wanted to do this for fun though!

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There should be some sort of impulse control test that people need to take before they buy lottery tickets. I just had a guy spend an hour and a half straight just scratching tickets even though his girlfriend obviously wanted to leave and he kept saying "chill out" and "I'm having fun, you should be having fun too". Now I'm way behind on my chores and shit which I was planning on doing early since it started snowing here so the floors look like shit but now I won't have nearly enough time.

So, I did kind of want to do something a little more special than answer silly asks today, because

Holy cow, you guys.

That’s a lot. :’D

I started my comic not knowing how much traffic it would see, but just vowed to do my best on it and tell a story I thought was fun. I figured a few other people would like it too, but over 3000? That’s pretty amazing :D Thank you all so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. ^^

I don’t have any other ideas for something fun though, so I’ll keep answering asks for the rest of the day! Gonna take a bit of a break, but after that the silliness continues!

What Kind of Personality Steve Harrington is Attracted to:

  • Steve is attracted to someone who can make him laugh
  • I feel like whe he became “King,” of Hawkins he tried to be attracted to the loud, popular, extroverted girls because it made him look cooler
  • As time went on though, he found himself attracted to the shyer, more quiet girls
  • The girls in the popular crowd primarily reminded him of his shit friends
  • He didn’t want anything to do with them
  • Steve wants someone who can make him grow as a person
  • He doesn’t want to be a partier as much as he wants someone to love
  • He wants someone who will trust him whole heartedly and who he can trust with his life
  • He’s definitely be attracted to someone who was good with kids
  • Someone who knew how to take charge in a situation
  • Someone protective but fun and endearing
  • Even though he’d shoot for the shyer type, he’d love it even more if he/she could defend yourself
  • He/she couldn’t be spineless and would have to have a backbone (literally and figuratively)
  • Steve was told that being attracted to girls was the only way to go
  • But I believe Steve could see past the narrow mindedness and just like someone for their personality and not their gender

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Do u know any book or novel about monster loving? I've already found some alien/human romance but that's about it

I enjoyed Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series, which has phaeries and kitsunes and all kinds of fun stuff

I kind of want to write my own though - something similar to goosebumps books, but with sex

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Okay so I'm kind of freaking out and I need relationship advice and since you and your bf are literal goals I'll ask you. So me and my bf have been going out for about a month and his close friend just told me that sometimes my bf and his friends suck eachothers dicks for fun when they get horny. I can't tell anyone about this though because I don't want to lose the trust of my bfs friend and I'm not like that so I can't confront my bf. Just the thought of him being sexual w other people...help

that was NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING TO READ BUT definitely bring it up to your bf!!!! if they are doing that, that means he’s cheating which is noooo buenoo

, even if you confronting him means losing trust like, cheating isn’t okay babe

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Hey Grim! I asked the same to Q, so I figured I'd do the same for you. Considering you normally get ask after ask, I wanted to actually check up on ya for real.. How are you? Doing okay? I hope so, because you're worth a skele-ton, my friend <33

* aw, stars, sweetpea… that’s so kind of you, i’m not even sure what to say. tibia honest, i’m not expectin’ this sorta question…

* i’m hangin’ in there, though. had a rough couple days out of town doin’ some… work, but it’s good to be back. it’s snowy as all hell here, so it’s pretty fun watchin’ the goin’s on ‘n seein’ that early sunset. the city’s all awash in this soft pink ‘n orange glow at night when it’s cloudy, too - the bounceback from the city lights on the snow… it’s a pretty ethereal sight, ‘n i’ve got a hell of a soft spot for it as i sit watch up in some trees. not to mention seein’ the moose pokin’ around the edge of town at this time of year is always amusin’ - have to keep an eye out for kids, but most people up here grow up knowin’ better than to mess with those things, heh.

* all in all, i’m doin’ alright. even better, knowin’ that someone as sweet as you cares, y’know?

i know i was one of the main proponents of aaron kissing or preferably even dating a non-robert person for a while, but always because i thought it would be interesting for him to explore his options and maybe learn something from it and most importantly because i wanted him to be happy and have some fun, as 20-something lads do.

but that´s not what this is. the poor boy looks genuinely freaked out in that screencap and i hate the fact that he is seemingly forcing himself into something he doesn´t feel ready for.


Cumulus: Hey, I’m going to be making a day trip tomorrow. I have to deliver a painting to someone.

Lilac: Where to?

Cumulus: Berry Springs. Is that ok?

Rosemary: Yeah, just because we grew up there doesn’t mean we hate it. I hope you can see some of the sights there.

Lilac: Like the giant dinosaur!

Cumulus: I’ll make sure to see it. Do you guys want to come with?

Rosemary: Can’t work.

Lilac: Same here. Have fun, though!


💜Human…you’re my one-way ticket into the Royal Guard…goodbye.💜
I decided to do a makeup/cosplay thing for my AU Broken Bones!! These are before/after photos (though the order is after/before but whatever). I had a lot of fun getting into Papyrus again, especially since this time I got to make him creepy!! I’ll post some musical.lys I did soon but if you want to check them out now you can! My user is the same there as here (locamochacosplay).

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Hi!! I’d also love to read comics about your characters on webtoon!! Is there anyway your fans could help? Maybe like shout outs, Patreon, etc.?

Oh man, I couldn’t ask for that! But I really appreciate the thought! My first goal is to first really began writing and posting the comic, and see where I go from there! If its received very well and I get a good following, I might consider these possibilities! But first, I want to be sure I’ll be able to produce comic for you guys to enjoy, and for me to have fun doing! Honestly, though, this is super nice and really considerate! I can’t wait till I finally share it!


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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my @iwaoiexchange gift for lichi - the prompt was fluffy domestic iwaoi! i hope you like it!!


*nervous smile* U-Um… This is my attempt… at trying to make a creepy comic…

PS: That is not Seven lol

(Just wanted to add– I labelled this as a spoiler because 707′s real name is mentioned here, not because this scenario happens in the game haha… this is just a fancomic ^^; People seemed to be confused so I wanted to make that clear OTL)

arrives 2 and half years later with more papercuts

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Little Space: Apps

Here is a list of apps that make me feel little that I have, have played, or heard about. They are for all ages in little space. I did not group them by little age, as it varies person to person. These games may not be for everyone, but I hope this list helps! There are many coloring, cooking, dress up, and puzzle apps out there. The list would be far too long to be if any help if I included them all, but if you’re looking for more apps than this, you can go to search in specific categories in the App Store! I know this isn’t the longest list ever, but I will also be adding to it! If you have any more Apps you enjoy, feel free to add to the list!

I have an apple product, and I know these are compatible with Apple! I have labeled them by game type then by their developer if there are multiple games I enjoy by the same developer. If there is only one game by one developer, I will not list the decoder.

Animal Collecting Games:
Here are some animal collecting like games!

Tapps Tecnological da …:
(A very long developer name, but really any of the animal evolution games! The games by this developer seem cute!)
~Cat Evolution
~Cow Evolution
~Dragon Evolution
~Giraffe Evolution
~Goat Evolution
~My Virtual Bear
~My Virtual Pet Shop
~Octopus Evolution
~Platypus Evolution

Storm8 Studios LLC:
~Dragon Story™
~Pet Shop Story™

Misc. Developers:
~Alpaca World
~Barbie™ You Can Be Anything
~Battle Cats
~Magikarp Jump
~Neko Atsume
~Pet Home
~Pocket Frogs
~Puzzles and Dragons
~Tap Tap Fish -Abyssrium
~Tiny Monsters™
Dress Up Games:
~Any Barbie dress up game
~Barbie Magical Fashion
~Covet Fashion
~Fab Life (if you delete this game or change devices, you will have to start over, I’ve had this happen when changing phones)
~Hello Kitty Nail Salon
~Love Nikki
~Monster High Frightful Fashion
~Sago Mini Babies Dressup

Life Style:
(I wasn’t sure what to call this very tiny category, but these two apps help me when I have to be big, while still being little!

~Fortune City
~Plant Nanny (helps keep track of how much water you need to drink a day, while growing a cute little plant!)

Micromanagement Games:

Here’s a couple micromanagement games!

Glu Games Inc:
~Diner Dash
~Hotel Dash
~Wedding Dash

Oriented Games:
~Pretty Pet™ Pony
~Pretty Pet Salon Asian
~Pretty Pet Tycoon

LDW Software, LLC:
~Virtual Families 1 & 2
~Virtual Town
~Virtual Villagers 4 & 5

Other Developers:
~Cooking Fever
~Monster High™ Minis Mania (This is the only game I have that was created by this developer, but there may be more games to check out!)

Other Games:

These are just some random games that are loads of fun, but I don’t have a specific category to or them in.

Budge Studios:
From the apps I’ve looked though, this developer seems like a good one for little space! There are many more than this list, but I tried to cover some of their app topics! (I have the Hello Kitty Lunchbox game, and if you want to be able to do more things, you need to pay which is no fun, but you can still re-create the same recipe over and over to unlock new things! I assume this is how some of the others by this developer are!)
~Care Bears: Wish Upon A Cloud
~Chuggington Train Adventure
~Hello Kitty Lunchbox
~My Little Pony: Harmony Quest
~Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
~Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest
~The Smurfs Bakery
~Thomas and Friends: Express Delivery
~Thomas and Friends: Go Go Thomas

~Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot
~Palace Pets in Whisker Haven
~Where’s My Water?

~Tiny Towers

Other Developers:
~Banana Bunch
~Barbie Life™
~Care bears rainbow play time
~Crossy Road
~Cut The Rope
~Duck Life
~Ever After High™
~Feed Animals
~Monster High™
~Plants Vs. Zombies
~Smurfs Village
~The Ships
~Toca Hair Salon
~Unison League