wanted to do a parallel gifset for them :)


2x04 - 3x01

“To offer them in volume suggests that their fear of us is becoming unmanageable, that we have shown them what we are capable of and it terrifies them. Do any of you want to surrender to men who fear you?” - insp. @crucifythenburn


Season 6, Episode 25: The Seeker

Can we take a moment to appreciate this part of the scene? So many times we see similarities between Red and Kitty and Jackie and Hyde where we see Hyde and Red having similarities and Kitty and Jackie having similarities. But here we see something a little different.

Neither Red nor Jackie seem to want to see Hyde doing any crying.And their responses while they make me laugh, I’m pretty sure aren’t very true. IF Hyde had cried in front of them, I really don’t think Red would have told anyone and Jackie seeing Hyde cry wouldn’t make her love him any less. They just say these things because they don’t want to see Hyde cry and maybe to annoy Kitty a bit.

And then there’s Hyde and Kitty. Not a huge similarity here but just look at the way they both look back at their significant other. For some reason I just love that! if you watch this gifset long enough you can see them doing it at the same time!

I can talk about whatever the fuck I want on my blog and make whatever parallels I deem fit to make in gifsets. If I want to talk about noorhelm + chriseva all day long, month or year, I will. If i want to find all the similarities and differences in the world between them, I WILL. It goes along the lines of, “I’m my own person and I certainly don’t answer to you.” If you don’t like it, unfollow me or block me. Don’t reblog my posts. Don’t do anything that concerns me. If I can respect that you don’t like something and don’t bother you for it, don’t come and bother me. That is all. 

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your "in a fight their lethal around each other they melt" uma and harry gifs are quite fitting. it makes me wanna start shipping them ngl. what do you like about that ship? i need more convincing lol.

this is the best thing I’ve heard today, i’m glad my gifset has made you want to ship huma (there’s literally no higher praise!). you should definitely watch the film (if you haven’t already) and start shipping huma asap ;)

i love them because they are so dedicated to each other, and fully support each other. yes, they are the villains in the film, but they are wonderful for each other. they have so many cute moments (harry literally looks at uma like she hung the moon) and have so many parallels and they are just generally a complete delight together and are perfect for each other. harry protects and respects uma and uma protects and respects harry and they are just so in love it hurts. tbh i’m not sure how people can watch descendants 2 and not ship them?! it doesn’t seem possible to me because they are definitely in love 


kc au:  Klaus’ sojourn in New Orleans takes a turn after spotting nightwalker!Caroline.

Here I thought you were after my secrets, but I don’t think you’ve heard a word I’ve said since we walked in. 

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I find it interesting that the conversation between Scott and Stiles in 5x09 is really similar to the one between Scott and Allison in 2x08. They both ask him whether they can 'fix' their 'mistakes' and Scott tells both of them (in different ways) to keep out of the situation (yelled at Allison to stay away; told Stiles he'd look after Malia and Lydia instead and that Stiles should talk to his dad). Any thoughts on this?

Great observation! I did notice the parallel as I was watching the episode and I think I saw a gifset comparing the two scenes flit across my dash as well recently. 

The dialogue is scarily similar


Stiles: What do you want me to do? Okay, just be… Scott, just tell me how to fix this, all right? Please, just tell me, what do you want me to do?

Allison: What do you want me to do? Okay, I can - I can fix it. Please, please, Scott. Just tell me. 

Like you point out, both Allison and Stiles are willing to admit to being wrong to please Scott and begs for a way to fix it, to get back into his good graces. Scott basically tells them to butt out in both situations. 

The last few weeks we’ve talked a lot about Scott and Stiles relationship and how Stiles is loyal to a fault, willing to die for Scott, calls him his best friend, his brother and is willing to follow him into all kinds of stupid plans, because that is what you do with friends - you have their back. Stiles is scared of losing Scott and bends over backwards to keep him, never mind his own happiness, emotions, thoughts, ideas and wishes. 

But Scott doesn’t trust Stiles. He trusts that he’ll always have his back and come to his aid, but he doesn’t trust Stiles enough to include him in secret strategies with Deaton, he ignores all of Stiles’ advice, he brushes Stiles attempt at encouragement when Allison dumped him saying “you still have me” with “I had you before”, like duh, of course I have you, but that’s not really worth all that much. And he berates Stiles for not giving people the benefit of the doubt when Stiles does nothing but, except in the cases where his intuition takes over - like with Matt, Theo, Peter. 

At the end of the day I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles trust more people than Scott do. If he trusted Stiles he would listen to him, include him, believe him. If he trusted Kira he would tell her what he saw in her aura, encourage her to talk to her mom about it and together try to fix it. Instead he keeps it secret, moans to Theo about how he don’t think he can trust her anymore. If he trusted Lydia he would listen to her when she told him his plan to trap the doctor without informing Liam and Hayden were bad, would take to heart her advice that it’s always best when people know, that he shouldn’t mind-attack people without consent. If he trusted Liam he would include him in his plans. But Scott only trusts Deaton and Deaton is not to be trusted at all. Scott is naive, he claims to trust and give benefit of the doubt but he never did with Derek. And he even have the audacity to accuse Stiles of never trusting him, when Stiles in fact showed that he was willing to trust Derek enough to saw of his arm as early as episode 1x04,

Scott and Allison’s relationship is hailed in fandom as super cute and adorable. And parts of it is. But like with Stiles Scott doesn’t trust Allison. He doesn’t trust her to take care of herself, he puts her down when she tries to argue that she’s strong and has skills by pinning her to the wall with werewolf strength. When she does something that Scott deems “wrong” - in this case letting her family help with a problem they’re not equipped to handle Scott doesn’t give her the benefit of the doubt either, doesn’t stop to hear her arguments. He just judges her and tells her to go away. 

Scott does expect Allison to follow his lead, he does expect her to be his girlfriend. But Scott wants to be in control. He spies on her, he breaks into her room, he follows her around when they’re broken up and at first doesn’t accept and respect her decision. 

I know this makes Scott sound like a total douche and he’s not. Not intentionally. But these are his flawed character traits, but as of yet he’s not even aware his behavior is wrong and hurtful. And until he’s made aware the pattern will continue.

In the end Allison broke the pattern by breaking up with Scott. Stiles not so much. So he gets dumped. 


Not the prettiest gifset but let me  just talk about Willow and Giles for a sec because i love them both but they parallel each other so well in the addiction to magic parts of them even though with Giles it’s a back story thing that only ever gets a side mention

Giles started out straight before dabbling in magic and realising it wasn’t enough. He had to go for the darker stuff and mix with powers way out of his control

Which is why (s2-3 in particular) Giles doesn’t want Willow practising witchcraft or doing the more powerful spells. In fact he begins to get ANGRY when he hears about the spells she has been practising in a bid to get her to stop

But she continues and like Ripper, wants more, in s6 there isn’t much more her powers can develop… until she finds Rack

And it’s so interesting that the throwaway line from s5 implying that Giles paid vampires to feed off him at this power crazy time of his life only shows how desperate he was for power, willing to put his life at risk with a vampire just like Willow puts her life on the Rack for that demon warlocky type thing

And even if Willow had decided to listen to Giles in the season  6 opener when he tells her she is messing with things beyond her control she would have known the stuff she was getting into was uber bad and instead of her continually saying she can handle it she could have been helped 

Giles went too far and stopped because he was messing with something beyond his control, Willow went too far but it was never far enough for her so she kept pushing till it was too late 

And who knows what would have happened if Giles had stuck around in s6 (probably the same but Giles AND Tara would have had the “you are using too much magic!” talk) 


River & the Doctor appreciation day || 22.04.2015

This year, on April 22nd at 5:02pm, we’re celebrating yet another anniversary of River’s and Eleven’s wedding. It’s a fairly good reason to have an appreciation day for these two married idiots, isn’t it? The rules are simple: make graphics, gifs, fanmixes, draw fanart, write fics and metas. Be nice. Enjoy yourself. There are two countdown challenges that you can participate in. Why two? Well, I kind of wanted to come up with a countdown challenge that is a bit different. And I did (at least I hope so). But since it may not appeal to everyone, there’s also another, more ~traditional~ one. You can mix them, do one of them, both of them or none of them. Whatever you like. 

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Jeff and Annie Appreciation Week: Day Five 

Best j/a kiss 

Guhhh, this kiss. I know they have a lot to choose from (and I kinda wanted to do a Pascal’s/Pascal’s parallel thing with it but I’m saving that for another gifset series) but this one just gives me so many thrills. 

Partly because it’s so REAL. It’s so MEANINGFUL to them. It’s not even really a goodbye kiss or an “ending” type of kiss - it’s a NEW BEGINNING kiss. 

Also, I will never be over how his hand gently strokes her cheek before resting it on her shoulder in the second gif - it’s just so tender. 

A Quick Revisit Travelers

Chapter 1 A Quick Revisit Amnesiac Stefan
Chapter 2 A Quick Revisit Stefan With PTSD
Chapter 3 Pt 1 A Quick Revisit Kathlena Part 1
Chapter 3 Pt 2 A Quick Revisit Kathlena Part 2
Chapter 4 Pt 1:
I want to say first this is my fave chapter. Almost everything is crystal clear in the travelers chapter [5x16-5x22] so I don’t actually need to write anything especially regarding Caroline. In this chapter we were already screaming Caroline has feelings for Stefan and no one heard or listened to us except our own fandom. It’s so ironic now that we say the same thing about Stefan and no one is hearing or listening to us…

PS: This chapter has so many scenes and gifs so I won’t be able to make all of them because of my time limitation which is why mostly I’ll be using other blog’s already created gifs, please check out these amazing blogs!

Katherine didn’t go down without a last present. She injected Elena the ripper virus so steroline detective squad started looking for a cure. Travelers had one and agreed to give it under one condition which was the killing Stefan’s last living doppelganger so that they can do the traveler spell with doppelgangers blood thus the travelers chapter has begun.

(gifs by sterolineforever)

We know Stefan, we know. You didn’t need to say it at all, but he wanted to say it as if he needed to assure her she’s as important to him as Damon and Elena and he would do anything for her too and I love how protective and worried she was about him this entire time.
(gif by lydia-martin)
Ohhh yes!!! Caroline better reminds him or else I can’t imagine what might happen lol

And I’m sure Stefan remembers amnesiac time period and remembers this too. Oh boy oh boy you want to keep her in the friendzone so bad don’t you? He’s like “she’s my friend! she’s my friend! she’s my friend” and one day it turns out “she’s my– she’s my– she’s– she– sh–” you know where this goes lol He can keep repeating they are friends but feelings don’t work like that. No matter how much control you have over your actions, I don’t think anyone has much control over what they feel so imo as long as the feelings remain they take over and get stronger especially if you’re trying to deny, resist and prevent your feelings. Don’t hold yourself back Stefan or else you’ll end up looking like

Her lips must be looking so delicious lol

(gifs by vd-gifs)

The lack of hesitation in her words is priceless!

As Caroline watches the spell Stefan feels more and more pain and Caroline can’t take it anymore so she takes matters into her own hands.
Caroline: He’s gonna lose everything. Stop!!!
She said and I read “get your hands off of my hubby!”

As a part of the deal she has to kill Tom the innocent, nice, doctor version of Stefan and she needs to head to Atlanta to find Tom.
But she can’t leave before Stefan wakes up, she needs to see if he’s fine.

She seems so worried. I love this scene so much Stefan has been tortured almost a day now and he lost his conscious because of the pain and as soon as he wakes up he’s joking with Caroline!
(gif by lydia-martin)
Stefan: If Caroline Forbes was here right now we would both be laughing!
And I want to point out one more thing. It’s not Caroline. It’s Caroline Forbes.
Stefan: Caroline Forbes my best friend.

Pretty much amnesiac Stefan’s lingering side effects! I wonder how many times Amnesiac Stefan repeated this name to memorize it lmao
Now here’s the deal, we are almost at the end of season 5 and Caroline handled herself pretty well all this time and Stefan didn’t always want to be by her side to make sure she’s okay but he was there when she needed. This time he immediately says “well I’m coming with you” “I don’t trust Enzo”. Hmmm…
And Stefan lets Caroline go because he trusts her judgement. He knows that if Tom is a good guy Caroline would not kill him and as Caroline and Enzo leave Stefan seems quite uncomfortable with them going together.

Not to mention his reaction is to Enzo’s kind of “bye dude I got the girl” attitude.

I love this and bad-ass Caroline! It’s parallel to season 2.
The next part doesn’t really need words actually.
(gifs by izecsonsricardo) (Original gifset X )

Stefan: Caroline I’m here.
I’m not going to let you down.
Caroline thinks that she can do this for Stefan no matter what and just in case Stefan reminds her that Tom is a good guy and he doesn’t want her to kill him.
Well I’m kind of conflicted about this. First she spared his life and wanted to make sure if he’s a good guy. He was one of the nicest people she has ever met therefore she couldn’t kill Tom but was it just because he was a good guy or did having Stefan’s face have a big impact on her decision? I guess a little bit of both because she says…

Gotta admit this scene kinda creeped me out a bit.

After the dinner she’s gonna arrange a safe place for Tom and she seems so happy with her decision.
She literally spent the entire evening with cute, adorable, human, hungry version of Stefan! I’m pretty sure she had to endure “cuteness overload” whole day lol

But Enzo ruins it by killing Tom. RIP Tom.

Stefan has been tortured for two days now and he’s very tired. He doesn’t have strength enough to get up and escape from there but regardless he stays awake to make sure Caroline comes back safe and sound. So pretty much he can’t sleep knowing that Caroline’s out there with Enzo. I wonder what kind of little demons were lurking around in his mind…
Stefan: Are you–
A big fat failure? Yep. But on the bright side I’m also exhausted and very cranky.
Stefan: It’s good to see you anyway.
He said and I read “**Sighs** It’s been 24 hours since you’ve left Care and I don’t even have a bar here, no one to talk to and you were out with Enzo and I was about to go crazy here, you finally came, missed your smile sweetheart
(gifs by littlewlof)(Original gifset X )

She was so happy with alive Tom and she was feeling terrible after Tom died but Stefan made her smile and feel better again. And don’t think that I missed that “while you were out flirting with yet another british guy”. I’m not reading into this too much, this is another kind of jealousy but not exactly jealousy, kind of similar to Caroline’s state in 5x13-5x14. She seemed protective over Stefan but it wasn’t the case and here Stefan seems like joking around but that’s not just it because he mentions it one more time in 5x20 too. He really doesn’t like to see Enzo around Caroline not because of the bad influence but because of the chemistry thing.
And even though he knew that she was compassionate and a good person this time it’s actually impressed him, she made the hard choice that he made in the past. “letting someone live at the cost of someone you love’s life” Matt-Elena situation anyone remember?

This is a “first”. Like he did the same thing in sleep. He’s holding her close to his heart, wrapped his arm around her, held her hand. They ran together in the past but Stefan never felt the need to hold her hand as if he needs to know she’s running by him, as if he needs to feel she’s safe with him, as if he needs to feel that they are together.

Stefan: We gather our strength, wait for an opportunity, get the hell out
of here… *stops for a moment then adds* TOGETHER.
Come on, do I need to say more?? And with this the conclusion of part 1 is “two sided” but Caroline is one step ahead.
One more bonus gif!

I’m in love with this gif by wesleyaccola