wanted this so bad as a kid


I feel bad for Jack in this scene, but I also feel deeply for Sam. Sam spent over a lifetime trapped in the cage with Lucifer and as much as he wants to help Jack, I’m sure he can’t help thinking of his father every time he looks at the kid. He wants Jack to be good to prove Dean wrong and show him there’s goodness in everyone, but deep down, I truly believe Sam is afraid of Jack. Maybe more so than Dean. Sam obviously has a lot of trauma that the show doesn’t let him visibly handle very well and even his small movements here and expression of fear really cut me to the core.


requested by nonnie: Prompt #49: “ Lets have a baby. ” with Archie? I love your writing 😍😍 x

a/n: this is set in the future around 17 years later and I’m sorry that it’s kinda short… I didn’t know what else I should write and thank you for taking the time to read my bad writing :)

(Y/J) = Your Job

#49 “Lets have a baby.”

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You and Archie have always wanted kids, you’ve talked about it a lot too. And you two were 32. You had stable jobs, you were a (Y/J) and Archie was an artist. His new album was on the top 100. So why not?

You and Archie were sitting in the living room of your New York apartment. You were working and he was writing music. It was silent, and that was normal. Archie was the first to break the silence. “(Y/N).” he says. “Yeah?” you reply absentmindedly. “Let’s have a baby.” “Wait, what?” you turn quickly to say.

“Well, we’ve talked about it for a while and I just think it’s a good time.” he says putting down his pencil. You thought about it for a good minute, he was right. You two were 32, married, and have a stable life. “Well… I guess so.” you answer. “You don’t have to make a decision now, just… just keep it in mind.” he says.


“Hey Arch?” you call. “Yes?” says the ginger walking in. You close your laptop and walk over to him. “So you know how you said we should have kids?” you say doubtfully. “Yeah?” he replies. “Well… I may or may not be pregnant.” you answer quietly.

“Wait, what? I’m gonna be a Dad?” he says excitedly, waving his arms. You take the pregnancy test out of your pocket, showing him the result. Positive. He grabs the test, blinking twice, and hugs you tightly. He pauses for a second, in confussion.

“Should I be hugging you?” he asks in a fast tone. “It’s fine Arch.” you reply. He goes to hug you again, as tightly as before. You were definitely excited.

You two were gonna be parents.


io: what are u holding babe

magnus: I’m not sure.

io: can u make me a drink? me and baby are thirrrrrrrsty

magnus: I guess.. You know I wish we’d talk about this a little more.

io: uh i didn’t do this by myself thanks

magnus: You’re right. I should take some blame. I’m sorry.

io: i dont get why u are sad tho… im excited.. why cant u be? :/

magnus: I never wanted kids. At least not while I was cursed. I’d never wish this life on anyone.

io: what’s so bad about it?

magnus: You’ll see eventually.

as a teacher, i SEE what spoiling kids does to them. i feel so bad for spoilt kids because they are literally disadvantaged. its so funny to me how some parents think that doing everything for their child is a sign of love. IF YOU LOVE YOUR KID TEACH THEM TO DO THINGS FOR THEMSELVES. LIKE THEIR OWN GODDAMNED LACES. don’t do it for them and then when you’re not there they cant do it themselves and they cry. is that a good thing? is that what you want? that your child is distressed bc you never gave them the chance to learn how to fend for themselves? 

i feel sorry for spoilt children. and i blame their parents more than anything else. if you spoil your kid, plz stop. youre making life difficult for everyone including your precious kid

au where jeremy heere’s squip is just jason dean instead of keanu reeves and instead of turning him into the generic white trash fucknut he tries to make him a bad boy

like seriously think about that for a second like jeremy’s like “so you’re gonna like.. make me cool?!” and jds like “haha, oh yeah, not just cool. you’re gonna get everything you want kid” then out of no where throws a virtual punch at him and jeremy screams and nearly ducks out of the way like “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK” and jds like “FIRST RULE KID, NEVER LEAVE OPEN A WEAK SPOT”

and jeremys like “WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH BEING COOL” an jd’s like “well when you’re acting like a delinquent you’re gonna have to fight some jocks” 

and there a whole reprise of two player game where jeremy gets in a fist fight with jake while jd directs him  and he kicks his shit in  like “see? thats what asserting your dominance feels like” AND-

Origins (Final Rose)

“Mom,” Diana said. “You don’t have to worry. I already know where kids come from.”

Lightning’s eye twitched. She wasn’t sure exactly how this conversation had started, but she was going to find whoever had talked to Diana about… stuff and murder them. Diana was six years old. If anyone was going to talk to her about stuff like this, it should be Lightning or Fang.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah,” Diana said. “When two people are in love and want kids…” She nodded sagely. “They find an awesome benevolent scientist person and get them to combine their genetic matrices in a lab after running millions of simulations to ensure a compatible solution to avoid any… bad stuff happening.”

“…” Lightning stared. “Who told you that?”

“Well, I was curious, so I asked Aunt Vanille where I came from. I mean… I’ve never even seen a stork outside of a zoo, so a stork couldn’t have brought me. Some people say chocobos bring kids, but I asked Chirpy, and he said that wasn’t true. So after that, I asked Aunt Vanille, and that’s what she said.”

Lightning wasn’t sure how to respond to that. “So… uh… do you have any other questions?”

“Aunt Vanille said there were multiple compatible combinations of genetic matrices, which is why Averia and I aren’t the same.” Diana’s eyes narrowed. “But which combination is better? I think I’m more awesome, but Aunt Vanille said that ranking compatible combinations wasn’t really possible.”

“…” Lightning took a deep breath. “Diana, you and your sister are both awesome.”

“But which one of us is more awesome?”

“Diana, as your mom, I love both you and your sister equally.”

“I guess… but you can love us both equally and still know which one of us is more awesome.” Diana paused. “And could you maybe have another kid? I need another minion. Raine is a pretty good minion, but she doesn’t live with us. Having a minion at home would be really cool.”

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It’s so weird seeing how fucked up the Duggars really are. When I was 10-12 I always wanted to be them and I aspired to be like them and now I’m 20 and everything is different. I feel bad for my 10 year old self.

Same here honestly 😂😂. But it comes with education and experience that you start to question and evaluate the way they live. Too bad that these kids will never be well equipped enough or encouraged enough to think for themselves to come to the same conclusion. (Annie)


infodumping about the ocean

Okay, but Lance wants to fall in love so bad, right? Like, that is literally the thing he is always looking out for. Even in the middle of a space war, he is looking for that person to bond with and to become his best friend. 

So wait until he figures out that he’s actually been falling in love with Keith this whole time and didn’t even realize it. This kid is going to blow his own goddamn mind and I am so READY! 

The giver of love advice doesn’t even know he’s in love himself. A trope I never get tired of. 


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro



Jon wanting to hang out with Damian is what I live for. 

Superman Issue #33

Alright, brief trigger warning for a rape joke mention.

Health class right? We’re going through the dating and relationship unit, and this guy - this guy who is a TOTAL asshole starts making all these horrid jokes about rape.

And for background about this absolute moron of a creature: talks over the native students in history class bc he’s “1/17 Cherokee” (???) obviously not, he’s white as hell with brown hair blue eyes. Although he’s a friggin high schooler he’s been known to pull girls hair and laugh about it. He argued that my friend (who is Muslim and wears a hijab) be kicked out of school for having a pocket watch (this was right after the clock “bomb” incident with that elementary (middle school?) kid) and y'all just get the idea, this guy was douchebag supreme and the only ppl who like him were other future alt right douchebags.

So finally he makes a comment and said “you know if girls don’t want to get raped they shouldn’t wear tiny dresses at night. That’s like walking through the ghetto in a KKK hood.”

So me, being the foolish high school freshman Tumblr user with this grand delusion that this couldn’t possibly have any bad consequences for me and that everyone and their mom would start clapping, gets up and walks to this idiots desk. I had had the last straw.

I said “well maybe if you didn’t want to fucking get decked you shouldn’t run your mouth about girls that are “asking to get raped”“ aaaaaaand I decked him. Real hard. Kids in the bad could hear my fist collide with his cheek.

What I though would happen: the class and the teacher would start clapping at my Bravery and Sjw Passion to deck a rape apologist and he would have a talking to after class like in those obviously fake Tumblr stories when they were still a thing.

What actually happened: school police escorted me out of the classroom and I was suspended for a week and had to write an apology letter to this goblin.

Moral of the story: don’t punch people in class. Tumblr sjw lied to you.

Follow up 1 year later: my dad is apparently sitting outside the school with the same police officer bc some kid had slashed one of my tires and he had been stopping by to drop some stuff off in my car. So him and the school officer are out there talking, and officer mentions: "Heisler? Aren’t you the dad of the kid who punched that boy in health class?” And my dad, keeping he’s cool goes “yeah, that was mine.” The officer pauses then tells him, “I couldn’t say this at the time and I shouldn’t say it now so don’t tell anyone but I’m glad that renville kid got what was coming to him.”

If you are giving your autistic child chlorine dioxide, YOU ARE A FUCKING ABUSER and you fail as a parent.

Chlorine dioxide is basically bleach that gets peddled as a cure for autism.

Parents give this to autistic kids either by mouth or as an enema.

They assume the distress, pain, and mucus being vomited or pooped out is “ropeworms” aka they assume it is the autism “leaving the child’s body.” This is actually the mucous membranes from the child’s digestive tract being burned off.

These awful, horrible, very bad people are destroying their child’s body and causing them immense pain and distress because they want to cure autism. The child learns that if they act autistic, they get hurt, so they stop acting autistic and the parent calls that “cured”.

Any parent who does this should be in prison for child abuse.

If you know of a parent who is doing this to their child, report them to the authorities immediately and get those children out of that abusive home.