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Gender norms are damaging (to me, at least)

Okay so this post is going to be me ranting a lil bit.

I recently told my mom that I want to have my hair short next time I go to the hairdresser, and by short I mean shorn sides and a little longer on top. Her reaction? “Do you want to be a boy or something?”

And this honestly baffled me.

Why can’t I want short hair and be comfortable with my assigned gender at the same time? Why does short hair have to be “masculine” and long hair “feminine”? Why does it even matter? So I told her that I just really like the way short hair looks and I want to try it out, to which she replied: “A feminine short haircut is very different from a masculine one.”

It’s??? Hair??? I told her I don’t care whether my hair conforms to a certain gender norm. In fact, I told her I hate gender stereotypes and I like to be free in what I do and how I present myself; something she just couldn’t seem to fathom. She told me I was becoming “too masculine”, which is problematic in and of itself. Needless to say, she doesn’t approve of me cutting my hair and will do anything in her power to prevent me from doing so.

Which brings me to my point: gender norms are very damaging. Cutting my hair is something I’ve been wanting to do for years now, but I’ve always pushed the idea aside because I, as a female, was supposed to have long hair. And because I thought my mom would literally go mad if I cut it.

My mother likes to pretend to be very open-minded and accepting, but when I finally told her I’m pan, after literal months of dropping progressively less subtle hints, she just looked at me like I was crazy.

Gender norms are damaging because they prevent people from growing as a person. And I’m done with not being able to fully express myself.

I like androgynous people. I like women with short hair, men who wear heels, genderqueer people who do whatever. I admire androgyny and people who are able to express themselves fully regardless of gender norms.

And I want to be like that too.

I want people to look at me and wonder what gender I am. I want people to realize that you don’t have to conform to gender norms. I want people to look at me and think: “Wow, I wish I had the courage to dress like that.”

I want to encourage people to do whatever they want, regardless of gender. And yes, mom, I want to have short hair. Not because I want to be a boy.

It’s just because I like short hair.

It was about time to draw Timothy doing something friendly with Angel. And experimenting gifs.

 I’ve seen them together in other fanarts and I liked the pairing, sooo.. “why not drawing them like this?” I thought. Even if it all started because I wanted to draw Angel with braided hair. But it’s fun to figure out how Timothy and Angel could have sympathized in different situations.

 Also, I have so many drawings in progress, but here I am drawing these guys again bc I can’t resist

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What advice do you have for latinxs who are mixed and don't/can't fully identify with any particular race- the reason usually being how many diasporas were affected by colonization and the oppression of indigenous and african culture? How do we approach conversations about race when we aren't obviously any particular one?

* I answered this to be a bit broader than what was necessary, and I hope that it doesn’t detract from the answer/answers the question. Let me know if things are wonky!

**This was also written at two different times, so the tone might shift, I tried to make things as cohesive as possible but, yeah…

***If this doesn’t help or something needs to be clarified please let me know, I want to help the best way I can. And lovely followers, please chime in!!!

I don’t have any solid advice other than the generic do what you feel best works for you. I don’t want to tell anyone to just push through it all, because I know that’s not possible for me-granted my issues are not in what race I identify as, but rather in my culture and history. I can really only learn bits and pieces of this coagulation of possibilities and it’s frustrating. I assume that the feelings are similar as they’re linked to the horrors of colonization, and it’s waves that those of us who are ultimately products of have felt and/or will feel. It definitely doesn’t help when often times we’re told we need to pinpoint exactly who/what we are…

I’m not going to give you the breathy “we’re all human, and that’s all that matters” bullshit. And that’s exactly what that is, it’s bullshit and it’s super erasing of the trauma A LOT  of people are going through. I wish I could wave my wand and wash away any questions, any of us had, and that none of answers would hurt.

Like I said though, there’s no advice that I can really give other than to do what you feel works best for you. That means maybe taking solace in being a puzzle- not all puzzles need to be solved. Maybe knowing that you’re a mixture of identities that came out of something terrible, but you’re not those atrocities and they don’t hold anything over you, not even answers. Maybe just waking up everyday and telling yourself that it’s okay for you not to know everything, it might not be in this chapter of your story for you to know and it’s okay if it’s not even in the book.

*With all this said, if you wanted to know numbers/percentages and their breakdown, there’s always DNA testing and with some companies you could also find family members. The thing is, those numbers are not going to be indicative of who you are, but they can give you and idea of your racial breakdown.*

As for how to approach conversations, I still don’t have much of any advice or direction for what to do. I’d like to think that the conversations will just flow and they’d be fine. But that is never the case! Some general recconmendations would be:

1. Be considerate of those who don’t know as much as you about their identity/they don’t have a desire to identify in a way that you think would suit them. This doesn’t mean that a non mixed Latinx person should be commenting on the issues of being a mixed Latinx.

2. When you’re discussing race as a person who doesn’t/can’t identify as something or a multitude of things, you don’t get a pass to speak for or over the voices who do identify with a certain group. Ambiguity/inability/inability doesn’t give you a pass to speak everywhere.

3. Understand that people are coming from different points and experiences.

4. Be willing to learn.

5. Be willing to admit to being wrong.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

7. Remember that at the end of the day, everything is going to be okay. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in conversations that we don’t realize that at the end of the day even if something is difficult, or maybe something went wrong; you are going to be okay.


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Do you know where I can find a summary of different countries' population control approaches? At least the most prominent ones? I realize some differences are pretty minor but I mean obviously e1 knows *theirs* and so it seems all I find is legalese and meanwhile everyone just talks like obviously everyone reading knows the same thing they do. (Come to think, how does that even work for ppl who move? Or does Immigration handle it or something. Or leave it to future osmosis/asking yr neighbors)

The wiki page on approaches to population control is pretty thorough except for that persistent edit war about Imperial permissions systems but I don’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid that (or distrusting the rest of the page accordingly). So (this is very 101-level, I hope it’s not insulting):

Voan - So called because Voa’s the largest country to do it and also the source of most of the literature arguing for it. Every family gets two kids. To balance out their child mortality rate/infertility/people who don’t want kids/criminals who are sterilized, they award permissions for a third child to people who’ve done the country exceptional service. 

Advantages: It’s great for national happiness. It’s great for the poor, who otherwise wouldn’t get kids. It means that kids are not as often born into dire poverty. Politicians are way less bribable because they aren’t scrambling to afford children, and I think there’s dramatically less financial crime in general.

Disadvantages: Voans have children really young, average age-at-first-child is five. That means they get fewer kids, on the whole, because their generation length is shorter. I know I’d rather start at eight and have a chance of three children than start at five and definitely get two, but there’s no real way to bring that change about through individual action. 

It puts extraordinary pressure against divorce after your first and before your second, and makes those divorces messy and painful when they happen. This is bad enough in Voa but if implemented in Anitam, which has more bribable courts, would be worse. It’s complicated with family structures more dynamic than ‘two people in a marriage with only at-fault divorce’.

It makes it really hard to adjust your relative caste sizes to account for changing trends in the economy.

places that do it: Voa, Ilyat, Antimeres, Republic of Asfat, most of the former Rasenet states, Selinde’s trying to phase this in but no one’s confident the current government will be in power long enough to see it through.

Credit auction: The government figures out how many of each caste they want, and you buy them. I talk more about how Anitam’s credit auction works here. Variants: some places split the purple credit auction by tax bracket so laborers have a chance. Some places do something different with greens because of the extraordinary rate of green income inequality. Some places do something different for blues because blues resented spending so much of their money on credits and this, unlike everyone else’s similar resentment, mattered.

Advantages: Does not favor any particular family structure, does not offer any particular way to take advantage of someone for a kid. Produces very low intracaste generational wealth inequality. Great for eugenics, to the extent ability to make money is the thing we want to be selecting for. Makes it very easy to adjust caste sizes to meet needs, like when computing became a thing and everyone realized they wanted more yellows. In particular this lets you gradually scale down your grays, and societies with lots of unemployed grays go to war more. 

Disadvantages: People buy a credit the instant they can sort-of-if-they-trim-corners-afford-it, which means most children are born into poverty. Basically means the government is efficiently extracting every cent of spare value they can from everybody, all the time. Politicians are highly motivated to make money and even more corrupt than they would be anyway. Poor people never get children. Higher suicide rate. Some people get six kids even though they seriously do not need six kids to be happy.

places that do it: Most everybody. Arva, Anitam, Principality of Asfat, all the -lees, Baravi, Biyan, Cene, Doet, DUS, Derevan, State of Ecthav, Jakav and Eleseo, Republic of Jakav, Kintat, Met, Orvara, Soweto, Shi Alassei, Tapa, Tuviri, all the Cobalt Coast states, everyone with a population under thirty million except Mesezza.

Imperial/Permissions:  The government grants people individually the right to have a child in recognition for services to the state. I’m not going to attempt to be evenhanded here, fuck the Imperial system. We fought a war over this.

Advantages: Incredibly coercive and gets everybody frantically scrambling to come to the attention of someone with the authority to give them children, if you consider that an advantage. Eugenics, if ability to suck up to authority is the thing you want to be selecting for. Encourages high-variance strategies, if you think that’s a good thing. 

Disadvantages: Creates systems so irretrievably corrupt that they don’t even realize there are underlying rules they’re breaking. Creates countries in constant internal turmoil. Exacerbates power differences between castes. Blues with the power to hand out purple or grey permissions can literally have people murdered by saying ‘if they died, you’d get a child, just saying’. Creates terrible incentives about what kind of work to go into. Works best when the people handing out the credits are corrupt enough to just sell them, so at its best it is just an inferior version of auctions. Seriously, fuck the Imperial system.

places that do it: Free State of Oahk, Calado, Yvalta, Mesezza, Shi Cubrio, Tea


  • Permissions and auction (Tuvan, Foyayra, Olyan. Foya Sot, Penak)
  • One child per family unit where both parents haven’t yet had a child, auctions otherwise (Alavet, Celenta, FNR, Ochero, Av Valdin, Qoloc)
  • Permissions for blues and greens, auction otherwise (Elaan, Surefet, Maniten Republic)
  • Two-per-family blue, permissions otherwise (Ceredan)
  • Notoriously confusing, but involves permissions, lotteries, auction, and somehow everyone gets at least one. (Ereith)

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Oh can we get the details on cinnamon toast Ken? I absolutely love your ffyoutubers! Such great concepts!

[sweats] oh dear should have seen this coming. well the reality is I actually don’t know enough about ken to flesh him out because I dont watch him =x=“ i just know he’s big friends with pewds. I want to watch but i already have a LOT of youtubers on my plate. 

what I DO know in this AU about Krazy Kool Ken is his hat is sort of a permanent fixture. if you tried to remove it, his brain would be exposed. His iconic bear hat hat is filled with different mechanics directly wired into his brain. its covering his eyes so he only sees through a video feed through the hat, which can be remotely changed if someone wanted to make him see something different. His has a lot to do with pure and simple constant brainwashing. His shock collar almost NEVER goes off as a result because he’s just constantly being controlled. 

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If your still doing it! 5. And merthur Thank you ❤️

(I’m unsure whether you want me 5 on the 50 OTP things or the Sweet and Affectionate Moments Meme so ask again if you want something different and I’ll totally whip that up for you–I’ve got so many asks and writing things going on I confuse myself lol)

But 50 OTP Things: Who usually has the nightmares?

It’s Merlin. He’s seen so much and talked about so little, he can’t help but replay them over and over again in his mind, especially when his subconscious is left with no distraction while sleeping. Before he and Arthur got together, he would wake up after these nights of terror exhausted and heavy with guilt and sadness. After a few weeks of being together, Arthur woke up in the middle of the night by Merlin’s fist hitting his chest. Before he could get properly annoyed, however, he realized that Merlin was crying and thrashing. He wrapped his arms and legs both around Merlin and whispered as soothingly as he could into Merlin’s skin that he was safe, he was safe. Merlin settled soon into a deeper sleep, and that became Arthur’s go to method to calm Merlin’s nightmares, since Merlin seemed unable or unwilling to talk about the cause of them. He never truly stopped having nightmares, though after a while his hands wrapped themselves in Arthur’s tunic rather than thrashing out at him, and he automatically buried his face in Arthur’s chest rather than twisting away. Some wounds never heal, but they can be comforted. 


He stared down at you, eyes cresting with mischief and hollowness. He licked his lips for the hundreth time since he brought you into the unoccupied room, away from the party raging downstairs. His eyes scanned your face, looking for the consent he needed to continue, but he found that you were just as hollow and solemn as he was, you were a challenge and he knew this was going to be difficult. “So are we going to fuck?” His words fell deaf on your ears as you began putting two and two together. Your friends warned you about the fuckboy who attended your college and slept with different people every night. You didn’t want to fall victim to his mischief, but the way he was looking at you and the way he made your heart beat rapidly just by licking his lips, overshadowed the rational side of your brain. The alcohol probably had something to do with it too, and before Jungkook could speak again; your lips were already attached to his neck; sucking and nibbling at his skin. You felt him throw his head back and his hands gripped your hips tightly before he pushed you flush against him. “You better get ready, kitten. You’ll never have it this good again.”

give credit if you want to use.

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I think that anon was referring to Sans' PTSD over detached skeleton parts. Maybe Sans might get a panic attack or let his secret slip and he'd run away out of fear or guilt instead of anger. So not exactly like Lewis, but there's still a freakout.

Ah. Even if the reaction is different, I don’t think I’d do it in the same way I went about it in Follow-Up, as in I don’t know if this is something Sans would ever address to a group of friends, or this would be a conversation done in private with only one other person around. Sans and Lewis are different characters, so I’d want the way how Sans talks about his problems to be a little different than how Lewis addressed it.  The comic basically wouldn’t be a Follow-up 2.0, if that makes any sense.

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You always provide the most thoughtful answers to questions - thank YOU! While it's on my mind, I have something else for you: now that you've started writing Niall you've got two very different "versions of him"; Sangria Niall & Elementary Niall. What's amazing is how you make them seem so different. Could you list the top 3 descriptors for each of those character in your opinion ? & how would Elementary Niall feel about teyana? & how would Sangria Niall feel about rolly?

Firstly, it’s always a huge relief to know that when writing multiple versions of the same person, they don’t all read the same. The last thing I ever want to do is have my characters be too similar.

Now, to answer your question, which is, again, excellent:

I’d say the top three descriptors for Elementary Niall: introspective, charming, but a bit guarded. He’s a little different from who he used to be before he arrived at Wool Creek. Sort of closed himself off. But there are these moments where that Niall, the one he used to be, comes bursting through, like in his interactions with Rolly. Being around her and the gang at Wool Creek, he’s slowly being drawn back out of himself. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye, but when you initially connect with him, he’s careful about what you see of him.

However, Sangria Niall, to me, is warm, and sexy, and unbelievably kind. There’s a confidence to him that is lovely and honest and infectious, whether he’s onstage playing with Rookie Limelight or when he’s laying it down the way he does in sangria on your lips. Sangria Niall is very open and funny and desperately in love with his girlfriend, and while he definitely harbors some insecurities and worries, as anyone does, I think that overall, he’s a ball of self-assured sunshine. And whenever there’s a lapse in that confidence, he’s got Teyana to bring him back to himself.

Sangria Niall and Rolly would probably be great friends, I think. He would appreciate her klutziness and generally easygoing nature and I think they would get on quite famously. He’s very approachable and I don’t think he’d make her nervous the way Elementary Niall does, mystery that he is.

As for Elementary Niall and Teyana…in a way, I think the two of them are somewhat kindred spirits in that they love hard and fiercely, but that is what tripped Elementary Niall up in his past. He loved hard and fiercely but it wasn’t enough to hold things together for him. He was young and not as careful with his heart as he maybe should’ve been. So I feel like if they ever met, she would seem familiar to him in a way that would make him ache to be in that headspace again, where love is shelter and not a storm.

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Hey I need to confess something... I have this really strong attraction to swimmers, I love the way their bodies look when they strut around in speedos. It's kinda embarrassing cuz I'm friends with a lot of swimmers and I wouldn't want them to think differently of me if they found out how much I want them...

i like this confession XD because it has nothing to do with me, swimmers have great bodies both dudes and gals they are like greek sculptures so i see nothing wrong with that


I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!

this look like a cheap flash animation but whatever

animation redraw of one of my favorite moments of Wonder Woman! I went to see it yesterday and i loved it!

also, this is a gift for @marinette-buginette birthday!(i know im late, freaking timezones).

It’s in my twitter already!




i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Fleur Delacour

This isn’t really a fuck anyone, just something that happened and I want to share with others out there so maybe they’ll also start doing the same.

So I’m a cashier, and recently I had noticed that when I have a blind customer who pays with cash, each bill is folded differently so they can feel which bill is which. After noticing that, I decided to start handing each bill one at a time based on type of bill, and letting them know which bill I’m handing them.(I’ll give them their 10, then their 5, then tell them I’ve giving them their two 1s, giving them the chance to finish putting away the previous bill before I give them the next one)

Every single time I’ve done this, I’ve had them be happy and surprised and complimentary, about how that was really nice and useful and how I must have experience to know to do that. Today I had a customer say “Now if everyone was more like you, the world would be a much better place. So many times, the cashier will just shove all the change and receipt at me!”

Until I had put together the dots of how they had all of their bills folded differently, I never would have even thought about it before. It was just chance that I noticed it, and decided to try handing the change back differently.

So, not really a fuck customers. Maybe more of a fuck ableism? And maybe with other people reading this, they might start doing the same and making things a bit easier for their blind customers when it comes to change.


Here, grab the handle. We can see how compatible we are. We made the heart glow! // …And it’s not working. Who cares? We don’t need some creepy old machine to tell us that we’re in love.


RWBY Art Challenge Day 7: A Parent.

This is an AU where nobody dies, but bad role models still exist. 

This is very late, but I started it before I had some stuff come up and just wanted to finish it! I may have missed the last 7 or so days, but I guess my guilt resulted in 4 parents for the price of 1, so that’s something at least!

I actually started coming up with so many ideas for comics I can do featuring the RWBY moms, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more comics with them soon!

Till next time! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ☆*:・゚