wanted this to be in colour

You were so exciting, so wrong for me. You had already given up on caring about everything and the thought of being that reckless drew me into you like a pen to page. I wanted you to colour me different. I thought being with you would make me brighter but all you knew was darkness, so our days grew so black that most of the time we couldn’t see. We couldn’t see how we were hurting people, we couldn’t see how we were hurting ourselves. So we fumbled around in the dark, knocking everything over and laughing as we did it, unaware of the mess we would find when the lights came back on.
Cσммιѕѕιση мє!-(ωιηgє∂-ѕαℓα∂)

[ PLEASE REBLOG!!] Hello! I Redid My commissions.

I’m currently Using commission money for bills and Essentials. It means  the world to me to get the support! I definitely Need it now! [ I’m also so coy and sheepish when it comes to asking for money.]

[ Sketches/colored.]

I usually Don’t charge for full Body! ( almost never)

But the prices for Coloured and sketches will remain 5$ !!!

If you want me to add Background Via extra Person or animal, It will cost you

3- 4$ More.

[ Side note: I really don’t sketch And if I do, I have to almost erase the lines. pet peeve ]

[Line Art/ Light shading]

My line art will remain 10$ But additional Colouring will cost a few dollars more. this Also will apply to the Extra Character / Background .  5$ will be the fee.

Will not charge for full body or position.  

[ Flat colour ]

I will charge for extra Material ( Weapons, Smol Animals , ETC ) 2 $

Will not charge for Full body/positions.

Will charge extra Characters, coloured Background , ETC. 5$ MORE

[ Full colour ]

Full Body maybe Charged, I will charge more for Extra material and characters ( This also includes backgrounds. Landscape wise )  

I usually give discounts when it comes to additional  material! I’m also willing to lower the price if you chat with me!

I lowered My prices ! But if you wanna commission and don’t have enough money for one, i will negotiate!  


Yes. Full color will up the price to 15-20 $ Per page.

Line art will remain 10 $

Sketches??? Depends.

So far this is all i can offer! sorry if its not very detailed! I really appreciate your support! thank you so much and message me if i missed or you have any questions!!!

( Side Note: Comic take Up a lot of my time and do stress me out, but i will do them if you pay! )


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Hi! I really love your art of Keith in voltron s2 (I think it was posted saturday?) How did you get the colour-shifty-thing, texture thing, and faded background going on? (Lol sorry for my weird explanation, I'm a newbie to digital art)

i partially answered this ask here but for the other stuff, i’ll add to it here too:

color-shift = chromatic aberration. you can go on photoshop > lens correction and fiddle with the values there to get what you want. 

faded bg = i use a shitton of blur and motion blur to get that effect. experiment!!!! i personally like the tilt-shifty angle you get with a film camera so i try to emulate it cheaply in my drawings a lot lmao

ANYWAY hope this helps everyone that asked HAVE FUN GUYS GO WILD

listen i know you folks at the women’s marches mean well, but you should absolutely not take photos at protests unless you have the permission of everyone being photographed?

i mean, asides from being the decent thing to do (would you normally take photos of people in public where their faces are visible, and them upload them online? no you would not) there are plenty of reasons why some marginalised groups of women, particularly women of colour would not want pictures of themselves on the internet.

for example: undocumented women, black women who don’t want to be scapegoated by police, brown women who work in the public sector and are being monitored for ‘terrorist activity’; all these women take risks when attending protests for different reasons, all of these women risk violence if identified, and you are risking their safety if you put pictures of them online.

if you go to a protest, please ask for permission before taking photography, otherwise just keep your phone switched off. thank you.

Final thought;

LV really did those images so dirty.  I honestly would rather have not seen this until she found a proper place to post them whether it be in a magazine, paid online copies, physical prints, in a photo book, gallery, etc.  This photoshoot was so good and it didn’t deserve that, I could only imagine what it looks like in HD and colour.  I don’t care if people kept bothering her about it, she should’ve released a statement saying she’s finding ways to publish it.  As a professional, is she honestly that weak against young girls?

This is also me saying, I would purchase this with what ever medium she chooses to publish them in a heart beat.  Those images deserve it, Natasha and Elise deserve it, the people who were there to help deserve it, all the time and effort put into it deserve it, but definitely not how she handled this matter.  Don’t disrespect your own work like that.



>> Paypal: mishypal@hotmail.com

-Message me through tumblr via ask, submit, or chat
-Contact me with what you want and references (Good reference so I can get all the correct colours and details of your characters c: Details on what you want too)
-Pay after sketches have been approved (Unless your order is a sketch then pay right away)
-Will not work on the commission until all payments have been made
-I work at my own time so it may take some time finish commissions, hope you understand :3 (I have school so I’ll be busy with school work)
Will Do: Ponies, Humans, Furries, Other small cute creatures (Prices may vary)
Will Not Do: Gore, NSFW, Mecha…uh…other things but I probably won’t know until I hear it

Additional Things:
Reference Sheets $25USD

Pixel Bounce: $15USD  (Custom Pixels may vary the price)


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supergirl sentence meme: episode 1-3

  • you may know his story.
  • i’m not afraid. 
  • you will do extraordinary things.
  • you’re safe here. 
  • earth didn’t need another hero.
  • there were no witnesses except for this homeless guy who swears the perp had horns!
  • there’s no such thing as aliens.
  • you might feel differently if you read this website…
  • i have a date.
  • what’s going to happen to them? to their families?
  • you want to save the paper? go find me a hero.
  • what’s she gonna do? fire me right after hiring me?
  • but first, you have to tell me who you are.
  • i feel like i’m not living up to my potential.
  • you always wanted to be normal, right?
  • when in doubt, go with blue. it is your colour.
  • you try saving a plane for the first time! see if you don’t make a mess!
  • are you okay? me? am i okay? are you okay?!
  • were you scared? i mean, i was scared too, but you– you had to be terrified!
  • i need a drink.
  • what were you thinking?! you exposed yourself!
  • saving people is what they’re born to do.
  • there’s something about me that for most of my life, i’ve run from it. but last night, i embraced who i am and i don’t want to stop.
  • oh my god, you’re a lesbian.
  • i’m not gay!
  • why aren’t they dead?
  • can’t promise her death won’t be public. and messy.
  • human casualties are irrelevant.
  • where’s my cape?
  • capes are lame.
  • we realised we weren’t alone in the universe and we might soon be getting more immigrants.
  • they’re planning something. we’re just not sure what it is yet.
  • they were trying to kill you.
  • you couldn’t even stop us from capturing you.
  • you wanna help? go back to getting someone’s coffee.
  • i know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s dangerous.
  • i’m sorry, darling. i just can’t hear you over the loud colour of your cheap pants.
  • i’m a girl. and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart.
  • i don’t need you or anyone else fighting my battles for me.
  • how many innocent people are going to die until you prove that you are not a coward.
  • killing you will have to do.
  • you’re gonna be okay.
  • i’ve never felt pain like that before.
  • you were right. the world doesn’t need me.
  • how could i compete with you?
  • your family believes in you.
  • there is no correct path in life. you will lose your way many times.
  • be wise, be strong, and always be true to yourself.
  • i told you, i don’t trust aliens.
  • people of this city will die because of something i did.
  • i don’t wanna die.
  • that’s what makes a hero.
  • don’t you have a city to protect?
  • find her and kill her.
  • no one can be allowed to stand against us.
  • is that the fastest you can go?
  • i see you share your cousin’s appetite for wanton destruction.
  • believe it or not, he’s just looking out for you.
  • growing up, i always thought you were such a bad liar.
  • even you have your limits.
  • there was an implicit promise that she would be, at a minimum, above average.
  • i just started to think about this kitten video i saw online earlier. it’s so funny what they make those cats do.
  • get your head out of the clouds and back behind the desk where it belongs.
  • that was a really good pep talk. excellent use of pep.
  • we hunt aliens.
  • shouldn’t you be sleeping?
  • he has many fine qualities. sadly, cooking is not among them.
  • i want to help people just like you some day.
  • not only do they have the element of surprise, but they’ve also had time to master their abilities.
  • you’re relying on your strength without technique.
  • when you’re facing a superior opponent, you need to use their strength against them.
  • any woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.
  • every step of the way, i had to fight, to work hard, to get better, to come out ahead.
  • i don’t wanna be a part of whatever you’re planning.
  • i got some mad sewing skills.
  • who names their snake fluffy?!
  • people are really starting to believe in her!
  • god, what, did you order more pizza? you’re a beast.
  • i’m not a scared little girl anymore.
  • you’re out there, fighting, risking your life, and i still trust you.
  • i have a policy against using my friends for business reasons.
  • i have a policy against losing.
  • i’ve been waiting quite some time to get one of you alive.
  • growing up, i was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it’s an honour.
  • he’s so used to going it alone, he doesn’t know any other way.
  • part of being your own man is knowing when to accept help.
  • i was scared, but i’m not anymore.
  • i’m here to save you all.
  • do not stand against me.
  • every species has a will to survive.
  • show me how to fight. train me to be as good as you.
  • you never let that loss diminish your light.
  • this is not a job i take lightly.
  • how can you eat sticky buns for breakfast every day and stay so thin?
  • i think i fell asleep. yesterday was a pretty long day.
  • she– she tricked me. she’s like a villain!
  • it’s a big day for journalism.
  • it’s like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma. you never really lose it.
  • it’s going to make that caitlyn jenner vanity fair look like a penny saver pullout.
  • the story’s spreading like wildfire across social media.
  • everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives. you’re gonna figure it out.
  • it’s okay. i’ve got you. i’ve got you.
  • i want him to know what it feels like to lose everything.
  • so what are you saying? we just sit back and do nothing?
  • you don’t hear that loud, high pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents that’s making it impossible for me to think straight, let alone string together one coherent sentence?
  • i am very proud of the fact that my many years of being here, i have never thrown a phone at anyone. i would very much like to keep that record intact.
  • if i call for help now, i’m done. we’re done.
  • if i’m going to be defined, it’s going to be by my victories and my losses.
  • it’s gonna be alright. you don’t need to hurt anyone.
  • compared to me, that guy’s a dope.
  • the writing is beautiful. lyrical. the kind of story they make you read in journalism school.
  • she embodies the worst traits of her generation: the earnestness without purpose and the unshakable belief that she has a right to be heard, even when she has nothing to say.
  • that’s why i’m gonna go talk to him, the way i’d want someone to talk to me.
  • i’ll punch him real hard until he falls down. that always seems to work.
  • i’m not here to fight you.
  • i know what you’ve lost, too.
  • it feels like you don’t believe in me.
  • i’m sorry that you’re mad at me, but i’m not sorry you’re still alive.
  • your story is just starting.
  • look at you, all dressed up in your big boy suit.
  • girl knows power when she sees it.
  • you’re very sexy, but as i recall, you’re big on promises and not much else.
  • nothing says powerful more than leaving your own party early.
  • saving the world means saving everybody.
  • i was scared that i was going to lose you.
  • what’s so bad about falling?
  • don’t do anything stupid.
  • i’m sorry for what happened to you. but you are going to jail.
  • you wanna see him hurt? killing me would do that.
  • you could’ve been killed!
  • if that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, i will melt your face.
  • deep beneath that seething disdain, she respects you.
  • you should be proud of yourself.
  • do not watch homeland until i get back.

We all need to rant sometimes

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The solid eyeshadows from lush are also very sparkly and shimmery and you can get them in several colours or just silver and gold in case you don't want it to be too extreme

I was actually tempted to try the lush ones so thank you for that, I will look into it.

okay but like lotor is the biggest pretty boy in the galaxy lbr… like them brows? you know he meticulously waxes, plucks, and trims them every other week. spends an hour every morning filling and shaping them in with his space brand equivalent of tom ford. probably carries around a compact mirror to check them throughout the day.

next, the hair? he totally spends another hour every morning straightening that shit. he takes 2+ hours in the bathroom styling it, and he only uses special galra brand vidal sassoon or whatever colour preservation shampoo and conditioner because he doesn’t want to lose any of the shine or volume.

then there’s that screenshot of him getting a massage from a bunch of girls. you know this dude gets this shit done, like, every two days and totally complains the entire time like a Suburban Wife with 2.5 kids and a snack deadline for next week’s soccer game. he only allows the best oils to be used on him because he’s got that Purple Glo™ to maintain.

lastly, them oufits tho. that fuckin skintight periwinkle suit with the indigo, vermilion-fringed neck drape - what a goddamn Look. he has 100 of the exact same outfit in slightly varying fabrics and finishes, all professionally drycleaned every day, of course, regardless of whether or not he wears them, because you never know. he probably privately commissioned half of his wardrobe because he couldn’t find clothes that fit up to his ultra specific standards.

like i said, a total goddamn pretty boy.

a small quick present for @nighte-goggles as she’s had a long day and then a terrible anon, so I wanted to cheer her up! Plus she’s a great friend and I’m always stealing her night elf Nighte for art xD <3

I hope you like this and have a much better day tomorrow!

to all my mutuals: like this post if you want me to do an archive moodboard for you! I will only use pictures that you have reblogged on your blog (and maybe a selfie, too) and change some of the colours - so it would be great if you had an aesthetic or photography tag! the sources will all be linked in the description of the moodboard :D

here’s how my moodboards usually look like! it will take me some time to make them - but I’m really looking forward to work on them <3