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  • 1: My name?
  • 2: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 3: Zodiac sign?
  • 4: Video game I play to chill, not to win?
  • 5: Book/series I reread?
  • 6: Aliens or ghosts?
  • 7: Writer I trust enough to read whatever they write?
  • 8: Favourite radio station?
  • 9: Favourite flavour of anything?
  • 10: The word that I use all the time to describe something great?
  • 11: Favourite song?
  • 12: The question you ask new friends to get to know them better?
  • 13: Favourite word?
  • 14: The last person who hurt me, did I forgive them?
  • 15: Last song I listened to?
  • 16: TV show I always recommend?
  • 17: Pirates or ninjas?
  • 18: Movie I watch when I'm feeling down?
  • 19: Song that I always start my shuffle with/wake-up song/always-on-a-loop song?
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  • 21: What am I most afraid of?
  • 22: A good quality of mine?
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  • 50: How do I destress?
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  • 52: When do I feel most at peace?
  • 53: What makes me smile?
  • 54: Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
  • 55: Play any sports?
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  • 57: Favourite drink?
  • 58: When did I last send a handwritten letter to somebody?
  • 59: Afraid of heights?
  • 60: Pet peeve?
  • 61: What was the last concert I went to see?
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  • 79: Sunsets or sunrise?
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  • 81: Story behind my last kiss?
  • 82: Earphones or headphones?
  • 83: Have I ever had braces?
  • 84: Story behind one of my scars?
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  • 86: Who is my hero?
  • 87: Favourite comic book character?
  • 88: What makes me really angry?
  • 89: Kindle or real book?
  • 90: Favourite sporty activity?
  • 91: What is one thing that isn’t tight in schools that should be?
  • 92: What was my favourite subject at school?
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  • 94: What was the last thing I bought?
  • 95: How tall am I?
  • 96: Can I cook?
  • 97: Can I bake?
  • 98: 3 things I love?
  • 99: 3 things I hate?
  • 100: Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
  • 101: Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?
  • 102: Where was I born?
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  • 104: Where do I currently live?
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  • 109: A photo of myself.
  • 110: Do I like selfies?
  • 111: Favourite game app?
  • 112: My relationship with my parents?
  • 113: Favourite accents?
  • 114: A place I have not been but wish to visit?
  • 115: Favourite number?
  • 116: Can I juggle?
  • 117: Am I religious?
  • 118: Do I like space?
  • 119: Do I like the deep ocean?
  • 120: Am I much of a daredevil?
  • 121: Am I allergic to anything?
  • 122: Can I curl my tongue?
  • 123: Can I wiggle my ears?
  • 124: Do I like clowns?
  • 125: The Beatles or Elvis?
  • 126: My current project?
  • 127: Am I a bad loser?
  • 128: Do I admit when I wrong?
  • 129: Forest or beach?
  • 130: Favourite piece of advice?
  • 131: Am I a good liar?
  • 132: Hogwarts house / Divergent faction / Hunger Games district?
  • 133: Do I talk to myself?
  • 134: Am I very social?
  • 135: Do I like gossip?
  • 136: Do I keep a journal/diary?
  • 137: Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?
  • 138: Do I believe in second chances?
  • 139: If I found a wallet full of cash on the ground, what would I do?
  • 140: Do I believe people are capable of change?
  • 141: Have I ever been underweight?
  • 142: Am I ticklish?
  • 143: Have I ever been in a submarine?
  • 144: Have I ever been on a plane?
  • 145: In a film about my life, who would I cast as myself, friends and family?
  • 146: Have I ever been overweight?
  • 147: Do I have any piercings?
  • 148: Which fictional character do I wish was real?
  • 149: Do I have any tattoos?
  • 150: What is the best decision I have made in life so far?
  • 151: Do I believe in Karma?
  • 152: Do I wear glasses or contacts?
  • 153: What was my first car?
  • 154: Do I want children?
  • 155: Who is the most intelligent person I know?
  • 156: My most embarrassing memory?
  • 157: What makes me nostalgic?
  • 158: Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
  • 159: Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?
  • 160: What colour mostly dominates my wardrobe?
  • 161: Have I ever had a paranormal experience?
  • 162: What do I hate most about myself?
  • 163: What do I love most about myself?
  • 164: Do I like adventure?
  • 165: Do I believe in fate?
  • 166: Favourite animal?
  • 167: Have I ever been on radio?
  • 168: Have I ever been on TV?
  • 169: How old am I?
  • 170: One of my favourite quotes?
  • 171: Do I hold grudges?
  • 172: Do I trust easily?
  • 173: Have I learnt from my mistakes?
  • 174: Best gift I’ve ever received?
  • 175: Do I dream?
  • 176: Have I ever had a night terror?
  • 177: Do I remember my dreams, and what is one that comes to mind?
  • 178: An experience that has made me stronger?
  • 179: If I were immortal, what would I do?
  • 180: Do I like shopping?
  • 181: If I could get away with a crime, what would I choose to do?
  • 182: What does “family” mean to me?
  • 183: What is my spirit animal?
  • 184: How do I want to be remembered?
  • 185: If I could master one skill, what would I choose?
  • 186: What is my greatest failure?
  • 187: What is my greatest achievement?
  • 188: Love or money?
  • 189: Love or career?
  • 190: If I could time travel, where and when would I want to go?
  • 191: What makes me the happiest?
  • 192: What is “home” to me?
  • 193: What motivates me?
  • 194: If I could choose my last words, what would they be?
  • 195: Would I ever want to encounter aliens?
  • 196: A movie that scared me as a child?
  • 197: Something I hated as a child that I like now?
  • 198: Zombies or vampires?
  • 199: Live in the city or suburbs?
  • 200: Dragons or wizards?
  • 201: A nightmare that has stayed with me?
  • 202: How do I define love?
  • 203: Do I judge a book by its cover?
  • 204: Have I ever had my heart broken?
  • 205: Do I like my handwriting?
  • 206: Sweet or savoury?
  • 207: Worst job I’ve had?
  • 208: Do I collect anything?
  • 209: Item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?
  • 210: What is on my bucket list?
  • 211: How do I handle anger?
  • 212: Was I named after anyone?
  • 213: Do I use sarcasm a lot?
  • 214: What TV character am I most like?
  • 215: What is the weirdest talent I have?
  • 216: Favourite fictional character?

Imagine Remus being absolutely shattered because Teddy is all alone and he’s going to grow up without parents, he is just staring at the void, barely talking, without reacting to anything going around him. The war is won this time, yes, but his son is all alone.

Now imagine James watching from far away, because he had been in the exact same situation, he had felt the same desperation and he wants to do something to make Remus feel at least a little bit better, a reassurance that Teddy will be alright. Even though James didn’t want to feel the way he did, he knew Teddy had Andromeda, Harry and the Weasleys whereas Harry didn’t have anyone until he was 11 and it had somehow worked out alright. 

“He will be alright.”

“How do you know that?”

James face falls down because who else could have known the pain of leaving your son behind other than him, who else but James, who had seen his son walk to his own death, could have provided some comfort to Remus.

“I- I’m sorry–”

“The war is over, he has Andromeda.”

“He doesn’t have us–”

“He has Harry, Moony. Teddy has Harry and he will do his best for Teddy to grow up the exact opposite way he did. Teddy will grow up loved and happy. Harry will be there for all the times Sirius and you couldn’t be there for him.”

“I just wish-”

“You wish you were with him, I know, trust me I know better than anyone else. Sometimes, things don’t go the way they are planned but I trust Harry, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, I trusted him enough to make him the godfather.”

“Then have a little faith, it will work out. I won’t say Teddy won’t feel your absence but he will have the others to share his pain with. He will have everything we couldn’t have.”

Remus stares at James with tears in his amber eyes, without speaking a word, Remus tells everything he wants to. He slowly gets up and hugs James as he had hugged Harry when he told him he wanted him to be the godfather and it feels almost exactly the same. Remus suddenly remembers how very alike Harry and James are and that Harry, out of all people, wouldn’t let Teddy down, a small relief washes over him. He feels better thinking that he did his best to leave him a better to world. When it comes down to it, he would take Teddy’s safety over his own and that’s what he did in the end.

Just imagine.

The Suriel, Cassian thinks, is a little fucking prick.

They’ve been searching for it all day, with bags of dresses and rags and whatever they thought it would be enough to make that creature happy, but it was still nowhere to be seen.

He already knows that Feyre will laugh herself hoarse when she will know that her mate and the two most deadly Illyrians in history passed hours trying to do what she did in mere moments.

“Rhys,” he says, each of his words a silly provocation “next time we need to do something like this, you stay home and we bring Feyre. She’s a lot most useful than you are and way better to look at.”, and even if his brother punches him for the taunt, a little brotherly fight is way better than the utter boredom clawing at his brain.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Rhys says “We will soon be home so you will have all the time you want to stare at you favorite  Archeron, and I’ll take care of my Feyre.”

Cassian shows him his teeth in response.

Azriel looks at him with sympathy in his eyes, and the fact that Rhys doesn’t even have to say her name because they all know who he is talking about bothers him to no end;


Her name sounds like music, n-e-s-t-a, and Cassian needs to rein his thoughts before his mind starts thinking of her, as it always does.

A gush of wind grazes his wings and he shivers slightly, closing his eyes for a second.

He remembers how it was, during those months of recovering, the pain, the utter fear that he would be earthbound all his life, even less than the bastard-born nobody he already is, crushed under the weight of a broken promise.

And she was there.

By some sort of miracle, Nesta Archeron of all people decided to help, to stand by him, her words like daggers designed to rile him up, to get a reaction out of him, to make him live just as he tried to help her in her new fae body and when, at times, he couldn’t look at her without being crushed by how much he failed her, she was the one to take his chin in her hand in a movement so swift he didn’t even noticed and asked him if he preferred Azriel’s death.

He nearly emptied his stomach at the idea of losing his brother, but he couldn’t stop thinking of her screams, and if only the King wasn’t such a blasted bastard, if only he saw the blow coming for Az sooner, if only they guarded their house in the Mortal Realm better, if, if, if.

It wasn’t easy for either of them.

And even with his pain, he couldn’t handle the loathing Nesta harboured for herself, for her new body and he wanted- he wanted to show her how perfect she was, how breathtakingly beautiful, how fierce and-

And he couldn’t, can’t.

He knows there’s a line between them, even now that his wings are covered in scar tissue and she adjusted to her new found immortal body but still, that line scares him shitless.

Sometimes he doesn’t even know how he manages to keep himself from touching her, to bury himself in everything that she is; sometimes he thinks that one moment, one time of her, just once, it would be enough, but he knows that’s a lie because he knows, knows from the devastating need he has of her that if he gets a touch, a kiss, anything, he is going to yearn for it for all his damned life.

When he was scared out of his mind for his wings, he used to hear light footsteps just out of his room at night, and even if it was just his imagination pulling tricks on him he hoped it was her, he hoped it so much he could scent her, and his dreams, Mother- he couldn’t help but feel ashamed everytime he dreamt of her, both awake and asleep, for how he used his hand pretending it was hers, how many times he recalled how his tongue brushed her neck, his lips kissing her jaw, the perfect fit of her breasts on his chest; it never happened again, them being so close and it is torture of the most horrible kind to have her so near yet so far, to see her fire, to see right through every wall of hers but not being enough to be at her side, to only have what he so desperately wants in his dreams, and even his thoughts, everything that he is has now a become pattern, always circling around her, and even if they could be called friends at this point, after days and days of words made to rile up and hurt, after they both came to a understanding of one another, trying desperately to ignore the fire that roared underneath, the same fire that pulled them together, friends  is the last word he would use to describe what is between them.

Not lovers, not friends, not exactly family, because he would never have that kind of thoughts if he considered her family-her under him, moaning, screaming, shaking, her eyes half open, her lips red from kissing, her hips with the imprint of his fingertips- and  he’s been attracted to her like an uncontrollable force from the very first moment their eyes met, with her icy glare and fiery words and it grew and grew from that day and he doesn’t know when lust and curiosity became love and need, but it did.

A sharp sound interrupts his thoughts and there the Suriel is, just in front of them and it is way more ugly than Cassian remembers.

“The High Lord of Night and his brothers,” it says, his voice is one of the most hideous sounds Cassian has ever heard “what an honor.” its tone a clear mockery.

“Likewise,” Rhys says, his voice cold “we’ve brought some things you might like, in exchange for one answer.”

The creature smiles, all grey and yellow teeth “Then ask.”

“How can we destroy the Cauldron?”

“Are you sure that is what you want?”, the answer comes the moment Rhys ends his question, like the creature already knew the words that were about to come out of the High Lord’s mouth.

The smile on the Suriel becomes a thing of cruelty as it moves a little closer and Cassian can see the wave of doubt on his brothers face, and it mirrors his own.

“If you destroy the Cauldron, you destroy what it has created. What was the name the King gave her? Oh, the hellcat.”

Everything in Cassian’s body freezes, a wave of fear so strong hits him as he remembers that damned day, her screams drilling in his skull again and again.

He’s about to strangle the Suriel with his bare hands when the creature turns to him, cocks its head to the side and says “Wouldn’t it be a shame to lose your mate, Commander?”

Cassian opens his mouth, closes it and finds out that he can’t breathe and in a moment, the Suriel is gone, and Cassian couldn’t care less.

Those words are traveling down his body with the force of a wild forest fire.

mate, mate, mate


He can’t believe it, how did he not notice, how is it possible, how-

Cassian doesn’t wait for his brothers, doesn’t care of their voices calling him, he drops the bag full of dresses and flies as fast as he can, nearly falls, his mind a mess and the only thing he can think about is her.

He stops right out of the House of Wind; what will he tell her? He can’t keep it to himself, won’t be able to and she has every right to know, but the idea of her rejecting him-his mate rejecting him- is more than he can take.

He breathes and gathers his courage, even as fear seeps through his bones as he enters the house.

Nesta is his mate, his mate, his

Cassian doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know if he should search for her or not, if he can delay the inevitable just a little longer.

But Mother, he needs her, needs her now more than ever because damn, fuck, she’s his mate, his mate, and he never even thought of having one-but that’s a lie and he knows it because as he looked at Rhys and Feyre and what they have he hoped that if he was ever so lucky to get a mating bond it would be with her, Nesta, but he hadn’t thought it could actually be real, that he was worthy of something precious such as this, such as her.

He is so, so scared.

The idea of Nesta rejecting him is so painfully clear in his mind he can see how it would go, her cold, beautiful eyes, not even a movement on her face as she says that she is worth more than a bastard-born nobody and she is right and he just watches, helpless, as she takes that string from his chest and cuts until there’s nothing left of him.

He doesn’t realize he didn’t move until he hears the sound of footsteps and he knows it’s her, he knows.

She doesn’t speak, she watches him and he wonders if she can feel what he’s feeling, the anticipation and dread and love that are tearing him apart.

“What did it say?” she asks and Cassian doesn’t answer, doesn’t even turn to look at her, too scared of what he might do now that he knows and a treacherous part of him asks can she feel how much I need her? Does she know? Will she ever want-

“Something went wrong?” there is worry in her voice and he can’t take it and- he has to go to Hybern, has to take that damned Cauldron and hide it somewhere no one will ever find it.

He feels it, when she gets closer, and when her small hand closes around his wrist his skin burns.

“Cassian, answer me. Something went wrong?” and Mother damn him, he can’t stop himself, as he turns around and kisses her, pouring all the emotions he is feeling into the blissful contact of his lips on hers.

Her arms go slack at her sides and he feels as her hand leaves his wrist and he whimpers at the loss and he can’t help but think that he is the most stupid idiot ever, how could he think she would want this, want him but then her hands move, her fingers in his hair as she pulls him down, opens her mouth, swallows him whole.

Nesta is hesitant, and he remembers that she’s never been touched, never been loved like she deserves

-and he remembers of that poor excuse of a man in the Human Realm, he recalls with satisfaction the face of that mortal waste when he opened the door to find an Illyrian Warrior in front of him.

The urge to protect her, to make sure she is as happy as she can be, it burned through him since that day in her chamber, and now he knows why,

my mate, my mate, my mate his mind screams.

Cassian cradles her head as gently as he can and opens his mouth slowly and the contact of her tongue brushing his is so perfect but there’s-there’s a change in her scent, and the smell of arousal coming from her goes straight to his cock and he has to calm the roaring in his blood that screams of taking and marking and claiming.

He breathes through his nose and fights the urge of taking her against the wall but her scent is everywhere, burns deep inside his lungs, makes him kiss her harder, his tongue brushing on her lower lip and it feels they are the only thing that matters, and the parts where their bodies connect makes him want to scream more.

They stop for a second, but he doesn’t move an inch, his forehead on hers.

He knows he should say something but his brain is in battle with his instinct and they are still in the corridor and he doesn’t trust himself should another male even breath in Nesta’s direction.

But he doesn’t know what to say, and if says to go to his room she will think he wants to bed her, and he wants to, Mother he wants to so bad but does she want it?

Cassian looks at her, at her swollen lips, at the black of her pupils that nearly devoured the color of her eyes, leaving a thin grey line.

He should tell her, he has to tell her.

Cassian thinks of a battlefield, thinks of the moment he prepares himself for the possibility of losing everything.

“You’re my mate.” he says, stumbles on the words, fights against the urge of closing his eyes.

Nesta doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, there’s no surprise or joy on her beautiful features but the expression on her face is of someone who already made a decision.

Cassian wants to shake and rage and scream, everything to make the silence cease to exist, everything to get a proper reaction out of her.

Do you want me?

She takes his hand, turns around and starts to walk, not saying a thing.

He follows her, his eyes locked at the back of her head, on the golden brown waves of her hair.

He knows this corridor, he knows where it leads, he can’t breathe, what does this mean, what does this mean-


When they enter the kitchen, is like the hair as been sucked from his lungs and she doesn’t leave his hand as she takes an apple from a bowl and turns to him, there’s a small smile on her face, and he notices the slight trembling of her hand, her hand that trembles like she’s insecure and how could she be-

“That’s how it works, right?” she asks and his eyes are burning, he has to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from crying and she takes a step closer and Cassian has to gather all his strength to not fall on his knees.

“Yes,” he says, as he takes the apple in his hand and bites on it, his eyes not leaving hers, and it’s the most delicious thing he has ever eaten.

It takes one bite, only one bite for the roaring in his blood to grow and grow until it’s nearly unbearable, she accepted him, she wants him, she’s his.


His, His, His


Cassian takes a step closer and he hears the sound of the apple falling on the ground as he moves to bury his hands in her hair, and when her arms go around his neck he picks her up, her body against his, their mouths moving in a kiss that’s completely feral and he knows she’s feeling exactly what he’s feeling.

He wants her skin on his, he needs so many things in this moment and he will make her feel so good, so good that she will beg for more, if only she will let him.

But not here.

“Hold on tight.” he says as he walks backwards toward the window, and she understands, she knows he is going to fly out of the House of Wind, and she trusts him, she looks him and nods and his heart is bursting and he flies, and if some tears fall from his eyes it’s not for the wind.

This, he thinks, this, as he feels the wind in his hair and Nesta’s body against his, her scent in his lungs so deep as he breaths her in, this is something he will always cherish, something he will do everything to live again and again and again.

And once they will be in the Cabin…

He tries to swallow, to tame the sense of anticipation that is forming inside him, to focus on where he’s flying and not fall on his ass.

Her fingers move slowly, tracing the line of his jaw, of his chin, of his lips and he nearly growls at that, his blood boiling, his most primal instincts yelling inside him.

When he sees the Cabin he dives down as carefully as he can, ends up just in front of the door that he opens with a kick, doesn’t let Nesta down, not yet, “Bed”, he says, his voice low and barely understandable, but she-

He will give her all that she wants, he will-Cassian stops in his tracks the moment he feels her lips on his neck, as her tongue trails a line and reaches his jaw he runs for the bedroom, because he will not fuck his mate against the wall, floor, table, door-



The moment her back touches the sheets they both become frantic, hands wandering, touching all that they can and there are so many things he wants to do to her and he can’t stop himself, he takes her breasts in his hands and he can feel her flesh through the fabric of her dress and he wants it off, off, off.

He sees as her hand moves to unhook the straps of his fighting leathers and there’s no hesitation in her eyes, even as her hands shake and damn it, he loves her.


Cassian doesn’t move as she removes the upper part of his fighting leathers, as she moves her hands on his chest, slowly, slowly, so achingly slowly he bites his lower lip because he wants her hands everywhere on him.

They are in front of each other now, and he can’t resist the urge to kiss her neck, her collarbone and down, just above her breasts and Mother, fuck.

He goes lower as they both lie again on the bed, tracing his tongue above the fabric, just on the peak of her breasts and her back arches, his hands go around her hips, keeping her in place.

He does it again, the touch stronger, his hands traveling up and down her sides, teasing her, and he wants to hear her, he wants to make her-

Please” she says, and the word travels right down to his core.

He goes up to her, tracing his thumb on her lower lip, her tongue brushes it.

“What do you want, Nesta?” he says, his voice barely a whisper, but he knows that she can hear him.

“My mouth or my fingers?” he passes his lips on her ear as he utters the question and she moans and damn him if it isn’t the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

She bites her lips as his lips travel up and down the side of her face as he asks “Or both?”

Nesta arches again and he can’t believe just his words have this effect on her, he loves it.

He wants this-her-so much he nearly shakes but he needs- he needs her to know.

Cassian takes her face in his hands and looks in the beautiful storm of her eyes as he says “I love you. I loved you yesterday and before the Suriel said that- that we are mates. I just- I love you.” he is talking too much and he knows it and even if doesn’t say it back, even if she-even if she doesn’t love him, he will wait. He will wait for her.

You”, she says and there’s such emotion in her voice, in the slight tremble of it as she gets closer, so close they are breathing the same air, “You know it. You know that I love you, every night outside your bedroom door, you know it. ”

He closes his eyes for a second, to let her words sink in.

He didn’t imagine it, she was there, she was there, she was there

Cassian feels like-it’s too much, it’s too much, the utter joy her words are giving him, it’s all too much for a male to handle but he wants it all, he doesn’t care if he will die from it, he doesn’t care and he wants more.

He trails down on her, his fingers on her soft skin and he wants to lick and kiss and bite every inch of her and he will, he will learn her body until he will need only a single touch to set her ablaze.

Cassian looks up at her as he works on the buttons of her dress, and she looks at him like she’s daring him to go further and he tries very hard to not just break the buttons and have her.

He manages to open up her dress and helps her out of it, and the breath stops in his lungs, his eyes eating up every part of her exposed body and a thin white fabric covering her breasts and most intimate parts.

His lips move on her, kissing her breasts again, her stomach, her navel and he looks up at her, keeping his movements slow so that she understands what is happening and to make her feel everything, he wants to make her feel so good and not only because she’s untouched and damn him, he can’t believe he will be her first, that he will be the one to make love to her for the first time.

Cassian slowly moves her underwear down her legs, his tongue trailing a path down her belly, his hands moving to hers and she entwines their fingers together.

He kisses between her legs and hears the intake of breath she takes so he decides to tease her a bit, to make her desire build up until she can’t stand it, until all she can do is moan his name.

Cassian passes his tongue on her inner thigh, close enough to her centre but not enough and she rolls her head back

Nesta is watching him and he knows it, so he looks straight into her eyes as his tongue brushes upon her sex, a light touch but it’s enough to make her moan, the sound so obscenely beautiful that he has to refrain from rutting his hips against the mattress at the divine taste of her.

Cassian decides to leave the teasing and his fingers to another time as the need to taste her gets stronger and he moves his tongue again, swipes it all over her and she arches so much her shoulder blades are the only part of her back still on the bed.

Nesta tries to move like she’s torn between the need of watching him and the movements her body makes as she writhes in pleasure.

His thumbs grazes her hand as his tongue keeps working on her, up and down and inside of her until her legs start to shake and her fingers close on his and she starts panting.

Cassian knows she’s close and he wants to see her come, he pulls her to him with their joined hands and she looks at him, her mouth open, her eyes wide and a broken sound goes out of her mouth “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, Cassian I’m-” her orgasm hits her midsentence, and Cassian licks her through it, following the movements her body makes until her only motion is the shaking of her legs.

He kisses her one last time before he moves up to her, cradles her face in his hands and the look on her face, Mother, the look on her face: her lips are red and shiny, her hair a wild mess, her cheeks flushed and she’s perfect.

Cassian kisses her and she grips the sides of his face, pulling him to her, deepening the kiss.

He barely goes out of control when her chest meets his and he immediately moves to remove the last piece of her underwear and she’s gloriously naked under him.

He takes a moment to just watch her, all of her, and he’s in awe.

His hands fly to his trousers, finally freeing himself and as his cock goes out of his trouser Nesta licks her lips.

His heart is beating so fast, the quick drumming of it inside his chest anchors Cassian to reality, to what is about to happen.

For a brief second, he doesn’t know what to do with himself; he wants to fuck her until she’s screaming, he wants to love her slowly and be bathed in the sound of her moans, he wants, he wants, he wants.

Cassian moves until he is between her still shaking legs and he moves his hips slowly, so achingly slowly and fuck, she’s so tight, she’s so incredibly tight and warm that he feels every inch of him enveloped by her, and she’s so fucking wet, it’s perfect.

He hides his face in the crook of her neck, kisses all his way up to her mouth and he’s the delighted to see no pain or discomfort on her beautiful face, but only pleasure.

So he moves again and Nesta’s hands go around his neck and she looks at him and he kisses her, as her fingers slide between his hair.

She moves, opens her legs more for him and stops the kiss, her eyes into his as a growl leaves her lips and she says “Mine”.

He stops moving for a second, he stops breathing as the word sinks in, the claim in it.

Then Cassian moves, placing her legs on his shoulders and she moves with it, careful of his wings, and then he’s diving right into her, his hips snapping, the sound of their bodies echoes in the room above their moans and whispered words.

Yours”, he says, and “Mine, mine, mine.”

His pace is quick and deep and Nesta’s moans get louder and louder, filling the room, and he moves a hand to the peak of her sex, strokes her folds and her breathing get ragged, he can feel the shaking of her legs on his skin.

“Say it. Say that you’re mine, Nesta. Say it.” his voice is a deep growl thundering from his chest and she whimpers, completely lost.

“Yours, yours.” she moans and Cassian knows they are both getting close and when she comes, all around him, shivering, moaning right on his lips he can’t hold it any longer, his hips moving and moving until he can’t take it and he comes with the most heart shattering orgasm he has ever had.

He kisses her.

Kisses her lips, her nose, her cheeks, keeps kissing her as he eases her legs off of his shoulders, keeps kissing her as he takes her in his arms.

Nesta falls asleep first, and as Cassian watches her peaceful expression his mind goes to the Cauldron and to the all the places he can hide it and even if the thought of that precious object still being in Hybern makes him want to fly there as soon as he can-and he has no doubts his family is already forming a plan for it- he can’t help but laugh a little at the fact that of all the creatures living in Prythian he owes his complete happiness to the Suriel.

He will bring all the dresses, tunics and leathers he owns to the forest next time.

Maybe even a cape.

Request. Yeah, I don’t think it was supposed to be this way, but we thought we could do something different. 



Max approaches Joji, making his way through the crowd and looking rather worried, desperate to reach the Asian male. Joji sips his drink without a care in the world, leaning against the bar counter, eyebrow raised in question as to what Max wanted. Did Ian ditch him and got nothing better to do than to pester Joji? Seems likely, but he is looking rather specifically at Joji, like he wanted to tell him something. Something very urgent and important. He wondered what. Hopefully, Max didn’t cause any trouble with the other YouTubers scattered around at the party; and he hoped it had nothing to do with you. You have been gone for quite a lot of time at the bathroom, so anything could’ve happened on your way back. 

The Australian boy finally reaches Joji and leans towards him to whisper in his ear. “Dude, [name] is dancing with someone.”

Joji shrugs, but his smile disappears a little bit by bit. He tries to recompose himself, not wanting to imagine that you lied to him and went somewhere else. He didn’t want to think that you were off flirting with another boy behind his back. Not when Max and Ian were lurking around and could obviously spot and tell on you—you couldn’t get lost that easily in the crowd. And you were certainly not that stupid as to let signs; you were more meticulous than careless and he knew that.

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I’m not saying that people should leave their education, as many of us hippies did in those days, in order to follow some imaginary better world. But what I’m saying is that you need to follow that still small voice within you, whether that leads you to do something else than what you’re doing now, or finishing what you’re doing now in oder to help your future prospects of doing what you really want to do. But don’t get to old age and then say: I did what society expected of me and now I don’t have time left for anything else.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the hippie novel “Lonely Traveller”
Walk Away

Here it is! I actually like this one a lot, so thank you for the request! I tried to incorporate the lyrics in here and there so hopefully it turned out well! I’ve never done a fic based off a song before, so leave me some feedback if you have suggestions to make it better next time!

Pairing: Dan x reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: none

Word count: 555

You’re sitting on your couch browsing Tumblr randomly when your boyfriend Dan walks in with a serious look on his face and says,

“Look, (Y/N), I need to talk to you.”

You shut your laptop and look at him, concerned.

“Of course, Dan, what’s up?”

“Well…I think we should split up.”

For a moment, you aren’t about to process what he said. He wants to break up? Did you do something wrong? Maybe you just weren’t meant to be…but being with him felt so right!


“(Y/N), I know what you’re thinking right now and I’m going to tell you that it’s not you. I love you so much, but you really deserve better than me. I’m no good for you and you know it. You should be with someone you can trust and love forever. I don’t know why you fell in love with me in the first place, but I think you should leave now before it’s too late.”

“Dan, how could I ever leave you? I don’t care what happens, I want to be with you forever. Who cares what other people think? You’ve given me so much and I could never leave you. These last few months have been heaven-”

“I assure you, if you’re looking for heaven, it sure as hell isn’t me. You could have had the world, but you left everything for me. Why me? I’m not good enough for you. You should save yourself now while you still have a chance.”

“Dan! How could you say that? You’re amazing! In my whole life, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel the way you do. If you left me, I might never find anyone else. I’m telling you, I don’t care about anything else. All I care about is you.”

“That’s the problem! You would throw everything away for me? I’m not worth it-”

“Stop right there. Listen to me! I love you. You are worth it, no matter what you think.”
“But, (Y/N)…”

“Dan, I need you. Without you, my life would have no purpose. I would have no reason to live. You can’t leave me!”

He looks at the ground. You can see that he’s holding back tears.

“Please, (Y/N), don’t make this harder than it needs to be. I love you too, but I ruined all your plans for life-”

“Plans change all the time.”

“But I’m no good…”

“What can I make you say to believe? I love you so much. The moment I met you, I knew I wanted to be with you forever. Nothing matters, as long as I have you.”

Dan is silent. You stand up, walk over to him, and grab his shoulders.

“Dan. Look at me.”

He looks up at you, tears streaming down his face. You lean in and kiss him gently. His tears are salty.

“I need you. Please, please, don’t leave me!” You say to him.

He gives you a small smile.

“I guess I just can’t shake you, can I?” he laughs. “If you insist…”

“Of course, Dan. What would I do without you?”

“Get into less trouble?”

You laugh.

“That’s part of the fun!”

You grab his hand and pull him onto the couch, snuggling into his chest. He kisses your forehead.

“I love you so much,” he whispers

“I love you too.”

So I realized a little while ago that this blog turns a year old on the 12th!! I know I’m not going to remember by then, so I’m posting this now!!

Honestly, making dailykakyoin was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve met so many great people through this blog, people I would of never met if I hadn’t, and it’s brought a lot of positivity and support into my life. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate my followers. There have been times I’d think it would be better to delete this blog because I’d always feel like people secretly hated it, but there are people out there who have told me they absolutely love dailykakyoin and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me… I’m getting close to 3,000 now and I never would of expected to get as many as I did!

I want to do something special for this, but I’m not sure what. A stream maybe? Giveaway? I really don’t know! But with my current mental state I’m not sure if it’ll be anytime soon haha, I’m sorry.

But anyway, thank you all so much for making this past year so great for me!!


I’m so lonely inside, even in the crowd
There is a desperate need of love, care
And affection, m so lonely inside
There are no friends around,
Those who are, they aren’t friends by heart,
People are like actors just playing their part,
They just do what they need to do for their life, not for mine,
They are selfish and that’s not a crime
But yes don’t pretend as you care for my life, happiness and sorrows or difficult times
I have seen enough that I can look beyond the mask you have on your face and
Thorough the smiles that meant something else,
I never dragged you, bounded you to be my friend being someone else,
I always did my part with love but
Seems it didn’t get well,
You are free to be your true self,
Being stranger even after being friend’s for long,
Better you do want you wanted to do all this long
M lonely inside and it’s hard to describe
But I don’t need your side, go and do want you want in your life
But just don’t pretend m part of yours life
M lonely not because I saw your true side but cause I trusted you all my life.










Vikings - Short Sentence Starters
  • “Why did you not tell us earlier? Did you not trust us?”
  • “There will come a time when you will be responsible for our people.”
  • “I have something I only trust you to do for me.”
  • “Now that I see them up close, they seem so much less frightening than I supposed.”
  • “Harsh are the gods!”
  • “I always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones.”
  • “I see you are making yourself comfortable here as well.”
  • “Forgive me, but it seems to me that our destinies are already locked together.”
  • “This adventure was doomed from the start.”
  • “Well, there is never much use in arguing with you.”
  • “The gods are mistaken.”
  • “We’re all fated to die on a certain day, yes?”
  • “But do not think I offer nothing in return; I tell stories.”
  • “Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best.”
  • “What if I ordered you to stay here?”
  • “Tell me, why should I ever trust you again?”
  • “Who needs a reason for betrayal?”
  • “You two are very different, yet both strong.”
  • “Our whole lives are just stories.”
  • “I have a duty; I am a responsible person.”
  • “You betrayed my trust, but most importantly my love for you.”
  • “We’re all free to do as we please.”
  • “Wherever you go, I will follow.”
  • “Why do the gods give with one hand and take with the other?”
  • “You cannot warm up a dead man.”
  • “I always knew in my heart that I would see you again.”
  • “I want to know what is essential to life. What is really important.”
  • “We women bear heavy burdens.”
  • “I have no answers, only truths.”
  • “I will make something truly astonishing.”
  • “You don’t think of anybody but yourself.”
  • “I feel trapped in all this happiness.”

what I do appreciate about lego fandom though is that the reaction to me saying something like this is generally “oh, I should try to do better” rather than “jesus stfu people can do what they want,” probably because most of us are also mentally ill af and get what it’s like

My hip felt twingey last night and this morning, which naturally cast me into a panic because I’ve been feeling extremely busy and blobby the past few weeks. I finally have some free time for heavy-gymming and kind of stressed out at the thought of spending it resting a weirdly tweaked muscle.

I’d packed all my running stuff to do treadmill intervals, but decided to switch to something lower impact (but still wanted to burn a bunch of calories.) So I did this, and then my reliable old PT exercises from my last hip issue, and now I feel a lot better. I probably won’t try to run until the weekend because I’m not sure what’s going on there, but at least I know I can do something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The first few nights Wheeljack spends with Magnus he is actually trying to behave and be good because he doesn't want Magnus to regret adopting him. After about a week, Magnus knows he has to do something. Wheeljack is sitting on the couch really quiet and Magnus comes home with all this junk food and pizza and a ton of action movies. They have a movie night and by the end of it Wheeljack is feeling better and knows Magnus won't kick him out like all the other homes did (Magnus is a good dad)

!!!!! Ultra Magnus and Jackie have a movie night every Sunday. They argue about who’s turn it is to pick movies every single time. It’s also the only time Ultra Magnus allows snacks on the couch.

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alternate ending + no corruption.

Alternate Ending: The End

*Don’t You have Anything Better to do?

[…This was What… the 10th Time They’ve Come Back? For What Reason? Did They want You to say Something else?]

[There really was Nothing else to say to Them. Literally. That or You couldn’t Think of it.]

[You could have Noted About How They were Freaking You out. Like How at Random Times You Felt Something… Changed. Somewhere, Someplace, Something Changed. Yet at the Same Time, it Felt Completely Ordinary, like Nothing was out of Place.]

[Maybe it was Them. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was Mr. Smiley Trash Again.]

[Either Way, One of Them Changed Something Although There was No Telling What it was That had been Changed. Something Beyond Your Reach. And it wasn’t just Them Resetting Their Previous Save After Giving up on What COULD have been a VICTORY.

[Whatever it was, it didn’t Matter Now. You Now had Other Business to Take Care of. Like Finishing the Job Yourself Since They were too Pathetic to.]

[How Idiotic.]

[You Still had the SOULs so it wouldn’t be that Hard. Though… it’d be Better to have More… and then the Idea Arose.]

[Why Not just Take ALL of the SOULs? Not just the Ones the King had but ALL of the Undergrounds? The Monsters had More Magic Anyways.]

[You could be a GOD.]


[Could have been. You Only Thought.]

[They were on Their Way out of the Underground Now. You Felt… Happy for Them. Something was Different. Maybe Not.]

[…Perhaps You should let it Rest and let Them All be Happy Again.]

[And Perhaps They should too.]

[You May as Well say Some Parting Words, Since You’d likely Never see Them or Anyone else Again. Keep Them from a True Reset, too. Or At least Try.]

[This was it. The End. But a Good End.]

i wanna say some things in regard to what happened the other day.

please, don’t send anything of the negative sort to hylianchampion/powerborn. i’m saying this because i do want to believe she’s changed, and we are privately working things out and she really is trying to make amends for something that, still, should’ve been worked out a long time ago.

i also shouldn’t have approached her as aggressively as i did – especially in public. it was incredibly immature of me, and i’m an adult, i can handle things much better than that. i’ve already apologized to her for it, and i apologize to everyone else who saw it.

i’ll keep those posts where i was talking to her up just for a little while longer.

Excusez-moi. You make a better door than a window, so if you could step aside,”” the blonde vampire said to the person standing in her way. All she wanted to do was sit down and the bar and have a drink. Alcohol was a vice, and always had been, even though it didn’t have much of an effect on her. It was still nice to feel something. She had just returned from France, and the harsh reality of her immortality was setting in once again as it usually did from time to time.

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Would you actually like for Barisi to be written into the show? I kinda do but then it hits me... IT WOULD BE SO POORLY WRITTEN AND HANDLED PROBABLY FURTHER DESTROYING THE CHARACTERS

I maybe would’ve been okay with Barisi being written into the show last season, or if this season were being handled by the old writers/old showrunner. Because they seemed to be handling Tuckson just fine, since that was the major relationship that was being written at the time, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t have handled Barisi the same way.

I mean, let’s be real here, Robert Cohen could’ve just written all of their scenes, lolololol.

But this season? Hell no do I want it being written in. Sonny and Barba’s relationship deserves a million times better than what I think the current writers/showrunner are capable of, and I completely agree with you, anon, that they’d probably just end up ruining it over something stupid like they did with Tuckson and therefore ruin Sonny and Barba’s characters in the process.

But I mean, they’re already ruining Sonny and Barba right now as it is, so. Just think of the damage that they could do by actually putting them into a relationship.


Gif source:  Obi-Wan

Imagine how Obi-Wan would react if someone you were close to died.

——— Request for sakuraaeris1497 ———

He wanted to say something, anything that could make you feel better, but he knew that another ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ was probably the last thing you wanted to hear right now. And he doubted that anything could truly make this better aside from time. You needed time to grieve, and if you wanted to do that alone, Obi-Wan wasn’t about to pressure you into sharing it with him.

The one thing Obi-Wan did want you to know was that you didn’t have to, though. That he was still there if you needed him.

Which was why he had a subtler approach to consoling you. Efforts spent in trying to take your mind off of it or making you feel as normal as possible in a day. But sometimes, the slightest thing would remind you of the person you’d lost, and one day you broke down in front of him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you apologize, furiously wiping at your tears as you try to collect yourself.

But Obi-Wan just reaches out to you, taking you gently into his embrace as he soothes, “You don’t need to apologize for missing someone. Cry as much as you need to.”

Dear anti-vaxxers

As an autistic person who has had pertussis I want to explain something.

Vaccines do not cause autism. They don’t.

But even if they did, my autism is not something I’m ashamed of. Having autism is much much better than having pertussis. As someone who has experience with both, believe me. Pertussis is living hell. Is not being able to go to school for months because you cannot stop coughing. It’s turning blue and not getting any oxygen. It’s your lungs dying because you had two false negative tests and they were too late to treat you. I will have lung damage for the rest of my life.

My autism is inconvenient at times, it sometimes is a struggle. But it never tried to killed me. It never took my breath away.

So even if vaccines would cause autism the tradeoff would still be magnificent.

So stop using autistic people as your excuse not to vaccinate. We’re not your excuse. We’re real people, just like you.

And vaccinate your kids. They will thank you.