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  • a rlly fucked up age gap plot where a girl is giving up her baby ( 18 / 19 ). she goes through an adoption agency to find a couple. she ends up falling for one of the parents ( could be f/f or m/f ). lots of angst and sneaking around and freaking out when the due date gets closer because they want to be together. cold feet about the adoption. YES.
  • a married f/f couple decides they want to have a baby. they get their best friend to be the sperm donor. poly ? maybe ? angst ? 
  • everyone thinks she’s the perfect good girl but guess what ? she’s fucking her dad’s best friend. and oh uh, she’s pregnant. congrats. maybe her dad’s friend is married with kids already …
  • one last age gap … my wife and i have been trying to get pregnant for years and it’s taking a toll on our marriage. the cute intern at work seduces him. and as the title suggests, they make a baby.
  • i love you so much and i’m so glad we finally got together ( childhood friends ? exes who finally get back together ? ) … but i’m 12 weeks pregnant and we only started sleeping together a month ago.
  • the sweet angelic girl gets pregnant by the local bad boy. a classic. 
    • BONUS ROUND ! he’s a high ranking gang member and she becomes a target. oh the pain , the angst ! BONUS POINTS .. if she has no idea that he’s in a gang ..
  • the opposite … the local bad girl gets pregnant by the perfect golden boy .. he’s got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs. they meet a party and she gives him some drugs and they end up fucking in the bathroom.
  • i told you i was having an abortion so we stopped talking. you run into me a year later with an infant that has your nose …
  • i gave up a baby as a teenager and i tracked them down to meet them and their dad / mom is so hot i’m sweating …
  • i didnt know i was pregnant ! TM .. we’ve been together for years and we’ve kinda decided we don’t want children. you rush me to the hospital when the weird pains get too unbearable and oh god there’s blood. “you’re in labor” the nurse says. “what?”

people who don’t experience a lack of empathy (neurotypical and neurodivergent alike) are so unrelentingly stigmatizing against people who do (people w pds like npd, bpd, hpd and aspd; autistic ppl, others). it’s the whole demonizing idea that people who don’t experience empathy in the exact way neurotypicals do are subhuman and serial killers waiting to happen

and i get routinely upset about it not just because it’s awful and horrifying but the absence of remorse that the people perpetuating this belief exercise is so painfully ironic.. consciously refusing to see the pov of individuals who lack empathy and dehumanizing them so readily.. 

it’s /also/ a lack of empathy, not because it’s due to neurodivergence, but rather a chosen mindset that’s somehow more acceptable. to them it’s ok to refuse to be empathetic to those who can’t be because they’re not the same level of human anyway. like how fucked up is that

give me age gaps ? ( younger muse always 18+ )

  • cute, young, new girl at the office who’s a little too cocky and won’t give me the time of day but she’s so hot I have to try , right ?
  • f/f plot with one is a married mother of like 3 who’s separating from her husband and the younger one is the older one’s yoga instructor on thursdays. you feel where i’m going …
  • teacher / student literally anything. 
    • specifically ? something where they hooked up before the student got assigned to their class and oh god they’re here in my classroom and all I can think about is how pretty they looked on my bed. bonus points if the student teases them all class …
  • hotshot record producer / director and the daughter / son of their best client. 
  • supernatural au … really old vampire / immortal who’s really tired of the world and has seen everything at least twice until they meet actual sunshine and sugarplums muse b.
  • widow who never got to have children meets broke and tired single, teen parent muse b.

“'Cause I know your face // And I know your hands // And I know your breath // And I know your lips // And all I want // All I want is you tonight.”

“lydia” highly suspect
“i want you” marian hill
“angel” theory of a dead man
“bloodstream” transviolet
“iris” the goo goo dolls
all i want” daniella mason
“tonight” seether
“parachute (dan romer spook out)” ingrid michaelson
“ares” winters island
“drumming song” florence + the machine
“love me blind” thick as thieves

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your body is an arena where dreams and contempt embrace.

but maybe none of this is happening poetically—maybe you’re just afraid.

leave the light on to guide your restless heart home again.

you are loving—but you are so much more than looking for love.

make no mistake: you will break someone’s heart protecting your own. 

you don’t expect anything, but be open to everything.

you build rooms around your love, but don’t forget the doors. 

you have spent enough time at war with yourself.

do not let resilience turn you numb. you were built to hurt and be hurt.

begin to erase old wounds with new wounds.

let it become you, or watch it destroy you.

look at things you don’t want to see.

—  MARCH HOROSCOPES via bossyplanets (c.a.)

ok .. give me a plot where a married couple ( m/f or f/f ) that has been trying to get pregnant for years and finally get pregnant after some fertility help but surprise ! it’s triplets ! those hormones rlly worked ! i rlly want the nity grity stuff tho .. knowing that their babies will be spending time in the nicu.. worrying about money bc three is WAY more expensive than one.. everday is one day closer to the schedueled c-section.. just trying to just make it to viability..the saddness of watching their sweet babies in the nicu.. thanks ..

Sighing.. I just wanted you all to see this.. I received this 14 days ago. Okay, first of all, I have never been contacted from Tumblr about this before, because it is simply untrue. I have never reblogged anyone else content as my own. Just look at my blog and you will see. Second, I don’t even know if this is real. Third, I know who is behind this and they are so desperate to get rid of me that they would stoop so low and to pull this. I can’t believe that people can be so dang evil. Who am I hurting? I am doing the same thing that you are doing. And furthermore you are the only one who has sent me a message like this, and now I am being falsely accused. I realize that this person is truly out to get me to stop reblogging, or to just reblog from them. Or just to get me off of Tumblr all together. I have proof, that this person is the one who is causing this. I just want to be left alone. I don’t bother you. Are you really that power hungry that you would try to get rid of someone who is causing you no harm. I don’t know what Tumblr is talking about, I have not done any of these things. I go the creators blog and I do my own reblogging. I see many, many others doing the same thing including you. I really don’t know what is going to happen to this blog, but I know that I have not broken any rules and I have nothing but respect and love for all of our creators.  I just wanted you guys to know what was going on, if anything happened. This person, is trying to get rid of me because they want to be the only reblogger on Tumblr. But guess what? I am not the only one and I won’t be the last. And I hope you know that all of your evil deeds will not go  unnoticed. Karma is a bi#tch and you are messing with the wrong person.  You have everybody fooled  into thinking that you are such a great person, but me and a few others know the truth. You are hiding behind your computer all day and secretly bullying others. I feel sorry for you. And I hope that you can find some peace. If I get deleted then I just do, my life won’t end. But like I sad Karma is a b#3ch. 

Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar): Keeping Count

Note: Established relationship. Rated S for Steamy. Read at own risk.

At first glance one would assume Oscar Pine had no more than eight or nine freckles upon his face. But at a closer glance, one would notice that he had a multitude of smaller freckles aside from his bigger, prominent ones. Tiny flecks that faded into the depths of his tan pores. Ruby had on occasion glanced at the small sea of spots upon his cheeks, wondering and contemplating just how many of those tiny specks he possessed. Well today would be that day.

Oscar sat on the couch, flipping through the pages of a book he had slipped off the shelf and into his lap. The tiny bent glasses that once belonged to Beacon’s headmaster sat on the bridge of his nose, slipping down the slightest bit only to be pushed up again by Oscars index finger.

“In one fell swoop the artifact was clutched in Stone’s grasp, as he slid the jar on the pedestal. There was a moment of silence, leading the adventurer to assume the traps had not been set off yet until- “

The words on the page were suddenly lost as Oscar felt the weight of the couch cushions shift, and Ruby sat next to him. She looked up at him with a small smile, as the boy gently wrapped his arm around her shoulder, returning to his book.

“The ground shook as a large boulder emerged from the wall, staring down Stone and beginning its slow roll. Stone tipped his cap, turning on his heel and bolted down the hallway as it crumbled around hi- “

Another unexpected shift caused Oscar to lose his place as the ebony haired girl sat herself in his lap, facing him in a straddle. Ruby leaned against him, trapping the book between their stomachs momentarily before falling to the floor, and rested her forehead against his.

“Well hello there.” Oscar greeted, humored by Ruby’s sudden but not completely unwelcomed action. Pale fingers grabbed at the rim of Oscars glasses and set them aside, slowly lifting to glide over his cheek.

“One… two… three…four…five…”

“What are you doing?” Oscar asked, holding back a chuckle.

Ruby’s tracing finger pressed against Oscars lips, eyes unwavering from the flecks on his face.

“Counting.” She simply replied. The farm boy smiled, slowly picking up on her hints and letting her do what she willed. Her index finger pressed gently along his cheek as she mouthed the numbers she counted off in her head. Her gaze never met his, but that certainly didn’t stop Oscar from getting lost in her fixated gaze. After all, her silver eyes, while deadly were two of the most beautiful orbs he had ever gazed upon.

For a short moment, he found himself giving thanks for moments like this, moments that allowed such a calm closeness.

Suddenly Oscar was pulled from his trance as he felt the warmth of Ruby’s breath on his cheek bone. The numbers she had counted off in her head before now escaping her lips in barely audible breaths.


“Having fun?”

“Ssssssshhhhhhhh. Don’t make me lose count.”

Oscar chuckled, causing Ruby to squint just the slightest bit as she kept her eyes on a fleck at the center of his cheek. He smiled, a sudden thought creeping into his head.

“Soooooo how many have you counted so far?” He asked, quickly pecking her nose.  

“23.” She replied, silver eyes meeting his for a split second before returning to the crease between his nose and cheek.

“Mhmm.” He nuzzled her nose with his. “Have you made it past my noes yet?” His lips pressed against her forehead. Rather than a response to his inquiry, Ruby simply continued to count off, voice slightly raised in an attempt to get a point across.

“26, 27, 28, 29…” Oscar pecked her left cheek, quickly moving to her right when she showed no response. “30, 31, 32, 33,…”

“That many huh?” He kissed both her temples, causing an audible protest from the girl in his lap. She attempted to swivel from her mount, until the boy’s hands rested firmly on her waste, trapping her. “How many do I have now?”

“34!” She retorted, unable to keep her half laugh behind her teeth. “Now knock it off while I finish counting.”

“Knock what off?” He mocked before pecking her on the lips. “I don’t know” the cheek, “what you’re” the other cheek, “talking” the chin, “about” below the chin. As Ruby struggled to keep her line of slight straight, Oscar relished as he began trailing more small kisses down her neck. The girl in his lap squirmed and giggled as she tried with every fiber of her being to keep counting.

“39… 40… 41, 42- hey!” A bit of breath was sucked out of her as Ruby felt Oscar nip at her collar bone after fiddling with the fastenings on her hood, making it fall to the ground showing her exposed neck.  

“How many do I have now?” Oscar whispered into neck while nuzzling it.

“42, 43-“

“How many?” His grip on her tightened, pulling her closer allowing him to caress her jawline with his lips.

“44! 45! 46! 47- AH!” Ruby suddenly felt her body being torn down, bouncing against the couch cushion as Oscar trapped her under his hold, kissing her much more feverishly.

“Didn’t quiet catch that?” his voice was thick with mischief, and an almost uncharacteristic huskiness that Ruby couldn’t help but be slightly enthralled by.  Until she felt the hands at her waist brush and dance at her sides, causing her to erupt into howling laughter.

“Wanna repeat that for me?” Oscar snickered as he tickled Ruby mercilessly. Squirming under him she fought to find the numbers she had in her head but a moment prior, but lost them somewhere in the bubbling laughter and flurry of smooches.


That’s all he needed to hear. With a quick kiss on her forehead the feared tickle attack ceased, leaving a breathless and slightly flustered Ruby. Oscar couldn’t help but smile and admire his work, seeing such a beautiful girl in such a blissful state simply because of him, it brought his heart close to bursting. Ruby stared back, feeling a similar emotion.

Oscar lowered himself, cupping his hands on either side of Ruby’s face before kissing her. Her left hand clutched to the fabric of his shirt while the other ran through his soft hair, causing him to sigh contently into her mouth. Despite the feverish tussle from a moment ago, there was a different type of passion behind their kisses now. A much deeper, much more intimate one. Oscar felt Ruby’s tongue slip between lips, moans dribbling out by the corners of their mouths, lost in complete, and total pleasure.  

There was a loud knock at the door, and a sudden burst before either of the youths could respond. Stumbling in, filled flask in hand was Qrow, obviously drunk given his wobbly posture. He leaned against the door frame, mouth agape as if he was about to speak, then stopped upon realizing the situation his beloved niece was in. Both teens froze, caught like deer in the headlights, Oscar still very much laying on top of Ruby.

“Don’t… worry.” Qrow slurred, reaching behind his back fumbling for his sword. “I’ll be sure to shoot you first… before gutting you.”

Ruby looked up to Oscar with a look of pure horror. His hazel eyes darting between Ruby and Qrow.

He whispered a quick “Let’s finish this later” before pushing himself off the couch and daringly leaping out the window. Qrow followed in pursuit but ended up running into the wall next to the window instead before taking the long way around back down the hallway.

63. He had 63 freckles.


Me writing this. Like if you like, but reblogg if you want a sequel.

its fun to never be sure about Who you really are, how does people see me why cant i be a normal average person who doesnt stick out and who doesnt have irrational reactions to anything that happens, why am i not who i want to be (i.e. Not Me)


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Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut/Minor breath!play
Word Count: 2,165

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 1,270

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Angst/Blood
Word Count: 743

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Kim Junmyeon/Reader

Kim Jongin/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,824

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 3,928

Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut

Park Chanyeol/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 5,678

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Romance/Fluff

AFF: I publish the exact same stories there but it might be easier or more convenient to read there. I update tumblr first though so keep that in mind.

SO today at my gsa a bunch of freshmen guys showed up and me and my friends were a lil apprehensive cause like, we were hoping they werent gonna make a joke of gsa or anything. and normally, no guys attend, much less freshmen, so it was surprising! but they were all really nice and respectful and they contributed a little bit to the discussion (prom stuff) and they were so nice and thoughtful!! and it was surprising but also so nice to see!! cause like, they were really just trying to listen and learn! and when one of the guys had to leave early he said “i have to go meet w a teacher now, thank you for letting me listen in on this” which is so?? nice and respectful! so anyway just wanted to share. even tho u may think everyone at your school is lame (calling myself out here tbh….) people are surprising!

Guys, don’t be offended if I don’t answer your ask, please. I’ve had a certain person spam me with asks like “Hey, you didn’t answer my ask” or just sending the same ask over and over again.

Often times, I’ll read an ask and stare at it for HOURS trying to figure out how to answer it. My brain just. Can’t. Do it.

I started this blog for fun. I don’t want it to feel like a chore.

Please respect me and other ask blogs. It may not have crossed your mind but the moderators of these blogs are HUMAN. Please treat us as such. I actually don’t have to run this blog. That is a choice I made so I highly recommend that you respect That fact. I don’t owe you anything.

Anyways, I hope you’re having a good day. Be sure to smile today!



Hello everyone, I’m opening human+pet portrait commissions.

If you like my art, mi blog or want to support my pets and wildlife rescue (I committed myself to rescue wild birds under 24/7 supervision of licensed rehabbers since we don’t have wildlife shelters in México, so now I get my city’s wild birds in need) I would really appreciate your help. 

If you can’t or don’t want to purchase I’ll really appreciate rebloggs.


  • Style A : $15 USD
  • Style B : $20 USD
  • Extra pet (in any style): $5 USD

I draw: Any pets, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas, any animal at all. If it’s a fish I can draw up to 5 fish floating with you for the same commission price, there’s no need for *ExtraPet price.

  1. Send me a private message with what style you want and photo references of human and pet. You can also tell me what background color you want or if you want a theme for it (example: flowers, stars, magical circles, etc.)
  2. I’ll confirm your order and send you my paypal account.
  3. Once I get the payment I’ll start working on the commission and I’ll be done with it in less than a week and send you the .png, you can ask for another format. 
    *If there’s a delay for any reason I’ll let you know.
The really important character development questions.

Send a number and my muse will answer:

  1. How do you drink your coffee? What do you think of people who drink their coffee differently?
  2. How much time do you need to stand up? Do you have a morning ritual? If yes, what do you do?
  3. Do you eat breakfast? If yes, what do you eat for breakfast? Do you prefer your egg hardboiled, scrambled or anything else?
  4. What food do you like most? What special spices do you like? Which do you detest? What food would you never try?
  5. How old have you been when you saw a dead person for the first time? What had happened?
  6. How old have you been when you saw a person die (in front of your eyes) for the first time? How had it happened? Have you been involved in it?
  7. Have you ever killed a person? If yes, how old have you been and what were the reasons? Do you regret what you have done?
  8. When was the first time you cried? What was the reason for it? How vividly do you remember it?
  9. You go shopping. Which is the first store you go into? Which store do you have to visit no matter what? Which store would you never set a foot in?
  10. How much money do you carry around? Where do you keep it? Do you prefer coins or notes?
  11. What snacks do you prefer at a party/movie night? Are you more into chocolate, sweets, crisps or something else? What has to be at a party to make it into a good one?
  12. How often do you shower? How long do you need to shower? What shampoo do you use? Do you use conditioner or something else/similar, too? Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
  13. You meet a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. How do you greet them? Do you prefer to give hugs, kisses or just shake hands? What would you prefer to do with the friend first? (go to a café and talk, have dinner, etc.) How long would you spend time with the friend if you had no other businesses to do?
  14. Are you interested in art? If yes, in what kind of art? (take into account that art is everything from painting, over music to writing, body expression etc.) Do you think you would be good in producing art? Do you value people who do art? What is art to you?
  15. What do you look at first when you look into the mirror? What do you like to see and what not? Is there anything you would like to change?
  16. What clothes do you like to wear? How does your clothing differ in the different seasons? What colors do you prefer and why? Do you wear jewelry? Do you have a trademark piece of clothes/jewelry/similar and if yes, what is it?
  17. What habits have you picked up from childhood and have trouble to get rid of? When do they show? Do you realize you do them and what do you do if you realize it?
  18. How do you behave when you get hungry? Do you tell people? Are you getting grumpy, silent, pissed, something else? How fast do you get hungry? How much do you value good food?
  19. You have to tell a friend/family-member/someone close to you bad news. How do you approach them? Do you wait until time runs out or do you just straight tell them when you find out you have to tell them? What do you do to make them feel better afterwards?
  20. You had a nightmare. How do you cope with it? Do you even remember it or do you tend to forget dreams quickly? Will you tell a friend/family-member/someone close to you? Do you play it down? How often do you have nightmares? How often do you dream?
  21. Whom would you pick as your partner in a snowball battle? Who would be the opponent? How long do you drag it out? How do you decide who had won?
Luke-blurbs masterlist

hello i wanted all of my stories to be on the same page and it’s rebloggable so if you guys want to reblog it you can! also, this is very long so you can see it after the “read more” on desktop. i hope you find something you enjoy! if not, requests are almost always open! 

-allison :-)

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