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Forbidden Love 

Rated:  M (Trigger Warnings:  Minor violence & Suggested incest)

Prompt: Werewolf/Incest. Peeta and Katniss are half or full blood siblings. They have been having a secret relationship when their secret of being mates comes to light when Katniss’s heat cycle happens and blows up when the pack see Katniss’s body changes as their forbidden pup grows inside her.

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A/N: A major thanks to @norbertsmom for helping me with this prompt. She gave me the idea for the story and for betaing it at the last hour.

The alarming sounds of howling disturbed Katniss as she returned back to her den with food. Everything looked off. The ground looked disturbed. Concerned, Katniss called out, “Peeta.”

She wanted to keep positive. Peeta didn’t know this part of the woods, and she hoped he was around the corner. But nothing at their small home seemed right. She began to panic; something was wrong. She reached out with her mind. ‘Peeta where are you?’

‘Katniss,’ Peeta’s voice sounded, reverberated in her soul. ‘They’ve found us. Run! Hide!’

“Peeta, where are you?” Katniss frowned looking for clues as to their direction.

“I’m leading them away from you.” Peeta warned, “Don’t follow me, Katniss.”

“No!” Katniss said in her mind and out loud in frustration. Peeta always put her first like this foolish plan of his to take on the other clansmen on his own.

“Katniss, I need you to run and save yourself!” Peeta ordered.

The howls grew angrier and they didn’t sound that far away.  They were nearing him, she dropped the game she caught. “I’m coming,” Katniss replied to him.

“No, stay away…our pup,” Peeta voice sounded desperate and she could have sworn scared.

Katniss ignored his voice and pushed passed her fear clouded-mind. Using the heightened sense of smell that came with being pregnant, and her tracking abilities, she ran through the forest. She glanced around at the broken twigs and disturbed underbrush indicated there were three of her clan chasing Peeta. She could smell the strong wolf musk mixed with pine, damp earth, berries, and wild flowers. It revealed it was her cousin Gale and his hunting pack that were chasing after Peeta.

Her heart rate increased, her eyesight sharpened, as she picked out a piece of the shirt Peeta was wearing. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled the air, trying to determine the direction in which they had gone.

She could smell Peeta’s scent of bread, dill and cinnamon. Her mate was a baker. He was drawn to the kitchens as a child, preferred to be around Ripper than with the other members of the Clan. Compared to other clans their pack was small. Her father arranged for Katniss to marry into another group.

It was a necessary step to help protect them against their enemy Snow. Katniss understood it was her duty to go through the pre-arranged marriage to an undisclosed clan member that was set up  by her uncle Haymitch before she was born. Both families were supposed to meet today for the first time. Haymitch had left before Peeta could present himself before her father yesterday; her uncle had no idea of the chaos that was going on internally within the clan. It was a scandal, not only because she broke her words but because of Peeta.

Katniss was afraid her family was desperate enough to teach Peeta a lesson. It was why she hid so deep in the forest. Why she made sure to cover their tracks. Her inner wolf wanted to leap out but Katniss did not let her, she wanted to touch Peeta, make sure he was fine.

She heard the growling before she saw them at the base of a cliff the three wolves morphed into their human form surrounding Peeta. It was Gale who struck first.

“NOOOO,” Katniss screamed.

Thom, Rory, and Bristel egged Gale on as he struck Peeta repeatedly. Katniss knew Peeta wouldn’t defend himself. When she got close enough, her inner wolf leapt out to protect him. Katniss jumped in front of Peeta, baring her canine teeth, snarling and snapping at the men of her clan. Her mate’s body lay limp behind her.

Her cousin Gale and his friends surrounded them.

“Catnip, get out of the way,” Gale growled. “You’ve always been too damned innocent for your own good, protecting the un-favored one.”

Katniss growled, she was fueled by the need to protect her family. Her wolf form coiled ready to attack if Gale came closer.

Gale’s eyes looked menacing, his voice dipped low, “Catnip, you’re his sister. You shouldn’t have married him. Your union is accursed, and your pup is unnatural.”

Katniss narrowed her large silver-like lupine eyes at Gale. He didn’t understand, None of them did. Peeta never forced himself on her. To the outside it was a horrible deed.

It was all so complicated.

She was bonded to Peeta in a way no could understand. Not even her parents comprehended the drive to be with Peeta. From a very young age Katniss had been aware of Peeta, she’d fought the attraction to him because they were siblings, but as she matured her inner wolf screamed that this was her mate. It drove her to finally take the oath of marriage with him, and it wasn’t until she was with him, that she’d found peace and happiness. Nothing matter in the end, and even the preoccupation of breaking the pact with the other clan melted away once she was tied with Peeta.

They kept it a secret from the members of their clan until Katniss found herself pregnant with a pup. She’d wanted to run away with Peeta, but he wanted to do the honorable thing and go before their father and tell him the truth.

Their father had exploded into a fit of rage.

Adam Everdeen wasn’t one prone to violence. By nature he was an even tempered man, but Katniss was his favorite child. Peeta was his least favorite, and was known amongst the clan as the ‘unfavored child’.  When it came to his children Adam loved Katniss and Prim but it was known he couldn’t stand his only son and it was a mystery as to why.

Peeta looked like Prim, fair skinned, with blond hair, but their blue eyes were different. While Prim's’ eyes were paler like that of their mother, Peeta’s were a brilliant blue that looked violet.

At the clan’s discovery that they’d married, Katniss convinced Peeta to run away, going into the deep forest. This morning Katniss had left Peeta sleeping in the small den they’d found for themselves; she had to go hunting for food. Had she’d stayed, Gale and the others wouldn’t have done this to him.

Katniss was scared and angry and was ready to die, if need be.

Gale morphed into his wolf form, a formidable gray and black wolf, which  was menacing, though his white paws made him look dainty. Peeta’s color was unlike anyone else’s in the clan.  He had a pure white coat. Not even Prim’s was completely white; hers was mixed with gray and had black markings on her tail that looked like a duck. Katniss focused her energy on defeating her hunting partner.

There were only two large wolves in their pack, one was her father and the other was Peeta. Though what Gale lacked in size he made up for it with speed. She kept an eye out for the others who remained in their human form.

Gale was a practiced hunter; he knew how to trap his pray.  However, Katniss knew his weakness. He walked around her growling. Her eyes glowed, showing him she wasn’t afraid. Gale lunged at her and she snapped back and bit his nose.

Gale jumped back and his eyes took that predatory glint when he was angry at his prey. He whipped around and jumped mid air to attack Katniss, when another wolf hit him on the side and pinned him.

“That’s enough!” The mighty boom of Adam's’ voice resounded in the woods.

Gale half whined, half growled, instantly turning back to his human form. Bristel immediately joined him.

Their father was surrounded by some of the other elders from their pack.  Adam harshly said, “Gale I told you to find them, not hurt them.”

Katniss, seeing that the attack had relented, morphed back to her human form. Her concern was for her mate. “Peeta,” she whispered, tears were running down her face.

He sat up, his face was bruised and she felt the pain radiating from his middle, as if he had bruised ribs. Because they were bonded as mates, Katniss could feel every ache acutely.  

His pain, and her hormonal state, overwhelmed her emotions and she cried bitterly.  His arms went around her and once more the feeling of being home overwhelmed Katniss.  “Hush,” Peeta comforted, quietly pulling the sarong Katniss had disposed of when morph into her wolf form around her shoulders, hiding her small belly.

“They hurt you, Peeta,” Katniss whispered, “because of me.”

His hand gently rubbed her back, and she curled into his lap, desperate to make him feel better.

“I’m okay, I’ll be fine,” Peeta assured her.

“Katniss,” their father addressed her.

Katniss looked up to see their father looking at her with concern. Her father was always prone to notice details others missed. His silver eyes didn’t miss the way Peeta tenderly held her or the way she acted.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Adam said, “but you must see why, what you’ve done is an abomination.  You’re my children.”

Katniss closed her eyes and said, “We left so that you wouldn’t have to live with our decision.”

Adam rubbed his face then roared, “Katniss, don’t you dare defend him; this is his fault. This child has been nothing but trouble.”

Their mother came up behind their father. “Adam, you’ve always been harder on the boy.”

Adam said, “But she’s his sister, Ava.”

“I love him,” Katniss confessed. “He’s my mate. I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t. I had to be with him, had to bond with him.” Katniss recalled the first time they kissed. It was if she was lit on fire from within, and a hunger for him ripped through her, naked desire for Peeta.

“We didn’t mean for this to happen. I know Katniss wasn’t supposed to be mine.” Peeta looked at Katniss. “I can’t live without her and you both know…”

“Katniss has always needed you,” Ava whispered. “When your father made you stay that summer with Uncle Haymitch, Katniss didn’t want to eat, and couldn’t sleep.”

Adam barked, “No, Ava, do not justify what happened. They are brother and sister!”

“They are soul-mates, and we’ve known it for years. Even as children they behaved not as siblings, but future companion,” Ava sighed heavily. “I am afraid there was nothing we could do; you know as well as I do if they hadn’t mated they would’ve found a way.”

A gentle howl penetrated the air.

People whispered to one another. There was a matron within their pack, an elder who had taken Peeta under her wing when he was a pup. She was the oldest amongst them. Greasy Sae was so old her gray black fur looked silver when she morphed into her wolf form. She was the only original wolf alive from when their kind settled in this area, hundreds of years ago. Her great-great-granddaughter led her through the woods. She had a shawl wrapped around her frail body.

Adam paid his respects, “Greasy, we are most honored.”

Greasy nodded as she walked past Adam and knelt before Katniss and Peeta. “It’s finally happened.”

“Just as you said it would, they’ve mated,” Ava whispered.

“It’s only natural,” Greasy stated patting Katniss face.

“Greasy they are siblings,” Adam muttered, casting his eyes away from Katniss and Peeta.

“Are they?” Greasy countered back. “You’ve always had a temper just like your half brother Earl. It’s why Ava was captured she was chasing after your brother after one of your hot headed arguments, or do you no recall what happened eighteen years ago today?”

Adam, voice was tempered but all could see he was still angered, “Sae why bring up the past.”

Sae stood before Katniss, “Because it is relevant and it has to do with the children.”

Katniss was confused, “What is she speaking of?”

Katniss watched her father sit on a fallen log. “We agreed never to speak about it.”

“But we must, for now there is the life of an unborn pup at stake,” Greasy said chuckling.

Katniss blushed, it was Greasy who guessed she was pregnant. It explained her mood swings, her inability to stomach certain foods or people. She felt Peeta’s hand lay across her midsection protectively. Katniss could feel him getting better, it made her body ache less. She glanced into his shining eyes. He was excited he was going to be a father.

“Before you were born, Ava was captured by Snow. Your mother was, as I said before, looking for Earl. No one knew Snow had the area under surveillance. He was looking for any opportunity to control your father and a few of his strongest trapped your mother.”

Katniss eyes flew to her mother who by now sat clutching her father’s arm. Adam wound his arm around Ava. “It was horrible, she had a difficult pregnancy. Trying to escape, she went into labor.”

“She gave birth in the forest without anyone to assist her during her birth. She was bleeding.” Adam gently looked at Ava, “At the first sign of blood they left. We were lucky we found her in the forest when we did.”

“How did you find them?”

“Katniss and Prim were together, in their human form. Peeta was in his pup form covering them.” Adam said, shaking his head. “Why go over this Greasy? You were there.”

“Since when have you ever heard of a newborn being able to transform hours after they were born?” Greasy’s words suddenly made everything click.

Katniss glanced at her husband, hope blossomed in her silver eyes. It was a well know fact, newborns needed up to a week to be able to make that transition. They were not yet strong enough, and some pups do not morph until they are three months old. Greasy then followed up with, “Peeta is not part of your pack.”

There was silence amongst as all eyes turned to Peeta.

“He must have felt the pull toward Katniss, and went to her aid. It was his infant howls that drew you to where Ava and the girls were. He was protecting his mate.”

“He doesn’t even look like us,” Gale whispered.

“He doesn’t for a good reason,” a new voice said. “He’s more typical of the wolves from the northern fringes.” The clans’ men all stood at once at the appearance of three strangers standing at the cliff. The light was behind them, and growls were heard.

“Stand down, it’s me,” Haymitch’s gruff voice came from the top of the cliff.

“Haymitch,” the word spread amongst those gathered as they watched Haymitch and two others slowly descended, when they arrived Katniss gasped. One of the men looked like Peeta, an older version, but it was Peeta’s face.

“My son, you have indeed found my son,” the man spoke.

Peeta stood amazed at the man that looked like him. “Father?”

Adam was perplexed, “Haymitch, what is the meaning of this?”

Haymitch rubbed the back of his neck. “I’d forgotten what they looked like, it was done over nineteen years ago, before the girls were born. We’ve maintained in contact through missives. It wasn’t until I went to get them that I discovered Harland was Peeta’s father.  Eighteen years ago, Peeta’s dad and a group of his men were in this part of the woods looking for a peaceful resolution with Snow. Snow attacked them, and Peeta was lost in the mix.”

“I thought him dead, and when your Haymitch told me of his existence and that he was interested in your eldest girl, I had to come see for myself.”  Harland grabbed his son by the face. He turned to Adam. “I am indebted to you. For you did not have to take care of him, but you’ve made him your own child.”

Katniss could see her father had no words, she stepped up. “I carry your grandchild.”

He was quiet, then laughed, then howled mightily. He transformed into a massive pure white wolf just like Peeta. Katniss smiled and was glad she’d followed her heart.

Sometimes I think about the similarities between Mob & Ritsu and Fubuki & Tatsumaki. And their differences.

And in particular I think about these two scenes:


and in mp100:

Isn’t it cute? The older siblings showing such love and admiration for their younger siblings. Mob and Tatsumaki react almost identically!

…And it’s then you get the immediate follow-up, which highlights the big difference between the two:

Tatsumaki decides the way for her sister to grow stronger is to abandon her friends in the Blizzard Group, regardless of what her sister has to say on the matter. And tries to force this decision on her using her powers.

Mob on the other hand…

Accepts his brother instantly, and dismisses Ritsu’s attempts at conflict and tries to convince everyone to get along using his words, not his power. He doesn’t try to force the situation to go the way he wants, he just tries to fix the situation.

Considering how similarly these scenes start, yet how differently they turn out does make me wonder about both of them. If Mob had gone through the same things Tatsumaki had, would he be similar to her? Still caring about his family but more willing to impose his will on others in order to ‘protect’ them. And if  Tatsumaki hadn’t been taken away from her family and experimented on, would she have been more like Mob? 

Both characters are socially awkward but they express it differently, with Tatsumaki responding more negatively towards others compared to Mob, who’s more shy and unimposing…

 The parallels between these siblings is really interesting to me.

#341: “Princess and the Pauper’s Queen Genevieve is such a strong character. As a kid you think of her as the mean mom, but when you grow up you realize all the responsibility she has. She is ruling a financially unstable kingdom without her husband, and she is faced forcing her own daughter into an arranged marriage for the good of their people. I mean, it’s not like any mom wants their daughter to marry a stranger, no matter how much good it would do the kingdom.”

- anonymous

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Momo making a promise with her friend when they were kids that they would get married when they grow up. But, her friend completely forgot about it and has a crush on someone else.

momo yaoyorozu

Originally posted by fadingsoulss

“Promise to marry me?” “I promise to marry you.” It felt like those words were spoken ages ago in her eyes. She watched them talk to the person she knew they liked, their hands interlocked infront of them, a small blush across their cheeks. She wanted to cry but she knew that she had to be a good friend about it all. 

“Momo what do you think about them?” They asked, a dreamy look in their eyes. She smiled widely before nodding.

“They’re a good fit for you.” Not as good as me though. 

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Yes people ship snowberry!! A lot of them thought Iris was dying this season and they were so happy and celebrating it because it meant westallen would be over. They have the worst excuses for hating Iris too

Despite the fact that being excited for Iris to die is horrific, I never really saw any chemistry between Barry and Caitlin. Not even when they briefly tried to make that a thing. Iris and Barry we’re always destined to be together. How sad that people would wish for her character, the love of Barry’s life to die. Especially if it’s because of her skin color because the dynamic between the West and Barry is literally my favorite part of this show. And Iris is such a strong character with miles of potential to explore. Ugh This news disgusts me 😞 How did I not know this (possibly bc I stay out of the flash fandom in season bc I always binge on Netflix and don’t want to be spoiled). Either way, grow up people. Shipping preferences do not excuse racism ever, or homophobia for that matter.

For my summer rain sister.

My sister
is the ocean.
She is shaped by forces that we all feel
but none of us comprehend.
With the waxing and waning of the moon,
she is pulled towards
an empty sky
and stars whose light
we’re not sure is alive
She is 11 and learning her third language,
trying her hand out at a second instrument,
and is better at sports than anyone else in the family.
What will become of her
in the future rises from the surface like a wave
and disappears on the shore
only to be replaced by a new one
in the next moment.
Maybe changing hobbies is her hobby

We all throw pebbles at the water
but nothing skips for long.
She plugs in her hello kitty earbuds
and dives deep into her own world.
Wants to be a youtuber when she grows up.
She drowns in daydreams
and spills her heart on the kitchen table like
an overflowing river.
Like the Earth is 70 percent her.


My family members as elements, Water

Fire, Earth, Air

If I become some sort of activist in the future I know I’m going to use my privilege as the stereotypical nb person to help those that don’t fit the stereotype. I use they/them pronouns but I will say how a nonbinary person can use he/him or she/her or Neo-pronouns, or multiple sets or none at all. I am white, but I will say to listen to nonbinary people of color, say that my experience also includes white privilege and was probably very different from any nb poc. I am (want to be) a vaguely masculine androgynous person, but it’s important to know that there is no one way to “look” nonbinary, that an afab person can wear dresses and make up and long hair and an amab person can wear suits and have short hair and grow a beard and that doesn’t make them any less nonbinary than someone like me. I think the most important part of being an advocate is to look at what privilege you do have and speak out for those who don’t have it, without speaking over them. I hope I can do that.

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I get the idea of not confining your kids and their toys to gender roles. But at some point we have to consider the objective values of those activities. No I wouldn't want my son playing dress up as a princess, but I wouldn't be thrilled about my daughter doing it either. Because the idea of a princess is well pretty much useless. I'd rather have both of them make believe as a firefighter or astronaut rather than grow up glorifying the goal of getting married and housekeeping.

Well, getting married and housekeeping isn’t necessarily a BAD thing. Feminism is about choice and if a woman chooses to devote her life to being a homemaker, more power to her. When that choice is taken away and she is forced to be a homemaker, then we have a problem.

Overall, I don’t believe in stifling a child’s creativity if there’s nothing dangerous or bigoted involved.

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I want to see the Gallaghers admit to their faults. They constantly look down on others (Milkovich family, Sammi and Chucky, the world), without acknowledging their own faults. Lip is an arrogant asshole like Fi said who thinks he deserves the world, Fiona doesn't think her actions through and jumps head first, Debbie is self absorbed and still acts childish when she has a baby who needs her to grow up, ext.. Carl acknowledged he was doing bad, found a way to fix it and now is doing great.

I would love to see this. They all have faults and I don’t expect them to be perfect, but it would be nice if they could acknowledge or try to do better. Fiona needs a balance between putting herself first and being selfish. Lip needs to start looking at the people around him instead of focusing purely on himself, Debbie is finally starting to make adult decisions and hopefully, she continues to do so. I am so so proud of Carl recently! And also Ian who made a really hard decision, but ultimately he chose stability and his health over love. 

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Omg same! Yeah Rox was one of only 2 human as far as she knew but she was raised by a whole community of carapace who were only dissimilar in biology and the same where it counts. Carapace could have kids too so it's not like babies were a foreign concept. And if they wanted to know how to take care of a human baby there's the internet archives and I'm sure Alpha Rose would have had a backup plan for that. I would have loved to see Rox growing up with the carapace as her family.

Imagine. WV, PM, and AR, exiled to Water Apocalypse Earth. Finding each other. Oh my god a baby loking thign just appeared in the sky.

It is their baby now. Their baby is Roxy and they raised her and taught her to Good Person and her Mom is PM and that would be GREAT and wouldn’t be needlessly retreading Rose’s mixed feelings about her neglectful alcoholic mother who works herself to the bone to give Rose a huge house and everything she could ever want. Like ponies and giant wizard statues.

I work at a kindergarten and this is a collection of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened within a week of the movie being released. 

  • On Monday, a boy who was obsessed with Iron Man, told me he had asked his parents for a new Wonder Woman lunchbox. 
  • A little girl said “When I grow up I want to speak hundreds of languages like Diana”
  • This girl had her parents revamp her Beauty and the Beast birthday party in THREE DAYS because she simply had to have a Wonder Woman party. 
  • Seven girls playing together during recess on Tuesday, saying that since they all wanted to be Wonder Woman they had agreed to be Amazons and not fight but work together to defeat evil. 
  • There is this one girl that refuses to listen to you unless you address her as Wonder Woman. 
  • Another girl very seriously asked the teacher if she could ditch her uniform for the Wonder Woman armor bc she “wanted to be ready if she needed to save the world”. The teacher laughed and said it was okay, and the next day the girl came dressed as Wonder Woman and not a single kid batted an eye.
  • They are making a wrap-up dance show, and they asked the teacher if they could come as superheroes, they are going to sing a song about bunnies. 
  • This kid got angry and threw a plastic car over his head and a girl gasped “LIKE IN THE MOVIE”
  • A boy threw his candy wrapping in the floor and a 5-year-old girl screamed “DON’T POLLUTE YOU IDIOT, THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO MEN IN TEMYSCIRA”
  • On Wednesday, a girl came with a printed list of every single female superhero and her powers, to avoid any trouble when deciding roles at recess. 
  • I was talking to one of the girls that hadn’t seen the movie, and the next day she came and very seriously told me “you were right, Wonder Woman was way better than Frozen.”

Consider this your friendly reminder that if this movie completely changed the way these girls and boys thought about themselves and the world in a week, imagine what the next generation will achieve if we give them more movies like Wonder Woman.  


So I see a lot of “Pidge HATES Lance and Keith’s PDA!!” but what about instead, she has a hate/love relationship with it. Growing up her parents didn’t want her and Matt to grow up being scared of affection or thinking it’s some private thing so they casually kissed and held each other without making a big deal out of it. Pidge loves when Keith brushes his knuckles against Lance’s check, or when Lance just calmly hugs Keith from behind resting his forehead on the back of Keith’s neck, because that was all stuff her parents did and she kinda feels like she has a piece of them with her. But on the flip side it makes her miss her parents so much and she has a hard time dealing with those feelings. She’s the first one to defend them, when someone makes a comment about how Keith and Lance need to chill out a little Pidge gets real upset and just starts scream crying about how this may be the last time they ever see each other so hell yeah they should show how much they care!! *finger guns out*

the saddest part of this episode was hands down the way magnus cried out for his mama in such agony like can you imagine that even after his mother literally killed herself over the fact that she brought the son of a demon into the world there’s still the young, vulnerable little boy deep inside of magnus that just craves for his mother, her touch, her comfort. 

the boy who never had a real childhood, who had to grow up so quickly and harshly, who had to learn everything by himself all while battling the constant reminder that his family couldn’t love him back the way he deserved, but all he wanted in that moment was to have his mother back.

home after rain

blue orchids short story

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: too much fluff.. too much cute
word count: 3.986
author’s note: surprise! \o/ I honestly have no idea how or why this happened. yesterday I just… started writing, and here we are, a few thousand words later. also, bear in mind that this is a sequel to blue orchids, so you need to read that one first if you want to understand this short piece. hope you all enjoy!

This story is set six years into the future within Blue Orchids’ universe.

The sun rays are melting on your skin. It has been a while since the skies opened up like this, leaving the sun bare to the living, its warmth a pleasant gift after days of storm and gloom. The sand under your legs and feet is, fortunately, not scorching — not yet, at least. The early morning is still warming up to the pristine sun, and the salty winds of the beach are still a strange mixture of the growing heatwave and the remnants of past iciness.

You cannot remember the last time you visited the beach, but it does not feel foreign or uncomfortable. It feels like you belong, mind at peace and body molding to the sand as your extended legs allow your toes to brush against the gentle waves that break and ebb away, water still too chilly to enjoy at its fullest.

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Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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  • Me after watching The Princess Bride: This is it. I don't think I can possibly love Robin Wright more than I do right now.
  • Me after watching House of Cards: Ok, status update. This is actually it. I don't think I can possibly love Robin Wright more than I do right now.
  • Me after watching Wonder Woman: Cancel that last. I'm sure this is it. There's no way I can possibly love Robin Wright more than I do right now.
  • Me in two years: Hey guys—