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Pay What You Want commissions

i’m thinking of doing a few Pay What You Want commissions as exercises, and also because i’m a little short on cash!

they could look any type of way, i might use them for style experiments or color warmups or something, it could be a fully decked out piece, or they could be sketches. it’ll depend on the character/person, and how much you decide to throw my way! 

these’ll only be open temporarily, but if you’re interested, you can shoot me a line at serglecommissions@gmail.com with some refs, and if i’m interested i’ll give you my paypal! don’t be shy! this would help me out w/ money, and stretching my art muscles. 

there’s an art tag on my blog, but if y’all are too lazy, here are some crops from some of my past pieces for examples:

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I love your tiny and elderly Shimura Nana drawings soooooo much. We need more about her. I can just imagine Toshinori piggy backing her until he can't do the muscle form anymore and then it's Midoriya's job, haha. @u@

fdklsjflkjdlsf this is just my interpretation of older Nana but I feel like this would happen after she like…. pushed herself too far? She’s not supposed to walk around without her walker, but she has the mindset of “I’m faster without it” and Toshi and Izuku are just “pLEASE USE YOUR WALKER…” so they carry her and let her dictate where to go. She probably teases them like

“I’m hungry, go over to the cabinet!”

“Okay, I’m - “

“No not that cabinet, the other one!”

“All ri - “

“Actually now I want to eat ramen. Let’s go to the place down the street - wait, I need to get my bag first! On the couch!”

Meanwhile Gran is tired of All Of Them because there’s Midoriya i-can-break-these-limbs Izuku, Shimura i’m-not-That-old Nana, and Yagi how-am-i-not-in-hypovolemic-shock Toshinori

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okay i understand that bts split up after the prolouge but why ? After tae jumped what happened that made them all leave each other

Maybe because life happens, that they had to follow their dreams and that their situations at the time were too different to collide or simply because youth does not last as forever as we wanted it to be because you have to mature to continue on living and get accepted by society? Something similar happened to me with my dearest friends that even today I can die for, life and time took us apart but I’ll still see our memories in those little things we shared, in those words we spoke and the love we had for one another never faded, we didn’t need to keep in touch to know the value of one another but we parted ways until the day a major event happened that non of us could ignore and that made us reunite again. When we did, we found both our old selves in each other and felt like we didn’t age a day. I hope everyone could know the feeling of a true friendship. 

Some MAPS: “I know this is disgusting and wrong. I am seeking out help and keeping far away from any/all minors. I am non offending and want to keep everyone safe. This is a living nightmare.”

Okay… good… I’m glad you’re taking responsibility…

Other MAPS: “Minors can understand and consent to sex if you explain it to them!! This is natural just like being gay!! We deserve support!! This is a sexuality!! I am around children all the time!!”

Okay NO. NOT GOOD. PLEASE SHOOT YOURSELF INTO THE FUCKING SUN. You are disgusting and a waste of air. Fucking report yourselves to the police or just die. Seriously, get off my planet.

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"If you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple." "If you were a vegetable you'd be a cutecumber." "If you were a steak, you'd be well done. 😤👌" For Hunk. "Are you into science because I've got my ion you." For Pidge.

College AU based on my actual experience away from home in an extremely remote part of America.

Hunk is unstoppable. He’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m also all for Pidge with the science lines. Ah, the reader is female, or at least implied female. I wrote this so that both Pidge AND Hunk are hitting on you I hope that’s okay. If you want them separate, let me know. With that being said, there is no limit to how many characters or lines can be in a request.

– Ryan

College does horrible things. Terrible things. Like, lower your quality of living standards. Significantly. You find excuses not to adhere to a proper sleep schedule. What do you mean, boil my ramen?? I’m pretty sure it’s more nutritious to eat it raw. Coffee and energy drinks make up 92% of your bloodstream, but no one seems to care, or stop you. Needless to say, it’s hard living away from home. But it’s better when you’ve got a group of friends and a good roommate. 

Pidge was your roommate freshman year, but the both of you hit it off so well, you requested each other again as roommates for your sophomore year. Matt, her brother, was able to get into a suite with his previous roommate, Hunk, and the two friends they’d made, Lance and Keith.

One promise the six of you made together, was the first night in the suite to be shared together, with a large buffet spread, courtesy of you and Hunk. To which you both hastily agreed to, being sick of the crap cafeteria food being served every bloody day. 

Which brings us to today, where you stand in the middle of Wal-Mart; the only grocery store within 30 miles of where you attend school. And it was in the next state over. Well, you think, we can get around this.

“So Matt, Pidge, Lance, you go and search for plates and utensils. We’re gonna need certain tools to cook with, and I wrote all of them down on that list.” You hand the list to Pidge, the only one you could truly trust with this job. “Hunk, Keith, and I will go and search for the food to cook tonight.” A grin spreads across your face at the mere thought of all the food you could have instead of cafeteria slime™.

“Alright, we only have an hour before the shuttle leaves us so make it quick okay? Go!” The two teams rush in different directions, Matt shoving the cart as hard as he can while Pidge yells instructions, and Lance just gives a war cry of some type. You just push your cart over to the left where the produce is and begin your search.

“Let’s see, what should we do? We should have appetizers, yeah? Like a salad bar kinda thing?” As you sort of create an impromptu menu for the night’s events, you pull out all sorts of things for a salad.

“[y/n], if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” Hunk winks at you as he throws a few cucumbers into the cart. You smack him on the arm and roll your eyes with a laugh at his attempt to flirt. Hunk laughs as well, taking the cart for you and pushing it through the aisles.

After stocking up on a few nonperishable snacks, you continue to the produce section once more where Keith heads straight for the peaches, and Hunk pulls up a pineapple.

“Hey, [y/n], if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” You and Keith exaggeratedly groan at Hunk’s attempt at a flirt, but you giggle after as he hands you the pineapple. “I guess we have to get this now.” You say, and find a produce bag to put the pineapple in.

Pidge and her team arrive back, and it’s a miracle they obtained even half the items you’d asked for. (“Matt do we really need all this confetti?” “I don’t care it’s only 99 cents, put it back.” “nO WE DON’T NEED AN ENTIRE CRATE OF HOT WHEELS P U T I T B A C K”) 

“I’m a poor college student, where do you think all this money is coming from, my ass??” You sigh, as everyone had come up to you with a random item of desire, but then you turn to Pidge, who is holding up a science kit. 

“You’re into science, right, [y/n]? Because I’ve got my ion you.” You fluster a little as she winks at you, and you go uncharacteristically silent. Everyone stares, as you take the science kit from her, and agree to buy it. (this creates a chaotic imbalance in which you must buy Matt his confetti, and Lance his Hot Wheels™.)

So the shuttle ride back to campus was a little less than bearable (with Matt literally on the verge of throwing the confetti around, and Lance narrating his Hot Wheels™ adventure), but you make it back sane and in one piece.

Cooking was a lot easier since everyone had been occupied with their own things. You cook beside Hunk, and he flips the steaks broiling pan as you chop up the vegetables and prepare the salad.

“You know, [y/n]…” Hunk starts in that extremely familiar tone, and you don’t even cast him a look before you snap back, “don’t say it, Hunk.”

“If you were a steak, you’d be well done.”

You know how they could’ve handled Connie having bad eyesight? By not getting rid of it at all. (Basically an episode idea / rewrite thing)

Cause seriously fuck them for getting rid of a characters disability like that.

The episode starts off with Connie finding out about Steven’s sword training and wanting to do it, pretty similar to Sworn To The Sword.

Pearl says okay and starts to train her. The problem comes in with her glasses falling off because of all the action and she can’t see anything.

This happens a few times and she ends up getting frustrated and going on a rant to Steven about how she won’t be able to stop and pick up her glasses in a real fight.

She goes home for the day and Steven goes to his room to watch tv / play a video game. While doing that, he comes across a character who is blind, but is still a fighter. They have honed their other senses to make up for their lack of vision.

He gets excited at this and the next days tells Connie about it. She’s nervous about it at first, but agrees to at least try.

Maybe she gets it right pretty quick or she has to get help from someone else to teach her (Garnet maybe?) but at the end she becomes a good fighter using her other senses, and she still has bad eyesight.

if you want to feel nostalgic, please just watch that new music video for “go!!!” by flow. when all l the seiyuu start singing at the end…idk man i just remembered the summer between grade 10 and 11 when i would write fanfiction using my dad’s computer and be super paranoid my family would come across my secret folder of word docs featuring some student blogger sakura haruno lmao. 

okay just like please consider a young team seven being commissioned to escort this band (”so we’re like…roadies?”) and sakura and naruto LOVE THEM SO MUCH and even sasuke thinks they’re catchy and like. this is the coolest mission ever??? and blah blah blah they stop someone from attacking the band and they’re super grateful and like “hey do you guys want to join us for a song??” and so team seven gets to join at the end and they’re all like tHIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER???? and they have this photo with the band it is treasured forever. also sakura is so cute and talented she gets offers from agencies afterwards.

  • Denmark: *holding up a piece of paper* Nor! Nor! Look how hot I am!
  • Norway: ...That is a map of your land.
  • Denmark: Yeah, and technically it is me!
  • Norway: Technically you are right.
  • Denmark: So?
  • Norway: what so?
  • Denmark: Am I hot?
  • Norway: I would not say hot.
  • Denmark: ....
  • Norway: More like small and kind of cute with all those islands.
  • Denmark: ...Nor.
  • Norway: Well, you are showing me a map. Try a photo of yourself next time if you want a different reply.
  • Denmark: ...Okay! Wait here! *runs off*
  • Norway: ...I wonder how many photos he has of himself.
  • Norway: Though, of course none of them will do him justice. Isn't it so, Is?
  • Iceland: Please, keep me out of this.

i see the asks that you lovely people have sent me and thank you i will reply to them once i get home from work. ive been with a friend these past couple of days because this whole situation has taken a toll on me, and now i found how he stepped down from age of youth 2 and it’s all just been too much. you all have been so kind to me about this and i just wanted to say thank you for checking up on me because you know how much jinki means to me. i haven’t cried this much in a very long time, but you all make the pain ease by how generous and patient you’ve been towards me. i love you and and i love jinki so much and i hope he has nothing but warm arms wrapped tightly around him right now.

Okay so what I want is for all of you who aren’t even fans of SHINee, who only ever gave them a passing glance, who didn’t care about any of them at all till this whole situation blew up, to stay away from our posts. Leave your little two cents on your own blog or in your own mind. We really don’t care what you have to say because you aren’t invested in this or the wellbeing of this group. You weren’t before and you sure as hell don’t get to start now. This is a Shawol matter and we’ll deal with it just fine without your input.


And to all of you who are dropping messages of support and wishing everyone the best, you are good…you can stay

bless every poem about trauma,
& struggle, & loss i have written
thus far, for getting me this far.
bless all the space they needed
to take up. bless them for knowing
when to step away.

bless all the songs i cannot
listen to anymore because
nostalgia & association will be
the death of me. bless the fact
that i am not dead yet. bless
the fact that i don’t know
where my abuser is anymore,
and i am okay with that.

it doesn’t mean i’ve forgiven him,
but it does mean i’ve forgiven myself.

bless my mother for believing me.
bless my mother for driving me
to all the psych wards, then picking me
back up after discharge. bless
my mother for believing in me.

bless my friends for carrying me home.
bless my friends for making me a home.
bless the city of Boise. bless all
the rivers, even when they want
to overflow. bless the scars on my arms
that faded, and the ones on my face
that didn’t. bless all the ways i spill
like metal secrets against the floor.

bless the glitter always on my hands,
and the becoming. bless the way
my hair is growing out. bless the meds
that worked until they didn’t. bless the way
i never stopped working.

bless the fact that once, i didn’t know
how to write a happy poem. bless
all the cliches i am learning to love
because i like being happy
more than i like being a good writer.
bless vulnerability. bless bravery.
bless whatever it is i’m doing right now,

because everyone that’s ever hurt me
has tried to make me quiet—drown me
in the frantic water i just learned how
to endure. this is not
a survival song. this is the song I sing
because I’ve survived.
the opportunity for the joy
i have always deserved.
i have always deserved
to take up space.
that’s all. that’s all.

—  all things grow by Lydia Havens

Lola: “Hey girlie, I’ve got some bad news. I can’t come with you to the city…”

Ivory: “What?! We are suppose to leave in 2 days! Whats going on?”

Lola: “My parents are shipping me off to an all girls college somewhere in Windenburg.”

Ivory: “This can’t be happening…”

Lola: “Please don’t be mad! I told them I didn’t want to go…”

Ivory: “It’s.. it’s okay. I’ll call you later.”

Lola: “Ivory!”

I’m going to post this here before I forget

The Quirk of the villain Izuku with long hair that I have is called “kryptonite”, his quirk don’t erase others quirk, but make them more weak.

In the original prototipe I wanted him to have a quirk similar to all might but I like this idea better.

Is not like he can make everyone powerless this way, but no one can fight with all their might, and Izuku is trained to be a pro in fighting.

Okay now that I noted that I hope I can sleep.

  • Mari: I've never seen your boobs. Why haven't I seen them?
  • Kanan: ...Why do you want to see them?
  • Mari: You're my best friend!
  • Kanan: Again, why do you wanna see them?
  • Mari: Okay, consider this
  • Mari: Supposedly you have an accident. You're horribly disfigured and I've to identify you, and all that remains are your private parts. I'm standing there and saying, "Sorry, I can't help you, because no, I haven't seen my best friend's boobs," and boom, you're buried in a mass grave.
  • Kanan:

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waving around a gay pride flag is not and never will be activism, especially coming from someone who is cis + straight presenting. it's the same thing as popping the rainbow emoji into your about or twitter name for "support". you may be comfortable accepting less than the bare minimum as a big deal but that does not make harry styles prancing around at a concert actually radical.

okay if u want to take this hostile tone with me ill bite but just know if you want to respond to my response i prefer it if you take ur cowardly self off anon and talk to me like an adult in messaging but anyways lets break down ur bullshit into a concise and neatly packaged counter argument shall we

first of all waving around a gay flag is an important trade mark of the community, and what harry was doing while running on stage with them multiple fucking times wasn’t to be branded an activist it was a simple and powerful statement which was “hate has no place at our concerts, anybody is welcome especially the LGBT community” and I’m gonna be nitpicky but the rainbow flag isnt a representation of the “gay” community but rather the community as a whole 

second of all calling harry straight passing is fucking gross, am i a straight passing lesbian for not dating women and not being out since I dated men in the past? no because straight passing is a ridiculous and as a term actively works against combatting biphobia and homophobia. Just because society deems harry straight because of his past relationships doesnt mean his sexuality should be questioned in this manner, and I find the fact that you take it upon yourself to label him this way is an affront on mine and every other persons sexuality in the community, straight passing? yeah thats heternormativity buddy congrats on falling into that trap

third of all the fact that you want to compare harrys statements to some cishet ally on instagram is an insult to my and everybody elses journey that he has helped. When i first started realizing i liked girls i was devastated I had nowhere to turn except on here and i definitely look towards my idols which at the time was one direction as a whole and you know what? i was disappointed because liam came out with some pretty homophobic statements and it sent my self hatred into a spiral but u know who fukcing helped me STRAIGHT PASSING CIS HARRY FUCKING STYLES he took a rainbow flag up the very next concert and i was crying and i cried for days because he kept fukcing doing it and it helped me so goddamn much because he wasnt doing it for the media he wasnt doing it to get ally points he was specifically telling his fans one direction fans that hey this is a safe space you can be yourself im not going to judge you and for you to diminish that? nonetheless send me this fucking message? yeah it hurts ngl (not to mention the speech he made plus the bracelets and the tweets)

and finally the biggest dumbass comment you can make saying harry styles does the bare minimum. like sure ill give you that in other aspects especially with whats happening now but i never claimed harry was an activist i dont look towards him for political advice i understand hes afforded certain privileges for who he is but does that mean that i cant be happy when he shows support for my identity when he helped me accept who i am? god who the fuck are you to sit there and tell me somebody whose been saved by what you call the bare minimum that its somehow not a big fucking deal? god ur an asshole just straight up grade a asshole rn 

if u want to continue th convo sure but i think im done with this fucking ignorant message u sent and im tired so im not gonna type anymore but i will say that remember think before you fucking type also heres some gifs of harry running with a rainbow flag cause honestly i needed some cheering up after that


Mals still at the studio but wanted to talk to Malaysia before she went to bed..

On The Phone

Malachi: I’m sorry Noelle. I been so busy lately and forgot to tell you. 

Malaysia: Why does she have to live here?

Malachi: I think it’ll be good for you. Plus I really need somebody to keep an eye on you while I’m out of town. Unless you wanna go live with Mama and Papa?

Malaysia: Okay I’ll move with them. 

Malachi: I didn’t think you’d say yes that fast. Can you think about it please?

Malaysia: I don’t want to be here with her.

Malachi: Why? 

Malaysia: Because I don’t.

Malachi: *Exhales* okay.


(Noelle is very spoiled. Mal let’s her to do and say whatever she wants. He doesn’t discipline her at all. And it’s mostly because he feels guilty about Lisa death. He feels like he’s the reason she doesn’t have her mother to guide her. He keeps thinking to himself “if only I didn’t kick her out, she’d be alive today” So he lets Noelle do whatever makes her happy.)

it’s okay not to be okay at all times. it’s okay not to laugh at all jokes and not to have a broad smile on your face at all times. it’s okay to be upset or distant with the people who hurt you and not to hide it. it’s okay to disagree with people’s attitudes or comments. it’s okay to say no. to have your own opinions. to do things the way you want even if that means you do them alone. to admit to your mistakes. to show off your confidence. to be hard-hearted if need be.

it’s all okay, and the right people will know.

First interview = success, I think!

I was pretty nervous going in, but I think I hid it okay. I could feel my teeth chattering, which I controlled, and my voice shaking and some stuttering, which I couldn’t really do much about other than forge on. I think it went pretty well overall, though. I have to work on my answer to, “Tell me about yourself,” especially for blind interviews - I need to figure out how to paint the picture of myself that I want them to come away with. It was a little less important for this one since the program knows me, but it’ll definitely be important for all my future interviews. 

5 shifts, 2 labs, 1 conference, and 1 exam between me and the end of this rotation! It’s a bittersweet feeling - I’m really enjoying my time here, but I’m also so looking forward to going home and having a much more relaxed month next month after 4 months straight of working my butt off. 

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I even agree the Hobbit movies are flawed, but every site I go on is so full of hate for them and the people who like them that I just want to focus on the positives in peace. I'm okay with the movies being different than the book. When I read the book I was upset at how the dwarves were written, so I love the movie for fleshing them out. And Tauriel is a good character no matter how many purists say she sucks for ruining the "elf lore".

yes to all these points!!!! that’s why i love this tiny little niche of the fandom we’re in here on tumblr everyone’s so nice and we all love the movies and would defend them in a heartbeat!!!