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A Glee Wedding(Sam Evans)

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His blonde hair was covered in sweat, he couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t let you get away. Not this time.

“Sam?” You watch as he steps into the Glee club, strumming his guitar. It doesn’t take long before he’s dancing around the room, singing ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran. Singing to you.

“Happy Anniversary,” he smiles wide.

Rushing up, you jump into his arms, allowing him to lift you off the ground for a moment as the room of your friends fills with applause. “And a reservation tonight at BreadStix,” he grins.

“You didn’t have to do all this for me,” you slap his arm. “I would’ve loved a movie night.”

“I know,” he shrugs softly. “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“Well I appreciate it,” you lean in, kissing him softly, ignoring the sound of cheers and whoops.

Sam runs down the street, yelling out apologies to the people he pumped into. He can see Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine stepping out of their car. “Hey! Guys!” He waves his hands frantically, “Has it started yet?!” He’s panting, looking at them with worry and panic in his eyes.

Kurt stammers, “Uh, no, we were just coming to help Y/N get ready. Uh, why?” Sam doesn’t answer, he only bursts into another sprint, rushing to find you. “Sam?!”

“Good morning,” Sam mumbles in a raspy voice. The morning voice that you loved.

“Morning,” you smile down at him. He was cuddled into your chest, laying the majority of his body over yours. “Sleep good?”

Sam smiles, almost in a daze, “Best I have in years.” He kisses your bare chest, hugging your body close. “Get dressed,” he kisses you softly. “I’ll get started on breakfast.” With a smile, he stumbles out of bed, slipping his boxers on and heads towards the kitchen of your apartment in New York. 

While Sam was working on his modeling career, you were attending NYADA alongside Kurt and Rachel. Everything was perfect. Every morning and night with the guy you loved, going to school for something you loved with your best friends. Life couldn’t get any better. 

But it could get a whole lot worse.

Sam regretted the way things had ended. It wasn’t how he wanted things to go, but that horrible fight had changed everything.

“Why can’t you just be happy for me?” He yells, “This is my big break!”

“I am happy for you, Sam, you know that! But this is my big break, what about me?”

“It’s always about you! It’s one week, in Bora Bora, you’d love it!”

“Maybe, but I can’t miss this audition, Sam, it’s between me and someone else. I have to be here!”

“So, what? Are you saying you care more about your job than me?”

“Is that what you’re saying?”

“I just want you there!”

Your voice drops, “Are you asking me to choose?”

Sam takes a deep breath, “Yes, I am.”

You let your eyes flutter shut, and breathe before looking him in the eye. “Guess this is goodbye.”

“Guess it is.” Sam couldn’t believe it. Your career meant to you more than he did?

“Don’t ever,” you jab your finger into his chest, “Make someone choose between the two most important things in their life. I love you Sam, but I’m not giving up just because you ask me to.”

“Y/N,” Sam forces the locked door open, the hinges go flying.

You scream, a hand on your chest, eyes wide. “Sam? What the hell was that?”

“Don’t do this,” he pants. “Don’t go out there and marry him, you don’t love him.”

You sigh softly, “Sam it’s been two years, I love this man.”

“Not like you love me,” he shakes his head. “I hated myself everyday for letting you go, for making you choose instead of supporting you in everyway. I hate that I’m the reason he got you, but Y/N, I can’t let you get married.”

“Why not?” You fold your arms, “He’s a great guy, he treats me right, what’s there to think about?”

“He doesn’t make you feel the way I do,” Sam takes a step towards you. “He doesn’t get your toes all tingly,” another step closer. “He doesn’t sing disney songs, or makes great impressions,” his chest fills with pride at the small smile that tugs at your lips. “I know I have the worst absolute timing ever, but,” he takes a deep breath and drops to a knee. Taking out a ring, nothing big or fancy, just a small simple ring. “I know I can’t offer you everything you deserve, I know that our careers are just kicking in, I know that he might be able to give you the world, but I will damn near try. I’ll do everything I can to show you I love you everyday, and I’ll never let you think that you’re less than perfect. You are my world, Y/N, and I want to spend every second of my life with you by side. Will you marry me?”

You stood there, in complete and utter shock. Here he was. Your high school sweetheart, the one you loved with every being in your body, the one who was asking you to marry when you were supposed walk down the aisle to marry someone else.

Your laughs filled the air, surrounded by the ones you loved. Sam somehow got you to say yes, just from that hopeful look on his face, and that beautiful smile. His lips were on yours as the sound of your Glee club family cheered you on in the room covered in cheap wedding decorations with a man who had years on Mr. Shue and probably got his marriage license online. But it couldn’t be better. You couldn’t be happier.

Everyone you loved all in one room, marrying the man you wanted to be with forever. Life couldn’t get any better. But it did. It only got better from the moment you stepped out of the chapel.

Interesting Darren tidbits from the Facebook Live:

  • He’s been working with Lou Eyrich this week for costumes for Versace
  • Versace is a bleak (ie dark) preparation - not preparing for Glee
  • Wants to sing with Lea in SF but isn’t sure he can get the time off Versace
  • He hasn’t really been directed by Ryan much before because he came to Glee after season one  - He mentioned being directed by Ryan in only one scene with him, Chris, and Amber. I assume this is the season 2 Breadstix scene with the pink purse. Seemed to imply Ryan is very hands on and involved with Versace (ie this time will be more working with Ryan? That’s the impression I got)
  • He couldn’t see Amber in Dreamgirls because of Computer Games stuff that had to get done (had planned to go), but crosses fingers for NY transfer (me too crosses fingers want to see her SO much!)
  • Darren wanted to sing Make You Feel My Love with Lea on Glee before she used it in the Quarterback.
  • Lea said that Darren spent a lot of time in New Orleans when they were filming Scream Queens there (presumably because Mia was doing bts content for SQ then). Thank you @consequenceofsound for adding this)
BTS Reactions To You Being Pregnant


I think Seokjin would be really happy when he found out that you were pregnant. He’d become much more protective of you, he wouldn’t want anything to happen that could potentially harm you or the baby’s health. He’d fuss over you a lot! Always asking whether you needed something or wanted something. He’d be quick to get you whatever it was that you were craving and give your feet massages when the weight started to put a strain. If he had to go on tour while you were pregnant, he’d be so worried tbh. He’d worry the whole time, constantly be calling you and facetiming to make sure you were okay and had everything you needed. He wouldn’t want to miss the day his child was born but if it did happen he would be devastated. 

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I think Yoongi would be shocked at first, unless you guys had planned it of course. He’d wouldn’t show it at first, but he’d be extremely happy to find out that you were pregnant. As there was no one better he saw fit to be the mother of his child. He’d always be giving you massages and pamper you to the max. He’d always rub and pat your belly and I can see him being the type to talk to his baby while it’s still in the mother’s stomach. I can also see him taking pictures of your belly every month so you guys could later make a time lapse. He’d get so unbelievably excited when the baby began to kick, but it’d make him nervous at the same time. He’d be worried about whether he’d make a good father or not, but after having you reassure him, he’d relax again. He’d be such a softie towards you and would try to be as patient as possible when you were having mood swings.

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Omfg this boy would scream. He’d be so ecstatic. When you told him, he’d smile so hard and start laughing out of joy, quickly enveloping you in a hug chanting that he was going to be a dad. I think as soon as Hoseok found out about the gender of the child, he’d be quick to start buying things for him/her. Such as: clothes, toys, a carriage. He’d worry over even the slightest things! If you so much as let out a gasp, when you felt the baby kick he’d be quick to rush to your side and ask you what was wrong. Whenever you were having a mood swing he’d try his hardest to cheer you up and would never leave you alone, unless that’s what you wanted. He’d also be more than happy to pick you up whatever you wanted, regardless of the time and would always try to leave practice early to come see you. 

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Namjoon, like all of the boys would be incredibly happy. He’d do so much research omfg…he’d want to make sure he knew what to do during every step of the way. I feel like you’d have to occasionally tell him to calm down, because he could become too much at times, but he’d immediately understand. Namjoon would do anything for you! Always open the doors, never let you go around alone if he could help it, buy you anything you wanted or thought you might want or need. He’d be both nervous and excited to be a dad. You’d probably both spend a lot of time discussing the future and how your life was going to change in a  good way; what you both wanted for the child and comprising if there was a need to. I feel like he’d really want to be the one to name the child, but if you didn’t like the name he’d either try to think of another one or convince you. 

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Ahhh this ball of fluff. He would be so overwhelmed by the news I feel like there’s a possibility he may even cry. He’d kiss you over and over again, trying to express how much he loved you and was ready to be there for you. I feel like he’d be really cautious of letting you do anything that may affect you or the baby’s health. He’d pamper you so much, and prioritize your happiness over anything else. He’d try to be there every step of the way if he could. If you had an appointment for an ultrasound and he had practice that day, he’d try to get out of going so he could come with you. If there were any times you got unsure of yourself, and started doubting how good you’d be of a mother, he’d be quick to reassure you and tell you all the reasons why you’d be the perfect mother. 

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I think we all know how much Taehyung loves kids and would want kids of his own someday. So, because of this, he would be so unbelievably happy. Like it’d take him a couple of moments to process what you had said before he rushed to you and picked you up with a joyful glee, shouting in pure happiness that you were going to be parents. Taehyung would constantly put his ear to your belly and talk to your baby. Whenever you felt it kick, he’d sing to him/her. He’d constantly be singing to him/her tbh. Even before he/she was born, Taehyung would already be telling them how much he loved them. He’s the type to help paint and decorate the room for his future child. He’d do whatever you asked of him, wanting to make sure you had no complications. When the time came, Taehyung would be such an emotional mess and he’d cry from happiness the first time he laid eyes on your baby.

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Jungkook I feel would be really nervous. Like he’d force a smile on his face when you told him, but he’d be really worried about everything. This is mainly because he’s young and I don’t think he’s ready to have a child. He’d be quick to fall in love with the idea of being someone’s dad though! He’d soon become extremely excited and constantly argue with you about what to name him/her haha. During the times he got insecure, you’d have to reassure him and during the times you got insecure, he’d reassure you. He’d constantly be telling you how much he loved you and how everything was going to be ok. He’d start making a lot of decisions, keeping the child in mind. Whenever he didn’t know what to do, he’d call his parents  or the other members. When the time came, poor boy would be so freaked out but the second he saw the baby he’d smile so much. He wouldn’t stop gushing.

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Fic: For Real

Prompt from @prompt-a-klainefic:  Kurt is a massive nerd, reading all the time, a bit clumsy. Still fashionable, though. Wearing glasses. Doesn’t have a lot of friends. He likes music, so he finally lets his dad talk him into joining glee to make some friends. Blaine’s the star of glee along with Rachel. Kurt kinda thought they were together. But then Blaine, popular, gorgeous, talented Blaine, starts very obviously courting him. Kurt believes it’s a joke at first, until Blaine can convince him he really likes him.

PG, ~2000 words

“Okay, kid. Here’s the deal.”

Kurt looked up from his battered copy of A Clash of Kings, absentmindedly pushing his glasses up his nose. “What?”

“You need to join a club. Any club. I get that you’re not into sports, but there are other things at McKinley, right? Maybe something with sewing, or music, or something?” Burt said, taking a seat across from Kurt at the dining room table.

“There’s a glee club, yeah,” Kurt said slowly, still unsure of what his father’s intent was.

“Great. A glee club. Join that, and I’ll get you tickets to that show you’ve been telling me about - Nasty? Evil?” Burt said.

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Finchel’s Ending Re-imagined  
>>>  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3 

I made these gif sets over a year ago after listening to Lea’s debut album, and they have been sitting in my draft since. Both on screen and off screen, we expected these two to have a happy ending… When neither could materialise, I wanted to at least let Rachel and Finn have their happy ending together…

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what goes around (comes back around)

A/N:  Since I’ve never actually did a proper reveal fic before, I thought of doing this thing. Enjoy!

Summary:  He thinks, how shameful it is for her to act like this way when he’s not under that mask, how it saddens him just the slightest bit that she seems to be extremely anxious whenever she’s with him as Adrien.

She sees him.

She sees the look on his face, how it’s twisting into an expression of disbelief and a bit of fear mingling into one as she feels Tikki unravelling her before his eyes, beautiful, beautiful summer green eyes she’s only starting to love not long ago.

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anonymous asked:

It's funny that Darren's now the only one to have written an original song for Glee. It's also funny that you're obviously bias and therefore, your reason does not make any sense. Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn't for Darren, many people wouldn't be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

First of all…….

It is very funny, Matt got to perform a song from his Album on Glee and direct it. Chris wrote a whole episode, AND Glee had Original songs on the show. Who cares about Darren’s song? His song outside of Glee do not matter, anyone can write a song for a tv show. A song that matters if its good its talked about, you get a number 1 song on billboards ect, and Darren’s song he wrote for Glee first of all sucks really bad and second of all will not be a top hit at all what so ever. 

Lea and Naya both had songs playing on the Radio outside of Glee, what about Darren? Where is his original music playing in my local radio station? Where his album? Oh yeah, it is shelved!

I’m biased? Really? You might message me again and bring up Hedwig so let me just state this right here right now:

Hedwig was suppose to close, but since Darren stans like yourself tweeted the show runners they figure that they maybe can squeeze some change out of you idiots before finally shutting it down since Darren manage to get money out of you suckers for HT$ when he was at the height of his popularity on Glee and there was people who liked him because he was fresh and new, I even liked him at the time and many many other people I know before he started showing his true colors and made me and many people see how untalented and disrespectful Darren really is. 

My prediction about Darren on Hedwig is he will have a big crowed the first few weeks because his fans will want to prove people like me wrong, but since his fan base have died a lot since Darren first started, the seats will become more and more empty, and then the critics will say how horrible his run is and Darren himself will show the world just how lazy he really is. 3 Weeks playing on HT$ got complaints from non Darren stans, lets see what people who do not were those pink sunglasses shades think after watching Darren fail doing a classic production of Hedwig for 12 weeks especially when people he come see him have seen people like Neal Patrick Harris already play the role. I hope REAL critics do come and see him just so you can shut the fuck up out of my inbo and take a damn seat. 

I can admit he was once popular because anyone who was a love interest of Kurt Hummel on Glee would have been popular at that time. Glee was one if the best and highly watched shows on air before Darren entered the show, Chris just won a Golden Globe and Kurt Hummel was America’s gay sweet heart so of course Darren playing Blaine singing Teenage Dream was gonna be a heart throb!

 Kurt’s fans wanted him to have a love interest, hell even people who was not Kurt’s main fans and just enjoyed Glee was excited for Kurt to finally have some one who was gay and can be a love interest so when Teenage Dream happened it was gonna be popular because how happy Kurt was! Kurt’s popularity made Blaine an interest to the Glee fans, Glee fans who were in the 10 millions at that time.

Then season 3 and 4 happened and people started to leave because the writing got horrible and then it became the Blaine and Rachel show and now look? Glee can barely scrape up 1 million viewers when it use to be able to easily have 10 million weekly. Darren might have brought a few thousand Star kid fans, but not 20 thousand, not a hundred thousand fans and most certainly not a million viewers to Glee. I can at least say that Darren most likely was responsible for about 20 thousand viewers who might have came because of Starkid. I will give him that much credit. but in tv viewers, 20 thousand is not a lot what so ever, it is not even a lot of youtube viewers.

Also just so you can see the viewers of Glee before Darren show up I will show you a small quick rating numbers to show you what a fool you are for coming up in my inbox tonight:

I will show you the pilot episode ratings, the highest episode ratings, and the final episode ratings of Glee season 1

  1. The pilot episode of Glee averaged 9.62 million viewers 
  2. Glee returned on April 13, 2010 with “Hell-O”, which was watched by 13.66 million viewers
  3. The final episode, “Journey to Regionals”, was watched by 11.07 million viewersand attained a 4.7 Nielsen rating in the 18–49 demographic, an increase of 18 percent on the previous episode, giving Glee the highest finale rating for a new show in the 2009–2010 television season

That was just season 1 of Glee! BEFORE Darren Criss even existed, he tried out for Finn Hudson and was rejected too thank god! Also looking at the ratings, Glee held a good 9 to 10 million viewership for the total season 1, well god damn Glee, you were popular!

Now, on to season 2 BEFORE Darren was thought of! Ah, I nearly forgotten, Chris won his Golden Globe for an episode in season 2 before Darren showed up also ;) That was back when Glee gave a shit about telling Kurt’s story before Darren ruined the show!

So I will now show the first episode of season 2 Glee ratings, then the highest rated episode, then the final season 2 episode:

  1. The season premiere episode, “Audition”, aired on September 21, 2010; it averaged 12.45 million American viewers 
  2. The second episode, which featured the music of Britney Spears, was also Glee ’​s second best showing at that point after its April 2010 return after a four-month hiatus, with 13.51 million viewers
  3. 11.80 million viewers for the final season 2 episode
  4. For the season as a whole, Glee was number 43 of 268 primetime shows that averaged at least a million viewers, with an average viewership of 10.11 million, while it tied for number 13 of 249 of shows that received at least a 0.5 rating in the 18–49 rating demographic, with a 4.1 rating average.

Basically season 2 was a good 10 milli viewers which was awesome! The highest rated episode was episode 2, and guess what? No Blaine! And also guess what? The viewers did not increase once Darren Criss joined! If they did, they would have Beat Britney/Brittany which had 13.51 million viewers!

Now, let us go on to season 3 when Darren was made an official main character shall we?! 

Since Darren became a Regular and season 3 writing started to have too much focus on relationship drama and not letting the characters be individuals, the ratings have dropped, it looks like Darren’s solos and screen time did not help Glee, Matter of fact I will even list ever single ratings for the episodes of season 3!”

The Purple Piano Project! It had the highest  views of the season and the fans of Glee got to have Blaine as a full time student in Lima yay! that’s what they wanted right? Maybe they did at that time before he showed what a waste of screen time he was!”

  1. The Purple Piano Project 9.27 viewers, 3 million viewers lesser than season 2! and a few hundred thousand less than the pilot!
  2. I am Unicorn 8. 60 million viewers„„ damn, where are the Darren fans who brought Glee more viewers at this episode? :( He even got to sing a solo in purple piano project and I am unicorn, I cant believe all the viewers Darren brought to Glee did not increase the second episode ratings! Like he just showed the US viewers that he was a permanent member on New Directions! Why did viewers leave this episode? D: Ok, let me stop with the comments for now and just list the season 3 episode views mkay!
  3. Asian F 8.42 million viewers
  4. Pot O Gold 7.47 million viewers
  5. The First Time! The Molester Blaine episode had 6.91 million viewers!
  6. Mash Off 7.08 million viewers
  7. I kissed a Girl 7.90 million viewers
  8. Hold On to 16 7.11 million viewers
  9. Extraordinary Merry Christmas 7.13 million viewers
  10. Yes/No 7.50 million viewers
  11. Michael  9.07 million viewers
  12. The Spanish Teacher 7.81 million viewers
  13. Heart 6.99 million viewers
  14.  Ok I lied, I got tired of writing down ever episode ratings, basically it stayed in the 6 millions until the last Glee episode
  15. Goodbye the final episode of season 3 had 7.46 million viewers 

So Season 3 was an average of 7 million viewers, season 2 was an average of 10/11 million, Season 1 was an average of about 9/10 that was all before Darren Criss showed up. Now lets go to season 4 viewers where Blaine was given more screen time after cheating on Kurt and we had the noobies aka old glee characters 2.0! 

So lets see how the ratings suffered when Glee made Darren the ‘leading male’ in season 2! And gave him more songs and Screen time than the original males and 3 year leading males of Glee, Cory and Chris and even Kevin! I am getting bored so I am gonna do it like I did with seasons 1 and 2 and list the first episode of season 4, then the highest, and then the last, then will say how much was the average viewers of season 5 mkay!:

  1. The New Rachel, who the viewers all found out was Blaine, gained  7.41 million viewers
  2. Britney 2.0, The highest episode of season 4 pulled a season 2 with Britney tribute, probably because the Glee viewers thought it would be just as good but was disappointed, gained 7.46 viewers
  3. The views went down hill from then, mostly stayed at  around 5 million viewers
  4. All Or Nothing, which ended showing Blaine with that ring he had for Kurt, the guy he cheated on, even though Blaine was still in highschool, he and Kurt was not together, and Burt told Blaine no when he asked for Kurt’s hand in marriage like if Kurt was a girl or something. That episode had gained 5.92 viewers for season 4 finale 

After that, Glee advertised the engagement for Klaine, Cory Passed away that summer and it was a real hard time for all of the Glee fandom. While we all needed a tribute for Cory and Finn, Glee decided to promote that engagement so we got the two Beatles Tribute for season 5 then The Quarter back. 

Now, Blaine will have been a series regular for 3 full seasons once Season 5 was finished. Now let us see how many viewers was here! I will go with the first episode viewers, then the highest, since The Quarter back was special, I will list the second highest,(Not the fseason 5 premire) then list the final episode of season 5! 

  1. Love Love Love, the highly promoted Klaine engagement episode gained 5.06 million viewers, It was promoted as a Beatles Tribute with Klaine duets and Blarren singing yet was lesser than season 4 finale! Wow! Not only did season 5 had less viewers than the season 4 finale, the viewers started leaving more and more!
  2. The second highest episode was Tina In The Sky with Diamonds at 4.42 million viewers
  3. The viewers officially started to leave when Glee showed Sam and Blaine going to New York In Moving Out (Which had 4.09 million viewers) after Chris, Lea, and Naya just won their PCA awards for fan favorites and Darren and Blam and Klaine lost theirs. It was obvious Viewers and fans of Glee did not care to see Blaine or Blam (Sam stopped being a fan favorite once they dumbed him down in season 4 to become Blaine’s best bro, Glee ruined both Sam and Tina’s character for Blaine.)
  4. The untitled Rachel Berry Project 1.87 Million viewers

Once Blaine and Sam moved on down and New York was no longer what the fans wanted anymore, Glee had an average of 2/3 million viewers, the worst viewers for Glee ever.

Now it is season 6 and obviously the fans have left anon, why isn’t Darren’s fans that he brought to Glee giving us more views? Why is Glee’s average viewers are lesser than 2 million? Including the double gay wedding anon? Why isn’t Darren’s song for Glee promoted all over my t.v like Amber’s song was or Chris episode? Amber got to do an interview for Color Blind on T.v and Chris did interview on popular tv interview for Old Dogs New Tricks too even though Glee did not promote them, they got to promote their work, what about Darren? 

Now, I might be biased, but you are pure delusional to state such bull shit in my inbox. I gave you my proof anon, where is yours? What viewers or critical awards (Not fan voted or best new guy award from Teen choice ect.) Did Darren gain and win? Did he win any actor guild awards? Get any Emmy nominations or wins? Golden Globe nominations or wins? No? Then shut the fuck up! 

Now anon, I will go back to your last remark to me, let me bold your words so I can respound to you in Kind ;)

Your exact words above anon is, ……..

Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn’t for Darren, many people wouldn’t be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

So… as you can see from this long ass response I gave you, your first statement is false: MANY people DID NOT start watching Glee for Darren Criss, Glee had an average of 9/20 million viewers in season 1. 

In season 2 Glee held an average viewers of 10/11 million viewers and the highest rated episode was episode 2 of season 2 and that was 13 million viewers and Darren Criss or Blaine was not relevant at all to Glee. 

Season 3 of Glee with Darren as a main character had lost viewers and the average ratings was about 7 million viewers, nearly 4 millions viewers :LEFT after Darren was made a regular, what happened? You told me he was the reason why Glee gained Viewers anon :(

Season 4 got even worse, Season 5 was really horrible, and now lok at season 6, Glee can not scrape even 2 million viewers and it was an average 10/11 million viewer show before Darren Criss joined and became a reglar. 

Blaine was popular simply because Kurt and Chris was popular, any guy that was Kurt’s love interest at the time when Glee was super popular and Chris was winning awards for the show and was America’s sweet heart, would have been popular. Blaine the character was not a fan favorite, Kurt’s boyfriend was. 

Now, if Blaine and Kurt broken up in season 2 and Kurt dated someone else, guess what would have happened? The new guy Kurt was involved with would have gotten just as much, maybe even more praise that Darren. Especially if the guy could sing better, was taller, and attractive. 

Glee was at the top of its popularity then and Glee should have been smart and let Kurt date someone else, the rest of the characters of Glee had more than one bf/gf in a season, Glee should hazve made it interesting and gave Kurt another lobve interest as an option inseason 2 and that might have even saved the ratinbgs and GAINED ratings in season 3 if they would have hired an allready famous actor who can sing as Kurt’s new boyfriend.

 Darren Criss is not that great of a singer, his acting is horrible, and his looks are mediocre at best.

 if Glee could have gotten someone like Zac Efron to play Kurt’s NEW boyfriend after Blaine, trust me, the world would have loved him more because he would be able to sing better than Darren, could act better than Darren, was taller than Darren, and for Hollywood shallowness, his abs and hot face and hair would have had the Glee fans and girls going nuts! Damn, Glee should have hired Zac Efron! 

Yes, I am being funny cause the whole 17 again thing. Most likely the person who will be playing the lead is Billy cause he can actually pass as 17 still unlike Darren will by the time the production starts sometime in 2016 lol! And Speaking of Zac Efron, lets have a look at what we could of had as Kurt’s new bf via season 2 and 3 shall we? ;)

Who Glee should have hired as Kurt’s second bf…..

Who us viewers and Kurt got stuck with for 4 horrible seasons with instead

And Blaine can act all crazy and possesive over Kurt and scream at Kurt’s ONLY friend…..

Yet do shit like this?

Be a Cheater

Dont forget how he thought Kurt was just Kurt and not hot…. Yeah what an awesome and supportive person Bland is, not!

Then jump all over Sam and twerk on Ryder!

Yet he can do all this and then have the nerve to be insecure with Kurt about Elliott and Kurt getting noticed at Nyada? LOL, What a waste of a character screen time that could have gone to the Originals , what a waste of a love interest for Kurt that could have gone to several other actors with actual talent! Darren Criss ruined Glee, and that is 1000% The Truth! Mad? So fuckin what, its now 5 am, wanna then inbox me on anon and talk about my grammar, spelling, ect, idgaf im tired and this post is long as fuck, so my feelings are

Truth Time!

I am a Kurt stan [pause] BUT I would like to point out a little something that deals with some characters of Glee and why I know Blaine has ruined the show! I will make a list below for all the OC characters and how Blaine ruined them.

Rachel Berry: Let me start off with this first fact ok? Even though I am a Kurt stan and not a big fan of Rachel, Ryan Murphy himself said there would not have EVER been a Glee without Rachel Berry because she is his main character just like every other show has one, so yeah no matter what we always knew Glee would have Rachel as the start to the very bitter end, but even though he had Rachel in a lot of scenes and gave her a lot of songs and opportunities, RIB never let her off the hook! She had consequences, no one liked her for years, every guy she dated ended up being pissed at her from HER actions and her selfish ways came with a price. Glee made sure the audience saw why Rachel suffered for her success and how Rachel my get what she wants in the end but it comes with a price, yes sometimes she got her way without consequence but the media and tumblr folk here let it be known that it was not fair! Blaine on the other hand was NEVER meant to be anything more than a side character, then he took over screen time and songs from a character he was created for in the first place, THEN he took over songs and screen time from Rachel Berry herself for NO REASON, in season 4 of Glee Blaine sung 42 songs, Rachel sung 26, wtf kind of bull shit is that?! Not to mention since he’s been on Glee for nearly 4 years now, we have not had a proper story line for him and he has not managed to relate to anyone other then childish end game Klainers and whining from his obnoxious fans with sick fetishes, instead of showing anything for the LGBT community or relatable issues with Teens, Blaine only showed us that if you are a rich white (YES WHITE, Glee has never stated him as anything else! Darren may be mixed race but so is Naya but she plays a Latina on Glee so hush) male who pass as straight and gets all the solos and is capn at literally EVERYTHING without showing how he worked for it, Rachel was in a LOT of school clubs that we saw in the pilot of Glee and from her determined nature we understand why and how she was in so many clubs and activities, Blaine we get no reason why other than he’s Blaine Anderson and Blaine Anderson has everything! Also the fact that he has 90% of pointless solos that has nothing to do with plots but more to do with having him sing ANOTHER random pointless song :I

Finn Hudson: Like Rachel was Glee’s leading Lady, Finn was the leading man, it does not matter if you liked him or not, Ryan wanted Finn to represent his show so he made Finn Hudson to bring the Glee club together and add more characters we all grew to lobe like Santana, Puck, Brittany, Mike, Quinn, and later on a love hate thing with Sam before Blam happened. Finn might have annoyed people like Rachel did but his purpose for Glee mattered, he  was the readon why DSB happened, he was there when MR. Shue gave up on Glee club and Rachel left Glee because while he had many faults, he held this small club togethefr and everyone in the club saw him as a leader, they saw him as someone they can depend on. Finn also was connected to many people on Glee and his songs had causes and plots behind them, sure we all was sick of the Finchel songs throught Glee but at least there was a plot and theme behind them and AGAIN Ryan created them as the main couple in the first place so no one can really blame Finchel for too  much screen time because they were THE MAIN COUPLE Ryan stated that since season one, and now Finn is gone, the show is suffering majorly and now they are shoving more Blaine down our throats for the lack of Finn  which is very disgusting because in season 4 Blaine had sung 42 songs while Finn got a measly 11. Finn was the leading Man, yet he even got side stepped for Blaine, Finn had many flaws, we all saw them, we all watched him suffer from relationships, ALL of his relationships and watched his dreams get crushed not once, not twice, but THREE times and then we see him pick himself up again and move on and we were rooting for him until he died, yet Blaine suffers NOTHING, other than being a Senior, then a sophomore, than a junior for the warblers, Blaine had zero reasons why he was the leader in the first place at Dalton, and he had zero reasons why they kissed his ass when other people in the group were not only older than him but have major talent! Like have you heard Curt Mega sing?! The fuck Blaine singing so much for?! Also Blaine had never brought the team together with out a purpose for himself, he never did things from the kindness of his heart, it always had to do with making him look good or benefit him in the end in some way. People in the Glee club can name several things why they loved Finn or why he was a good leader, for Blaine they can say nothing! He floated to the top for no reason than the writers and his fans kissing his ass, name me one time Blaine suffered and I promise I will tell you how it was 100% BS!

Artie Abrahms: Now here is a under dog! Artie has on of the best male voices in Glee, he is at least in the top 3 Glee guys voices and we all know it! Yet he is constantly pushed to the back and ignored, he had some good storylines and he is very interesting to say the least, now if there was anyone on Glee who has a good story line going but is under used and could get more screen time it is Artie! He is literally what Glee is about! The underdogs. Blaine, no matter how bad his fans thinks he is the best voice to exist, has extremely weak vocals, is not an underdog, and is extremely over used! Compared to Artie, Blaine has no business being in Glee! Artie has real flaws and real talent, Blaine is another spoiled kid that belongs more on a show like Gossip Girl, but since Darren can not act, another actor playing Blaine deserves to be on Gossip Girl :P also to remind you, Artie the incredible singer he is got only 11 songs in season 4 and Blaine got 42 Wtf is up with that?!

Tina CC: If there was EVER a more under used Character on Glee that also no only deserve more screen time and songs, BUT then was forced to become the #1 Blaine stan on Glee! I feel so bad for Tina! She had so much potential and so much promise as a character but what happens? They make her a fucking prop for Blaine! everything Tina fans have waited for was handed to Blaine on a silver platter with a HUGE Fuck You with having Tina be his fucking cheer leader! Tina’s year was suppose to be season 4! There was a whole episode promising that Tina will get to shine in season 4 but it was a LIE! You know what we got in season 4? Blaine, Crying Blaine, and then Blam! Fuck you Glee! Fuck you! and thanks for giving Tina 12 fucking songs compared to Blaine’s 42 -.-

Mercedes Jones: Se should have saw it coming in season 2 when she was at the Diner with Kurt and Blaine, once Blaine was around no more Kurtcedes! -.- I am very bitter about this too because when Mercedes did come down in season 4 it was to sing a fucking duet with Blaine! Then it was to pop up with no reason why to support BLAINES proposal! Wow BLEE, not only you sideline Mercedes for more Blaine and ruin Kurtcedes, you make her a prop for him too? Not to mention she had 2 songs compared to Blaines 42 -.- Fuck Blee!

 Puck: That moment when I officially hated Glee even more was when Puck told Blaine he help show him how to be a fucking man -.- really?! You can accept Blaine being gay and make him your bro out of no where with no fucking reason while you were so rude to Kurt for years?! And then Glee never shows you hanging with Kurt even though him and Finn has LIVED together for nearly 3 fucking years?! I do not understand that! You have spent the night at Finns and hanged out at his house and Kurt was there yet he was never a bro? When was Blaine EVER there for you? When was Blaine ever your bro? I hate Glee and its double fucking standards! not to mention like everyone else, Pucks story line drops out of no where for more Blaine!

Santana Lopez:  Here is a character who can sing and act, who people love and hate, who had ups and downs, only to be sidelined by Blaine, like Mercedes said is season 3, no one wants to be sidelined by anderberry! This woman never once showed a liking to Blaine, yet here she go supporting his insane proposal? She lives with Kurt, claims hes family, yet supporting his cheating ex? Glee used her to prop up Blaine again and its disgusting! Now that there will be Blee in NYC! How do you think Santanas gonna be treated? They are gonna side line her even more for Blaine! I predict Santana and Kurt sitting on the couch clapping silently while Blam or Anderberry does another performance! Because yeah, Glee wont give up Rachel so they will pair her up with Blaine, and Sam and this show is shit! Plus Santana got 14 songs compared to Blaines 42 in season 4 so fuck you blee!

Quin Fabrey:  She was used as RIB punching bad for years! And what do they do? Nearly kill her off in one episode only for the next episode to be about Blaine being butt hurt over his brother being more hot and popular than him, SERIOUSLY?! Quinn nearly died and yet we get some 2 year old nonsense Blangst!? Fuck this show! Also Quin had 4 songs in season 4 compared to Blaines 42 -.- So it’s fine and Dandy to hurt Quinn and constantly try to make her as the bad guy but Blaine gets no bad consequences? When he fucking cheats on someone he gets a whole season of Glee whining about how hurt HE feels and himhimhim ong he loves sam, him him him, the ends it with a promise at the end to propose to a man he easily cheated on yet Quinn comes back only for episodes with no plot expect to try to wheel in more viewers? Fuck blee!

Brittany Pierce: We all know Brittany was on Glee for her one liners and dance moves, later on for Brittana and then Bram, she may not had much screen time but most of the time her heart was in the right place, yet people want to call her dumb but vote for Blaine who’s argument was about more hair gel? Ok ok… wow glee,… WOW, plus not to mention, Blaine cheated because Kurt lost last year and the election might have been a sore spot for him so he did not want to talk about it and Blaine got pissed because Kurt did not want to hear him brag about another Win of his, so yeah! Lets show more Blee! Also the fact that Brittana broke up because Santana was scared of hurting Brittany due to long distance shows maturity that shits all over Blaine and Klaine! it did not take long for Blaine to cheat on Kurt, and since he thinks texting is cheating, he cheated first, plus who knows how long hes been IM'ing EliC -.- plus brittany had 17 songs compared to Blaines 42

Last But not Least, Kurt Hummel: 

Watch Glee from season 2 starting from NBK and up and see how fucked up his life is, plus adding Blaine in his life, fucking up his life even more.

I can write a 5 chapter book talking about how Blaine ruined Kurt’s life, but if you want to see that, watch Blee! Now if you care to tell me how wrong I am let me know! I can back up my words in more detail and I have many more reasons than these, this was just a quick posts, trust and believe that I can give your more reasons why that obnoxious mold ruined Glee and the characters, good day!

My agent hooked me up with [“Glee” musical director Brad Ellis], cause he was the guy who was going to be the piano accompaniment for the auditions. So I spent a couple hours with him on the weekend before the test, and I said, “This is the song I want to sing. Can you teach me how to sing it?” I had no idea what I was doing. I thought they wanted musical theater, so I was going to sing a song from “Rent.” We chose different songs after working together; it ended up being Billy Joel.