make you pay? I know you struggle with money, it’s alright,” she smiled, tugging him out of the glass panelled door towards Madam Puddifoots. Remus felt like someone had genuinely given him an overdose of Felix Felicis. His knees felt weak and wobbly, an effect Y/N seemed to have on him all the time.

“I didn’t realise she did free stuff?”

“She doesn’t,” Y/N responded, a devious grin making him flush once more. “I made the tea with her last night, just for us to have! Don’t ask how I got out of the castle all the way to here, though.”

Remus couldn’t comprehend how much he genuinely adored this girl, it was like someone had Cupid’s arrow piercing his heart and brain at the same time, twisting it so he had no control over his emotions. “You did that, just for today?”

“Mutual effort,” she shrugged, them entering the Cafe.

After they had left, both smelling like flowers and Turkish delights, Y/N involuntarily shivered. “Gosh, it’s so bloody cold.”

“I know, we should have picked a better day,” Remus sighed.

It was then that it clicked. Sirius had given him the scarf to put on Y/N, the two boys had this conversation last week before Remus even asked her out.

“You’ve got to warm her up,” Sirius poked him in the forehead, locking eyes with him. “Keep her warm. That way her heart doesn’t melt, and you don’t end up rejected.”

Remus scoffed in protest, pushing Sirius’ finger away. “She won’t reject me.”

“Scarf equals love. She’s bound to tell you she loves you after you let her have that ruddy piece of wool, Remus. I promise you that.”

So instead of asking her if she wanted the scarf, he simply took it off his own neck, wrapping it around hers gently, like dressing a porcelain doll. “Remus?”

Remus observed the way her mouth opened in shock, her hot breath making white clouds that seemed to circle them, Y/N’s heart doing 100mph.

“T-thank you,” she stuttered.

She was especially confused, trying to read the million emotions that flickered on his face. Grabbing his collar, Y/N pulled him down to meet her face, kissing his balm layered lips gently. Remus wrapped his trembling arms around her figure, trapping her in his embrace. Their lips melded together, and Remus swore his heart had never beat so fast.

When they pulled away for air (moments later), Y/N was no longer cold. Her whole body radiated with heat, her heart seemingly the fire that lit her veins up, igniting chaos that spread from her to him.

Keep her warm,” Remus repeated quietly, his breath fanning her face. “Are you warm now?”

Y/N leant her forehead against his, looking at him with hooded eyes. “Yeah, really warm.”

The Only One For Me - Minghao Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by minghaeo

Request: Hi! Can you do maybe do a Minghao angst where another girl is relentlessly trying to get him to cheat on the reader with her but Minghao is loyal and says no but all the reader sees is the girl flirty and stuff with Minghao and not him saying no to her? Sorry if this is confusing (also sorry I request a lot of stuff, you just always write exactly what I want!)

Word Count: 1515

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Minghao (The8) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: A day out at the mall was needed for you and your boyfriend to get some well needed rest, but an unwanted visitor may just ruin that.

A/N: Hey guys! I just wanted to say, I am running low on requests since the last time I asked, so please send in more. Make them a pretty detailed outline of what you want, and don’t be afraid to use anon! Anyway, sorry for any errors, I’m too tired to bother editing this right now.(It’s 11:30 here.)xx

 Minghao leaned over the kitchen table and sighed, munching on his partially soggy cereal. Today was his first day off in quite a while, and he had planned to spend it with you until you had to inform him of your half-day at work. It was better than a full day shift, but it still left Minghao alone for a solid four hours. That all lead to him eating his breakfast alone and wishing you could be there to crack some jokes as he ate.

 As he spooned the last spoonful of sweet deliciousness into his mouth, he got out of his chair to walk over to the sink to wash the now dirty bowl. The water cleaned the last of the soggy crumbs from the bottom of the container and he placed it on the dish rack to avoid breaking it. He was going to walk over to the couch and scroll through his phone when the annoying shriek of the doorbell ringing invaded the silence. Quickly, his sock covered feet pattered over to the door and he pulled it wide open, expecting the person outside to be a deliveryman or a neighbor in need of assistance.

 “Hi, Minghao! I heard you were free, and I was wondering if you wanted to go to a cafe or something for some ~alone time~!” The annoying girl that sat on his doorstep was definitely not the mailman, but he probably would have been happier to see him. (G/N) had dark hair that was stuffed into to massive pigtails and what looked like 50 pounds of makeup distributed unevenly across her face. Her outfit screamed “I’m in my twenties but desperate to cling to my escaping youth by chasing younger guys,” which is a statement so accurate that it made Minghao laugh just to think about it.

 “Um… my girlfriend is going to be home from work soon, so I have get ready. I’m sorry, maybe go ask somebody else?” His nails gently swiped the back off his neck as his eyes trailed to the ground.

 Her lipsticked scowl grew, and she nodded slowly before backing away from the door. “Yeah, just tell (Y/N) hi for me I guess…” Her shoes clicked against the floor as she sashayed away from the door, hips swinging in an attempt to catch the long man’s eyes. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, and he turned around to go back to the living room.

 “Babe!~ I’m home from work!” You walked in and set your large bag on the wooden table. Minghao ran into the room and immediately, his arms were around your waist.

 “I missed you so much! It’s so boring here without you. Plus, the weird girl on the first floor came to the apartment and basically tried to get me to go on a date with her…” Laughing at Minghao’s misfortune, you placed a kiss on his lips.

 “Well, if she bothers you again I guess I’ll just have to make sure you don’t leave my sight.” He laughed at your joking words. “I can be your personal bodyguard.”

 “Ok, (Y/N). So, what do you want to do for the day? Lunch? Maybe go shopping or something?”

 “Minghao, you know me way too well. Let’s do lunch then we can go walk around the mall if that’s good with you.” He nodded and released you from his vice grip. “I’ll go get dressed in normal clothes, and we can leave.”

 Minghao locked the door behind him before lacing his fingers with yours. You smiled up at him, and you both walked down the long hallway to the stairs. It may have seemed childish to others, but Minghao swung your hands back and forth as he hummed a familiar tune. He continued this all the way out of the building and to the bus stop. When you finally got onto the bus, you both found seats adjacent to each other and sat, making a comment or two to the other ever so often. As the beautiful scenery of the busy city flew by, so did the minutes. Before long, you reached the large complex of buildings that housed all your favorite stores and restaurants.

 “Here, Jagi, I’ll hold your bag so you can tie your shoelace.” Minghao’s considerate nature beamed as you quickly fixed the loose shoelaces on your left sneaker.

 “Thank you, Minghao!” You pecked him on the cheek before walking through the large glass doors, fingers intertwined. 

 Overplayed pop music blasted from each storefront, but the two of you quickly made your way to the food court and payed for two meals. As soon as the trays were sat down in front of you, it seemed to magically disappear. Minghao eagerly devoured his meal and waited for you to finish.

 “Okay, where do you want to go first?” You leaped up from the plastic seat and walked with Minghao to dispose of your trash.

 It had been a solid hour, and you had begged Minghao to let you visit Forever 21 before you left. He had already taken a seat in the appointed ‘boyfriend chair’ when you had slipped into the sea of clothing. As he scrolled through his emails, a familiar annoying voice pierced his eardrums.

 “HaoHao! What a coincidence! I guess fate wanted us to meet up today!” (G/N) batted her mascara coated eyelashes and leaned over the poor boy. “Why don’t you come with me, and maybe we can go to somewhere like Victoria’s Secret? I need your opinion on some new clothes.”

 Minghao fidgeted uncomfortably as (G/N) pushed her clothed chest closer towards him in an attempt to grab his attention. “No thank you, I’m waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping…”

 (G/N) huffed and crossed her arms before lurching into a series of high pitched whines. Minghao instantly began spouting more excuses over the sound of her complaints, when (G/N) suddenly slipped forward. She landed in a jumbled mess across Minghao, which must have looked even worse when he started moving his arms to try and push her off of him.

 “What the fuck, Minghao?” You walked over and were shocked to see your boyfriend in such a compromising position. (G/N) smiled at you, and leaned forward before planting a kiss on Minghao’s cheek. “I thought you said you didn’t like her in any way! I’m going home, here’s the hoodie I bought you! Jerk…” 

 Minghao stuttered as the thick article of clothing hit his head and you stomped away. Immediately, he harshly shoved (G/N) away. “I hope this was worth it for you.” (G/N)’s smile faltered, and he sprinted in your direction.

 Tears streamed down your cheeks, but you still continued the search for the key to your apartment. Realizing your search was futile, you slumped against the door and let strong sobs rack through your body.

 “Hey… I’ll unlock the door.” Minghao quietly began to put the key in the lock and opened the door to let you in. “I’m sorry. She was pushing herself on me, (Y/N), I swear I would never hurt you like that.”

 Saying nothing, you pushed past him. He followed you like a lost puppy, until you eventually turned around to face him. “I know. Just let me be alone for a bit, okay? I didn’t want to see my hag of a neighbor flirting with my man today, and your lack of any type of explanation at the time did nothing to help.”

 “Wait, (Y/N)-” The door to the bedroom slammed shut, creating a barrier between the two pity parties taking place at the moment.

 After a few hours, you sat up and thought over your actions. You knew that you had overreacted, but you just couldn’t help feeling upset with how much jealousy had rooted itself in your mind at the sight of another girl and your beloved boyfriend. A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts, and a melancholic-looking Minghao stepped through the door with one arm holding something behind his back.

 “Hey.” He sat next to you, and revealed a single rose from behind his back. “Think of this as a physical apology, since I’m not so good with words or anything like that…” His shy demeanor radiated, and a small giggle escaped your mouth for the first time in the past few hours.

 “I accept your apology. I need to say sorry too, babe. I overreacted, and I should have listened to what you had to say first.” A flush spread across your cheeks as Minghao pulled your body into his thin frame.

 “It’s okay, Jagiya. Let’s never let anything like this happen again, okay? I don’t think I can handle that much stress anytime soon.” You nodded into his warm chest and let his hand rub across your shoulders, fitting together like two puzzle pieces.

We don’t talk anymore

Prompt: I wanted to send a request for the song fic if you’re still taking them. Can I request “We don’t talk anymore” Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez? Just some ansgt and then some fluff?

A/N: It was really great to write this… sorry it took me forever, I wanted it to be great. I hope you like it and sorry if it’s a bit long.

Warnings: widow reader, fluff, angst. You’re Chris’s age.



“y/n, right?” my sister asked me. We were on a family dinner and suddenly the ex’s topic came. It was my turn.

“She was adorable, son, have you ever talked to her after?” I smiled.

“Of course not, come on, guys! We don’t talk anymore. She was my high school sweetheart, I haven’t heard of her in, what? Twenty years?” I shrugged giving the chance to tear another past relationship. But the truth was that I felt curious for her. We spent many amazing things, but we didn’t share dreams. We took different paths. And it was fine… until now.

I didn’t sleep that night wondering about her. We lost contact. We were so naïve, we believed that it was going to last. That we had something to live by, to fight for. But it was just an innocent thing. My mind processed pictures of our holding hands. Her curly hair moving in the air and the floral smell that she used to have. Her sweet giggling after one of my many bad jokes. Her shaking body undermine after our first encounter. I recalled the way she couldn’t hide anything, she had one of the strongest looks ever, and she showed every feeling through her look. She used to have the sweetest lips, and the smoothest, snow white skin. How could I forget her? How could she make me feel the same even when she’s probably not the same girl? How’s possible that this feeling still alive?

“Oh, baby, you received a letter from your old high school, do you want me to send it to you?” my mom inquired through the phone.

“It’s fine, you can open it and send me a pic because I’m not in a stable address right now, mom”

“Alright, let me see where I saved it…. oh, here it is.” I heard the paper tearing. “It’s a reunion. Next month…”

I was nervous. Even when I’ve done bigger things. I felt anxious. I was going to see her again, what if she goes with her husband? What if she still mad at me? I literally stood in the parking lot ten minutes after I parked. I felt like a teenager again. I wasn’t Chris the actor, I was Chris the student and (ex) boyfriend. I decided going without the tie and started to walk to the gym.

I didn’t recognize most of the guys and girls I used to hang with. They were totally different. They gave my name and a drink the moment I got there. I wasn’t that social in the school, but suddenly, everybody was my friend. I was talking with one of the football stars. He had a belly bigger than the ball. I heard someone calling her name. I tried to reach the voice, but there was a lot of people. I excused myself and went to the restrooms. In my way, some of my classmates asked for a picture. And after a flash, I saw her. My anxiety was gone because she was shyly standing in front of me.

She was different. She wasn’t using a bang and brides. She had her hair lighter and clear forehead. She used to wear her faded jeans and my shirts that were bigger than her. Now she was wearing a long skirt and a tight white shirt. She was radiant. She was a woman now. A breathtaking, gorgeous and clumsy lady. I took the last picture and I excused myself. But some guys ran into me and I couldn’t say no. Until Marisa came closer. She hugged me and, again, asked me for a picture.

“What can you tell me about y/n? I saw her but I didn’t talk to her” she smiled.

“She came because I begged her to. Since her husband died, she doesn’t like to go out much. She has to child, his name is Billy, and he’s so adorable. Maybe you should ask her those things, talk to her.” I held my breath, so, this is what happens when life, you know, happens. I recognize her dress and my way to her.

“Hi” I murmured, she turned around and smiled with that perfect, sweet smile.

“Chris Evans, wow!” she spoke. She left her drink and hugged me. Her body wasn’t the body of a teenager, mine either, but the difference was that mine reacted like a teen boy. I held her and she took distance. “I didn’t think I’d see you around. I wanted to say hello, but all your friends were there, so…” she apologized and I laughed.

“Yeah, right, friends… you should remember my friends. I can’t believe it, you’re so…” she laughed this time. Until her cellphone rang.

“Oh, hold on, it’s my babysitter, I need to get this” she excused herself and made her way out of the gym, obviously and ridiculously followed her. What the hell was I doing? I mean… I needed to know more, if she was doing fine, if she was happy, if she accomplished her dreams of become a teacher.

After three minutes, she came in.

“Hey, everything ok?” y/n nodded.

“Sort of, I got to go. I need to call my uber, I didn’t bring my car, it’s not like I wanted to get wasted it’s just that… I don’t drive if I drink because of Tim” She quickly spoke while typing. “And I’m talking out loud” I smiled like an idiot.

“Yes, some things never change” she nodded.

“It’s a bad habit. Anyway, it was good seeing you…” she approached and hugged me and when she made her distance again I cleared my throat to say the only thing that came to my mind.

“I wouldn’t mind to take you home, if that’s ok with you, of course” she smiled, and I recognized that smile, she was touched.

“Chris, this is just getting started, I don’t think you’d like to miss all the fun. It’s very sweet of you, but you don’t have to. This app is a blessing…”

“That’s not a problem, I’d rather being with you for a little while than spend my night with my friends” I responded ironically.


“You’re not married” she said out of the blues, ice breaking the car.

“I’m not” I added as I stopped on the lane.

“Why not?” I shrugged and kept driving.

“I guess I haven’t found the magic I felt since…” I stopped before saying something stupid.


“Well, since the last time I felt like that. So, tell me, what do you do now?” I changed the topic.

“I’m a kindergarten teacher. As I planned and dreamt. And I don’t ask you because I know you did it. And did it in a big way. I couldn’t be happier for you.” I smiled.

“It’s not a big deal, I love what I do, I really do. Ok, it’s my turn to ask… I heard you’re having a problem with the babysitter, I’m guessing you became a mom and a wife” she smiled and looked to the other way. I continued driving.

“Yes, I’m a mom. Billy is four years old. And I’m or was a wife, until my husband died two years ago”

“Oh, y/n, I’m sorry to hear that”

“It’s ok. We’re moving on, it’s what my husband would’ve wanted. It’s here.” I parked and opened my door to open hers.

“So…” I whispered.

“Would you like to come in? I could make some coffee before you come back to the reunion” she asked. I nodded.

“A coffee sounds really nice”

The babysitter left, y/n went up and came back with slippers.

“Billy’s asleep. So, tell me…” and then, the conversation began. It was like traveling through time, but more mature. We were adults now, talking about life, adventures and minor stuff.

“I had forgotten how much I loved talking to you” I said out of the blues. I saw a little guy in the kitchen entrance. And for my luck, he was hearing an avengers pajama.

“Mommy, bad dream” his sleepy eyes were the same color of y/n.

“Oh, come here, sweetheart” he rose her arms and she picked him up. “I’m sorry” she murmured. I smiled and grabbed the two cups and washed them.

“You don’t have to do that”

“Mommy, who is him?” he was so adorable. Her curls were heritage from her.

“He’s a friend. His name is Chris. Say hello” he said hello with his hand.

“Can I hug him?” he asked her mom. She smiled.

“You can ask him if that’s ok”

“Can I hug you? I was having a bad dream” it melted my heart, I nodded and opened my arms for him. We kept talking until he fell asleep in my arms.

We were on her door. She had put Billy in his bed. And during that time I felt my heart racing, should I ask her out? I mean, why not? But was it right?

“Goodnight and thank you, Chris” I leaned and kissed slowly her cheek.

“No problem, y/n” I gave her my back and started to make my way to the car.

“Chris…” I heard her. She walked as I turned back.


“It was good seeing you” she smiled.

“It was good seeing you too, I just wish we could see each other again. Would you like that? Maybe we could go for an ice cream with Billy?” she smiled.

“Chris… you don’t have to do this. You’ve been so nice with us. But you don’t have to feel like I’m forcing you to do this. It’s ok. I…”

“I understand that, but I’d like to do it. I’d really like to. Because you’re you, and I love being with you, even after all these years, after not talking… we have the same connection, y/n, you can’t ignore that. And I don’t want to come back to my life knowing that I had the chance to be in your life. I don’t want to be at the point of not talking anymore and daydreaming about how you are”

“I’m not. I just… Chris, it’s not the same. We’re not 17 anymore. You’re a worldwide star, I’m a kindergarten teacher from our hometown. It was good, tonight was good. But I don’t fit in your life now.” She rose and kissed my cheek. I saw her walking away. She closed the door and I made my way towards her. I knocked. Once she opened I cleared my throat.

“Hello, I’m Chris. I don’t know you at all, I don’t know anything about different worlds or different lives, I just know that I want to know you again. Please.” Her eyes were full of tears. She smiled and extended her hand.

“Hello, I’m y/n. I’d like to meet you again, Chris.”

TECHNICALLY this is Homestuck™, but TECHNICALLY it’s also for my portfolio, since my prof took a look at my other Calliope works and went “That’s cool! I want more of that ghoul girl stuff!” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him It Was Fan Art…

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