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How to Keep Your Readers EMOTIONALLY Involved

Why is it that sometimes a book or movie can make you THIS emotionally invested  … 

And sometimes it’s more like this? 

My stories used to inspire a reaction similar to Hermione’s in my readers. And in me.  At some points I’d be reading my work, and a little honest voice buried somewhere in my head would say “I wouldn’t care if this character was hit by a bus right now.” Then I’d heap some denial atop the voice, silence her unwanted mutterings, and go back to trying to enjoy my story. Problem was, my readers appeared to have this little honest voice as well. And if she told them “Cartoon bus. Hitting this character. Wouldn’t that be funny?” they had a tendency to listen to her.

What was the problem? My scenes didn’t connect to my reader’s emotions. They didn’t change those emotions throughout the scene. They started out sad and they ended just as sad or even more so. And what came after that? Well, another scene that began with the main character feeling horrible, which ended with him just as downtrodden as before. Or worse: The scene began positive and just got better. The next one would start out absolutely giddy and ended effervescent. And this kept going until the characters were almost singing with joy. (Okay, maybe I’m being slightly snarky about my past self.) But after that, I’d follow it up with a long sequence of sadsadsad scenes. 

So what happened? My readers had only two emotions while enduring this: frustration and impatience. 

The scenes weren’t keeping my readers emotionally engaged. The scenes weren’t changing emotionally. And that is what needs to happen: The emotional charge of the scene has to change. Switch between negative and positive. The flow of the reader’s emotions has to be taken into account, and consciously adjusted. It’s that simple. 

How can this be accomplished? 

1) Determine what’s at stake in the scene. To the characters, something important is being threatened, something emotional or primal. Love? Safety? Friendship? Justice? Make sure the scene means something for the characters. (If it’s not emotionally significant to them, connected to the A Story, B Story, or Character Arc, it’s not a scene and the reader won’t care.) And since the readers are emotionally connected to the characters, the readers care about what’s at stake, and are conscious of what it means. 

2) Beats. The exchanges of action and reaction between characters and forces of opposition in pursuit of the goal … these carry that emotion, these are how emotions shift within the scene, gradually taking it from one to another. 

3) Emotional Charge. If the scene starts with what’s at stake in positive way, then it’ll switch to negative by the end. If if starts negative, the scene will change to positive. 

Anyway! How does this work?  

To illustrate it, because I’m having a lot of fun reading the screenplay, here are five scenes from Zootopia. 

Let’s start with the scene right after this happens: Manchas has gone savage, and Judy and Nick are running for it.

Scene 1 

What’s at stake? Life

Opening Charge: Negative (They’re being chased by a jaguar who is about ten times bigger than either of them, and who seems quite keen to tear them apart. To the characters, this scene opens with a 95% likelihood of imminent brutal death. To the audience, this scene opens with two characters we’ve come to care about in this dangerous situation.)

Closing Charge: Positive (They manage to call backup. Judy manages to handcuff Manchas. Nick stays to help Judy, rather than hop on the gondola to safety. They fall but manage to survive. They fall again, but are caught by a vine just before impact. Bogo and the rest arrive, and Judy is full of confidence about her discovery in the Otterton case, and eager to show them. Everything in this scene ended in Judy and Nick’s favor.)

How has what’s at stake changed? They lived.

Scene 2

What’s at stake? Judy’s lifelong dream, the goal she’s worked towards since she was a child. 

Opening Charge: Negative (Judy tells Bogo that this is way bigger than a missing mammal case – Otterton and Manchas went savage. He scoffs at her. In response, Judy confidently sweeps back the leaves to reveal the wild jaguar … and he’s gone. With her proof nowhere in sight, what she’s told Bogo sounds insane and ridiculous. Which provokes him into demanding her badge.) 

Closing Charge: Positive (Nick stops Bogo from taking Judy’s badge. Nick also bluntly tells him that he’s been an unfair little jerk to Judy, they have time to solve the case, and they have much more important things to be doing than standing around dealing with these idiots. He even calls her “Officer Hopps” instead of Carrots. They’re back on the case.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? She still has a chance to achieve that lifelong goal. And Nick was the one to buy her more time. 

Scene 3
What’s at stake? Truth

Opening Charge: Positive (Judy, and the audience, are feeling thankful and closer to Nick.)

Closing Charge: Negative (But even though we are in a good place, Nick looks far away … he starts thinking back … and we can sense that this memory lane doesn’t end anywhere pleasant.)

How has what’s at stake changed? He’s about to share something significant.

Scene 4
What’s at stake? Innocence

Opening Charge: Positive (We see little Nick! Looking happy and excited. All he wanted to do was join the Junior Ranger Scouts, and his mother scraped together money to buy him a uniform. She’s even adjusting his tie for him, lovingly.)

Closing Charge: Negative (Nick, who had been so happy at the beginning of this scene, is now hiding from the evil kids,  struggling to pull the muzzle off, panicked, crying like his heart’s broken.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? Traumatized

Scene 5
What’s at stake? Closeness

Opening Charge: Negative (Well that was a horrifying story. And now Nick is avoiding eye contact, while revealing the takeaways he got from that childhood episode, which have shaped his decisions from then on. Suddenly Judy, and the audience, understand Nick a lot more. We empathize and sympathize with him.)

Closing Charge: Positive (The traffic cameras would have caught whatever happened to Manchas! And Judy has a friend that can help them access those cameras. They’re back on the case.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? Nick dodges out of further vulnerability BUT they’re back on the case – this time, together. 


As you can see, the emotional charges of these scenes fluctuate smoothly, from a scene’s opening to its closing, from one scene to the next. In every moment, in every beat, we’re feeling something. And when the scene turns, we (and the characters) are feeling the opposite of what we were at the beginning of the scene. Our curiosity and minds are linked to the story by the question “What’s going to happen next?”; our emotions are connected to the story by the conduits Judy and Nick, these two characters we care about, as every emotional change pushes us closer towards the answer to the question “What’s going to happen to these two? Is everything going to end up alright for them?" 

Now, let’s see what happens when you stop paying attention to the emotional changes of your scenes. 

Scene 1: Manchas is gone. Bogo is berating Judy. Nick stands there and watches. Judy ends up handing over her badge. The real cops leave, and Judy stays behind, figuring she might as well try and complete the case anyway. All Nick wants is that carrot pen, so he tags along.

Scene 2: Judy has nothing to feel thankful about, and certainly doesn’t feel closer to Nick. He’s thinking back on his childhood, but doesn’t share anything with Judy… 

Scene 3: Instead of the flashback opening on a happy Nick, it opens on him getting beaten up by the evil children, and ends on him weeping with the muzzle strapped to his face. 

Scene 4: We snap back to the present. Judy staring, beyond tears at this point. Nick looking traumatized and bitter. He remembers he needs the pen. He thinks about the reward money if they had found all those missing mammals. He has the traffic camera revelation! He drags a dejected Judy into his scheme, which she doesn’t care about, but why the heck not? 

In this horrible alternate universe version of Zootopia, this sequence of scenes is negative from beginning to end. And what would have happened to the audience if the scenes had played out in this depressing way? 

They would have emotionally checked out.

The connection between emotions and story would have snapped.

We would have forced our emotions to abandon the story, and watched the rest of the movie feeling betrayed and cheated. 

Because in the end, all we care about are these characters. All we care about is story, and character is story. It’s no coincidence that removing the emotional changes of the scenes equated to removing Judy and Nick’s relationship in the scenes; that relationship, that B Story, or Love Story, function (oddly enough) as the heart of the movie: it keeps the story alive, it keeps us connected and invested in the narrative, it keeps the scenes emotionally turning. Before Nick showed up, and we had two characters to care about, what kept us emotionally involved in the story was our relationship with Judy, this plucky bunny that we really wanted to see succeed. Establishing that connection is a subject for another post, but in regards to scenes, this manipulation of the audience’s emotions is how you keep that connection going strong.

I just said to manipulate someone’s emotions. How villainous.

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And this is how Nick died an heroic Death… by Snu Snu. So the lesson in this story is: never let your bunny spice you drinks? hahaha

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The Neighbors (4/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting,

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                     Part 4 : A Night Out with the Boys

       It’s been  a week since you hung out with the  guys but you see them at least once a day. Sometimes you end up sharing the elevator with them or passing them in the hall,  but mainly you have been texting them. Mostly Sam. You talk about everything, so you’re texting constantly. Steve and Bucky are still adjusting to texting and using their phones, but Buck will send you awful pickup lines, which you then respond with a laughing emoji. You and Steve text each other randomly, saying hello or asking how the others day is. It’s not a lot, but enough to keep a smile on your face.   You’ve decided to use all the sick days you’ve accumulated. You deserve it after working so many 15-16 hour shifts this last week. A week off, what do I even do?

  You finally reach your apartment. Walking out of the elevator, you’re so lost in your thoughts that you run right into someone. They catch you by wrapping their arm around your waist before you land on your ass. After you finally register what just happened, you lock eyes with your savior.

Thank God for Steve Rogers

. A sweet smile spreads across your face, and Steve’s expression mirrors yours. “Well hello, Captain,“ Your voice comes out smooth, and you wiggle your eyebrows at Steve. He lets out a laugh as sets you upright on your feet."Hey Y/n, you okay? You looked a little out of it when you walked into me.” You can hear the concern laced in his tone.

Is he always a gentleman? Buck should take a page from his book, this is real 40’s charm

The smile stays on your face, but now a blush accompanies it. “Yeah, I’m good Steve, just lost in my thoughts. Thank you for catching me!”

“I’ll always catch you.” You send him a ‘oh really now’ look. Before he tries to correct himself, a full blush painted across his cheeks. “Uh, I mean, I’ll always try to catch you when you fall.” He rubs at the back of his neck like he did the first time you met him. You feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering up a storm at how Steve is acting.“Good to know,” You say quietly. You hear him chuckle.  “Alright, I’ll get out of your way. I’m sure you’re exhausted.” You laugh, saying goodbye and going to unlock your door. Before you turn the knob, you hear Steve cough behind you. You smile and turn back to him.“Yes, Steve?” you simply ask. He looks like he’s debating something, his eyebrows are pulled together.

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“Well I - we’re going out to the bar tonight around 7:30. I was wondering if you would want to come with us? If you’re too tired I und-"   

  "I’d love to!” You answer a bit too quickly. You don’t care though. Steve sends you another beautiful smile and says goodbye, again. When you walk in your apartment, you throw all your stuff on the floor, change into pajamas and throw yourself into bed. You pick up your phone, seeing it’s almost 1p.m, and set your alarm for 5:30.

That’s enough sleep right? I have to make sure I have enough time to get ready.

You find a comfortable position and fall into an easy sleep .

  Your alarm blaring wakes you up, making you jump up in bed. You let out a loud groan, pressing the snooze button. As you stretch and begin waking yourself up more, you start thinking about tonight. 

  What do I wear? Oh my God, I don’t think they can handle drunk me. Sam will never let me forget it if I do something embarrassing. Then again, I could get them really drunk too and hold whatever shit they do against them. Wait, can Steve & Bucky even get drunk? You’re pulled out of your thoughts by your text alerts going off. You scroll through, seeing you have a text from Sam and your best friend from home, Gloria.

 Birdboy: You better be ready for a wild night, no wimps allowed >:)

You laugh as you type your response,

Me: Calm your feathers, I’ll drink you right under the table Samuel. Can grandpa 1 & 2 even get drunk?

You hit send, and open Gloria’s text.

Glo: Did you see Nick’s snapchat story Y/n?

   Oh God, I don’t even want to look. Nick is your ex boyfriend from before you moved to New York. Your first love. He treated you like crap; he cheated on you numerous times, lied about it, and you stupidly believed him until you finally had enough. He backed off for a while after you broke up with him, but eventually he tried to reappear in your life.  He tried every way to get to you: texts, calls, snapchats. You name it, he did it. He even found your forwarding address when you moved. He sent you letters, acting like nothing changed between you too. It was borderline creepy, until one day it just stopped. You go to the snapchat app on your phone and open it. His name is the first one to appear, so you click his story. Your eyes nearly fly out of your head.

“No fucking way,” you whisper. Nick’s story was of him in New York.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, he might not even be near Brooklyn.

You try to push the thoughts out of your mind as you text Gloria back.

Me: He’s probably not even near Brooklyn Glo, at least I hope.

     She replies that she hopes so too. She tosses threats out that make you laugh, easing your anxiety. You tell her you’re off for the next week, and she suggests flying back to your hometown.

I mean I could…

   You think about it for a moment but decide against it. You want alone time during the vacation, and maybe a little time with the guys. You finally get yourself out of bed and into the shower to start getting ready for tonight. You have about an hour and a half before you have to go.

          Time skip … 7:20 pm.

   You’re barely done getting ready by the time you have to leave. You put on some boots and call yourself done. You glance in the mirror to take in your appearance. Your hair is in loose waves, eyeliner is winged flawlessly, and your outfit looks perfect to you. You are wearing a striped black & white long sleeve dress that lands mid thigh and hugs your curves perfectly. You pair it with thigh high black boots and a black leather jacket to complete your outfit. 

You twirl yourself around in the mirror, checking every angle to make sure you look okay. You stare a little too long at the way the dress clings to the curve of your ass, wondering if you look like you’re trying too hard.

    Before you can even change your mind on your outfit, you hear obnoxious knocking on your door. You roll your eyes, knowing it’s the guys. You shuffle to the door, opening  it to see all three men looking hot as ever. All three had jeans on that fit their body perfectly. Sam is wearing a dark green shirt, Bucky is sporting a maroon Brooklyn t-shirt, and Steve is looking cute as a button in a blue flannel with the sleeves rolled up his forearms.Stop drooling, Y/nYou motion for them to scoot out of the way and notice all of their eyes are on you. You hear a chorus of whistles and curses. You lock your door then follow the boys into the elevator. Compliments are thrown around about how everyone looks. You managed to make all three men blush by telling them how good they look. You giggle when they tell you the same. As you exit your building, your excitement builds. This is going to be fun!

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Time Skip to the Bar -

   The bar is packed. There’s people dancing, drinking, talking, and making out in booths.   As you make your way to the bar, Steve has to grab onto your hand so the guys don’t lose you in the mass of people. He interlaces his fingers with yours, making butterflies erupt in your stomach once again. He doesn’t let go right away when you get up to the bar, making the butterflies worse. You all order your drinks, the guys sticking to beer while you order a glass of whiskey. They all send you a surprised look, but you wave them off. Finding a booth takes some time, but you manage. The talk flows easily between you guys, just like the night at their apartment.

After a while, you decide it’s time for shots. You have to yell over the music so your friends can hear you.

  “I’m going to get shots! And then one of you is dancing with me!” you demand. You slink yourself through the hundreds of people between you and the bar. When you finally get there, you still have an almost clear view of the table. You order a round of tequila for your table,  as you’re waiting you feel a tap on your shoulder. You assume it’s one of your boys, but when you turn to face them you’re speechless.

Son of a bitch.

  "I thought that was you.“ Nick. You’ve gotta be shitting me right now. Out of all the damn bars in the freaking city…

"What are you doing here, Nick?” Your tone is flat, your anxiety is flaring, but you don’t want him to see.

He beams a bright smile at you, his dimples out on display.  "Vacation, thought I’d visit New York, see what the big deal is about the city.“

Where the fuck is the bartender?

You look around the bar for her but come up empty. You end up making eye contact with Steve & Sam. You look away and back at Nick."So who are you here with?” he asks.

What a nosey jackass.

“Actually I’m here with-”“Everything okay sweetheart, what’s taking so long?” Steve slides his arm around your waist, resting his hand on your waist and pulling you into him.

Steve? When did he even come over here?


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 "I’m  just waiting on our shots,“ Your voice comes out more steady than you expect, surprising you.

Nick clears his throat obnoxiously loud, causing Steve to turn his focus to him.

"Hi, I’m Nick.” He sticks his hand out for Steve to shake. Steve takes it, shaking it firmly.

“Hello, I’m Steve Rogers. Y/n’s boyfriend.” You’ve never heard Steve’s voice sound this deep, almost dominate. Holy balls, this must be his Captain America voice. Your thoughts take a dirty turn, sending heat straight to your core. Stop it Y/n, not the time. Wait, did Steve just say he’s my boyfriend? What the hell is he up to?


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9. “Don’t ask me that.”

In which Harry’s been distracted and forgets your anniversary.

Everything is a mess, and it has been for months. You’ve been able to feel Harry drifting further from you. He hasn’t spent time with you since he got back from tour, and now you’re hanging on by a thread. He’s fucked up royally.

Harry’s been gonna all day, since before you woke up. Maybe he had work to do, but now it’s five minutes to midnight. He’s missed the entire day, and not just any day, but your anniversary, for fuck’s sake. Feeling a rift between you is one thing, but realizing that there’s no more effort being put into the relationship is another.

Your fingers click the TV off and then swipe at your eyes, collecting the tears that have been been pouring from you for the past twenty minutes. You rise from the couch just as the front door opens and closes. Harry tromps through the hallway with a chuckling Nick on his tail. When he enters the room, it’s 12:01 and far too late.

“Hey, Nick’s gonna stay over,” he says casually. Making some other joke that has his buddy cackling.

“Oh, you okay, Y/N?” Nick asks as his laughter dies out. The smile on his face is replaced by a concerned frown. Harry turns to look at you, grin still hinting at the corners of his lips.

“Can I talk to Harry alone for a minute, Nick?” you ask quietly, avoiding eye contact with either of them. You feel very small and unimportant right now.

“Yeah, sure,” he answers hesitantly, backing away toward the hallway. “I’m just gonna change my clothes.”

You’re left alone with Harry, and his smile has faded to confused curiosity.

“Is this ‘bout Nick spending the night? He drank a li'l too much ‘n-”

“That’s not what this is about, Harry,” you interrupt, shaking your head. “Do you know what yesterday was?”

“Uh, Saturday?”

“It was our anniversary, Harry.”

He stares at you with a blank face for a long while and then lets out an exasperated breath.

“Fuck’s sake,” he whispers, pushing a hand through his hair. “’M sorry, I-”

“Do you want me to pack my things?”

“Wha’?” His face falls into an expression of shock as his hand falls back to his side. Your throat is starting to close up and you have to squeeze your eyes shut to keep yourself from crying again.

“Do you want to end this?”

“Don’.” Harry shakes his head slowly. “Don’ ask me that.”

“Why? It really seems like you do.”

“Y/N, Christ!” He takes a step toward you and holds out his hands cupping your jaw. His rings are cold against your heated skin. “I don’ want yeh t’ leave, no,” he whispers, thumbs brushing at the tears that stain your cheeks.

“What’s happening to us?”

“Baby,” he says with a sigh, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you into him. “I dunno. I dunno, but we can fix it. Please, let me fix it.”

“Harry, I don’t-”

“Y/N, don’ give up on me,” he says firmly, shaking his head and holding you away from him. His eyes are wild, brows tugged together. “I can fix it. ’M sorry. I’ve been distracted and I forgot our anniversary—fuck, I forgot our anniversary.” He drops his head and closes his eyes. You’re silent while he collects himself.

“I’ll make it up t’ yeh,” he whispers when he lifts his head again. “I’ll make all of it up t’ yeh. We can celebrate when we wake up and I can fix it. Please.”

“Okay,” you agree without missing a beat. You’re not ready to let him go, despite everything that’s been going on. You nod and rub your eyes gently. “Okay.”

“Thank yeh, m’ love.” Harry presses a hard kiss to your forehead and wraps you in his arms again. “Had me scared.”

Nick enters the room again wearing an old pair of Harry’s pajama pants. He smiles when he sees the two of you hugging.

“Everything good, then? I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Everything’s okay,” you answer, pulling away briefly before Harry yanks you back to him.

Nick grins and passes you to make his home on the sofa. Harry mumbles a goodnight to him and then backs into the hallway, pulling you with him.

“Happy belated anniversary, love,” he whispers, a small smile finally making an appearance. “'N to many mo’.”

It’s been pretty…weird. Things have changed so much since the show, since I’ve become…known. It’s weird sometimes. Like when people take pictures of me while I’m sleeping at the airport, or while I’m eating. But if that’s the kind of picture you want, I guess, here you go!

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Sole Truths companion "if you could change one thing in your body what would it be?" .. Please and thank you❤❤❤You're amazing!!!

Thank you Anon! <3 

Sole asks Companions what would they change about their body if they could (Truth)

Cait: “Why would I change something? Ya trying to tell me something here Sole? Getting on me nerves!”

Codsworth: “Why, I do sometimes wish I could have Mr. Gutsy equipment; I simply cannot stand watching Sole fall in battle!”

Curie: “I have already made all the required transformations to accomplish my scientific ambition!”

Danse: “Uhh…well…*clears throat* my power armor does get too tight on the crotch after a while…”

Deacon: “How did you know? I wanted to change my face for a while now!”

Dogmeat: He likes being a dog; why would he ever change that?!

Hancock: “If you are asking if I ever wanna become human again; then no!”

Macready: “Well…I would like it if I were a bit bigger…I guess”

Nick: “Well; Having full face could bring more business to the agency”

Piper: “Pfff, why would I ever mess with perfection?… Seriously now though, do you think I’ve gained some weight? I think I have! Gahh, I wish losing weight was easy!”

Preston: “Oh that’s an easy one! Nothing! I like myself the way it is!”

Strong: “Strong wish Strong was as big as Bahemoth! Then Strong find milk easy!”

X6-88: “Absolutely nothing… I have everything the institute need from a courser.”

Maxson: “Are you implying something Knight…I assure you, that my body is role model, for the entire Brotherhood of steel!”

Voice in the distance: “U short tho”

Gage: “Nahh, I ain’t gonna complain about it. It’s gotten me out of more shit that you could’ve imagined!”

Ada: “My body is highly modified, and Sole keeps modifying it. I trust that whatever they think is best for me, I would find useful.”

Can’t kill you if you’re already dead - Part 1

Summary: You are an agent of SHIELD, and you’re “more than a friend” of Steve Rogers. During the events of Winter Soldier, Steve discovers that you were to know the identity of the Winter Soldier for a long time. Finally you tell him the truth.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader (friendship)

Other characters: Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury, Maria Hill.

Warnings: Angst, mention of fight

Words Count: 2613

Author’s Note: I love so much Marvel Cinematic Universal, and I love so much Steve Rogers/Captain America (and Chris Evans too lol)
Hope you like it!

If you wanna be tagged in my stories, tell me!

I am an agent of SHIELD, recruited by Nick Fury himself, during the nineties. But I’m not an agent like everyone else: I am a super-soldier.
The HYDRA kidnapped me in the forties, when a twenty year old. I was doing volunteer work during the war, helping wounded soldiers. That day my life changed completely. The HYDRA did experiments on me, on my body, on my mind. They have caused permanent changes.. they released the latent powers: telekinesis (mental capacity to move and control objects with the power of thought, also very heavy); telepathy (the ability to create a connection between people’s minds, altering the memories, project illusions).
I spent years and years alone, until one day the cell next to mine, always remained empty from your arrival, is occupied by someone. A man, I learned about slowly, and he began to know me, to become almost a single person. In the worst moments I was there for him, and he was there for me.
At first, my torturers used the electric chair, and other methods of torture. Then they began by washing the mind. Soon they discovered that had no effect on me, because of my powers, which created a sort of mental shield, which they couldn’t cross. So they decided to try to brainwash on my friend; everything changed.
The more time passed, the more he was different; I tried to continue to remind him who he really was, to tell his story, we’ve been through. But eventually he became a puppet HYDRA: when they wanted to kill, he killed. When they didn’t need him, they hibernated him. And when he looked at me before he left, he couldn’t see the friend of the past, what was at his side in the dark nights; for him I was only a prisoner of HYDRA, who not obeyed.
They thought to hibernate me too early, to keep my appearance, beautiful and young, but soon discovered another consequence of my powers: not grew older. They didn’t understand, and I didn’t understand it myself, if aging was only slowed down, or stopped altogether.
I escaped in 1985 during a mission, I was able to rebel and to escape; I didn’t look behind me even once, even though I thought, and thought, my friend, how I was abandoned, despite its radical change.
I met him again a few years later, in Russia, by chance alone. I tried to convince him to come with me, to escape from HYDRA, as I did, to always stay together, to help each other. Maybe we could find a way to fight the men who had tortured us. Nothing, for him I was nobody, only a rebel fled to the mane of his ‘masters’; He tried to bring me back. I escaped. He fired me. 

During the escape, I promised myself that I would have helped him come to himself; He would return my one-time friend.
Nick Fury recruited me years after that; He knew who I was and what had happened to me, but he never asked me about my friend; I didn’t know if he knew about it or not.
He convinced me to join his “agency”, SHIELD, even though I was very skeptical at first. The only agency that I knew I had locked up for years. But at SHIELD it was not bad: with other agents, such as Black Widow, Clint Barton, Maria Hill, have become skilled in close combat, and now have to use any type of weapon, though much more often use my powers, that in time I learned to better control.
Fury trusts me so much that he spoke me of the project “Avengers”, an elite group of superheroes chosen by him personally: Tony Stark, philanthropist, billionaire, with almost superhuman intelligence, better known as Iron Man; Thor, god of thunder, son of Odin, from another world; Bruce Banner, and his alter ego Hulk, 'born’ as a result of an experiment with gamma radiation went bad; and finally Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, who defeated the Red Skull, head of HYDRA, during World War II; He was believed to be dead, but Fury found him in the North Pole glaciers, hibernating. I am taken part in the project, and helped the Avengers at the Battle of New York, against Chitauri and Loki.

After the battle, everyone returned to their lives and their worlds; I went back to being a simple agent, participating in new missions, but with a new partner by my side: Steve Rogers. Between him and me she was born .. something. I can’t explain it, but I saw him as a beacon of hope, the light that was missing for a long time inside my heart. The only problem was that I hadn’t told him the truth about me, about HYDRA, and about.. him.
Steve and I were not just a couple genuine, but almost always went out together, take me anywhere I wanted on his motorbike; to the movies, to the luna-park, to the sea, eat ice cream together, or simply we remained at home, or his, or mine, and sat on the couch, talking, exchanging a few kisses: nothing more, something simple. Our life was almost back to normal. But nothing lasts forever.
Everything is changed. Somebody killed Nick Fury.

“Tell me about the shooter.”, says Natasha, his voice trembling. Nick Fury was severely wounded, while he was at Steve’s house. I received your call while I was in the shower, and I rushed to the hospital. Nat is very tied to Fury; more than me probably.
“He’s fast. Strong. Had a metal arm. ”
I turn my eyes toward Steve, impressed by his description of the man who tried to kill Fury. I try not to show it to anyone, but my face is a look of pure horror; they have awakened him. And that means that you are approaching the moment when I’ll have to tell Steve the truth.
The seconds pass, and then the minutes pass, and Fury of the heart begins to slow down, he loses more beats, until it stops completely.
Nick Fury is dead.

Of all the worst things that could happen, this is terrible: before the death of Fury, SHIELD is compromised, and the HYDRA is in control. Almost they killed me and Steve, an ambush in the elevator of Triskelion, the base of SHIELD. Steve and I to get away we had to jump into the void, impacting with the asphalt of the road; thank god Steve had his shield, which minimized the damage.
Now we all wanted: Hill, Romanoff, Captain America, and me.

“I know who killed Fury”, these are the exact words that come from the lips of Natasha. If she knows who it was, he must have met him. But she really know who is hiding behind the mask? I do not think she would have said now to Steve.. but I should tell; but not now. Now we are all in danger, we have to get away. Nat begins to tell his story, or at least what little she knows.
“He has over two dozen murders in the last fifty years. Most intelligence does not believe in its existence. Those who believe in it, they call it..”
“..The Winter Soldier.” I say, shifting the focus on me, Steve with a confused look.
“Do you know who he is?” he asks. Now, I have to talk about it.. but because I can’t? I look down, disappointed by myself.
“I heard about it; I thought of him when you spoke of the metal arm, but.. I wasn’t sure.”
“How do we find him?”
“You can’t find him..” I say, as I think back to the last time I saw him, "..he finds you.“

Wheaton, New Jersey.
It’s where Steve had joined as a soldier in the forties, before.. Well, Captain America. The pen-drive that Nick Fury has left to Steve before he died, it’s here that took us. We found a hiding place, where there was inside a massive quantity of information, connected to a computer, then discovered to be the diseased mind of Dr. Zola, who flanked Red Skull during World War II. He’s told us the truth: the HYDRA has infiltrated into SHIELD since the agency’s born and they are "dormant” remained all these years, and now they want to eliminate all those who threaten their plans.
Captain America will not allow it. I will not allow it.

Insight, the plan of attack HYDRA: Helicarrier with technology to eliminate anyone who wants the HYDRA, will be active in the sky in a few hours. We must return to the Triskelion, and stop everything. While I, Steve and Natasha we drive, I try to talk to Steve. Will it hurt to remember everything that happened to me, all I was trying to forget; the pain, the tears, the 'grieving’ for my friend. But I can not lie anymore, not Steve: he trusts me.
I do not have time to say a single word, that something attacks. Someone attacks us: The Winter Soldier. I get thrown away, and with me also Nat. When I open my eyes, the right leg of Romanoff is locked under the debris; with my powers, I lift the rocks and move them away. I help Nat to get up and settle in a safer place, since with his injured leg she can not fight. I return to the streets to help Steve, which meanwhile recovered his shield and he is fighting against the mysterious soldier.

His face covered with his usual mask, makes sure that Steve will not recognize it. Not yet, anyway. With a flick, the mask of the soldier flies away, and when he looks up, Steve can not believe it: in front of him is really his old friend, Bucky Burnes, believed dead during the battle against the Red Skull .

“Who the hell is Bucky?”

As I imagined, he does not remember; HYDRA has made the once brainwashed; they do it every time you wake him, before to send him on a mission to prevent remembered something. The Soldier does not give weight to the words of Steve, and after taking a knife, try to launch it toward him, when I approach more of them, and with my power, throw away the knife, and then have it in my hands .
“Soldier!” I yell at him, turning his eyes to look at me.
“You? I thought you were dead.” says the Winter Soldier. As I would be happy to meet him again, to hug him; but I know that he does not remember anything.
“You don’t want to kill him. He is your friend, you must remember." I try once again to make it sobering, and for a second it seems that his eyes soften, trying to remember something, a memory minimal as it was before. But before he can help him, a grenade flies towards him. When disappears explosion smoke, he’s gone. He disappeared like a ghost.

We’re arrested by HYDRA. I can’t use my powers, because of some special handcuffs, of which I had no idea existed. Directed to the Triskelion, we never arrived. To save us was Maria Hill, who has hidden there in a top secret place, that not even the HYDRA knows. One of Fury bunkers. And inside there’s just Nick Fury, lying in a bed, alive and kicking.
"I saw the operation. Your heart stopped beating.” says Natasha while a doctor cures the leg.
“A medicine created by Banner for stress. On him it didn’t work; we used it ourselves. It slows down the beat up to one minute.”
“Why all the secrecy? Why don’t you tell us?” Steve is talking this time. All the way, he didn’t deign to look at me, didn’t mention me. It’s right, how stupid I extended the lies, and I made a mistake.
"It had to look real.”
“Can’t kill you if you’re already dead.” I think aloud. Everyone turns towards me, as if they had forgotten my presence. Steve has his eyes on me, his face exudes.. don’t hate, but disappointment. He takes a deep breath, hands on waist.

Then he goes away. A few seconds, a little 'courage, and I follow him. It’s time to tell him the truth.

“Steve..” I call him; he is leaning the scaffold of the bridge on which we find ourselves.
“You knew from the beginning that he was Bucky?“ he asks, looking at the emptiness below us. I don’t answer: he already knows the answer.
"Why don’t you tell me?”
“It’s a long story.. and it’s difficult to explain.”
Steve turns to me, and approaches to me. Look straight in my eyes C/O, and I look into his, as blue as the sky, like the light of hope that he is for me.
“I want the truth.”
A lump in my throat. I never told anyone what happened to me, in the HYDRA’s laboratories, even Fury, though he knew something. Despite what’s between me and Steve, I.. I was afraid, that after my story, he saw me as a weak person. But don’t tell him the truth has led me to this, and I don’t want to lose him. I’m tired of losing the people I love. I have only one way to put things right with him. I take a deep breath and start talking.
“I was born in the twenties. I was a normal girl, with a normal family. I went to school, then I went to college; I’ve always wanted to do, however, it was to help people, so I started to do volunteer work. But one day.. I was kidnapped by several men. They were locked me. They have tortured me..” the words out of my lips trembling; I try as much as possible to hold back the tears, and I continue.
“They made sure that my latent powers come out in the sunlight. I was always alone in that miserable cell, until one day someone else locked him in the cell next to mine. The walls were transparent, so I could see him, and even found a way to speak, thanks to my powers; Bucky his name was. Although they had imprisoned him, despite his arm amputee.. on his face there was always a smile. He smiled for him, he smiled to me; it was the only thing, the only time when we forgot what they were doing to us. Then the HYDRA began with brainwashing; first on me, and when they found that didn’t work, they began with him. I could hear his screams, in my mind, roared so loud, and I couldn’t get them to stop. I was afraid.. more of his screams, that of mine.. it was no more Bucky, my friend. I tried to bring him back to reality, but the more time passed, the more he forgot. Until not remember what I was for him.”
I start to cry, I can no longer resist. Steve approaches me and pulls me into his arms. I feel his perfume mixing with mine.
“I promise that I would have saved Steve. He is the only one who has helped me in all those years. I owe him.”
Steve approach his lips to mine, and kissed me. 

A chaste kiss; He leans his forehead to mine, and fixed his eyes on mine.
“We will save him. We will save Bucky.”

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Anguish // Bucky Barnes

Summary: AU where Reader is an FBI Agent and best friends with Detective Nat Romanoff. Everything changes when Bucky and the reader meet each other. Soon Nat has to decide what’s more important…her happiness or her best friend.

Characters: agent!reader x detective!bucky, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers x nurse!Sharon, Wanda x Vision, Pietro Maximoff (mentioned), Nick Fury (mentioned), and Peggy Carter (mentioned)

Words: 2692

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the characters involved. This is also an AU in which the Avengers are actually detectives.

Warnings: Swearing, talk of death, injuries, infertility by car accident, PTSD (mentioned), and ANGST with just a hint of fluff.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: to hold you over till Sunday, April 23rd when I will be finished packing for home! Requests will be OPEN ON SUNDAY

Snapchat to see what’s coming next: caitsyandash

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Originally posted by xalisiamarvelous

Normally it should be one the happiest days to watch your best friend get married but for Natasha it was the exact opposite. You had been best friends since you were roommates during your police academy days having bonded as the daughters of former officers. When you went to different cities for jobs you had kept in contact and celebrated when Nat made detective and you worked your ass up into the FBI. She was so happy when you took your two weeks off following a botched operation landing you with a bullet to the shoulder.

During those two weeks you had met one of Nat’s co-workers and friend Bucky Barnes at a game night. It was held at Steve Rogers house in Brooklyn, he was a recently transferred detective from Bucky’s childhood, and Steve’s wife Sharon. Sharon was an ER nurse going back to school to become a Doctor. Nat had straight away invited you over not expecting to have you bond so well with everyone.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N-“

“Agent Y/L/M, dumbs.” Nat laughed poking you in the side. You giggled.

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Your Champion ~ Kenny Omega

Prompt: “please, hold me” and “Want a hug?”

Side note: I felt really bad for Kenny seeing him post dominion he looked like he had been through hell and back, he and Okada busted their asses in that match so 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to them

You were so proud. Proud of your boyfriend, Kenny Omega for that phenomenal match. You would be lying if you said you weren’t scared shitless for him during that entire match, with all the crazy moves he did. But your man was tough, he was a survivor, you knew he wouldn’t quit.

Which is why your heart sank when you heard the announcer call it a draw. Kenny would be so disappointed in himself. You rushed through the corridors backstage to try and get to him. Fortunately you found him, with the Young bucks scrolling through his Twitter feed trying to cheer him up. But you could see the disappointment in his eyes you could feel his fustration in his poor attempt of a laugh.

“Ken” you called gently and he turned to you a weak smile on his face, his skin was flushed red and covered in sweat as well as a large ice pack strapped to his neck. You gently wrapped your arms around his shoulders and kissed his cheek.

Later, you and Kenny where in your hotel room, Matt and Nick had asked if you wanted any help but you said you could manage. After getting him in the bath and helping him wash his hair and clean his body, he managed to get himself into a pair of boxers while you got changed into your pyjamas.

When your turned around Kenny was sat upright, his arms resting on his knees, his back hunched over. “I can’t beat him” He said simply, “I can’t beat him when it matters the most” He said a over-whelming sense of sorrow coming off him. Kenny wants the type of person to cry over defeats but you knew it was different between him and Okada.

“Want a hug?” You asked outstretching your arms, weakly he held up one hand and beckoned your over with his fingers “Please, hold me” He said simply. You nodded, taking his hand. You lay down on the bed and then Kenny nuzzled himself into your side, slowly wrapping one of his arms around you. You began to quietly murmur positive messages of ‘how you would beat him next time’ and 'how he was greatest wrestler in the world’.

As you were slowly playing with his long curly hair, Kenny ever so slowly fell asleep.

Come What May - The Finale

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. So why did she feel like she was making the biggest mistake of her life? Roman Reigns/OC/Tama Tonga


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P.S. This chapter contains dark, disturbing themes.


If Living Is Without You

Three months later…

Making his way down the hallway of their latest hotel, Tama dropped the many pieces of luggage he was juggling with a big huff and checked the key card, smiling with relief when he realized he was standing right in front of the corresponding door. He then opened the door and turned around. “After you, cutie,” he said with a cheeky grin.

Ashley returned his smile, and stepped through the door into the foyer. Tama followed her, dragging the first set of luggage – hers – in with him. He set the suitcases down and went back out to fetch the rest. Ashley kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. Tama was saying something to her as he unpacked, but she was not hearing a single word. She wrapped her bony arms around her knees, her eyes glazing over as she withdrew into herself once again.

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Majorly Judging You + General Danvers ‘Spy’ au, from another wonderful conversation with @alittlelesspain

Following the murder of Irsa In-Ze, the leader of an international crime empire, at the hands of one of the FBI’s top agents, Maxwell Lord, and his subsequent death, both the FBI and the military are desperate to find the location of a nuclear weapon that was in Irsa’s possession, and whose location Maxwell failed to discover before he was ostensibly killed by one of Irsa’s bodyguards.

As Irsa’s hier to her empire, Alura is the only person left who could possibly know where the weapon is. Once, there might have been two people, but Irsa’s second daughter died years ago. There are rumours that Irsa killed her herself, because the girl consistently refused to go along with any her mother’s plans for her.

With the chance of Maxwell having been compromised before his death, the FBI fears that Alura now knows the names and faces of all active FBI agents, leaving them little choice but to send Agent Alex Danvers, whose spent the last few years stuck on desk duty since turning Maxwell down on a date once, into the field. Due to the possible dire consequences of this weapon falling into enemy hands, the FBI is working with the U.S. Military, and General Lane partners Alex with his daughter, Lucy Lane.

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anonymous asked:

can you do The Fallout 4 companions reacting to ss just mindlessly cuddling up to them in their sleep?

HELLO I’m back in business! The past week I’ve been really really sick, it was bad. I’m a bit more functional now though! I’ve gotten even more backed up on asks so, anyone sending some in, please bare with me and be patient. 

Cait: As soon as Sole touched her at, she instinctively jerked away from them. Once Cait realized it was just Sole, she checked to make sure she didn’t wake them up. She settled back down and Sole went right back to cuddling up to her. She was a little irritated by their breathing right in her face but she decided to put up with it anyway. 

Curie: Curie was asleep but woke up immediately when she felt Sole wrapping their arm around her. She gave a small gasp before asking if they were awake; they didn’t answer. Curie smiled to herself, she thought it was kinda cute that they were that comfortable with her. She tried not to move for the rest of the night. 

Codsworth: Even if he did sleep, he probably wouldn’t be very comfortable to cuddle up to..

Danse: Danse couldn’t fall asleep, he just didn’t feel safe enough to. Just as he was about to get up, Sole cuddled up to him. He didn’t know what to do. For awhile, he weighed his options: move away from them and risk waking them up, or stay there and let them be so close to him. He ultimately decided to take the risk and get up, he wanted to be on watch. Danse was very careful not to wake up Sole. 

Deacon: Sole aggressively hugged him in their sleep, and Deacon was so surprised he nearly chocked on his own saliva. He looked over to them and laughed. In a hushed voice he said, “I wish I had a camera.” When they woke up the next day, he told them aaallll about how they were all over him in their sleep. 

Dogmeat: Dogmeat loves being close to Sole always!!

Gage: “Boss, you awake?” Gage whispered to Sole after they had moved uncomfortably close to him. He didn’t get a reply so he assumed they were still asleep. After a little while of thinking of what to do, he sighed. quietly. He figured they had more on their plate than he did, so he decided he could put up with a little cuddling. 

Hancock: Just as he was about to fall asleep, Sole - who was already fast asleep - rolled over and drew Hancock in close. He was startled, but after a moment he realized they were still unconscious. He smiled at the thought of what they could be dreaming about. Hancock decided to not move much, they looked comfortable and he’d hate to ruin that. 

MacCready: MacCready was a little nervous to be sleeping so close to Sole, but it was cold and they needed each other’s warmth. When Sole wrapped their arm around him, he froze. He wasn’t entirely sure of whether or not they were awake, and he was too scared to ask, so he just kind of, laid there. In his mind he kept telling himself they were so close because it was so cold. That HAD to be the reason why. 

Nick: After patrolling the area for awhile, he plopped down next to sleeping Sole. Nick doesn’t sleep, so usually he just stays up and keeps watch. As soon as he sat next to them, Sole moved closer to him. Nick chuckled to himself while looking at them. He stayed there for the rest of the night, they deserved the rest. 

Piper: “Blue?!” Piper was startled by Sole suddenly cuddling up to her. She waited for a reply but didn’t get one. Awhile had gone by before she moved a bit, when she did, Sole stirred in their sleep. In fear of waking them up, she stopped moving altogether. She kind of wished she wasn’t in this situation; she wanted to change positions. Sole looked like they were having a good dream and she’d hate to ruin that. In the end she decided to not move and let them cuddle up to her as much as they wanted to. 

Preston: When Sole moved their body closer to Preston’s, his body was stiff. He didn’t know if he should move away from them or not. Once they put their arm around him though, he knew he couldn’t move. He didn’t entirely mind being his General’s body pillow. He fell asleep a lot quicker than he thought he would. 

Strong: N o. 

X6-88: X6 wasn’t entirely comfortable being so close to Sole. He let them cuddle up to him for a long while before moving away from them. He knew they were in deep enough sleep that they wouldn’t wake up. 

Happy Easter Guys!

Or if you don’t celebrate Easter, happy Sunday! I decided to write an Easter themed drabble for the holiday simply because I couldn’t resist making Judy Hopps be the Easter bunny. Hope you enjoy!

Nick Wilde had never liked holidays. They were a time to be spent with family and friends, celebrating the goodness in the world, except for those who didn’t have anyone. Those sad few were left to their own devices, watching from the outside the joy and affection shared by others. That was what he dealt with every year. The worst part was that this year, the one year he did have a friend, she was going to visit her family in Bunnyburrow.

“So Nick do you have any plans for Easter?” Judy asked cheerfully.
“I’m probably just going to hang out at home.” He replied, looking up from his computer, and noticing the frown Judy now wore. “So what time are you headed to Bunnyburrow tomorrow?” He inquired, changing the subject.
“I’ll be leaving pretty early.” She sighed, “Those eggs aren’t going to hide themselves.”
“Judy Hopps: Easter Bunny.” Nick chuckled, “I can picture it perfectly.”
“Har har.” She retorted, “And I’ll have you know that nobody hides those eggs better than I do.”
“That may be true, but I bet I could find them faster than anyone.” Nick said playfully, “After all, it’s not like they were hidden by a professional.”
“Is that a challenge Slick?” Judy asked with a smile, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms “Because you’re welcome to come and try.” Nick blanched.
“No I was only kidding.” He said quickly, looking back at his computer, “I wouldn’t want to intrude on the Hopps’ family Easter.”
“You wouldn’t be.” Judy assured him, alarmed by the sudden change in Nick’s mood, “I’m sure my parents would love to have you.”
“It’s nice of you to offer Carrots, but it’d be better if I stayed here.”
“Alright.” She conceded, returning her attention to the case report she was typing up, “Let me know if you change your mind.”
“Mhmmm.” He responded, knowing that he wouldn’t. Judy watched her partner revert to what she referred to as “Paperwork Nick,” the state in which he did all of his boring work while allowing his mind to roam freely. She smirked as the glassy-eyed fox scrolled down his portion of the case report on the computer, occasionally pausing to add a detail. Judy quietly slipped out of her chair and out of the room, being careful not to break Nick’s “concentration.” She closed the door to their little office, one of the few perks of being the two smallest mammals on the force, and opened her phone, swiping down her contacts list until she reached the one she was looking for.
“Hi mom!” She said cheerfully, “I’ve got some bad news.”
“What is it dear?” Bonnie replied, “Are you all right? Did something happen?”
“No mom, I’m fine.” She said quickly, “It’s just that I don’t think I can come home for Easter this year.”
“Oh, your little siblings are going to be so disappointed!” Bonnie fretted, “They’re so excited for the egg hunt and nobody hides them as well as you do! Why can’t you come honey-bun?”
“I don’t want to leave my friend all alone for Easter.” Judy said apologetically, “He doesn’t have any family that I know of and doesn’t have many friends either.”
“You can bring them with you!” Bonnie said happily, “The more the merrier!”
“I offered. He doesn’t want to.”
“Oh, I see.” Bonnie said knowingly, “He doesn’t want to come. Judy if you’d just told me your boyfriend didn’t want to come—”
“Mom, he’s not my boyfriend!” Judy interrupted, her ears turning red, “It’s my partner Nick!”
“You two aren’t dating?” Judy pulled her ears over her face to hide her embarrassment.
“No mom. We aren’t dating.” Judy said through gritted teeth, “We’re just friends.”
“Huh. Well, just know that your father and I don’t have anything against interspecies relationships dear.”
“Bye mom.” Judy said, pulling the phone away from her ear.
“Bye honey-bun.” Judy hung up and shoved her phone back into her pocket, radiating embarrassment. How could her mom think that she and Nick were dating? Sure they were good friends, best friends even, but it’s not like they did romantic things.
“He has cute nicknames for you.” A little voice in Judy’s head whispered, “You spend most of your free time with him. You see movies together, have dinner together, work together. He became a cop to be your partner and now you’re staying in Zootopia so he won’t be alone.” Judy let out a small gasp. Did she like Nick? Her thoughts began racing at a million miles per hour. All the little jokes, the witty banter, the casual touching! They were flirting with each other every day! Judy’s paw began thumping against the floor as she slowly realized that she liked her partner. Her mind instantly began replaying every single conversation she had ever had with Nick. Did he like her too? Was she just imagining things? She was flooded with doubt and anxiety and her paw became a blur. What if Nick didn’t like her? What if she ruined their friendship?
“No.” Judy said aloud, stopping her paw and calming herself.
“Just take it one thing at a time.” She told herself, “Would asking Nick out ruin our friendship?” Judy thought for a minute and almost laughed. Nick may not like her, but he wasn’t the insensitive and snarky fox that everyone thought he was. He would never hurt her. Judy walked back towards the office and was about to open the door when a thought struck her. A smile grew on her face as the idea took shape and Judy raced upstairs to Bogo’s office. She raced into the room, not even pausing to knock.
“Hopps!” Bogo said in a strained voice, hiding his phone underneath a file, “What are you doing?!”
“Chief, could I have the rest of the day off?” She asked excitedly, “I finished my casework and I just have a quick thing to—”
“Fine, just get out!” Bogo replied anxiously. Judy’s face lit up and she bounded out of his office, slamming the door shut behind her. Bogo sighed in relief and removed the stack of files from on top of his phone. It was bad enough that Clawhauser knew about his Gazelle app, but if Hopps and Wilde found out, he would never hear the end of it.
Nick opened his eyes, squinting at the sunlight filtering in from the window. He sat up in bed and let out a colossal yawn, stretching as he did so. He turned to his nightstand to grab his phone and froze. Sitting on top of his phone was a single, neon orange Easter egg. Nick picked it up gingerly and popped the top off, revealing a folded up piece of paper. He took it out and unfolded it to find a small note.
Dear Nick,
Happy Easter! I’m sure you’re confused so let me explain. You probably noticed that I left work early yesterday. Well, that’s because I needed to set up a little surprise for you. I know that you didn’t want to come to Bunnyburrow for Easter, so I brought Bunnyburrow to you! Hidden around your apartment, Precinct One, and a few other places in Zootopia are Easter eggs. The greatest Easter egg hunt in the history of Easter! I guess we’ll see if you really can find all the eggs.
Love, Judy
Nick stared at the note in confusion. She left him a scavenger hunt before going home?! He looked at the egg again and saw that there was another, smaller piece of paper adhered to the bottom. He pried it out with his claws and unfolded it.
What one word has the most letters in it? (1/5)
Nick snorted in amusement. She only hid five eggs? How hard could it possibly be? Clearly, the next egg would be somewhere in the apartment. Nick inspected the piece of paper again.
“The most letters…” He mused aloud, thinking about what were good hiding places.
“The fridge!” He said suddenly, jumping out of bed and running into the other room. He whipped open his fridge and searched it top to bottom, but didn’t find a trace of an egg. Nick then spent the next hour of his life searching every nook and cranny of his apartment, from the television to the oven. Nick finally sat down at the dining room table in defeat. He looked absentmindedly at the mess he made looking for the egg and bent over to pick yesterdays’ mail off the floor.
“Wait a minute.” He said, holding the mail, “The most letters… The mailbox!” Nick grabbed his robe and keys and rushed out of his apartment down to his mailbox. He shoved his key in the slot and ripped it open. Sitting there all by itself was one neon blue egg. Nick whooped in triumph and grabbed the egg, shut his mailbox, and returned to his apartment. He sat down at the table and pried the egg open, removing the clue from inside.
Not as easy as you thought, huh Slick? Here’s the next clue: What LUCKY mammal runs Precinct One? (2/5)
Nick looked at the clue again. She meant Bogo right? It couldn’t be anyone else. Who else had control over the officers? Nick shook his head and checked the clock. It was already noon. He grimaced and looked down at himself. He was still wearing his ratty pajamas and old robe.
“Shower first. Scavenger hunt second.” Nick said firmly, then headed into the bathroom. He emerged 20 minutes later, got dressed and headed to the precinct.
Nick walked into the precinct and up to Bogo’s office, knocking on the doorframe as he walked in. Bogo quickly put his phone away and glared at the smirking fox. He needed to get a lock put on his door.
“Wilde you’re off duty today. What do you want?”
“Did Judy happen to leave anything with you?” Nick asked, “Something egg-shaped perhaps?”
“Wilde don’t involve me in the games that you two play in your spare time. Get out.” Nick turned around and exited the office just as quickly as he’d entered. So much for that route. He walked down to the front desk and saw Clawhauser pouring himself a bowl of cereal.
“Hey Ben, how’s it going?” He asked. The chubby cheetah looked around for a moment before noticing the fox standing below his line of sight.
“Hey Nick!” Ben replied while taking a bite of cereal, “Happy Easter!”
“Happy Easter to you too.” He said quickly “Listen, did Judy hide something in the precinct for me to find?” Clawhauser tapped the side of his nose and put his cereal down.
“I’m not supposed to tell you anything.” He said cheerfully, “Judy wants you to figure it out for yourself.”
“Of course she does.” He sighed, “What’re you eating?” He asked, changing the subject.
“Lucky Chomps!” He responded while taking another bite, “Would you like some, it’s delicious!”
“No, I’m fine thanks—” Nick stopped as he remembered the one word in all caps on the clue, “Actually, could I see the box Ben?” Clawhauser nodded and handed Nick the cardboard box. Nick reached his arm all the way inside and felt around, finally smiling as he felt a smooth plastic object in his paw.
“Aha!” He said, pulling the neon yellow egg out, “Found it!”
“Nice job Nick!” Clawhauser said, “Judy said it would take you longer.”
“It almost did.” He said sheepishly, “I only got it because she put the word lucky in all caps on the clue.”
“Can I see it?” Clawhauser asked curiously. Nick handed the clue over and the chubby feline read it. Clawhauser began laughing as he handed the note back to Nick.
“She’s a tricky bunny.” He said, his laughter subsiding, “I ‘run’ the precinct because I run dispatch.” Nick frowned as he realized what she meant. Maybe this would be harder than he thought.
“Thanks for the help Ben!” Nick called over his shoulder as he began walking away, “I’ll see you tomorrow!” Nick exited the precinct, opened the egg, and unfolded the next clue.
It’s a little hot out. Maybe you should get something to cool down. (3/5)
Nick stared at the clue in consternation.
“Is that it?” He muttered, turning the piece of paper over, “How am I supposed to figure out what this one means?” Nick sat down on the steps outside the precinct and thought. Where would Judy send him? So far, there was one in his apartment, one in his mailbox, and one at the precinct.
“So it’ll be hidden someplace I know.” He decided, “But where? Could ‘cool down’ mean Tundratown? No. The only place she would hide it there would be Mr. Big’s, and she wouldn’t send me there. So something cold. Ice cream maybe?”
“Jumbeaux’s Café!” He said suddenly. Nick sprang to his paws and rushed off to find a cab.
Nick opened the door and the tinkling of a bell announced his arrival.
“Hey look, it’s old Nick Wilde!” Jumbeaux exclaimed, “You gonna buy a jumbo pop again?” Nick chuckled. After he became a cop, Judy had made him go to Jumbeaux’s and explain his old scam. For some reason, the old elephant thought it was hilarious. He probably would’ve been a lot less entertained by it if Nick hadn’t turned out to be an officer.
“That bunny friend of yours left somethin for ya.” He continued, tossing a neon green egg towards the fox, who caught it in both paws, “She didn’t want ya gettin stepped on lookin for it.”
“Ok.” Nick said, surprised that this one was so easy, “Thanks Jumbeaux!” Nick walked back out and opened up the egg, unfolding the clue to read it.
Getting close aren’t we? Sometimes I like to visit my favorite flower shop. (4/5)
Nick put the clue in his pocket and started walking. He knew exactly where this clue pointed.
Nick walked into the flower shop and was greeted by an old friend.
“Hey Emmett.” Nick said with a smile, “Long time no see.”
“Nicholas!” The otter replied with a grin, “Good to see you!”
“You too. I’m sorry to bother you, but did Judy leave something here for me?” Emmett nodded enthusiastically.
“She did indeed. But I’m not supposed to tell you where.”
“That’s fine.” He replied, “I’ll find it.” Nick wandered around the store, looking for a good hiding place, when he noticed a horrifyingly familiar shade of blue.
“Emmett, I thought that Night Howlers were banned by Zootopia.” Nick said, gesturing to the display, “Why are you selling them?”
“These are genetically modified seeds.” He explained quickly, “The component that was used to turn mammals savage was isolated and removed. They’re still great for keeping bugs off of produce though.” Nick nodded in understanding and then checked behind the flowers, discovering a neon red egg.
“You’re going to have to do better than that Carrots.” He murmured, opening the egg and reading the clue.
You’re almost there Nick! I liked making the scavenger hunt, so don’t expect me to apologize for it!
“Don’t expect me to apologize for it.” He muttered, thinking back to one of Judy’s stories, “She wants me to go to her neighbors?” Emmett cleared his throat and Nick turned to face him.
“I was also told to give you these.” He said, handing Nick a bouquet of violets, “I don’t know why.”
“Neither do I.” Nick replied as he reached for his wallet.
“No.” Emmett said firmly, “You will never pay for any flowers in this shop.”
“You’re too generous.” Nick said, pulling out his wallet, “Just let me—”
“Fine.” Nick said, seeing that this wasn’t a fight he would win, “Thank you for the flowers Emmett. I would say I’ll put these to good use, but I don’t actually know what they’re for.”
“Good luck then Nick. I’ll see you around.”
Nick trudged up the stairs towards Judy’s apartment. He emerged onto her floor and checked his phone. Her scavenger hunt to end all scavenger hunts had eaten up the entire day! He chuckled and put his phone back in his pocket. Nick walked towards her neighbor’s apartment, wondering why she sent him there, and why she had Otterton give him flowers. As he approached their door, something caught his eye. Sitting right in front of Judy’s apartment was purple Easter egg. Nick picked it up and opened it. There were only two things inside. A key and a scrap of paper.
It’s called a hustle sweetheart.
Nick looked at the note in confusion and then at the key, which appeared to be for Judy’s door. He slid it in the lock and turned, hearing the door unlock. Nick opened the door and saw that Judy Hopps was waiting for him, wearing a stunning blue dress.
“Judy?! What’re you doing here?! You’re supposed to be home! And why’re you wearing a dress?!”
“Nicholas Wilde,” She began, ignoring his questions, “will you go to dinner with me?” Nick froze and his jaw dropped open.
“As in a date?” He asked dumbstruck.
Nick looked at Judy, then down at the flowers he was carrying. He started to chuckling. Judy watched Nick intently as he began to laugh and her heart began sinking.
“If you don’t want to that’s fine too Nick.” She said quietly.
“You are the slyest bunny I have ever seen.” He said as his snickering subsided, “Of course I’ll go to dinner with you Judy!”
“You will?!”
“Are you kidding me Carrots?! You’re the best mammal I’ve met in my entire life! I’ve liked you ever since our first case!”
“Really.” Nick affirmed with a warm smile, “But we can talk about that at dinner.” He said, proffering his arm. Judy took it and the pair left her apartment.
“I believe these are for you madam.” Nick said sarcastically, offering Judy the bouquet.
“Why thank you.” She replied chuckling, taking it from him and sniffing the flowers, “But how did you know violets were my favorite?”
“Intuition.” Nick responded with a smirk, “Oh and also you picked out your own bouquet.”
“Sly bunny.” She answered cheerfully.
“Dumb fox.” He completed with a grin.

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I think this has the potential for a part 2, anyone agree? :)

@freeman-baggins-watson hahah you are so cute! Thank you ! xo 

A/N: So I didn’t mean for this to happen but you are just always so kind and inspiration just hit me, so here is a little extra for you below the ‘keep reading’ my darling! xo

Prompt: The typical situation where you are thrown into a mission with the man you can’t stand but the question is, will it change anything? 


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Your eyes fluttered open, your limbs stretching out as a yawn escaped your lips. The silk material of last nights dress rode up your thighs and it took you a moment to realise why you were wearing it to bed. Your gut twisted from the horrid memory before you remembered the fond moment you shared with Bucky right before sleep took over your body. 

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a/n: hello! I finally finished request up! Geez, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time until today to write this up. I changed it up a bit and it is a bit rushed so I am sorry for it’s shitty quality. Anon I am sorry if this isn’t what you had wanted! I did not edit this so sorry for any errors x_x

request: reader is good friends with Chris. Nick gets jealous because angry and moody Chris had reader’s attention and well, things don’t end well. Please enjoy!

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“Hey, Y/N, I saved you a seat!”


Nick was grinning happily at you while motioning to the empty seat next to him. Alicia, his younger sister and your best friend, shot Nick a dry look before turning her attention to her cereal. Travis and Madison were moving around in the kitchen speaking quietly to Ofelia and Daniel as they readied breakfast.


You were holding two bowls in both of your hands. One was meant for you and the other bowl was meant for a moody, grieving teenagers sulking downstairs. You felt bad…Nick looked excited this morning, an expression you haven’t seen in a very long time. You threw Alicia a hopeless and pleading look but she ignored you, and left you to fend for yourself.


You chewed on the inside of your cheek before saying awkwardly, “Uh, I was going to eat this with Chris…he’s…you know.” You saw Travis throw you a grateful glance. Chris was still mourning the loss of his mother and wouldn’t even look at Travis, and since no one else was willing to help comfort the guy you took it upon yourself to do so.


Chris was moody and a bit unpredictable but he was just misunderstood. He didn’t like you much at first but after your persistence, he finally caved. You hadn’t thought Chris would’ve gotten dependent on you but you were glad that you were helping him with his loss.


Nick’s smile faltered a bit, “Oh.”


Alicia lifted her head, “Jesus, Nick, don’t make her feel bad. She’s helping Chris out.” Like always, her voice was sharp and blunt; the typical Alicia trait you loved and sometimes hated.

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Nick’s face quickly changed into panic as he looked at you with an open mouth before profusely apologizing, “Sorry, Y/N! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad!”


You had to admit…watching Nick in such a state was amusing but only because it reminded you of the Nick he used to be before the drugs. “Don’t worry about it, dork,” You giggled stopping his apologetic babbling, “Tomorrow, okay?” You threw him a grin before making way down the lower deck to the sleeping quarters.


You weren’t sure how long it had been since the destruction of the modern world, but it had felt like it happened eons ago; although if you honestly thought about it…it had only been a few weeks. You didn’t ponder it too much since your father had died long ago due to some guy who wanted the twenty dollars in his pocket. Your mother was a drunk and often tried to use you as her stress reliever.


You were positive she was long dead. It did sting your heart…after all she was your mother. You had ceased all contact with your mother after Madison had gained custody of you over a year ago. It was the reason why you were safely tucked away on a multi-million dollar boat heading…somewhere.


You shook those thoughts away as you walked up to Chris’s room that he shared with Nick. You slipped through easily not bothering to knock and saw Chris flipping through a random book that had been tucked away in the room.


His eyes found yours and a smile spread on his brooding face.


“Here you go, moody one.” You grinned at him as you handed him his food.

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He took it eagerly and began shoveling the food into his mouth acting as if he hadn’t had any food in days. You shook your head as you took a seat beside him on the floor, sat criss cross, and nudged your elbow into his side halting his barbaric eating.


“What?” Chris muttered with a mouthful of food.


You scowled in disgust, “Eat right and don’t talk with your mouth full.” You chided firmly.


Chris rolled his eyes but ate like a normal human being. You both fell into a comfortable silence.





It was the next day and you had managed to coax Chris out of the confinements of his shared room. “Do I have to?” Chris muttered under his breath as you dragged him up towards the main deck to eat breakfast.


You shot him a dry glare, “They’re all worried about you, Chris, and no one hates you or anything. You don’t have anything to be afraid of.” You comforted soothingly.


Chris shifted on his feet and avoided your gentle stare. It then occurred to you that Chris probably was scared to look at his father. You walked down towards him and gently ruffled his hair, “Hey, your dad isn’t mad at you about the punch,” You murmured trying to sound comforting and gentle, “He’s only worried about you. What he did…he’ll never forgive himself for that, Chris, and you need to understand that, okay? He’s worried that you hate him now.”


Chris’s dark eyes were conflicted, you could clearly see that, but after a silence he sighed and nodded, “Okay, but only because I trust you, Y/N.” He stated firmly.

You beamed at the moody teenager before dragging him up to the deck where everyone was gathering for breakfast. Conversations halted once they saw you and Chris. You grinned and Chris awkwardly looked anywhere but the group.


“Morning!” You chirped giving your family and friends pointed stares.

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Madison was the one to snap into action by smiling and greeting the both of you and ushering you to take seats to eat. Travis looked like he wanted to say something but in fear remained quiet. Alicia greeted Chris casually trying to get the kid to relax. You plopped down next to Nick and Chris sat down on your other side.


Nick was staring blankly at his plate of food and didn’t immediately greet you like he always did. Madison was talking to Chris asking what cereal he wanted and you took the moment to nudge Nick in the side, “Hey, are you okay?” You gazed at the brown-haired boy with concern.


His eyes met yours and for a moment, he didn’t say anything, but you could see the calculating look in his eyes; a look you were very familiar with. You remained quiet but didn’t look away.


“I’m fine.” He stiffly stated breaking eye contact.


You frowned at him and glanced towards Alicia who was glaring at her older brother. “Dude, rude much?” Alicia muttered not liking that Nick had been so rude to you for no reason. Another trait you loved and hated about Alicia; she was very protective of you.


Nick chewed on his food moodily.


You sighed quietly and thought, “Great another moody teenager.”


Alicia and you exchanged looks before you turned your attention onto Chris who looked a bit more at ease then he was before. You nudged his shoulder and gave him a pointed smile. He stuck his tongue out at you but you saw the smile creasing at the corner of his lips. He knew you had been right.


You enjoyed breakfast to the best of your ability. Nick was very quiet and everyone took note of it. After cleaning up, Alicia, Chris, and you were laid out on the outer deck enjoying the sunrays. Chris had his head in your lap, your fingers weaving through his soft hair while Alicia read out loud to the both of you.

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Nick was the one now locking himself in his shared room. After eating, he had mumbled some half ass excuse and headed down below deck. You weren’t sure why he was acting so strange but you knew that sooner or later Madison or Alicia would ask you to see what was wrong with Nick.

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“What’s up with Nick, Allie?” You asked as Chris had moved down onto the lower docking deck to watch Daniel fish.


Alicia shrugged and picked at her nails, “I don’t know. You know how he gets into his moods.” She sounded vague and the habitat of picking at her nails was always a sure sign that she was lying to you.


“You can’t lie to me.” You persisted with a smirk.


She would give in sooner or later. Alicia was easy for you to break. “I don’t.” She frowned at you with her shrewd green eyes.


“Liar, liar pants on fire!” You sang poking her sides making her giggle and swat at your hands.


“Stop it! You know I hate when you do that!” She laughed as you continued to poke her tickle spots.


“Tell me what I want to know and I might let you live!” You said in a deep and dramatic voice.


She laughed and tried to get away but you held onto her waist, “No, let go, Y/N!” Alicia laughed trying to loosen your hold on your waist.


“Tell me, best friend!”


“Nick’s jealous!” Alicia finally said.


You froze and looked up at her, “What?” Did you hear her right? Nick was jealous? Of what?


Alicia gave you a dry ass look, “Y/N, seriously? You still haven’t noticed it by now? Dude, Nick’s been in love with you since, like, the eighth grade.” She rolled her eyes at your stupidity. How you had gotten into Harvard was beyond her; you could be so daft sometimes.


You stared at Alicia unsure whether or not she was being honest but the serious/nervous look in her green eyes made your own eyes widened, “What?” You whispered with shock, “No, that cannot be possible. Nick’s…Nick! He’s always sweet and kind—“ You tried to ignore the warmth in your tummy and the increase pace of your heart rate.


“Y/N, think about it. Madison and I always go to you when it comes to handling Nick especially before and after his rehabs. You’re the only one he can completely trust. I know my older brother—“

“Hey, Alicia! Y/N! Come look at the big ass fish Daniel caught!” Chris called out cutting your best friend off. Alicia looked irritated that Chris had caught her off but just then Nick had stalked onto the deck.


“Perfect timing.” You heard Alicia mutter under her breath before calling out to her brother, “Nick, someone has something to tell you!”


Your eyes snapped towards Alicia’s smug ones, “A-Alicia!” You practically shrieked.


She grinned like a cat and got up to go fish with Daniel and Chris, “Have fun and use a condom.” Alicia whispered the last part making your face turn a brilliant shade of red.


“What’s up?” Nick asked glancing between his sister and you.


“Uh, nothing! Nothing’s up!” You nervously stated rubbing the back of your neck.


Alicia was gone but she had given Nick this knowing look in which, Nick was staring at you intently now. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing!” You shot up from your spot, “Geez, it got cold, I think I’m going to go inside—“


“Y\N, dude, come look at the dolphins’!”  Chris shouted.

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Nick’s face darkened, “Prince Charming calls.” A sour tone was in his voice.


You looked at Nick, “You seriously are jealous.” You said in awe.


Nick glares down at you, “Me? Jealous? Of what?” He scoffs in disbelief.


You grinned at him, “You’re jealous of Chris! Aw, Nick if you wanted my attention all you had to—“


“I am not jealous of that kid,” Nick spat angrily, “Why would I even be jealous? It’s not like he has anything I want.”


You flinched at his harsh words and felt your stomach drop. Okay, that had been a definite low blow! “Oh…” You mumbled quietly feeling a lump form in your throat—a sign that you wanted to cry.


Nick didn’t say anything but he had seen the look on your face and regretted in saying such harsh words towards you. He always had to screw everything up, didn’t he? This was Y/N for crying out loud! There wasn’t a mean bone in Y/N’s body!


Jesus, why did he say that?


He didn’t mean to, honestly, the words just fell out of his mouth without much thought.


“Y/N?” Alicia’s voice grabbed your sad attention, “What’s wrong?” Alicia’s eyes immediately hardened as she came to your side. She had seen the look of sadness and hurt in your pretty eyes and was on instant attack mode, “Nick, what did you do?” Alicia demanded angrily.


Nick wasn’t sure what to do…all he wanted was to have your attention…to see you smile at him like you always used to do…and now, he had fucked it up just because he had gotten jealous.


“Fuck.” Nick thought, “I really fucked up.” But before he could apologize to you, you were rushing inside and towards your shared room, tears streaming down your face, and Chris and Alicia calling after you in alarm.


Chris hurried after you as Alicia glared at her older brother, “Real fucking nice, Nick. I practically handed her to you and you go fuck it up.” She seethed viciously.


Nick remained quiet as Alicia gave him one final glare before going after her best friend to comfort her.


Nick sighed and looked up at the sky. He would rather face the dead then face you again, that was for sure.

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 I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if you didn’t. My next request is a Chris x reader that takes place when Reed boards the ship. I might spilt that into two parts because I know I’ll make it super long, so yeah, and then I have a Nick x reader pre apocalypse requst as well. 

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requested by anonymous:hey your writing is absolutely amazing! could you do a story with the reader and nick amaro and you’re a virgin and it’s your first time?? super smutty and everything

word count: 1999

warnings: sex? why am i doing so much sex jfc

masterlist - request

His breath ghosted over your neck and his hands were on your thighs and your mind was alight with everything Nick.

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All the companions and Sole are playing truth or dare, when Sole is dared to kiss someone in the room. Companions react to Sole hesitantly asking if they're okay with being the person they kiss?

Cait: Cait laughs for a while, causing the gathering of companions to look her way and stare in confusion. “Of course, this is just a game, right?”

Curie: Curie’s eyes light up when she is chosen, this game was getting a little tiresome anyway. “I am willing to participate if it is okay with you Monsieur/Ma’am!”

Paladin Danse: He rolls his eyes when MacCready shoots a grin his way, knowing full well that he expected him to enjoy this kiss. “Fine,” he mumbles, “It’s okay with me.”

Deacon: “Me? You mean me, right? Wow,” he begins, already slightly nervous. “Sure, uh, whenever you’re ready.” he says, adjusting his shades slightly.

Hancock: Hancock chuckles for a while, which doesn’t really help Sole at all. He couldn’t wait, of course he was fine with it. He tells Sole this with a sweet smile, which reassures them slightly.

MacCready: He gets a little hot under the collar and tries not to make eye contact with Sole. MacCready didn’t really mind in private perhaps but, in front of everyone? Shaking his head, he refuses with a “Sorry”.

Preston Garvey: Sole could’ve chosen anyone else, why him? He says that it’s alright, as it was just a game, and he listens to some snickers from some of the other Companions as Sole begins to lean in.

Piper: Piper, ever so slightly drunk, gets a little too excited when she is picked for a kiss. “You could’ve, picked anyone! But me? Me?,” she exclaims, placing her hands on their shoulders, “Thanks Blueee!” 

Nick Valentine: A frown permanently plastered on his face, Nick asks why the hell they’d want to even bother kissing him. Sole quickly changes the subject and chooses someone else to complete the dare. 

Strong: “Strong no want kisses! Strong want to fight…”

X6-88: X6 keeps still for a while, listening to the variety of conversation coming from each member of the gathering. He waits until it’s silent before giving his response. “Fine, but just this once.”

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Romanced companions (+Nick and Deacon please❤️) get into an argument with Sole. How do they act afterwards? How do they kiss and make up?

Cait - She is mad, obviously. They pretend the other doesn’t exist for the rest of the day. In the evening, they’d lie down on a mattress together, their backs pressed together. After a while, Cait turns around and snuggles into them. “You’re a bitch/jerk, sometimes. But you’re still the best damn thing that ever happened to me.” Sole takes her hand and presses kisses on the back of it.

Curie - They don’t get into arguments too often, and even when they do, it’s not that bad. Yet, Curie, still new to her emotions, always feels awfully mad at them. After a while though, her anger disappears completely and she quickly apologizes to Sole. They always smile and cup her cheek, telling her that they never were mad at her. She beams and presses several pecks onto Sole’s mouth.

Danse - They almost don’t talk and when they do, it’s only short grunts about their current situation - “Raiders. Out of ammo. Take cover. We’re going in.” Taking a break, he’d step out of his power armour. He’d ask if they have a second, upon being answered by an unreadable ‘yes’, he’d speak up: “I don’t want us to argue.” is all he says. Sole smiles. There will always be some arguments, but they love Danse and can see he loves them back. Before he can step inside of his armour again, they pull him in for a sweet kiss on lips.

Deacon - He pretends he doesn’t care, actually like the argument didn’t even happen, but they know he’s mad behind those shades. They know he wouldn’t want to bring it up again. They come up to him, pulling the sunglasses off his eyes, kissing his nose. “Peace?” they ask. “Peace… I was right though. Just saying..”

Hancock - He gets unusually quiet, but he can’t be mad for long and neither does Sole. The argument was stupid, anyway, plus, he misses their affection very soon. Not even hlf an hour after their angry ‘fine’s were said, he has his arm sneaked around their waist again, while they kiss the path from his cheek to his lips.

MacCready - He knows to not get angry with people, because you never know which moment might be the last. When they have an especially ugly argument with Sole, while resting in Sanctuary, he leaves. Sole is worried out of their mind, he might not be coming back. He does, however, after a few hours and he’s carrying a bouquet of bloodleaves with him. He sets the flowers on the table beside their bed and the two look into each other in an unspoken mutual apology as MacCready pulls their head down a little, so he can kiss their forhead.

Nick Valentine - They didn’t spar often, really, but there were some moments. They wouldn’t get too carried away, though, Nick was smarter than that and Sole never wanted them to be mad at each other. Just as things were getting heated up, Nick would stop, smile and say: “What are we doing, kitten/cherub?” they would smile right back at him, forgetting what they were arguing about in the first place. Nick grabs the back of their neck, pulling them in for a kiss.

Piper - Whenever she is mad, she acts rather goofy, using a a lot of gesticulation. Sole completely forgets why were they sparring in the first place as he giggles at Piper’s behaviour. She acts mad: “Do you mind? I am trying to be angry with you!” she finishes with a smile and a soft chuckle. “Come here” is what Sole says, before he pulls her in for a hug.

Preston - They don’t fight very often. Actually, they almost don’t fight at all. The rare arguments are quick and short and usually end with both of them apologizing. Preston doesn’t want them to be mad at each other just because of one unshared opinion, he wraps his arms arounf them, staring into their eyes, placing a peck on their nose.

X6-88 - They fight quite often, fights being quick and short. Sole doesn’t share a lot of X6′s opinions and X6 doesn’t like how soft Sole is to people that don’t even deserve it. They spend the afterglow of the fight in silence, which seems so much different, than the normal, comfortable silence with X6. At the night, Sole would come up to X6. “Let’s not argue.” is all they say, X6 nodding a slow ‘okay’. Sole wraps both of their aarms around him, burrying their face into his neck, feeling one of his hands placed on their back.

Bonus!Maxson - Sole was conscious about their relationship with Maxson. it isn’t easy being with someone so dominant, with someone who has their head filled with opinions that can never be changed. They’d get into fight a lot of times, about ghouls, synths, about people even, Maxson red in anger, ending the fight by slamming his fists into his table. After a while of silence, he’d come closer. “I don’t want to fight with you. Never with you.”  They pull him close, resting their forhead against his, as his hot breath tickles on their face.

Don't Mess with Merlin

A/N: another tickle fic cause I’m a loser! So ticklish Eggsy going on here. Roxy and Charlie are also there. But mainly Eggsy and Merlin. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Eggsy likes to think Merlin and him have a sort of friendship going on. He also, of course, likes to mess with Merlin. It’s just how he shows affection. That’s what leads to Eggsy walking into the recruits’ bunker, sipping from Merlin’s mug. Charlie is quick to quip, “Still a common street rat, yeah? You steal that from Merlin?”

Eggsy just nods, slipping his hand into his pocket and tosses a small flashlight at Roxy, explaining, “S'yours. Nicked it earlier today. Wanted to see if you’d notice.”

Roxy catches the flashlight, shaking her head fondly as this isn’t the first time. Sitting beside her with the mug, Eggsy sips at the tea while holding up a hand, counting down. He reaches one, but instead of putting his last finger down, he points at the door, still drinking the tea.

At that moment, Merlin walks through the door, all calm anger. He glares pointedly at Eggsy. As Merlin stares him down, Eggsy innocently drinks the rest of the tea, unaffected by the tense atmosphere. Breaking the silence, Eggsy asks, “Need somethin’ Merl?”

“My mug that you took would be the first thing. Also, never call me ‘Merl’ again.”

Eggsy stands and hands Merlin the mug, smirking, “Sure thing. You’ve got good taste in tea. Hope you don’t mind that I had some.”

Still glaring, Merlin warns, “You don’t take from me, Eggsy. You do it again and there’ll be consequences.”

With a shrug, Eggsy sighs, “Okay. Guess that means I should give us your clipboard back, huh?”

At Merlin’s shocked expression, Eggsy pulls the clipboard out from under his jacket, handing it to Merlin with a smug smile. He boasts, “Nicked it while you was worried 'bout your mug.”

Indignant, Merlin snatches the clipboard, pokes Eggsy’s middle, states, “don’t do it again,” turns on his heel and leaves the room.

Charlie is staring, open mouthed, before blurting, “What the hell? And why? Are you asking to get kicked out?”

Shrugging, Eggsy answers, “Just wanted to see if I could.”

The next few days include similar situations: Eggsy stealing Merlin’s stuff, Merlin hunting him down, retrieving his items with a small poke or prod. But then that changes.

Eggsy came sprinting into the room with a terrified expression on his face. Before anyone can ask, Eggsy shouts, “I fucked up!”

He then holds up Merlin’s glasses.

“It was a split second decision because I saw the opportunity but to pull it off I couldn’t hesitate so I didn’t and I nicked 'em and oh shit I fucked up!”

Charlie–fed up with the little ritual and fake worry–snarks, “It’s not like he’s going to do anything.”

“No. He yelled after me this time. No annoyed sigh when he realized. He yelled.”

Roxy rolls her eyes and reminds, “It’s your own fault. Go give them back and hope you can avoid public embarrassment.”

Amused by the blush that creeps into Eggsy’s cheeks, Roxy teases, “What? You think I didn’t notice him poking at you? Merlin knows and those were just warnings. If I were you, I’d run. Merlin is going to tickle you to tears, Eggsy. He won’t mind and audience even if you will.”

As Eggsy splutters, red faced and smiling, Charlie quips, “Ticklish? Now this I have to see.”

Eggsy turns to sprint out the door, but only succeeds in crashing into Merlin’s chest. He looks up at the glaring man, already backing away. “Hey Merl. I- uH- sorry 'bout that. Here’s your glasses. Never again. Promise. So just take 'em and- NO!”

When Eggsy holds out the glasses, Merlin snatches his wrist, pulling him close. Merlin proceeds to pin Eggsy’s back to his chest, holding an arm across his shoulders. Merlin sighs, “you’ve been asking for this.”

Despite his serious tone, Merlin holds no ill will for Eggsy, nor did he not see this coming. No, Merlin is rather fond of the young trouble maker and looks forward to the lad’s antics. Especially now that he has the perfect way to retaliate.

Eggsy is already squirming and giggling in anticipation. Merlin happily allows him to stew in it for a few moments before abruptly squeezing at his sides, drawing out a yelp. Then laughter is flooding out of him as Merlin dances the fingers of his free hand over Eggsy’s ribs. Eggsy pulls at Merlin’s arm, trying to free himself while squirming and kicking in his hold. When Merlin scratches in between the uppermost ribs, Eggsy giggles brightly, tossing his head back against Merlin’s shoulder. Merlin takes advantage of this move, wiggling his fingers against his exposed neck, causing him to scrunch up again.

Charlie snickers, “You alright there, Eggy?”

Somehow, Eggsy manages to giggle out a 'fuck you’ but it loses all of its venom due to the childish giggles intermingled with the words and giant smile plastered on his face. Charlie wants to make fun of him for it, but even he has to admit it’s pretty damn adorable. Well shit that’s not something he should be thinking.

Acting as though he isn’t mercilessly dismantling Eggsy with some well placed fingers, Merlin calmly asks, “Are you going to continue stealing my possessions?”

Eggsy struggles, “P-prohobs.”

Merlin lets out a long suffering sigh, “You’re just begging for me to go for the kill, aren’t you?”

Roxy shakes her head fondly, watching as Merlin digs into Eggsy’s tummy, making him howl. Eggsy kicks out wildly, screeching as Merlin scratches directly beneath beneath his belly button. Desperately, he shrieks, “Sohorrehey! Meherl! Stahap! I wohon’t steheal! Prohomise! Staha- dohon’t!”

Eggsy’s coherency quickly dies as Merlin continues, ignoring Eggsy’s pleas. He simply states, “You brought this on yourself, lad. So now you just have to take it. Not like you have any choice. I’ll stop once I feel you’ve learned your lesson. Knowing you, it’ll take a while.”

That point comes several minutes later. Eggsy had become dead weight, sinking to the ground with Merlin following him, giving his knees a few squeezes. Only then did Merlin stop and straighten, standing over Eggsy who has tears rolling down his red cheeks and hiccupy giggles passing through his widely smiling lips.

Merlin then places his glasses back on his face, turns, and leaves, calling back, “Don’t steal from me, Eggsy. Bother Harry next time. Though be careful, because he’s the one who informed me of your… sensitivity.”

All Eggsy responds with are his continuing giggles. Roxy leans over Eggsy, smiling as she asks, “Well that was fun, huh?”

Eggsy barely has the energy to flip her the bird, breathing out, “That was fuckin’ brutal.”

With a smile that he tries to disguise as a smirk, Charlie pipes up, “I didn’t realize you were so ticklish, Eggy.”

“Yeah, well, fuck you. We don’t need to talk about it.”

“I think we do. You’re training to be a bloody spy and here you are, giggling.”

Roxy warns, “Watch it, Charlie.”

Ignoring her, Charlie continues, “Pretending to be some tough guy when you’re really a huge softy. It’s adorable.”

Eggsy snaps his head up. Roxy raises her eyebrows. Charlie realizes what he just let slip out of his mouth. Before Charlie can say anything more, Eggsy boasts, “Fuck yeah, I’m adorable. But also tired now. So I’m gonna nap. Thanks for the compliment, bruv.”

With a wink, Eggsy pushes himself up and flops into his bed. JB quickly moves from where he’d been curled up at the foot of the bed, squeezing himself into Eggsy’s arms. Roxy then smirks knowingly at Charlie, but also shoots him a death glare as she’s protective of her friend. Charlie is them left to contemplate what he said and why he even thought that in the first place… and genuinely.