wanted to learn something new after so long

boop, new fanfic:

Some Observations on Fairies - by Patchouli Knowledge

It’s been a very long time since I wrote something new with a comedy slant, so I decided to give it a shot again. Also, I’ve been wanting to write something with Clownpiece in it ever since VFiS started, so here it is.

AO3 blurb:

A case study by Patchouli, documenting a normal day for a group of fairies: After learning that Clownpiece has never seen candy before, the Fairies of Light decide to rob a candy shop. 


  • If you squint really hard, you can tell that Star is my favorite member of the Fairies of Light.
  • Cirno is there too. 
  • If you thought Renko was a sarcastic asshole of a narrator, let me introduce you to: Patchouli Knowledge.
  • As promised, some kind of shitty fairy version of Ocean’s Eleven.
  • Remember when I talked about how I’d gotten a story idea so dumb that only one other person would think it was a good idea? This is it. The idea was framing a story as a thesis paper by Patchouli, so you get about 500 words of her ranting about the sorry state of modern scholarship before the story itself actually starts.

It’s amazing, learning a new thing and feeling competent about it after just a short while. Especially something I’ve wanted to experience for so long. There’s no sidecar (yet), and on my first ride, Momo ran beside me like (it was a very short, slow ride, trust me, I’m the safest rider I can be).
Everything considered, for me, this is a reminder to never stop learning, never stop challenging. New experiences ignite the soul. Really excited for what’s to come with this.


This will be my first and last follow forever because I’ve decided to really quit tumblr now. I want to do something more(after talking with so many people online I’ve realized I should maintain close ties with my friends irl, so i’m going to be spending more time with them now… and continue learning guitar & do other things)… but I’ve enjoyed the memories I’ve made on here. Watching our boys finally debut & meeting new fans… and spending time with people who’ve been in this fandom for as long as I’ve had(We’ve been through so much together: 17tv days, waiting for the next 17tv season, Like 17 showcases, waiting for them to debut, etc). I don’t want to get too sentimental and stuff sooo moving on-

Before I get to who I follow, I’d like to point out one particular follower I have who I’ve gotten close with these past few days. naegaho4, you’re really sweet, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations <3 and a few lovely others who’ve messaged me ( carbonminoxide bangtanz-angel myzseoul )

A few special mutuals(/coughs/ go follow them if u haven’t already):

kkimgyu Jagiya~ You were the first friend I made on here! Did you know? (: I will always love you more than those chubby fishies u had on ur blog~ Keep up with your amazing pastel edits!
camera-seventeen (u guys should check out her main blog thepuddang also!) my Texas buddy, maddy!!! It’s sad we couldn’t meet up at a concert, but I wanted you to know that you’re awesome! Thank you for providing translations for our boys! but how did you learn korean so fast r u some kind of genius
seokmint lol we’ve followed each other for a long time but just started talking this year; it was nice finally talking to u crystal!
seungcheofine kristine, you are super pretty & thank you for fangirling with me!! we can still talk on kkt haha <3
sir-wonwoo VIS YOU ARE A QT. AND U ARE THE CUTER ONE. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE CUTER ONE OK?? keep shipping soonli and i’ll continue shipping viwoo ;)
hoshoozi lol we started messaging because of my age ask thing right?? and you said your birthday was also in September? i have pretty crap memory im sorry we share the same bias & there’s good and bad with that haha xD im glad we launched hoshi-network together… I’m honored to be your first friend on here & im sorry im leaving it all to you now (ppl message her if you want to help out and become an admin!!)

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Some of you I’ve talked to & some I haven’t, but you all seem really nice <3 Thanks for making edits/filling my dash with the 13 members of Seventeen!

& here are some URLs I’m releasing: junghands, seokrnin, seungkawaii, junghangel (btw why hasn’t anyone taken rnyungho yet??)
I’ll still continue to support our boys, and I hope you guys will, too. Stay beautiful everyone. I love you all. Goodbye. ★

You know, until this whole Confederate flag dealio came along, I didn’t know much about the American Civil War, being European and such.

There have been a lot of interesting things I’ve learned about it over the past few weeks, and what I’ve taken away from these things is that the Confederacy was pathetic

Every time I learn something new about the Civil War, it always puts the Confederacy not just in a bad light, but in one that highlights just how ridiculous and incompetent they were: 

This band of whiny racist slaveowners throwing a tantrum over somebody telling them to do what most of the rest of the world had done a generation prior, whose most competent general didn’t even want to fight for them, who were so painfully inept at warcraft that they did things like use the same three encryptions over and over again long after those codes were broken, who by the end of a pretty short war had lost so decisively that their only saving grace was that the Union’s official policy was to enact as little bloodshed as possible.

I am weirded out that Southerners apparently hold this war to be such a great example of their heritage, because really, that’s your heritage? A mass racist tantrum that started with your opponents deliberately going easy on you and ended with most of you dead?