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I’m slightly bitter and going to make a slightly bitter post: anybody who wants to come specifically onto my blog/posts and tell me why Keith/Lance/Allura should be Black Paladin needs to first explain to me in detail:

  • Why Shiro is a bad Black Paladin that needs to be replaced in the first place (and no, “he’s somehow totally never going to come back even though him disappearing under mysterious circumstances is the cheapest and most anticlimatic way to kill off a main character and all these other dang reasons they wouldn’t” is not an answer)

  • Why bolstering your fave is important enough that you want a traumatized guy to get the message that he was right, he really isn’t worthy of leading, Sendak was right saying he’s unworthy of being a paladin, and that the people he cares about don’t need him

  • Why bolstering your fave is more important than the Black Lion, as a traumatized entity, being able to connect and relate to another party who has experiences the closest to her trauma

cause like. everything about the other paladins aside I see so many theories of Black Paladin whoever and I understand if it’s just a temp thing until they find Shiro but people act like it’s a permanent arrangement, golly, who possibly could be worthy of the Black Lion

and it’s like- what is Shiro? Chopped liver?

Art Contest Winners

This is just for art. Writing takes longer to judge, and will be up later on.

First Place: @geniusartstuff with this piece

Second Place: @river-of-broken-souls with this piece

Third Place: both @puertoricosgooglehistory (x) and @iggycatsgooglehistory (x)

Runner ups!:

Thank you to all who participated! If you want your prize (as stated below) please PM me on this blog or my main!


1st: 1,500 word story of whatever you like, a shoutout, and headcanons posted on this blog of your choosing.

2nd: 1,000 word story of anything you like, a shoutout, and some headcanons, too.

3rd: 500 word story of anything you like and a shoutout.

Runner-Ups: A drawing of your OC or favorite character provided by @southafricagooglesearches and, another one of my friends.

If you up not wanting your prize, I’ll give it to someone else, because I like writing and want to be nice lol

Please note that this post will count as your shout-out, because I’m not sure how to formally make one? I’m sorry :(

All the best!

-Romeo x

Ask her anything. Just pop something in my inbox and she’ll do her best to answer it.

I want to develop Laika more so I thought this would be a fun way to do it. So yeah, feel free to ask her anything. 

I might add other characters to my main art blog here but for now Laika is the only one you can ask questions. Reason she’s part of my main blog is she’s not part of any of major DST blogs or stories so she gets special treatment. Others might join her in the future but we shall see.

Laika: I look forward to hearing from you people.

Thank you so much (>^3^<)

Thank you all for your nice and sweet comments on the first chapter! They really made me blush! Thank you so much!! I’m so happy that you liked it and it motivates me to continue.
Plus, some of you gave me some great reviews so I’m going to answer them on this post, because I don’t wanna spam the blog by all the reblogs (especially because the post takes a lot of places) and if I answer in notes, it will be with my main blog (I don’t know how to do it otherwise).

Also, yes! I’m definitely going to continue the comic, I plan to do minimun 7 chapters, some longer than other. SO YAY!!!!

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hello guys, it’s me, ur local meme mel! I’m moving blogs because this is my sideblog and I have wanted to make a main mx blog for a while now. Anyway, please go follow @1changkyvn since this blog will be inactive and deleted like in a week or so! thank u so much for everyone who followed me on this blog, I hope to see some of you on my new blog! 💫💗

I recently hit 150 followers on this blog, so as a thank you I have decided to create a bias list/follow forever/whatever you want to call this! If you are not on here I’m sorry, this was created off the top of my head and as a result it is inevitable that I miss some people. Just know that I appreciate every single one of you (except the p.orn blogs) and that I look forward to being more active on here!

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500 follower musical art giveaway!

wow we got here much faster than I thought
both Evan and Connor send their love to every one of you–you’re all amazing!

anyway: art giveaway! also @ the asks piling up: i swear i’m working on them, i’ve got a major project to finish up this week, then stuff’ll start getting answered much faster

- you gotta be following at least this blog, but hey if u wanna follow my main @undead-murphy that’s chill too <3 
- reblog this post! likes won’t work
- that’s it :)


-i’ll draw from any musical/broadway show you want!

-i can do ships, favorite characters, pretty much anything

-i’ll only draw mild nsfw

-on that note, i do have the right to turn down your request if i’m not okay drawing it (no furries/ocs, and nothing like incest or rape)

-it doesn’t have to be a super popular musical–it can be anything! (looking at u, jasper in deadland fans)

i’ll be picking three winners through a random number generator (so its fair!!) on July 7th, 2017–so start reblogging! :)


Should I merge my two blogs into one? I remember back in like October wanting to split my blogs based on art subject, which I ended up doing. But now I realize that it probably wasn’t a good idea to do so, because now I have two blogs when I only really use one of them.

So what I’m thinking is that I could change the theme and style of my main blog (dullpointdraws) to fit the theme of the art I usually draw nowadays, and I’d post all art on there collectively. My Pokemon blog (dullpointspokemoncorner) would still remain up but I’d put all the newer Pokemon stuff on the same blog as the pony stuff instead. So if anyone wanted to look back at some of the other Pokemon art I did, it would still be up on the (now inactive) Pokemon blog.

So should I do it? Or is it fine how it is? Feel free to leave a response

techpaired  asked:

hey bud, do you think you can tag your spider-man hate/anti mcu posts ? :/ i just connect a lot with tom holland's spidey and i get anxiety when people hate on that? thanks lovely :* big fan !

Hi! I’ve seen you around the dash and I have to say that even though I’m happy to have you as a fan.. but quite honestly, I’d rather not! Let me explain:

You coming into my messages and bullying me into tagging something with your passive aggression on my blog when I should have the freedom to do whatever I want with url @webfluid is absolutely ridiculous and I find it highly offensive lmao. I don’t ask you to tag your hate towards Teen Titans Go? ( which is a fantastic adaptation and objectively you’re wrong for not even considering it’s for your main canon lol ! )

Why do you hate PoC, @mechane ??  Next time click the anon if you don’t want to be called out like this, lmao.

I want your thoughts on this.

When I created this blog, it was just for something to do every other night. Which is why I made it a secondary blog to my main account and not a blog all on its own. However, I find myself becoming more and more into it. You can’t like things on this account, nor can you reply to posts on these types of accounts. I was wondering if I should make a totally separate blog (with the same name, but probably with a dash somewhere lol) and I just wanted to hear from you guys. This blog isn’t big, but it’s growing and I don’t want to have all this work done and then decide to move blogs.

Let me hear your thoughts!

*tagging all my followers because I’m legit serious about this and would love feedback*

@hollyashton @jakemcknzie @mollyannice @a-fangirl-at-heart @choices-addict @rare-and-rottenmaebird @lovelyzig @superwholock-diaries @ginger-lives-matter @pa-tro-clus @wrenessence @wes-chriselle @kara-choices @obsessedwithseriess @ninjaribbon @rebelrise @brazukinha @claveuniverse @lookatmychoices @dragonballz2010 @hopelessly-hopefully-hopeful @pb-boeboe @mermaidwarriorqueen @rr-roe-es @larosecontent-official

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Blog(s) Update!

Yeah, it’s time for another of these. I’ve deleted quite a few blogs, actually. I am stopping my addiction.

Of course, @cheating-noddles, my main (this account). Memes and depression, with a bit of fandom (game of thrones, marvel, etc).

@hvmiltoon - a hamilton blog. it’s also got heathers. i have a writing tag (skye writes) if you wanna check it out.

@thebattleoyorktown - my history blog! mainly focuses on the american rev, though it has music/art history (and occasional french rev tbh).

@ac-central - my assassin’s creed blog. i’m working on an au with a friend if you want to send prompts in, or something. haven’t posted anything yet, mainly as we’re still working everyone (making sure it makes sense, adding parallels, etc) so yeah.

they’re my blogs.

MAINS CALL. alrighty, so i’ve had ruby on her own blog for quite a bit now and i have a handful of unofficial mains, but you can give this a LIKE if you’d like to be mains. i’m going to leave it open for more than one of the same muse atm, especially since i write with a plot of multimuses. mains means i can come to you with plot ideas for our muses, i’ll spam yah with all the memes without feeling i’m annoying, and tagging you in starters when my muse wants to interact with yours. you may also like this if you’re interested in becoming exclusives, i am willing to discuss that as well.

//I'm back! And other little things

-First, I’m finally free. So asks will be answered and the blog’s activities are returning to normal. So don’t be shy dear people and send some questions :D

-Next, I’m doing some stuff on the blog theme and learning HTML to make the main page a bit more personalized. I want to improve this lovely project even more ^ - ^ (More pages for vital things!)

-Also, I’m doing some fanarts of some blogs that I love to see in my dash, I’ll probably do a post of “I’ll draw you character” too, I want to make some promo to lovely blogs around here.

-VITAL THING!, I’m doing a redesign for this Bendy and minor characters in the blog. I want to make it a bit more fresh and ‘original’. I’ll publish the updated design probably in this night or weekend.

-I’m planning on doing and event soon so I can start the character development, I must investigate a lot of things before it. I want to make some good content for all of you guys!

-ALMOST 800+ FOLLOWERS! I’m celebrating that too~
I’ll probably do a raffle, try doing adoptables or just starting an event or some free requests. So pay attention dears!~

Thank you for reading this little post.


LIVID.     probably gonna go read some things soon but i do want to make everyone know something about me ; I LOVE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS . i have some of my own & my main blog at the moment IS an original character ! however , i noticed something . i am not very active here on alucard & yet still manage to gain so many followers . legit , i am not complaining but when compared to what i get on my OC , it seems a bit strange ? i can be gone from this blog for months & still gain followers . with my oc , i will be lucky if i get one follower a day . i am not trying to be salty but understand that original characters should be loved just as much as canon characters . ESPECIALLY POC ORIGINAL CHARACTERS & ESPECIALLY WOMEN POC ORIGINAL CHARACTERS . they deserve so much more than what we are offering them in general . to continue this , i want to let everyone with an OC know this ;


      i honestly do not care if we have not spoken enough or have barely started following me . if you come to me about your character , i will follow ! i just love OCs so much ! hell , alucard is MARRIED to an OC and i in general just love knowing more about everyone’s OCs . this is a safe place for OCs !

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why did you start a blog?


So a long time ago I followed this Hamilton imgaines blog called generalsquashington. 

The have since left, but one day the were feeling out of it so I decided to write them a one shot with Maria as their girlfriend. 

Now, I didn’t want to post it on my main blog, or submit it to them. 

So I created this blog and posted it there. then I decided to continue writing and tada

here I am with almost 3000 followers.

it’s fucking crazy

Steven Universe Hunger games edition

Don’t you mean she shattered her nose???

Greg just loves Giant women

Yeah I question Onions sanity too

Holy shit Pad, savage

I picked a good death picture for Lars >:)


Steven Universe 2: Padparadscha ain’t fucking around



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

- Mod

Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)